Livestream from Wacken 2012 is coming!

There will be a internet livestream from the Wacken 2012 Festival! The following bands already confirmed that their shows will be shown online: Overkill, Dimmu Borgir, U.D.O. und Hammerfall.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the stream will be online, starting at 18h (german time) and end at 1h in the night. On Sunday their will be a stream up from some shows of the previous days that hasn't been shown in the time before. More details like the full time-table will follow in the next days. I'll update this post when new info arrives.

The internetstream can be seen at this site of the german TV station NDR, thanks to them that they will give us the possibility to take part of this great event also in 2012!

Update 2012/07/31: The first version of the timetable has been released! So far the following shows will be streamed (all times german time):

Keep in mind, that changes are always possible so make sure to check this site for updated information!

Update 2012/08/03:
ZDF kultur will broadcast some of the shows live through their TV station on 4th August 2012. The following bands will be shown at the mentioned german time:

20.00 Uhr, Amon Amarth (LIVE!)

21.25 Uhr, Volbeat

22.50 Uhr, Scorpions (LIVE!)

23.15 Uhr, Machine Head (LIVE!)

Update 2012/08/05: ZDF kultur has put the video for this online, full four hours of live-stuff!!!
But hurry, it's only up for a week.

The highlight shows in the week after the Wacken Open Air will contain the following bands at the mentioned days with german timeframe:

Update 2012/08/07: Seems like every show will be added to the on-demand-archive of the TV station for free watching after the broadcast so I'll add the links here as fast as I can. Just click on the desired show and a new window with the chosen on-demand stream will appear. :-) But hurry, every video is only up for a week. Enjoy!

6. August, 17.55 Uhr: Sepultura & Les Tambours du Bronx

7. August, 17.55 Uhr: Hammerfall

8. August, 17.55 Uhr: D.A.D und The Boss Hoss

9. August, 17.55 Uhr: Saxon

10. August, 18 Uhr: Dimmu Borgir & Orchestra

13. August, 17.55 Uhr: Edguy

14. August, 17.55 Uhr: Testament

15. August, 17.55 Uhr: Ministry

16. August 17.55 Uhr: In Extremo

17. August, 18 Uhr: In Flames

More info on the timetable regarding the broadcast on german TV station zdf kultur and the highlight shows can be found on this site  

The TV NDR station has put up the full Show from Cirle II Cirle for seven days on the Wacken subpage. The band performed Savatage's "The wake of Magellan" album in it's entirely so it's something very special. 

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