Shower Sharks coming to a bathroom near you

In these all too hard times we're living in having a laugh is great. Here is a little preview of a horror/comedy short film that is currently in the works by musician Noah "Shark" Robertson, known as drummer of bands such as Motograter and The Browning and founder of Zombie Shark Records and Swimming with Sharks Records. It comes around a bit funny and slightly scary so it made me curious about what is coming up there.

The poster for the horror/comedy short film "Shower Sharks", (c) by Noah Robertson, used with kind permission
Shower Sharks synopsis:

Noah, a shark-obsessed, struggling musician, has begun writing a screenplay for a low-budget feature film entitled, Shark Slayer. Scrambling to complete his script, his town of Surf Beach, California is turned upside down when news spreads of a small, unknown species of aggressive shark making its way up shower drains and attacking people while they are bathing. Noah remains skeptical, until he comes face to face with the menacing monsters himself. Will he complete his epic masterpiece, or succumb to the peril of the Shower Sharks?

Until 7nd of May 2018 a GoFundMe Campaign is running that let's you pre-order a copy of Shower Sharks as DVD. 15 Dollars a copy are asked for to cover the costs of finishing the movie, printing it on Digital Versatile Discs as well as submitting it to proper festivals. The film is slated to hit horror movie festivals in October of 2018 .If you order you'll have your name in the credits and will get a signed copy on DVD with bonus material.

As for me this looks cool because low budget often means you have to work around stuff and things and can not rely on special effcts alone. That can end up in something different compared to mass market releases. Finally: how will the soundtrack turn out like? Well let's keep a eye on the Facebook page of Noah "Shark" Robertson to keep up to date about what's going on in the Shower Sharks camp. 


CD Review: Interdrive - EP3 (Alternative Stoner Metal, 2016)

This came in at the right time on a stressy Monday evening - what a healthy cure.

The cover of Interdrive's "Aetheral" EP, (c) by Interdrive, used with kind permission

On a first listening this is typical brutal release. But as always a second look pays off. It's those moments when you take a closer look that you'll spot what makes this so special. It's the many ups and downs this EP provides that gives the music this mark - here comes something special to you.

I love those mixed vocals. The roughness of the dark toned voice just suits good to the agressive structured parts while the softer voice gives those melodic sections it's silk moments you need to be balanced. It's further great to hear that no moment lasts all too long in here. Just like in real life it changes quickly all the way throughout the duration of the whole material. The tempo is different on all tracks so it should offer something for all tastes out there.

A additional plus is the drummers work. Without ruining the music he moves like a shadow underlining the songs with the proper groove - that's not to be found all too often. Every here and there like in the opening track the songs changes over and moves to a time off - taking a time out of the usual structure. This feels refreshing and re-news the attention to the music. Overall the productionis fat and modern but not feeling overproduced or unreal.

Purchase-Link and Album-Stream
With every purchase you help a band to grow further. So spending a few spared bucks on this one will give you a calming down everytime you need it. Buy the digital version at Bandcamp or iTunes.

Connect with Interdrive on Facebook to keep a eye on the further progress. It's a pleasure to seesomething grow so it's well worth following them.


SpiteFuel Interview Dreamworld Collapse album (2018)

The german heavy rockers SpiteFuel are pushing on forwards. Having completed a massive string of live dates in support of the first full length "Second To None" the five-pack didn't hesitate to prepare new material. They announced early that they had plans in mind to do a classic concept record in the style of the big releases of the past. Few snippets surfaced speaking of a Science Fiction like story along with first text sketches plus a vocalwork preview on Facebook.

Finally more concrete "Dreamworld Collapse" was announced to feature elements of female vocals, classic arrangements and a massive sound package telling a tale of rebellion and courage set in a dytopian future of mankind.

This teased Heavy Metal Underdogs more than enough so we asked Stefan Zörner, vocalist of the band and Tobias Eurich, guitarist of SpiteFuel to give us some more insights into this promising record. Dreamworld Collapse is set for release on 27nd April 2018 via MDD Records. Be sure to pre-order the Digipack at the Online-Shop of the label or secure a copy at Amazon.

Heavy Metal Underdogs: The album artwork is very impressive and shows a main scene of the story. Did you have already an own idea of this or did Kris Verwimp come around with this scene?

The cover of the upcoming SpiteFuel record "Dreamworld Collapse" drawn by Kris Verwimp, (c) by SpiteFuel, used with kind permission

Stefan: Kris did a FANTASTIC job. He is a great artist and I am very impressed by his art! Oh, and I gave him the storyline and some thoughts. Then he started do draw his sketches and we had a good exchange of ideas during the process.

- Which part did you work on first: the story concept or the music?

Tobi: The album itself consists of the story concept written and elaborated by Stefan and the musical concept by me. So Stefan had this idea of the present story years ago for his second novel “Die Stadt am Ende der Zeit” which means town at the end of time and will probably be released in 2019. Independently I’ve started to compose the main songs “Brilliant White Lies” and “The Dreamworld Suite”. After talking a lot about our wishes of a concept album and realizing it, the musical concept grew. Of course with the help of our axeman Timo(Iconic Failure, Under Fire) and Mastermind Micha Fiedler who did the orchestration. Simultaneously Stefan finished the story concept.

- The introduction of the world has a little of a political system with it. Did you had real scenarios of our current situation in mind when writing this?

Stefan: Hm, I´m influenced by life itself. My writing is a kind of reflection on what I see. Always. On the other hand I really love to be ambiguous, hahaha! You can also “just” enjoy a cool SciFi story! So… feel free to interpret and speculate. 


- Do you think that your work on the vocals and guitars were the hardest to do to date? Was there a time you thought one track or section would be impossible to complete?

Stefan: Not really! The practical approach was different, but I think every particular song, I sing is the hardest one, and the next one will be the next hardest one and so on. That´s my aim! “Stillstand ist der Tod”, as we Germans say!

Tobi: It was definitely more complicated than the “Second to None”-Sessions. The songs are more complex but there is progress every day and I totally agree with Stefan we never thought we can’t handle it.

- How do you prepare for laying down vocal tracks? Do you try to get inside the mood or situation of the track you want to perform? The story changes many times during the album duration.

Stefan: Jah, it really depends on moods and true feelings. To perform a concept album is more like to act in a movie or to recite a poem in many ways. It was a big challenge for me, but it also was total fun and something “new” for me to sing. And I really LOVE new experiences, man!

- Do you read Science Fiction stories in your free time?

Stefan: Of course I do! I used to read hundreds of SciFi books, have visited thousands of planets, civilisations and cosmic wonders, yeah! I love the golden era of SciFi and Asimov, Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett or Jack Vance had a major influence, I think! 

A promoshot of the band SpiteFuel done in 2018, Photo Credit: SpiteFuel

- Do you think that the creation of Dreamworld Collapse brought the band members closer to each other?

Tobi: YEPP!! Everyone is a part of this incredible journey and every member did a great job. We all love the concept and made our own ideas about it and so all in all we are even stronger than before. One for all and all for one!

- Did you come around points where you wanted to give up on the concept and record a "normal" album instead?

Tobi: No! It is our dream to do this. Stefan and I are a bit freaky and megalomaniac –HAHA -but we like the challenge. We knew it will be hard to do it but giving up is not an option.

- Finally: do you believe in love on first sight? 

Stefan: No. But I believe in love. And love is an growing thing, the more you know, the deeper it gets. Love is everything!

Tobi: I don’t believe in love it’s never worth the pain that you feeeeel…. Thanks Stefan for reminding me the next two days of this masterpiece of music. HAHA.
But yes I do. Well, especially I believe in falling in love at sight. Love needs work, trust and time …but it’s the most beautiful thing we all can feel.

Make sure to connect with the band on Facebook to get further hints of how "Dreamworld Collapse" will sound like. 

SpiteFuel also has a compact website placed on the web that has a good overview on the upcoming shows that have been confirmed for the album release plus the time afterwards.