Wacken Metal Battle 2011

From time to time I like to take a look at the statistics here on my blog. One of the most clicked one was the "Wacken 2011 revisited" one. I'm glad to see you like it!

As a reward for you here's a little add-on. Taking a closer look on the linked site with the Wacken video I discovered some more interesting stuff dedicated to new young bands. There's a subpage with live video's of yet unknown metal bands which took part in the metal battle contest.

The site is in german,but the style of each band is described mostly in the first sentence of each band describtion. Clicking on "Video starten" starts the video of the band on a new page as flash video. Have a nice time discovering some interesting fresh metal bands!



Gun Barrel / Metalshock Festival

This time a combined update about a underground metal festival plus introduction of one of the bands of the billing of that event.
The Metalshock festival is organised by some real metal underground fans aiming at supporting small bands and help bringing back some of the forgotten heroes of past times. The festival will take place on 29th of October 2011 in Hannover, Germany at the Musikzentrum. Some of the bands that will show up are Mob Rules and Scanner which I already talked about ealier here on the blog. Due to financial issues 150 tickets need to be sold till 15th of October to make this event to be able to be properly done. Please help and head over to the festival page to order your ticket (price 25 euro plus delievery expenses see homepage for details please):


One of the bands playing there are Gun Barrel,a legendary band doing some dirty,heavy hitting and direct Rock 'n Roll. I got to see them first on a very cold winter day also on a underground metal fest,the Winter Metal Meeting in Leer,Germany 2010. The lay it down heavy and that's what got my attention. Check out there song Brother to Brother and maybe you'll like 'em,too.

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Nocturnal Rites

Another night with few sleep...had too much tea in the evening and that's the impact of it. But another update as well! This time we stick to Nocturnal Rites from sweden. I remember having heard them every here and there on some cd's of the german magazine "RockHard" but they first got my full attention when a good friend of mine recommended their album "The 8th sin" to me. That first three songs on the album gave the kick that I needed to raise my attention. Strong power rhythm along with hard riffs but also very fine melodies and powerful and sensible vocals are the trademarks of these fine but underrated band. After some years of silence they are currently back in the studio recording a new album so I hope I can post some news here soon. Until then enjoy the track "Never again" from the mentioned kick-ass album 8th sin. Let's see how you like it.

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Axel Rudi Pell

After all the riffs and heavy beats I think it's time to get a bit more laid back and slow it down a bit musicalwise. It's about seasons change here in germany. Autumn is about to arrive. The perfect time for some metal ballads by Axel Rudi Pell. His traditional metal with strong influences from Rainbow and Deep Purple is known by many,yet not by everyone. The band is going to release their next ballad compilation and have set up a free and legal pre-listening of this record. Lets relax and enjoy some fine songs sung by Johnny Gioeli,some of the best vocalists I've heard so far.



Seems like I'm not gettin' much sleep tonight. A pain in my lungs keeps me awake. That's bad,but gives me the chance for another update.;-) This time it's Morphelia,a little progmetal band from the very north of germany. Some month's ago I saw them live,sort of a spontanous idea a friend of mine came up with. They blew me away! This band has the ability to take you far away on a musical journey through time and space. Dreaming melodies combined with power and very skilled musicians give them their very unique sound. If you like bands like Saga, Marillion and Dream Theater then this is well worth the over seven minutes of listening.

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The official band website has more info on them www.morphelia.de


Angelical Tears

There's a fine group out there on facebook called "MetalHeads Non Anonymus". It's a place where people can present their band or suggest bands to the others. Angelical Tears got my attention through a post there. They play a powerful piece of metal along with a good portion of melody and fine female vocals. It reminds a bit to bands like Epica and Nightwish but with a own style and a fresh attempt. Try 'Save Me',hopefully it will be such a nice surprise for you like it was for me.

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Maybe you've already heard about them - their music has become more popular in the last months through touring with Iron Maiden, playing at Wacken this year. Soon they will tour with Dream Theater in the US! I've been introduced to them by looking the stream of their performance at Wacken Open Air. Wow, many power! A mixture of thrash with some melody and a modern production with a cool vocalist. I'm listening to "Black" from the actual album "In Waves" while typing these lines. You can do it too - and even hear the full album legally for free from the Roadrunner Website. Here you go:

Trivium - In Waves full album stream


Wacken 2011 revisited

German TV station NDR has broadcasted a cut together of this years Wacken Open Air 2011. It's a mix of live performances, some interviews, scenes from the Full Metal Village Road Movie and own experiences of the hosts of the show. You can now check the full thing out online for some time.

NDR mediathek Heavy Metal auf der Wiese

Vision Divine

A mixture between Power Metal and Progressive Metal can be a cool combination. There are several bands out there trying this out, but as strange as it is, none of them is much to successfull with it. One of them is the italian band Vision Divine. The combination of melodic heavyness and pure sometimes even raw power has brought to light some great albums, 6 in number. Time to make more people aware of them.
So here's you chance to check them out. This is one of the more straight forward numbers that hardly will leave your ears once heard.:-) By the way: Fabio Leone has returned in 2008 to the band on vocals, maybe some know him from Rhapsody Of Fire.

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