Eyestral put out horror-themed lyric video

I haven't come across a Thrash Metal band that put's out such stuff in a long, long time. In fact I remember Megadeth put out such stuff way back in their beginnings (just had a look into the booklet of the Peace Sells album and that was a fine reminder of how they wrote song text in those days).

The nice thing about this particular one of french Thrashers Eyestral is that the video doesn't just show the song text but also changes in various ways throughout the song duration. The lyrics make me feel a bit scary at times with it's dark and bad setting. In addition it's great to have some progressive elements in the music. It rounds out the package with nearly 10 minutes of ripping guitars and powerhouse drums very good. It's a fine neckbreaker.

This first full song comes along as a sign of the coming release of Eyestral who will put out their first full length record "Beyond" on digital plattforms on October 25th. The longplayer will be available from November 10th in Europe. You may also pre-order the physical release straight away through the webstore of Music Records.

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CD Review: aeons end - IMAGO (Post Progressive Metal, 2016)

Speaking of bands that sound different this progmetal band from Rostock, Germany often comes to my mind. They have such a own attempt and sound so separate from all the other music that I always need some time to get into their music. It's seldom that you come across such unique crafted music these days.

The cover of aeon's end IMAGO release, (c) by aeons end, used with kind permission

In the beginning you may stumble upon the complexity of the sound and it's many layers it offers. Don't let this stop you. I needed some rounds, too. It's overwhelming in the beginning but if you show patience the music takes sharp forms step by step.

All of the six tracks sounds destinctively different, slow in tempo and offer a deep and intensive atmosphere while sometimes edgy cuts of guitars shine through. The voice creates a ghost like feeling, sometimes surprising passages come rushing in at moments when you won't think they would come up ( listen to the song "expand" as a example). They are rich at details so listening to them multiple times is something they invite to often. I found myselves coming back to these compositions many times and that's not happening too often.

The tonality becomes rough and louder but never misses out it's fine note so it doesn't change the overall calm and spheric shell in which the music is packed into. Think of music that may surface as the next step in the landscape of progressive metal music.

The tracks have be given one word as if they should act as a impulse to the listener of what could be done next. The packaging doesn't follow other guidelines - you won't even think it needfully shows the sleeve that typically comes with such music packages. Just look at the six words written at the upper part of the round. If you ever had Latin in school like me you may find your knowledge useful at this point...

Album Stream and Purchase-Link
The tunes are given away for the fair amount of 5 Euro as download files in the format of your choice over at Bandcamp. If that's not your favorite place for music Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play also offer this outstanding EP in their stores.

Make sure to see their socials such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube so you'll be notified at least every here about the latest news. The good old homepage that the band created in a beautiful and dedicated graphical style of the EP is surely also a good place for info so you won't miss out how the band evolves further on...


Flames Of Genesis gives first hints to the upcoming mysterious release

I love to see these days so many ways to express yourself are open to so many people. One of them has decided to open up his chest of knowledge in aspects of secrets and new musical soundscapes with us.

Flames Of Genesis is the creative chalice in which the mysterious entity, known only as The Voyager, distils his blend of music and knowledge and threads through the elixir the quicksilver of secrets brought from beyond the farthest stars. Nameless and faceless he has arrived with his entrancing, all consuming music, offering insights to mystery and a listening experience like no other.
He brings a sound, a vision, a key...

A picture of The Voyager, (c) by Flames Of Genesis, used with kind permission
Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms is formed of seven soundtracks to enlightenment, seven revelations woven within sonic tapestries, seven wonders to be discovered. The grand, layered, cinematic sounds enthral the listener, wrapping them in the cold embrace of space, opening the mind’s eye to sights from the very edge of the universe...and for those whose inner eyes are open, those whose souls listen deeply there are pathways to knowledge, to worlds beyond the distant edge, kingdoms that lie in the void beyond dreams...a bridge to further realms.

The Voyager has many secrets to share and today he has revealed the first hints of all he has to offer.   Seek the first clues within the images and be ready, with open minds and eager ears on November 10th because the debut album from Flames Of Genesis, Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms, will be released by Minotauro Records on that very day. Make sure to follow The Voyager further through his website or Facebook page.