Trail of Murder - Swedish power metal band first trailer is up!

So nowadays it's hard for bands to grab the attention of the record company's to make them aware of their projects and get them to release the music they do. One of those bands, that still isn't signed is Trail of Murder.

Trail of Murder are:
Urban breed: Vocals (Pyramaze, ex-bloodbound, ex-Tad Morose)
Daniel Olsson: Guitars, backing vocals (Ex-Tad Morose)
Pelle Ã…kerlind: Drums, backing vocals (Morgana Lefay, bloodbound, LadyDie)
Hasse Eismar: Guitars, backing vocals Johan Bergquist: Bass, backing vocals
Johan Bergquist: Bass, backing vocals
The first trailer they did release sound great, so here's my attempt to help and spread the word a bit. Enjoy the fine music and tell others about it.

Update 2012/11/05: Having taken a look around I found out that the band has set up a little website with some info about the coming together of the band. At the end of the page there's also a link to their webshop where the album can be bought. There you can also check out the artwork of the CD.

The website of  the band's record company Metal Heaven has some short snippets for listening in their soundbytes section. Thought you guys out there wanna to know since I witnessed in my statistics that some of you had looked for info upon the band here on my blog. Amazon also lists the CD already! Great news all around! :-)


Snippet from new Brainstorm Album

Brainstorm are another band, that should have more fans. They offer energy packed power-metal along with great melodies and a intense atmosphere especially in their live shows. Actually the band is about to release a new album that will come out on 30. September 2011. Wann hear something of the new album? Here you go:

BRAINSTORM - Below The Line (cut) by AFM Records

Update: The full song has now been uploaded legally to youtube, so I add it here as well. :-)

Another Update: New teaser has been put out, showing the photo-session the band did. At the end of the video it's underlayed with a nice new snippet from the new CD!


Rock Hard Festival 2011 with many young bands online

German TV channel WDR has broadcasted a two hour cut featuring a lot of young or not so well known bands that played at this years Rock Hard Festival. It features pro-shot Videos of Epica, Vicious Rumors, Amorphis etc. and has now been uploaded to the website for watching. Check it out at

Rock Hard Festival 2011 Rockpalast pro shot Videos


Mad Messiah Live Videos online!

Still remember Damage, the new project of Tony Eriksson? I already posted here about them and things are progressing further with the band working on the album and having renamed to Mad Messiah due to problems with the old name some other band already used. They also played their first ever show at MetalNight in Sundsvall, Sweden and released two Live-Videos from the show featuring two full songs. Have a taste !