Doublepack: hear the new albums from Tad Morose and Saxon

Fresh albums have just rushed in. After 10 years of silence it's nearly unbelievable but Tad Morose have just released a new record called "Revenant". Sounds very,very heavy on the first three tracks. Glad to hear the new record, finally the wait is over. But listen for yourselfs at the website of the legendary Sweden Rock Magazine, sometimes wonders happen...

The second band on today's agenda are Saxon. They released a album full of re-recordings of classic tracks. They have so many of songs to choose from, so I think the choice might have been hard. Just check it out for yourselfs right at this location.


CD Review: Catexia - A voz do Brucutu

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Short introduction  

The brasilian band Catexia started back in mid 2012 as a instrumental progmetal band. So far the band managed to play a couple of live shows both with and without the EP. The first recording is entitled "A voz do Brucutu". The newest stuff the band did put out is a video for the new track "Aborto" which also shows the band performing live in celebration of their one year anniversary as a band. I've included the video at the very end of the article right under my review of the band's first EP.

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The EP comes as a free download from the bands website featuring three longtracks. With the mp3 files you receive a front- and backcover for printing out your own record. Just click on the big image to start the download.

As for me the band mixed elements in the style of Dream Theater in their "Systematic Chaos" phase together with guitar-styles in the tradition of Jimi Hendrix with a lot of experimental and jamming sounds in it. Check out the tracks in the player to hear what I mean. If you like a mixture of those sounds I'd suggest you to download this nice EP. It's a wild mix but a pleasure to listen to. Give it a chance. You can also keep an eye on the band by clicking the like button on their facebook site. 

Track by track Review:

1. Inferno: slow start, very catchy riff that won't leave your ears for a while. Short bridge with the same riff, heading over to the wilder side of the band. Short silence then start of a new melody, slow again. Finally some more movement with a compact riffing, jamming between this section and some more melodic softer part. Going over to one of the riffs of the beginning, things start to turn out wilder, very powerfull guitars. Keeps very strong jamming up, ending with some classic rock riff and shouts.

2. A Resurreicao: Slow intro with some effect pedals going over to a soft jamming, followed up by the more powerfull guitars, change again to some more softer part. Very clear guitars on this one. Very short break bringing us to a very compact and hard and heavy section. The rhythm starts to get tighter by every minute. Very powerfull guitars fill the sound while various tempos and rhythm changes follow to it. Some rough jamming can be heard, at the end comes up to some more melodic and softer end with a mid-tempo rhythm-section mixed up with heavier guitars. Very hard effect pedal effects at the end. A lot of variations in this song, time flies while you listen. My personal favorite song from the record.

3. Marta: a very clear and intro but soon mixed with some heavier effects leading over to the typical riff jamming but this time with mostly small tempo. The drums go wild for a while. A classic rock riffing towards the end. Shortest song on this EP. The last note giving the hope of more songs in the near future...



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