Live-Streams from Wacken, Deichbrand and Reload Festival announced

The festival season has recently been started with the big Rock am Ring festival. The next stations are already in sight. German TV station NDR has now revealed that they will do Live-Streams from three festivals these year.

Update 2013/08/10: TV station NDR did broadcast a 60 minute best of the Reload Festival last night. They've added it to their streaming archive so make sure to check this site for some nice stuff from Airbourne, Caliban, At the gates and much more.

The biggest one is the well known Wacken Open Air, which is said to be the biggest metal festival worldwide. Deichbrand and the Reload festival both are still smaller also they start to grow. Below I've put together some info on all three festivals so you can have a quick idea, if the Livestreams will be something worth checking out for you.

Update 2013/08/06: Another day, another update. :-) Seems like all the 10 performances that zdf kultur is going to show (look at my update from yesterday for details) will also be added to the streaming archive of the TV station. As far as I know it will last for one week only, so better hurry if you want to watch it.

Annihilator Live at WOA 2013 Archive zdf kultur

Pretty Maids Live at WOA 2013 Archive zdf kultur

ASP Live at WOA 2013 Archive zdf kultur

Lingua Mortis feat. Rage Live at WOA 2013 Archiv zdf kultur

Deep Purple Live at WOA 2013 Archive zdf kultur

Anthrax Live at WOA 2013 Archive zdf kultur 

Alice Cooper / Motörhead Live at WOA 2013 archive zdf kultur

Update 2013/08/05: Is it all over now? Yes, as for the festival itself. But not for the streaming. :-) zdf kultur has announced that they will show 10 performances of the festival following the event. Each day one band will be shown. There's even a stream of that TV station, I hope it works also outside of germany.  So far these bands are said to be streamed, starting with Annihilator Monday night:

Monday 00.15h (CEST) Annihilator
Tuesday 23.20h (CEST) Pretty Maids
Wednesday 07.08.2013 23.35hr ASP
Thursday 08.08.2013 23.50h Lingua Mortis featuring RAGE
Friday, 09.08.2013 23.15h Deep Purple

Monday, 12.08.2013 00.15h (CEST) Anthrax
Tuesday, 13.08.2013 23.30h (CEST) Agnostic Front und Ihsahn 

Plus there's a archive on the NDR website with most of the shown band performances of the recent days. Enjoy! :-)

Update 2013/08/04: Changes, changes and even more changes. Here's the daily update to the NDR Wacken Stream, today it's time for the best of Wacken 2013, starting at 18:30h (CEST). Attention: the starting time has changed and is now set for 19:30h (CEST). Here is what you can see today:

Pretty MaidsTrue Metal Stage
DoroTrue Metal Stage
Deep PurpleBlack Stage
MotörheadBlack Stage
TriviumTrue Metal Stage
ASPBlack Stage
Lingua Mortis + RageBlack Stage
AnvilW.E.T. Stage
Emergency GateW.E.T. Stage

If you missed out the ZDF kultur stream last night, don't worry, you can still watch the band performances on the Blog site of the TV station. Just click play on the very first video on the top of the site. Enjoy! :-)

Update 2013/08/03: ...and once more the schedule has changed. :-) So here we go with updated information: first of all don't forget the second stream I already mentioned yesterday. It's located here and will feature bands like Trivium, Alice Cooper,Deep Purple,Doro PLUS they revealed that parts of the Rammstein as well as of the Motörhead show will be shown. Starting time is 20h (CEST). The exact timetable has also been put out:

20.05 Uhr: Trivium (live)
21.00 Uhr: Alice Cooper (live)
21.30 Uhr: Deep Purple (vom Donnerstag)
22.25 Uhr: Doro (vom Freitag)
23.25 Uhr: Motörhead (vom Freitag)
23.45 Uhr: Rammstein (vom Donnerstag)
00.00 Uhr: End of Stream

Next of here's the daily update for the NDR (partly even live) stream from the Wacken shows, starting time is set for 18:30h (CEST). Have fun!

Saturday 2013/08/03

DevilDriverParty Stagelive
Black MessiahHeadbangers Stage
Legion Of The DamnedHeadbangers Stage
CandlemassParty Stagelive
IhsahnBlack Stage
Sonata ArcticaParty Stage
ASPBlack Stage

Tomorrow will bring us the highlights of the festival. Currently the bandlists reads as follows:

DoroTrue Metal Stage
Lingua Mortis + RageBlack Stage
Emergency GateWET-Stage
AlestormParty Stage

Update 2013/08/02: Here's a update of today's streaming schedule. Please note that some bands will be streamed live so don't miss them out. For the exact running order check in at the Wacken Running Order subpage. The stream is said to beginn at 17h (CEST) with Pretty Maids. For all the latest info and the stream itself make sure to check back with this site.

Friday 2013/08/02
Pretty MaidsTrue Metal StageL I V E
SoilworkParty StageL I V E
Ugly Kid JoeParty Stage
Corvus CoraxParty StageL I V E
Agnostic FrontBlack Stage
ThunderBlack Stage
AmorphisParty StageL I V E

Currently the schedule for saturday has also been changed to the following, seems like Rage will be missing while Alestorm and ASP have been added.

Saturday 2013/08/03

AlestormParty Stage
Black MessiahHeadbangers Stage
Legion Of The DamnedHeadbangers Stage
CandlemassParty StageL I V E
IhsahnBlack Stage
Sonata ArcticaParty Stage
ASPBlack Stage

In  addition to this another TV station named zdf kultur will also set up a internet stream on Saturday 2013/08/03. They are going to show recorded stuff from: Trivium, Alice Cooper,Deep Purple and Doro. Starting time is set to 20h (CEST). Check in here to see the stream and find out more details (sorry, only german language available).

Update 2013/08/31: Looks like the streaming and broadcast will be much more massive than last year.
Some more details about the internet stream and broadcasts from Wacken Open Air 2013 have just been announced, check out the link for more informations.

Currently the schedule for today (Thursday 2013/08/01) says that the following bands will be streamed on this page of the german TV station NDR. Please look on the Wacken Running Order Page to find the exact showtimes. (MESZ time given). All dates are subject to change, please check back with the streaming site reugulary.

Thursday 2013/08/01

Infanteria (Südafrika)

BackJumper (Italien)

Asthma (Lettland)

Ophidian I (Island)

Midnight Scream (Slowakei)

Trallery (Spanien)

Utopium (Portugal)

An Apple A Day (Luxemburg)

Overoth (Irland)

Vengha (Schweden)

Crimson Shadow (Kanada)

JT Ripper (Deutschland)

Rotten Souls (Zentral-Amerika)

Mysterious Priestess (Japan)

Evil Invaders (Belgien)

Behold The Grave (Mexiko)

Gnida (Polen)

Industrial City (kaukasische Republiken)

AnnihilatorBlack Stage

Friday 2013/08/02

Agnostic FrontBlack Stage
Ugly Kid JoeParty Stage
Corvus CoraxParty Stage
Pretty MaidsTrue Metal Stage
AmorphisParty Stage

Saturday 2013/08/03

Black MessiahHeadbangers Stage
Legion Of The DamnedHeadbangers Stage
IhsahnBlack Stage
CandlemassParty Stage
Sonata ArcticaParty Stage
DevildriverParty Stage
Lingua Mortis feat. RageBlack Stage

Sunday 2013/08/04 (Highlights)

DoroTrue Metal Stage
Emergency GateWET-Stage

Deichbrand Festival:

Date: 18.-21.7.2013
Bands: In Flames, D-A-D, Die Toten Hosen plus many,many more.
Location: Cuxhaven, Germany Seeflughafen
Website for more info

Reload Festival:

Date: 5.-7.7.2013
Bands: Motörhead, Hatebreed, Caliban plus many, many more.
Location: Sulingen, Germany
Website for more info

Wacken Open Air:

Date: 01.-03.08.2013
Bands: Alice Cooper, Anvil, Annihilator, Trivium plus many, many more
Location: Wacken, Germany
Website for more info


Full Metal Cruise 2013 documentation still online

Besides the traditional metal festivals with stages and often a proper camping ground these days a new form of festival seems be more and more popular. I'm speaking about all of the cruises that put a bunch of bands, lots of lights and stages plus all the fans on one big ship and let them do a trip of their very own.

Besides other big festivals like the Sweden Rock the biggest one called Wacken Open Air has also done a cruise of their own entitled "Full Metal Cruise". It took place from  5th to 12th  Ma 2013 and did feature 20 Bands on three stage on stage and also at the boarding location. Among others the following bands were performing: KREATOR, SABATON, AVANTASIA, DORO, HEAVEN SHALL BURN und FIREWIND.

If you'd like to see how this turned out, hurry and head over here. The german TV station ZDF did broadcast a 77 min. long documentation about the event that still can be seen for some days in their media streaming service. Check it out!


Rock am Ring 2013 Stream and TV broadcast announced

At the upcoming weekend it's time again for the big Rock am Ring festival here in germany. The festival is sold out for quite some time already so I took a look around on the web and happily found out, that parts of the Rock am Ring 2013 festival will be streamed online. Here's the link to the streaming page. Bands and times are still to be concreted/announced. So far you can take a look at the official festival page to see which bands will play at a certain time and on which stage. Of couse I do hope that some of the metal bands that will show up there will be streamed through linked the website. 

Or simply click on the play button in the video frame below to watch since they happily gave permission this year to embedd the stream. There are two streams by the way, one send's directly the band's performances while the other one send's send with a little delay and/or not live but recorded stuff only. The second stream I mentioned can only be seen on the streaming page I linked, so If you want to see it you still need to go there to watch it.

If you do live in germany you might be happy to read that some TV stations over here will do broadcasts of this big festival event. Jump over to this page to see which TV stations and other websites will host stuff from the event. It's all in german language, but I hope it's helps you out anyway.

On a sitenote: if you also want to watch stuff from Rock im Park, the small twin of Rock am Ring just jump over to this page, there you can also see some band performances streamed live. The original streaming site from broadcast station PULS lists the following bands for today's streaming, sadly without times but I guess those are identical with the stage times mentioned here.

  • SAM
  • Stereophonics
  • Hurts
  • Blumentopf
  • A$AP Rocky
  • Bullet For My Valentine
  • Kraftklub
  • koRn

Update 2013/06/10: Sadly it's all over already again. Anyway, the radio station that hosted the stream currently has some videos up for watching on their site. Thought you might like to know.

Update 2013/06/09: And here's are the streaming times for the third and final day of Rock am Ring 2013, all times Central European Summer Time (MESZ/CEST/CEDT) ). Have fun!

Sunday 09.06.2013
16:10Bad Religion
17:05Best of Hurts
17:25 A$AP Rocky
18:05 Best of Fettes Brott
19:15 Stereophonics
20:55Limp Bizkit
22:10Best of Paramore
23:30The Bloody Beetroots Live

Second stream

Sunday 09.06.2013
18:00A$AP Rocky
18.20 Simple Plan
19.40Dizzee Rascal
20:25Sportfreunde Stiller
21:25The Wombats
22:00Green Day

Update 2013/06/08: Here's the bandlist for saturday, all times Central European Summer Time (MESZ/CEST/CEDT) ).

Satuday 08.06.2013
16:05 UhrLeslie Clio
16:35 Uhrtba
16:55 UhrJake Bugg
17:25 Uhrtba
17:55 UhrStereophonics
18:40 UhrThe BossHoss
19:20 Uhrtba
20:15 UhrTocotronic
21:05 Uhrtba
21:15 UhrVolbeat
21:25 Uhrtba
22:50 UhrHurts

Second stream

EinsPlus Live - Saturday 08.06.2013
18:00 UhrFilius Nox
18:05 UhrStereophonics
18.40 UhrThe BossHoss
19:15 Uhr Biffy Clyro
19.50 UhrStone Sour
20:45 UhrTocotronic
21:15 UhrVolbeat
22:30 UhrPhoenix
23:20 UhrHurts
0:15 UhrThe Prodigy
0:30 UhrThe Killers
02:00 UhrJake Bugg / Leslie Clio
02:20 UhrBloody Beetroots Live

Update 2013/06/07: The bandlist for the internet stream has just been released. Here's what's going to be shown today (Friday 2013/06/07, all times Central European Summer Time (MESZ/CEST/CEDT) ).
I'll update the timetable for the other days as soon as I get the info for it.

16:50  UhrImagine Dragons
17:40  UhrA Day To Remember
18:25  UhrBring Me The Horizon
19:05  UhrAmon Amarth
19:40 UhrTba
20:05  UhrBroilers
20:55  UhrCro
21:20  UhrBullet For My Valentine
22:15  UhrFettes Brot
22:45  UhrLimp Bizkit
00:00 UhrTba
00:30  UhrkoRn