A quick roundup of Zombie Shark Records

Have you ever been discovered a new label but didn't knew how to get a quick idea of all the bands they offer? Sure some of them have a band roster on their site but it's cumbersome to click through to all of the single pages and press the play button of all the videos and soundsnippets.

Zombie Shark Records has found a far better way to give a comfortable overview to you with just one click. The label features Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Hard Rock and Industrial.

They've uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing and zapping through all the combos that are currently active at the record label's home. In just around 4 minutes you'll quickly get a entertaining idea what they offer.

You can contact the label through their website or give them a shot on Facebook.


CD Review: A Light Within - Epilogue (Post Metal, 2018)

A far more accessable record compared to the both previous releases. Yet it's far from being mainstream.

A Light Within Epilogue EP cover, (c) by A Light Within, used with kind permissio

A Light Within are a band with a own sound. Their music comes around more centered of feelings than of planed structures. It's all about the message and the expression. The music takes you to other places no question.

This EP has put a heavy eye on loud and more direct sounds. The tunes put the sound more to the front of the listener. You don't need to dig that deep anymore to get to the point. Anyway there's still room for a lot of sounds in the silence. Working for the first time with producer Paul Malinowski (Season to Risk, Shiner, The Life & Times)  and directing mastering duties to Acle Kahney (TesseracT) surely helped to develop the band's sound further.

The best example as for me is the opening number "Shells". It's loud and rough but taking a close ear to the vocals touching in to the sounds they give a deep message with it leaving a aftertaste of feelings in the broad waves of music. It's those moments that you'll soak up what makes A Light Within so special and stand out.

"Chemical Drive" invites to enjoy the moment and let yourselves drift. The melody and main-theme comes around relaxed. Maybe the most beautiful track that builds up slowly piece by piece to end in much rougher spheres. The drums are coming clearer and the bass on "An Educated Gentleman" surprises with raw attacking. It's a unusual tempo the band presents on this one. Compared to the older material songs like this one come quicker to the point plus there's more feeling of movement in them.

"Surrounded By Astronauts" is the most complex song of the package. It's sound feels like the elements are fighting a bit against each other. It makes it hard to get to the core with the massivity of the sounds reaching your ears.

Purchase-Link and EP-Stream
"Epilogue" comes in three formats. The download in a format of your choice from Bandcamp or a handy Digipack CD are a good pick to every lover of music. They come for the fair pice of 4 or 7 US Dollar.

But the best is the limited tin case. Having checked out the quality of it from "Body Matter" (the previous EP) with my own hands and eyes I can say it's handmade but professionell and with high quality materials. Be quick those gems are going fast and these one's are limited with handwritten numbers on the backside. It's also available from the band's Bandcamp store.

Finally follow the band with Facebook to see how the journey will go on.


Graveshadow open the doorway to heaven

It goes up and down many times in life. I think this is maybe one of the biggest ressources for musicians to create their sounds and texts of. This particular one song talks soundwise for me a lot about that.

It also has it's highs and lows changing all the while. It's cool to hear that it has a controlled and finetuned dose of power with it something not to be found everywhere. Most of all the vocals stand out with it's many faces (good and dark/bad parts all shine in many variations on this track). This must have taken lot's of effort to get it on tape but the result for sure sounds impressive and it invites to listen once more just to make sure to have not missed out a vocal layer through the tracks duration.

"Doorway to heaven" is part of Graveshadow's new album "Ambition's Price" that has been put out on M-Theory Audio in April 2018. This band features Heather Michelle performing the vocals.

The cover for Graveshadow's album "Ambitions Price", painted by Dusan Markovic. (c) by Graveshadow, used with kind permission
Tune in to the band's channel on Facebook for more info like tourdates and so on.