Acrassicauda starts Kickstarter campaign for the first full album

Remember the article I posted some time ago about Acrassicauda, the one and only Metal band from Iraq by that time? They struggled for their life but refused to give in or up and always pushed on forward. I think making music helped them along the way.

By now the band found a way to escape the cruel everyday living in Iraq and made a odyssey from Iraq over to Syria. where they even had to struggle with more problems. Finally the band could set over to America where they live now. In the meantime they recorded a first EP with producer Alex Skolnick (guitarist from Testament) entitled "Only the dead see the end of the war" and made a video for "Gardens of stone".

Currently the band has written their first full length record. They are now ready to go for the recordings but are in a similar position like many other artists without a record company. So they decided to use Kickstarter to raise funds for all the production steps needed.

As for the concept of the record the band writes on Kickstarter:

"(...) The new album pays homage to the ancient Mesopotamian civilization using the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient poem written in the Acadian language in the 3rd millennium BC, originally inscribed on 12 tablets in cuneiform script. Delving into themes of exotic journeys, life and death, love, the divine, success and failure, the Epic of Gilgamesh has much in common with the experiences of the band —it is a humble yet honest comparison. The LP is an ode to the modern Iraq, a home from which they are exiled today.(...)"

You can use from a wide variety of pledge levels, raging from 1 Dollar for a download of the actual single over to download options of songs or the full album up to some nice Merch packs that include nice stuff such as posters, shirts, DVDs, personalized rewards, band equipment and more with the album.

Check out the video to find out more about what the band has in mind with the album and head over to Kickstarter if you like to support this outstanding Thrash 'n doom metal band. The band also has a own website so click over to see more detailed info on the band. You can also connect through Facebook to stay in touch with them.


New Wave of Thrash coming up?

Looking around on some of the (upcoming) releases of these days it seems to me that more and more Thrash metal band's are coming up. So I'd like to point out on three of them here.

First off are Dust Bolt, a band from Germany who are around since 2006. The sound of their upcoming record "Awake the riot" reminds me a lot of the very oldschool days when I began to listen and like Thrash. The cover has something from Nuclear Assault's "Game over" EP in my eyes. You can check out their upcoming record in the long preview trailer below.

So far I've heard few about bands from Spain. Until the german Rock Hard magazine recently posted a article about Crisix including the offer to listen the full album for free as a Soundcloud stream. These guys seem to influenced a lot by the Thrashers Tankard, mixing up powerfull direct hitting Thrash with a lot of attitude. Check out the title track of the album.

Last in line as for today are Lost Society from Finnland. These guys are around since 2010 and they grabbed my attention through the videoclips for the tracks "Thrash all over you" and "Kill". If you want to go with a very straight band who doesn't fiddle around with their instruments too much I suggest you go with this band.

So after all what do you people think? Would you agree with me to say Thrash has a new wave coming up? Or which other styles of Heavy Metal or even Rock music do you see more coming up? Please let me know in the comments below. There is also a option to post anonymus if you don't want to see your name or nick linked in.


CD Review: Chasing Dragons - Checkmate

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Short introduction

The band formed back in 2011 and is based in Leeds. They released their debut EP “Take Flight For A Firefight” in Jan ’12, with production from Graeme Atkinson (Fightstar, Take The Seven) and Carl Bown (While She Sleeps, Trivium). Their single "Hindsight’s A Bitch" (Jan ’13) is also available to view on Youtube alongside acoustic track, "It’s Bravery, Honestly". The band has a sound that's compareable to bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Iron Maiden.

Their new record, ‘Checkmate’ is going to be released on 2nd June via Trash Unreal Management. The six track EP has been produced, mixed and mastered by Lee Batiuk (Deaf Havana).

The current line-up is:
Laurie 'Tank' Carnan (Vocals) / Mitch Sadler (Guitar/Vocals) / Katie Bullock (Drums) and Ant Varenne (Bass/Vocals).

Short Summary / Player / Purchase Link

The EP is very well worth checking out and moreover buying it. Everyone of the six songs is very versatile and shows another musical side of the band. The work on the music is both traditionell and modern. Most songs have a clear structure and are build ready to rock, but there are a lot of details that have been spent a lot of time on. Plus there are many surprises in the songs that keep them from becoming one of the many out there.

The lyrics are also very intelligent and I think reflect on a lot of things many people out there have gone through in their lifes. You can read the lyrics in the "Releases" Section of the official web headquarter of the band.

The EP is professionelly produced and comes with a fine artwork in a papercard like shell if you order the physical version of course. The mp3 version is sold for only five GBP and a physical copy on CD (Limited signed Edition) goes out for eight GBP plus shipping and handling. You can order both version in the shop that the band has on their website. Also keep a eye on the other goodies that can be found there.

To stay in touch with the band click over to Facebook or check out their excellent website for all the latest news and tourdates. I'll also recommend to sign up to their Street Team "The Hunters". It's well worth the few seconds that it takes to register...

For a fast first checking out I can offer two full tracks here on the page for listening, the fast riffing first single "Broken Jaws" as well as the bit more progressive "For the sake of murder". Enjoy. :-)
More snippets of all songs of the EP are available on the band's website.

Track by Track Review

Spoken words, strong unforgiving drums and some keyboards form a noise collection that builds up some tension. What is coming next, what will this EP bring us? The tension is rising a lot on this one. Then a sudden ending and silence - the wait is over. You finally arrived at the doors of the checkmate - come in!

Throw down your kings
One scream and the main riff kicks you in. Are you ready to have a good time? The song brings you softly into the mood - some laid back part in the middle of the track. Then another riff like  a sharp we jump in back into the headbanging mood. Lots of variations on this track showing that the band brings in a lot of own style. The end rushes in very compact. A great opener that makes you longing for more!

That's not love
A traditionell scream and riff opens up. Then a surprise - the tracks moves over to drums and vocals and slightly some riffing only. But finally a rush into a faster typical Chasing Dragons part again.  Very mixed emotions on this one - guess it's wanted to shake the listener a bit around. Sure love has a lot of faces, some great but also some darker times as well. Guess the music along with the lyrics wants to tell us something like that.

The last defence
A half ballad. We go deep into our feelings. Surely a mover for a lot of people. We all face those days when things throw you down the floor. This one put's it into a musical expression for me. Hold on! This seems to be the message. Fine keyboards and vocals/chors before some guitars come in and drums join,too. A lot of dedicated vocal work on this one. This must have taken some time to put together. Finally it goes over into a metal riffing. A long and extended solo towards the end letting some more feelings go before some fading keyboards lead towards the end. A great track! If you feel down this song should help you passing through. You're not alone with it....

For the sake of murder
Yeah the riff says it pretty much it all - we are going to hit things up again. But not a typicall beat everything track comes along but a very clever and worked out rythm joins in to it. The refrain won't leave your ears for a long time. The vocals once more touch us but the raw guitars give a lot of sharp energy in here. The band fights the hell out of it here. We WANT this so much the message is left behind. Hope a lot of people will listen. Surely one of my favorites of the band.

Broken Jaws
The final song of the EP but the first single and video. A classic riff-hacker and a fast run-down track. Very catchy, kicks in straight with the trademarks of the band. Bang that head that doesn't bang! A perfect scream along on the shows. I love how the band mixes up all the instruments with a intensive focus on extensive vocals work as well as rhythm and feeling to it. Both riffs are great and I hope this band has a good future coming. They really deserve it. Please keep it up!


Stoner-/Math-Rock Band Toshes releases new video Smoker Man

Everyone of us wears a mask a friend of mine once told me. You need to break it down first to see the real human behind it...

Well, the band Toshes seems to be at some point of the same opionion. They entitled their debut record EP "The Mask We Wear" and the single "Precious Junk" followed up. Now the band is doing the next step with releasing the new single "Smoker Man" which can be watched below. 

What I like so much is the combination of the wild, traditionell sound of the band along with some fresh elements that surprisingly step in from time to time to the song. I really would like to know where the band goes on from here. There style at the moment is surely a mixture between Stoner/Math-Rock/Power Pop. The vocal and guitar work on this is outstanding. Young bands seem to focus today a lot more on details of the songs and I like how these elements are outworked especially at this band.

The video features the upcoming London based grapher Gnasher, whose work is showcased HERE. If you like to know more about Toshes, just head over to their website, connect with them through Facebook or check out their Soundcloud page.

The band is also doing some shows in France in the upcoming time, the dates are:

- 6 June – Brest
- 7 June – Rennes
- 4 July – Clohars Carnoët
- 12 July – Niort
- 18 July – Angers
- 24 July – Combrit
- 26 July – Combrit
- 14 August – Les Nocturnes Festival – St Brieuc


Senate of Prevail gives first insight into the upcoming album

The swedish band Senate of Prevail is currently working on the second record. Today the band published the very first snippet from the album the band is laying down on tapes these days. It's a cut from the song "Illusion" in a very early mixing stage but I like the mix of riffing, vocals and rhythm already now. So please go ahead and take some seconds to listen to this one.

If you want to follow the progress of the recordings make sure to give the band a like on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. The band is also going to play on the Bollnäs Metal Rules Festival on May 31st 2014 in Sweden.


Groezerock Festival sampler up for free download

So, the Groezerock Festival 2014 in Meerhout, Belgium on May 2nd and 3rd, 2014 is already over. Have you been there this year or on one of the previous editions and want to re-listen to some of the artists (you maybe discovered them there for the first time)?

Then this download compilation of 13 tracks from a selection of Century Media artists playing either this year's or previous editions of Groezrock including TERROR, DEEZ NUTS, IGNITE, CALIBAN, I AM HERESY (feat. Nathan Gray from Boysetsfire on vocals), HEAVEN SHALL BURN, SICK OF IT ALL and BLEED FROM WITHIN is for you.

Just click on this link to reach out to the Samplers website. You need to sign in with your email address to get access to the compilation. It also comes with a 10% discount for www.cmdistro.de but that treat is only valid for all the orders placed today.


CD Review: A Light Within - Preface

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If you're having troubles writing in English please send me a E-Mail in your preferred language or use the free Google Translator to transfer your message to English. I also use that tool, it's of course not perfect but I think it will mostly likely work out for our purposes.

Short introduction

A Light Within are a  Post/Progressive Alt Rock band from Kansas City, MO USA. The band started as did so many other bands before, from the demise of the band members previous bands. With no planned direction, a bond was formed and a voice/sound began to develop and be defined. The first EP “Preface “ was recorded by the band in 2012 and was mixed by Kyle Brandt and released in 2013.

The EP is a concept based upon a reflection of one’s life as the end draws near. “Aged eyes gaze upon the vast ocean through the window in the living room. Attempts to recollect life start with what little is known of birth. As these memories strive to keep the lungs breathing, and the heart beating, they slowly trickle from the mind one by one; releasing the will of existence. As questions of life arise, so do questions of death; for the first has been experienced and the latter may be welcome.”. (These notebook pages contain substance of a persons mind, body, and soul while their time was spent on earth.)

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The band has a beautiful sound, it's very spheric music letting you drift to a very outstanding and unique experience. It's well worth a listen and I did so many times and every time I find out more details that I think I missed out before. If you like bands like Pink Floyd or Deftones I think you'll love the very dedicated music the band creates. Listen to this one in a relaxed surrounding with eyes closed then it comes it's best giving you imaginations unknown.

The concept of the record is also very well worth taking a look, not so many albums come with that. The lyrics can be found directly on the Bandcamp page, so have a look at them if you're interested in finding out more about this. I think it perfectly fits to the sounds the band provides at the album.

"Preface" comes for 3 Dollar as a download from the band's bandcamp page but you can also order a physical CD for only 5 Dollar plus shipping and handling. Check out the stream right here and read my track by track review to find out if it meet's your taste.
If you'd like to stay in touch with the band head on over to Facebook and give their site a like click.

Track by Track Review

1. Page # 32 (Morning)
The song starts very slow. Yes, it feels like you've just been woken up. The epic dimensions of the album can be felt straight from the start of the EP. Vocals come in slowly, distorted vocal lines mix in with a lot of melody and reverb. Some drums come in towards the end of the song, giving it a slight movement forward. It's overall a very spheric sounding world you softly are introduced to. Fits perfectly to the concept of the record.

2. Page # 18 (Grin)
A clock wakes us with a monotone signal. Softly a melody rushes in and soft tone but clear vocals add a lot to the feelings. The song then changes a bit more towards a edgy piece of sound, few drums and much distortion can be heard giving it a raw note before some softness gives you a breath. A climatic end gives some good feelings to the mid of the song. The vocals are a bit streched giving it a bit more good vibe to it. Very ghostly ending with much echos towards the end of it. Some strange words, very distorted bring the track to the end fading out towards the final track of this recording. Page # 18 (Grin) is my favorite track of the EP.

3. Page # 66 (Sixes)
The most moving song of the package. Starts with some guitars and clear guitars in the beginning, then we fastly go over to some experimental keyboards. Hard to take, few silence before the hard and very distorted part rushes in back again. Again with some distorted vocals giving the track it's very own charm.  The end comes in very heavy, very powerfull - giving it a heavy feel to it. A last raw line spoken by the voice, before a soft tone melody guitar riff fades the track to it's end. Let's hope for more to come to continue the conecpt. I surely would love to know how the next step turns out. How will it sound, how will it feel? Let's keep an eye on this...


Chasing Dragons present first video Broken Jaws and announce upcoming shows

On 5th May Chasing Dragons return with their new single ‘Broken Jaws’. This will be followed by their new record ‘Checkmate’ which will be released on 2nd June via Trash Unreal Management. The EP has been produced, mixed and mastered by Lee Batiuk (Deaf Havana).

Heaving heard and seen "Broken Jaws" and "For the sake of murder" which I've included in a previous post I'm very curious for the record to come out. Seems like a very talented band is coming our way.

If you want to check out the artwork of the EP and maybe even preorder it click on over to the band's shop site to do so. The mp3 version is sold for only five GBP and a physical copy on CD goes out for eight GBP plus shipping and handling.

In addition the band has announced the following shows on their website:
(Update 2014/06/02: Show for June 4th has been cancelled, the band writes on Facebook about it:

"(...) Due to unforeseen venue actions entirely out of our hands, our show on Wednesday night with Death2Disco at The Macbeth in London has been cancelled. We're absolutely gutted to not be able to play for you guys but rest assured, the date is being REARRANGED for later in the summer! So we will be down to see you guys...If anyone has purchased tickets for this show in advance, please contact your vendor for a refund.

We'll keep you all posted with news on the new date...

Sorry for any and all inconvenience caused but it really is completely out of our control(...)"

May 30 "CHECKMATE" HOMETOWN LAUNCH: Chasing Dragons w/Bad Pollyanna, Euthemia & more - Leeds, Eiger - Leeds, United Kingdom
Jun 4 Chasing Dragons VS Death2Disco,with Killatrix, Cross Wires The Macbeth, London - London, United Kingdom
Jun 14 Chasing Dragons VS Salutation, Nottingham - Nottingham, United Kingdom
Jun 21 Chasing Dragons VS The Riverside, Selby  - Selby, United Kingdom

Jun 24 Chasing Dragons VS The Parish, Huddersfield Huddersfield, United Kingdom 
Jun 26 Chasing Dragons VS Corporation, Sheffield - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Jun 27 Chasing Dragons VS The Pot & Kettle, Rhyl, Wales w/ Artisfiction - Rhyl, United Kingdom
Aug 02 Chasing Dragons VS The Shed, Leicester - Leicester, United Kingdom
Aug 22 Chasing Dragons VS Steph's The Club That Rocks, Consett Consett - United Kingdom
Sep 19 Chasing Dragons VS The Underworld, London w/ Tagada Jones - London, United Kingdom

As for the last show on September 19th the band offers something very special as they recently posted abou of Facebook: "We will be running a coach from Leeds to Camden (and back!) for just £20 per person for this show and that INCLUDES your ticket cost and a sweet bit of merch from us... Fancy spending a day with us? Head to https://chasingdragons.bigcartel.com/and get your ticket now!
Warning - places are very limited..." So what are you waiting for - head over and get your ride 'n ticket!


Final line-up of Reverence Festival announced

Portuguese psych/ doom festival, Reverence has released its final heavy line-up with additions and a trailer to accompany it. The festival features the amazing HAWKWIND, PSYCHIC TV, SWERVEDRIVER, ELECTRIC WIZARD, GRAVEYEARD, RED FANG, THE WYTCHES, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX and many many more.

Check out the trailer below to find out which bands made it to the final line-up. For more information on the festival check out my previous post about it including info on location, prices and links to all the related websites.

Update 2014/07/11: The latest additions to the line-up have just been released! Completing the line-up for 2014 are Austin psych heroes The Black Angels, Sweedish heavy-metal four-piece Bombus, Lisbon trio Miss Lava, The Rising Sun Experience, The Jabberwocky Band & Celestial Bums.

Update 2014/06/04: More bands have been announced! With today's additions sixty bands playing over two days on four stages are now confirmed for this festival.
The latest additions to the line up include Brooklyn shoegaze pysch band A Place to Bury Strangers, The Black Angels's guitarist Christian Bland & the Revelatorsplaying for the first time in Europe and Austins Holy Wave. Portuguese acts Dreamweapon and 10000 Russos, Berlin's Francois Sky and DJ's Nuno Calado andTiago Castro complete the lost of acts just announced.

Update 2014/05/09: There are still bands added to the line-up! So there is even more value for money for everyone who decides to go to the festival. The latest additions to the line-up include pysche-rocker Bardo Pond and fellow Americans Sleepy Sun.


Review: Final Coil - Somnambulant

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Short introduction

The band describes themselves as "(...) an alt-rock band with increasingly progressive overtones Final Coil are the link between the harmonies of Alice in Chains and the rhythmic pulse of Tool. (...)". This description fits in very well for the band. They are already around since 2008 and this year they've decided to give us a acoustic album entiled "Somnambulant". I've already posted about them here before so might want to check out my previous post containing info and music about their heavier output "Live with doubt" that's still up for free download (and maybe a little donation afterwards...).

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The album is a very melancholic piece of music. It's very organic and you can hear very well through all the emotions that the musicians might have gone through in the last couple of months. The band writes on his Bandcamp page about this album that  it "(...) is the result of too many nights without sleep, too many days spent dreamily walking towards an unknown future. (...)". This sentence brings the things up for thought for me. It has all there trademarks plus some Pink Floyd feeling every here and there. I suggest you listen first but be warned: once heard the tracks won't leave your ears so fast. ;)

It's available for only 3 GBP on the Bandcamp page of Final Coil and it's well worth the money in my eyes. It comes as a mp3 download that you can choice from various formats along with the cover of the record. Also make sure to check out there Facebook and official website for additonell info on the band.

Track by Track Review

This Love (Part One)
Perfect start into the album. It has this typical feel that I love so much about this band. The melancholic vocals fit so much into the melody. Later on some reverb and electric guitars add to the song and give it a bit chaotic feeling. The song closes the way it startsa bit more calmly. The last notes already point over to the following track.

A fast start into the song. Same feelings in this track but much faster rhythm. Very catchy chorus along with a follow up melody that remaind for quiet a long time on my mind. Some final notes again lead over to track three.

A fast beginning at the start. Very catchy again, but also this track goes by quickly. The end leaves you with some reverb back with the feeling that something quickly came, shaked you through and leaves you a bit asking what that was behind. Strange but cool feeling. :-)

This Love (Part Two) 
We return to where part one left off. Like that vibe in there. After some mixed emotions a much harder electric guitar part is mixed in adding a slightly heavier feeling to the easy note. The track takes over to a very different direction. Exspect a bit of Pink Floyd feeling here. Hard to take but the end gives back some relaxed melody again.

Starts with electric guitar melody. Then goes over to a soft guitar play and very soft vocals. Maybe a bit of suffering feeling in here. Heavier guitars keep rushing in after some time, some nervous feeling and reverb to the end of it.

Feeble Minds (Quiet)
Beginning with vocals only. A bit of guitars and percussion join in followed up by some keyboards. Vocals are the center of this track, the other instruments fade away again just to return after a short while. Like the slowly moving atmosphere in this one. Keyboards add to the sound and it fades away with a little acoustic melody in the end.

A very colourfull beginning of the song. Rhythm adds to the track, giving it a bit punchy feeling. A soft melody in the first part of the song is replaced by a much heavier distortion packed part in the second half of the track. It gives it a bit of heavyness but the acoustic sides remain in there. Lullyby ends with quiet a climatic ending that bursts out all of the energy that has been builded up before. A very remarkable track.

Closed to the light
The album ends in the same mood as it began. Also the guitars on this one are a bit harder and straighter forward. A fast change between softer parts and the harder played acoustic guitar riffs. Some soft notes leave you a bit of dreaming behind. Let's hope for a continue sometime in the future...