Lebowskii hand new EP for special price

Just recently Grip Inc. came back to my mind. Having looked through their releases I asked if any band out there would have taken up their path...

Looks like my question has been answered. The preview track of the coming EP of Lebowskii shoots out the same agressive yet very detailed look towards sharp, compact riffage rounded out with some own nice ideas that shine every here and there. The drumming also goes in that direction going a bit abroad the standard pattern every here and there. Thankfully the vocals are rough but not to over screamed.

In addition to that the band has set up a special pre-order price with their label Music Records from France. From January 16th till February 15th, "Liquidators" will be available as a Digipack hardcopy for 4,50 € instead of 7€ on the webstore of Music-Records.

Lebowskii Liquidators promo banner, (c) by Lebowskii, used with kind permission

Lebowskii will be on tour to promote their new EP in 2018 and 2019. Make sure to check their Facebook account for details.


CD Review: Manach Seherath - Timeless Tales (Symphonic Heavy Metal, 2018)

A ancient book long lost has been found again...Symphonic Heavy Metaller's Manach Seherath have put out one hell of a epic debut album. 2018 kicks off heavy!

Having heard their demo back in the day it gave me great feelings because it reminded me of a style in metal music long lost. The use of keyboards was outstanding.

The cover of Manach Seherath's debut album Timeless Tales drawn by Roberto Toderico, (c) by Manach Seherath, used with kind permission

Story Telling
This time around the band has taken all of their strengths and exanded them to the very maximum. The biggest one is the ability to give the listener a narrative experience - you know the way a good story is told. But they underlay the fine lyrics with even more power letting their instruments speak out properly and heavily skilled.

What can be found inside?
The album turned out to be a surprise to me. I didn't expect such a fast album when it comes to tempo. Just listen to the opener "The Cursed Collector" and you know what I'm writing about. The vocals have evolved a lot since the days of the demo. There's much more volume and variations in them and they sound more dry and professional this time. Plus they reach much higher parts. Think of the classic vocalists of the 80s and you know what I'm speaking about.

As for the music: there are many diverse sides to be heard on the record. Also the overall style is constant and can be heard as trademark on all of the tracks they vary and every tale has a own vibe and character with it.

There are always changes coming in and I didn't had the feeling that the album became too one-sided instead there were surprises around every corner. I think that's one of the hardest parts for band's like Manach Seherath - to keep the listener entertained. But the band kept a close eye upon this and "Timeless Tales" has many changes in it that will keep you at the stereo. So many details that have been put inside of tracks such as "Restless" or "Chasing The Beast" that will reward re-listeners with many fine moments. The guitar solos for instance are furious. Many times they give a new ignition to a different section of the song.

The timing is challenging on this silver disc. There are fast parts to be heard many times but you can also find slower parts that come creeping through your boxes. "Asleep" is the song that stands out as proof of this for me. I love band's that use this formula but they are rare. This song package holds this special something I'm after. It's hard to believe how the band managed to get all of this together. It's such a big bag of fun to listen. All the up and down's "Sword in the mist" has gives the feeling of experiencing a adventure of depth and intensity yourselves. Close your eyes and you'll feel.

The tracks of the demo have been included at the end of the record but have been outworked and fully professionallised for the album. They sound bolder, straighter and darker this time. Happily the songs have not been changed otherwise too much.

Booklet with a extra
The lyrics have been visualised on the outside of the release and the design of the booklet. I feel that this could be a unique mark this offering could point on the map of releases. There are illustrations to be found that point towards the meaning of each track on the page of the corresponding lyrics . It is one more reason beside all the great music to pick up this album. It's a full feature experience well worth all your money and time.

Purchase-Link and Preview-Track
Make sure to keep a eye on the Manach Seherath Facebook page. That's where you'll be notified where to buy the record but I'll also update this post as soon as the release details come in. Below I can give you a listen to one full track of the album.

You can already purchase this track as a digital single with more songs and bonus material in high quality format at the Bandcamp page of the symphonic Heavy Metal band.


Jarface found new love after show

Happy new year! Maybe one of your aims for 2018 may be finding your significant other. But how to find a new love? Well, musicians for instance may sometimes have some obstacles to overcome first.

This nice story we got of Australia's post-grunge band Jarface let's you know how things can turn out if you try to find someone you can team up with. :-)

A bandshot of Jarface, (c) by Jarface, used with kind permission
The new single Absolution is a notably positive track tracing the beginning and first meeting of a future couple.

"Absolution was written after meeting my partner on a late night out at a Smith Street bar.
I was there after we'd played a show at another venue and I remember spending most of the night trying to convince her I was actually in a band".

So the meeting not only resulted in finding a new partner but was also cast in stone in form of a new song. "Absolution has this groove that was inspired by the blues tunes that were being played that night."

Find out more about the band and their brand new record "Not They See" with a look and follow-like on Facebook.