Today is a special day - the 29th of February only comes every four years. To celebrate this special properly I've decided to pick a band that surely deserves much more attention. I'd like to introduce you today to "Heathen", a trash metal band from the beginnings of the 80th's. Looking at their member list it seems that they had a lot of good people in their line-up but they never seem to have recognized besides the Big Four (Metallica,Slayer,Megadeth,Anthrax).

They band did split up back in 1992 but came together in 2001. By now they've released a new album in 2010 called "The evolution of chaos" and it's a superior album. I heard it first yesterday evening and are still doing so while typing this lines. The fascination hopefully can be read in these lines.

The full album "Evolution of chaos" can be heard for free on the bands myspace site.

As a little tip on which song to hear first here's "No stone unturned" which is one of my favorites of the album.

No Stone Unturned

They even have made a video for one of the songs of the album but I can't watch it here in germany. Anyway, here's the video in case you've more luck than me.



Epica are a fine orchestral metal band. You may compare them a little bit with bands like Nightwish but Epica are a bit more straight forward in my eyes, they use more harder direct and heavier riffs to bring up the power and energy that the people like so much. Another catcher of the band is the female voice of Simone Simons who brings some sort of frail elements to the sound of Epica while the sound otherwise is more dominated by the pumping rhythm section along with the heavy riffing. A perfect add in my eyes which can express so much different emotions and leave so much room for interpretation. Besides that Simone is quite a good looking woment and a eye-catcher with her long red hair which she likes to bang around with.

Actually the band has a new album coming up with and is giving out every Saturday a little video piece that forms a sort of a puzzle of the new album. But there's also a full track currentyl up for listen. Risk a ear and check it out below.

From the new album "Requiem For The Indifferent" the track "Storm The Sorrow"

You can also download the track legally from the bands label Nuclear Blast right here.

If you like to know how one of the mentioned puzzle pieces looks like here's one of them.

The official site has more info and goodies so go and check it out.


Sacred Steel / Break the ground festival

Hey, some people seems to have a similar opion to me. You can see some new festivals coming up through the last years, a lot of them dedicated to young bands. That's what I like. :-)

One of them is the Break the ground festival I'd like to intoduce you today. It's a small festival located at Ahnsbeck, Germany and is taking place from 6/21/2012.-6/24/2012. Currently the complete line-up lists the following bands:

Hail Of Bullets
Milking The Goatmachine
Mob Rules
Out Of Mind
Plenty Of Nails
Sacred Steel
The Vision Bleak

For detailed info visit the festival website that is linked below. Tickets are already on sale. It's quite a fair price, the all-in-ticket goes for 29,95 Euro including camping and entrance fee to the festival for all days.

Break the ground Homepage

One of the bands that plays are called Sacred Steel. They do play true metal of the very core sort. That means it goes back to the old standards, putting hard and heavy hitting guitars together with brutal attacking double-bass drums and most of all you can recall the band for the siren-like vocals of Gerrit P. Mutz. His voice reminds me a lot of the traditional bands of the 80's like Omen or Mercyful Fate. That said it means the band will surely split up the fans, some of them loving them for what they do while others surely hate them. Their optical appeareance along with the Manowar-alike texts do put some more very traditional marks on them. Just check out one of their songs with the video here and let me know what you think.

If you want to know more about this band, that is already around for over twenty yeard then jump to the bands official website



Sometimes it even helps, if a well known person does a appeareance on a album to put a spotlight on a not so well know band. This happened to me when I first heard about "Redemption". Having surfed around on dreamtheater.net the official site of the big Progmetal Band Dream Theater I spotted a news-headline saying that James LaBrie, the vocalist of the band had taken the time to perform the vocals on some of the tracks on "Snowfall on Judgement day".

That raised my interest that much that I headed over to the Redemption website  and checked out the youtube album trailer that the band had put up on the site. Wow, I remember that it flashed me. Especially the medlody of "Walls" refused to leave my head after quite a while after I had first heart it. What a powerfull but also skilled performance along with vocals that perfectly fitted to transport the feeling of a broken relationship and it's regret about it.

Looking for more information I found out that some big names stand behind this project:

Ray Alder - Vocals
Nicolas van Dyk - Guitars and Keyboards
Bernie Versailles - Guitars
Sean Andrews - Bass
Chris Quirarte - Drums
Greg Hosharian - Keyboards

In the meantime the band has put out a new album called "This mortal coil". You can hear the album trailer here. Well, let's see if it has the same effect on you then it had on me back on that special day.

Beside that a little side-note: the label of Redemption currently offers a label sampler for free download. It features a full track of the new album. Juts go in here and pick it up. A lot of people say it's one of the best labels for progmetal so you might find a little jewel when you're after a bunch of fresh progmetal.

Insideout music-free label sampler


Drone / Metal 4 Splash Festival

Now that the year is moving forward with nearly reaching mid-February by now it's time for a lot of people to think which festival they would like to attend this year. Festivals are often a fine happening with a lot of people coming together from different countries but all for the same reason: they do love to listen to Heavy Metal music.

The bigger festivals named Wacken Open Air, Bang your Head or the With full force are well known but as for Wacken, it's already sold out. Additionally most of them aren't that cheap,too.

So here's a alternative: the Metal 4 Splash Festival, located at Rotenburg/Wümme in northern germany. Here are some details:


Name and place: Metal4Splash Festival in Rotenburg/Wümme, Germany.

Bands confirmed so far: Sodom, Drone, Mob Rules & Criminal. More bands to be confirmed.

Tickets have gone already on sale and are priced 27,50 Euro including parking, camping, entrance fee for the warm-up show and fee for the festival itself. The first 100 orders come with a free "Old-School”-T-Shirt from the Metal4Splash festival or a CD since it's the fifth anniversary of the festival this year.

Find more info on the official festival page (in german only):

Official Metal 4 Splash Festival site (german only)

As I did before in the past I'm introducing one of the confirmed bands now. This time the pick goes on Drone, a brutal newcomer metal band including most of the modern elements of Bands like Bullet for my Valentine mixed with traditional band sounds from band's like Testament, Mastodon, or Pantera. The songs go straight forward and sound like a perfect fit to make a good show at the Metal 4 Splash Festival. Just check the video below and you'll surely know what I mean.

Drone Video - Boneless

The Offical homepage of Drone can be found at:

Official Homepage of Drone


Runaway Phoenix (son of Alice Cooper's project)

The son of Alice Cooper (Dash Cooper) has a own band called Runaway Phoenix up and running. Hear the first EP for free right here. It's Metal music with a little mix up with modern and alternative sounds, sometimes with big commercial appeal. Sometimes even haispray-metal comes to my mind when listening this. By the way: the father even sings on track one (Tug of War) so he seems to be proud of what his son does.