Fresh stuff from Stratovarius,Heaven shall burn and Kamelot up for listening

While I'm typing this the snow is falling outside. The perfect weather to enjoy some fine music. Happily nowadays a lot of bands are putting up their new stuff online for listening so you can check them out before you might buy them. Stratovarius just recently did put out their actuall release called "Nemesis". I'm listenig to it while writing this one down. Sounds like the band did tape some very cool tracks which tend more into the powerfull direction. The last record I've heard from them was "Polaris" which turned out great for me but had surprisingly a lot of slow songs on it. So head over here and find out how the new album is.

Heaven shall burn are quite a different kind of music. Their sound is more set in the heavy, raw and hardcore direction. The new album will be called "VETO" and the band has now set up one song called ‘Land Of The Upright Ones’ for free download. There just one thing you need to do before downloading: solve the sound puzzle. Will you solve this quest? Try your luck here. 

The last band in this little round up are Kamelot, a much underrated symphonic powermetal band. Their newest album has been released autumn 2012 and was called "Silverthorn". They recently released two single's from that album and will follow this path with another single called 'Falling Like The Fahrenheit'. Since lyric Videos have become very popular these days the band has decided to set up a proper one for this track. Judging from the lyrics it looks like someone lost someone who he/she was in love with or what do you think? 


In the studio with Airbourne, Black Sabbath and Megadeth

2013 is promising to be quite a massive year when it comes to fresh new albums from bigger Metal bands. Luckily nowadays through youtube many bands are offering studio reports on their website's that keep you informed about what's currently going on while they are recording. So you don't need to wait until the new album is out to hear something from it because these report's often do feature shot audio snippet's from the recording sessions.

Let's start with Airbourne. Airbourne's Album "Black Dog Barking" will be out on 2013/5/17. Here's the studio update for you to check out:

Next in line for todays's topic are the Heavy Metal pioneers Black Sabbath. Their new album is entitled
"13". It's going to be released in June 2013 in the old line-up Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi und Geezer Butler doing their first record together since1978. Here is what they have to say about the recording process.

The finish for this studio round up comes from Arizona/USA thrashers Megadeth who are in the studio to blast our ears with a new record called Super Collider which is set for release in June 2013. Megadeth's Super Collider is the first release through Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, through Universal Music. There are already four updates out there so I'll put here the newest of them. The rest can be found on their youtube channel. 

Update 2013/02/18: The band has released another cool studio update yesterday, so I'll put it up here as well. Sounds very, very heavy and cool. Can't wait to hear the album.


Morgana Lefay back in action!

The great swedish band Morgana Lefay is happily back in action! They did play at the Sweden Rock Cruise back in 2012. You can check out a german documentation about it here.
Currently the band is busy with doing some rehearsal for the upcoming show at Sweden Rock in 2013. Guitarist Tony Eriksson did shot two videos with the band doing some practice and posted them through his facebook site. Just watch below to see them.