24 hours of concert footage over Sylvester / New Years Eve

Tomorrow starting at 6 'o clock german TV station 3sat will broadcast the whole day and night concert footage. You can also watch this via the web stream at http://3sat.de/webtv/?40430

Announced bands so far include Muse, Emeli Sandé, Rammstein, Madonna, Woodkid, Pink, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Pur, Supertramp and Alice Cooper.

Have fun and have a safe going over to 2014, read you there!


Final Coil giving away EP for free

So the end of the year is drawing near and today it's christmas. The day with the tradition of handing out proper gifts to your beloved ones. Well Final Coil are currently handing out their newest EP "Live with doubt" free of charge on bandcamp. The band describes theirselves as "(...) a metallic grunge band incorporating the harmonies of Alice in chains, the twisted dynamics of Tool and the droning heaviness of Swans." (quote taken from the bandcamp page of the band).

I like the way they do play their songs. Sure it has this grunge style in it but attached with a lot more of heavyness in it. Plus the vocals give a proper atmosphere to the tracks ranging from depressive to agressive but always proving to expressing what really has been felt by the band.

Check them out right here and head over to bandcamp to grab the EP as a free christmas gift. But remember that christmas also means giving back on what you've taken, so you might give some bucks for the songs. The choice of the price for this recording is up to you....
To stay in touch with the band head over to facebook, Reverbnation or the bands website.

Happy Christmas to each and everyone of you people out there visiting my blog. You know who you are and rule! Please keep coming back and let me know what you think of this site or if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to drop me a line or two in the comments or via Email - check my profile for the adress.



Rock It Up Records X-Mas goodie free download sampler 2013

The record company Rock It Up has set up the IceWarrior Sampler 2013 for free download!

Included with the offer are 18 songs of young and unknown Melodic Power Metal Bands in highest quality. The sampler comes with a printable cover picture. Listen to it right here and then head over to the bandcamp page to start the download.


Crystal Viper streaming the entire album "Possession" on youtube

Yeah, the title of this post says it pretty much it all. Crystal Viper are back with a brand-new album and have kindly set up the whole new record for free listening on youtube. Just listened to the very first track and it kicks a lot of ass. Had a lot of fun listening to this. Thankfully a youtube user made a playlist of the whole record so I put it here up for comfortable listening.