So a lot of people know Helloween. At the same time while Helloween had their breakthrough
another small band called Scanner were putting out fine albums,too. But they didn't received
the attention they should have had. Nowadays, the band is still alive, but since several years
there has been new CD out yet. Still hope it will come someday!

Anyway, give them a chance - you won't regret it. The newest song is called "The Legionary"

Go here to check out their site:


New David "Rock" Feinstein Album free stream

Actually the new album of David "Rock" Feinstein ist being streamed on AOL music
for free for a limited time. So go there and listen to it, it's fine music!

This album also features the last recording with Ronnie James Dio on vocals.
The track is called "Metal will never die".

David Rock Feinstein Album Stream



So one of my all time favorite band Morgana Lefay is on hold
for quite some time now. That's bad but the members of the
band started some projects (Inmoria-see my post earlier in this
blog) and Lady Die which I will talk about later.

So Tony Eriksson the guitar player of Morgana Lefay has now
a new project going called "Damage" and it has some very heavy hitting stomping
guitar riffs in it. It is a more or less revival of the band that
he played in before it became Morgana Lefay later, but this
line-up has some new members. Currently the line up is as follows:

Jim Wallenborg - Vocals/Guitar
Tony Eriksson - Guitar
Shayne Shecht - Bass
Robin Jonsson (yes I changed to my fathers last name) - Drums

So here's a snippet of what hopefully is about to come:


Kreator exclusive Live CD in german Rock Hard magazine!

The next issue of the german print magazine will feature part one of a double live cd from
Kreator, recorded at the Rock Hard Festival this year. The mag will come out on 17.11.2010.

The cd will be in a digipack case and not be available in stores. Here's the tracklist:

Choir Of The Damned (Intro)
The Pestilence
Hordes Of Chaos
Enemy Of God
Impossible Brutality
Endless Pain
Pleasure To Kill
Terrible Certainty

You can already check out one track by downloading it from the following link (external link from Rock Hard magazine):

You can read the original news in german at this adress:
Rock Hard magazine News


As I Am

Just a quick live post on the fly. :-)
Just surfed a bit around looking for blog websites about small metal bands and came around to one talking about local bands from Bremen. And here's one of them and I like them. Just listening while typing this... Hope you enjoy,too. The band is called As I Am.
Look also on the myspace site of the band:
As I Am @ myspace

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

Mob Rules

It's weekend and I wanna take the chance to quickly let you know
about Mob Rules, a small band from Northern germany.

The main feature in their sound is the ability to put in some
atmosphere into the songs. It's mostly power metal they do for
sure, but it's intense and still there is always a room for
feelings and emotions. They work out the songs detailed and
besides that they are very sympathic human beings (meet them
every here and there on some of the shows they did.

You can find some songs on their myspace site at:

Mob Rules @ myspace

So why not check out Astral Hand from the actual CD "Radical peace"?
It's right here:



So I am back with telling you about Inmoria, a little band that originally was formed by members
from Tad Morose and Morgana Lefay. They are about to finish their second CD and you can
listen to some of the songs on the bands website, just give them a quick check in!

Inmoria New Album previews

or watch their newest video here


Free Airbourne Video EP

So, here I go with another post. This time it's about Airbourne from Australia.
They really kick it heavy and put out music for all those who like the direct stuff that
AC/DC did put out on their early days. In addition Amazon offers a free Video EP
at the moment, so let's head over and grab it to check this nice band out.
Free Airbourne Video EP @ Amazon


Today is day one

Hello there!

So today is day one - the day I've set up my blog after a long time of thinking.
There's something on my mind for a long time - young metal bands don't get
the attention they need. Instead there are only a few mostly older bands that
people mostly notice.

So I won't change the world for sure - but in this little place I wanna try
to make more people aware of the smaller bands, post legal links to places where
you can check 'em out and talk with you about what you think about them.

I wanna start with Symphorce - a small band that is to be found at AFM records
now. Just check out their webwheel - it includes 3 full songs of their new album
as well as snippets from the rest of the songs along with more info and short
videos. So go for it:


Let me know what ya think and post something.

Heavy metal forever!