Today is day one

Hello there!

So today is day one - the day I've set up my blog after a long time of thinking.
There's something on my mind for a long time - young metal bands don't get
the attention they need. Instead there are only a few mostly older bands that
people mostly notice.

So I won't change the world for sure - but in this little place I wanna try
to make more people aware of the smaller bands, post legal links to places where
you can check 'em out and talk with you about what you think about them.

I wanna start with Symphorce - a small band that is to be found at AFM records
now. Just check out their webwheel - it includes 3 full songs of their new album
as well as snippets from the rest of the songs along with more info and short
videos. So go for it:


Let me know what ya think and post something.

Heavy metal forever!