CD Review: El Yeti - Born Dead

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Short Introduction

El Yeti is a stoner rock duo from Barcelona, Spain. Formed in 2011 by brothers Edko Fuzz and Marc Rockenberg. Their shared passion for bands like Black Sabbath, Corrosion Of Conformity, Alice In Chains, Fu Manchu or Clutch brought them together and so El Yeti was born.

(c) El Yeti, used with kind permission

After some rehearsing the band produced and recorded their first demo with 4 songs. It came out in 2012 to very good reviews (Metal Hammer Germany, Sludge Lord...). After the release X-Wong joined the band playing bass. They opened for bands such as hard-rock french stoners The Socks or the swedish stoner-metalheads Deville. They also played at Red Sun Fest in Barcelona and have done lots of local gigs, gaining a live reputation.

(c) El Yeti, used with kind permission

In the beginning of 2013 the band started recording their new ep. The fact that the bass player X-Wong left the band in the middle of the recording process didn't help and caused a big delay. Finally Edko Fuzz decided to record the bass lines himself. 5 new songs in which you can hear stoner riffs, metal breakdowns, grunge melodies, hard rocking choruses and lots of groove and fuzz. Born Dead was finally out on March 8th 2014.

Marc told me that the band is looking for a new bass guitar player. So if you think you have what it takes to play the bands songs please don't hesitate and contact the band through Facebook or Bandcamp.

Short Summary / Player / Purchase Link

The band reminds me in a positive way of Rage against the machine. These five tracks have something similar to that, they have many details in them that you will only discover the longer and closer you listen to them. But once you have found out what makes them so special I think you'll like them. Each of the songs comes with a lot of diversity and shows a different musical side of the band so the songs aren't kept monotone at all.

The opener "Ludum" is the best way to start out on the EP you will quickly get inside of the mood. I wouldn't too quickly go over to the other songs, discover them one by one then you'll have the most joy out of it.

You can listen to the songs right here for free. The band offers their recordings on Bandcamp. You can decide what they are worth for you by entering a amount of your choice. You can also download it for free if you want to. Please keep in mind that recoding and mixing music takes not only time but also money. Not to mention all these countless hours they spent writing and practising the songs before. 

If you want stay up to date on all the latest about the band jump over to Facebook or Bandcamp and make sure you hit the follow buttons on the pages of the band.

Track-by-Track Review

1. Ludum
Very powerfull start of the song with much drums and guitars. A change shortly takes over to the main theme of the song. A very groove dominated track. The guitars and drums form a good mixture together. The refrain stays in your ears for a long time and pleases you to sing along. Can imagine this going down live very well. The end of the songs comes along more slowly than exspected but you can tell that the band jammed much together to find out the best ending for this.

2. Gimme Da Groove
Short riff intro with some vocals then a very compressed and heavy part that leads over to a groovy track. The refrain once again invites you to sing along. This gives some good feelings to the listener. The intermezzo introduces some darker and heavier riffs before the rhythm changes to a very hacked part at the end. Short and hard riffs come with this. A song with many details and changes in them that come as a surprise.

3. 653-9X
Some soft notes at the beginning before more groove takes over the stage. This one goes along with more speed in the rhythm than the previous two songs. The refrain some with some slowness underneath the vocals before a very powerfull riff gives back some motion. We hear the refrain at the end for a second time again before the track comes abruptly to an end.

4. Master of Black
A song a bit out of the ordinary. Whilst the opening comes common with the powerfull chords the vocals are set on two ways. One a bit high note while at the same time some background vocals run through it at the same time. Then again we hear the typicall rhythm and riff structure of the band with some more speed. Rough and rude guitars dominate the following parts that come as riff hacker again along with the fitting drums with it. A song with a lot of experimental structures in it.

5. Asteroid Keloid
Soft notes and a slow start at the beginning before this one's break up into a tight riff-monster. The rude guitars rush trough this instrumental track of the EP before once again there's a change in the riff and a solo part can be heard. The drums come through very hard and direct as if you're in the rehearsal room but I like how this sounds. A good way to round out this EP and I am left behind with the hope that more of this will come in the future..


Senate of Prevail offer brandnew single for free download

You guys surely remember that I've talked about the two Senate of Prevail videos the band shot for the tracks "Abandon All Hope" and "Illusion" in my previous posts. Just click on the track name to jump to the article and to see the videos.

Today the band has set up both tracks on Soundcloud for free download! This is something that makes my weekend one to be remembered. Both tracks totally rule, so please give them a try.

Musically the band goes a fresh way with combining new song structures and sounds that are often present in today's generation of Metal bands along with traditionell ways of songwriting by using powerfull riffs and blasting drums. Besides that the vocals of Erik Lund Jonsson put a significant mark on all of the tracks. They're set on a high note but never miss a powerfull note and leave a lot of lasting impression on the listener. If you want to get a visual impression of the band make sure to check out the bands video for "Illusion".

The band is currently working on a new full length album. You can follow the recording process on Instagram or give the band a like on Facebook to stay up to date on activities like live shows or videos from some of their past performances.

Update 2014/08/29: The band has been confirmed for the Mosh Fest 2014 in their hometown Bollnäs! It's going to take place on 4th of October 2015. This festival will feature four young bands from Bollnäs and the area around it. So far Cedron, Faustus and Fearless have been confirmed to play that night. The entrance fee will be very low with only 20 SEK (swedish crowns). For more details please see the event page that has been set up on Facebook.

Update 2014/09/26: The running order for the Mosh Fest 2014 has been announced:

Doors: 19:30h
Senate of Prevail, 20:00
Fearless, 20:45
Faustus, 21:30
Cedron, 22:15


CD Review: MONSTER - The Arrival

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Short introduction

MONSTER started as a band in the summer of 2011. All members had some experience that they brought in from their previous bands so they knew they wanted to do something in the Thrash metal direction. They released their first demo back in 2013 as a free download through the streaming and download plattform Soundcloud. After some time guitarist Dimi Weis left the band but was replaced some time after with Klaas Olthoff. The band has released their first full length album in Juli 2014 on Souncloud also free of charge for everybody to pick up.

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The album is great, there's absolutely no doubt for me. They remind me a lot of the old Slayer but with a sound of today's Testament and some decent Death metal influences. The sound is heavy, dark but also melodic and most of all it is a very diverse and versatile record if you give it some proper rounds of listening.

You will discover that besides the obvious brutal elements there are a lof of fine subtile elements put inside this piece of music that make it well worth your time. Even if you have a limited download amount I strongly recommend to pick it up. It's fully professionell produced and recorded and comes without taking a cent out of your pockets.

Update 2014/11/20: Finally there's a chance to get a original copy of the album on a physical CD! You can order your CD by sending a Email to the band at monsterorder@gmx.de  One CD will cost you 7 Euro including shipping and handling when you live in germany, worlwide higher shipping fees have to be count in. A CD costs 9 Euro when you order to a adress outside of germany.

Please also consider to share the word on it and/or give the band's Facebook page a like at least in return. They also have proper band T-Shirts and girlies to order for a low price so you may support the band that way if you like. You can ask them directly via E-Mail for more details. Besides that you can also follow them on Soundcloud.

Track-by-Track review
01 The Arrival
A short intro - am I in heaven or is it hell? ;-)  The song starts out with a classic riff and rhythm - kicks in with a yes it's finally going and good vibes. Very melodic at this point. Just when the vocals come in you realize it is in fact a darker song. Dark, rough vocals with a classic line. Surely some sort of death metal but not without melody and line and most of all you can still understand what you hear. Fits very well to the song. Brutal double bass drums and riffing towards the end with some excellent technique. The end comes quick and fast.

02 Chemistry of Death
Straight going in with the riff and rhythm along with the vocals.  Then a short going over with a breaker from the maintheme with very, very heavy and hard drums in there before we go back to direct rhythm of the beginning. The vocals go straight, fast and direct on this one. The first bit of the breaker can be heard towards the end again but in a very short form just before the track is suddenly over.

03 The Death of Whomsoever
The song starts with a slow doomy intro before a short drum intro directly leads over into a fast riff-hacker. Very clever done - you can still hear the song's theme in the faster part. Then it comes back to the intro from the beginning before another riff hacking part rushes into but without the background theme in it. A razor sharp solo directly hits the listener next before more vocals along with the background theme take over. The end comes fast and cool. :-)

04 When heaven and hell collide
Two nice riffs start this one along with a long scream. A hacking track with a lot of groove in it, very high tone riff before a change takes it to a more brutal, direct level. A short stopper then we go on with a very shredding solo which leads in a part similar that feels like a fusion of the groove and brutality parts before. The end comes with a drum break and some distortion.

05 Dreams in black and blood
Very straight intro with a riff-starter and heavy drums, before some mid-tempo takes over. The refrain comes with the heavier faster part in it. The second chorus comes as mid-tempo section before a slow crawling variation of the main-theme can be heard. Very, very cool and instantly grabbed my attention. Some speaking samples have been put inside. A variation on the drums with some fast double bass drums let's the listener feel that something is about to change. Some silence, hacked riffs before a progressive variation built a bridge to the refrain that can be heard one more time. After all the main-riff two short times before the song comes to the end.

06 Eternal Netherworld
A versatile riff opens up this one before it changes to a mid-tempo thrasher. The refrain uses the opening riff again and the second chorus goes as mid-tempo. A surprise comes as next since Eternal Netherworld changes to a very slow, doomy number before a drum-part brings the speed. A progressive, diverse part plays around with the theme before it comes back to the chorus riff. Before you notice the song's gone again.

07 Randome acts of undead empathy
A slow, majestic intro before this one breaks out with massive brutality. The refrain comes as a cool spoken refrain and then we rush back to more riff hacking. The second refrain, afterwards some mid-tempo variations which are a lot of fun before the song goes back to the old track. Very dark and growling vocals close this one.

08 Among the rats
A mid-tempo start here before it goes over to the main part. This brings back some of the feel well vibes of the first track of the record. The band plays around with the theme itself as well as with some variations on the speed. Fits very well. Then a break and this one changed into a riff-hacker with very powerfull double-bass pressing it through the speakers. A drum break already gives a idea of the refrain but leads over to the second chorus instead of revealing it already to the listener. A guitar intermezzo can be heard before we travel over to some more brutality and the theme from the beginning. Now it's time for the refrain! The last part of the track is a surprise again with some short and powerfull power-packs and the end feels like sort of a outro. Very melodic and spoke voice. Well, find out for yourselves what exactly this is.


Ventenner release thrilling video for new track Six Blood

After all of the traditionell metal posts here on the site I think it's time for something different to get a fresh look upon things. This doesn't mean the site will change in any way it's just that I like to come around with some diversity to break out of the everyday structure.

This time I took a look upon Ventenner's new video "Six Blood". The track is very catchy with a very constant rhythm in it. Nevertheless the track offers a lot of details in there that make it well worth checking out. It's the fine use of instruments in the different phases of the song that makes it giving me chills. Plus there is this video with the overall darkness all around just with some silver lining every here and there. Just like life feels every here and there...

Musically the band reminds me a lot on the older Depeche Mode in a positive way but surely they've not only taken the old style and that's it. They've added these fines notes in between I was just talking about which give the track a lot of replayability - you'll need several rounds to get all of the little diamonds put into the track. Speaking of other compareable bands I think Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Atari Teenage Riot with hints of early Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins could be added here.

The band is also going to do some live shows in London, here are the dates:

6th September – London, Electrowekz
18th October – London, Electrowerkz w/ Hanzel Und Gretyl
30th November – London, O2 Academy w/ Orgy

The song is taken from the upcoming album "Distorture" which will be released on 1st of September 2014 through Sonic Fire Records.

For further informations take a look on the band's Facebook page or click on through on their Homepage.


Bloodstock 2014 broadcasts shows through internet livestream

This weekend another fine festival takes place - it't time for the Bloodstock Open Air.

Best of all for those who can't be there: in cooperation with dailymotion a stream has been set up to broadcast some of the shows of the festival. Jump over to the site of dailymotion or check it out right here:

Live Stream - Bloodstock Festival 2014 by BloodstockFestival
The schedule for the stream is as follows (all times CET):

Saturday, August 9th:

Evil Scarecrow - 11.00am
Shining - 12.00
Decapitated - 13:05
Orphaned Land - 14.10
Lacuna Coil - 16.35
Children of Bodom - 17.55
Carcass - 19.40
Emperor - 21:30

Sunday, August 10th:

Arthemis - 11.00am
Aborted - 12.00
ReVamp - 13.05
Biohazard - 14.10
Obituary - 16.35
Amon Amarth - 19.30
Megadeth - 21.15


CD Review: Lewis & The Strange Magics - Demo

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Short introduction

Lewis & The Strange Magics is a new Classic Rock / Heavy Psych / Doom band from Barcelona. At the beginning of the year the head of the band Lewis decided to make some songs telling horror and occult stories, because that are themes he loves to present in a classic sound.

So he recorded the demo in his home environment and some time after the actual band members joined to complete the band. Lewis & The Strange Magics have plans to do some concerts and will start to work on an album.

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The demo is set deeply in the roots of the Classic Rock music such is the sound of the recording. The band makes heavy use of the Psych genre and mixes in a lot of hammond organ sounds which makes it sound like a old-school recording from back of the 70's .

All of the three tracks go in very straight, especially the last one which is the fastest one. The doom style comes in when you take a close look to the lyrics.  I suggest to check out the stream below first to get a idea of the band's sound.

Besides that the download of the demo tape is available for only 2 Dollar from Bandcamp so if you like such bands that follow their very own ways and make a own approach to it go ahead and buy it. Nothings better than to support your favorite band with buying the record. Ii's like a vote in a election.

Update 2014/10/31: You can now freely choice the amount you would like to pay for the demo on Bandcamp. The band has also set up a limited handmade edition of the record on CD (50 pieces only available).  One copy costs 3 Euro plus shipping and handling. You can order directly through the Bandcamp page of Lewis & The Strange Magics.

The band has opened up a Facebook page, so jump over to their site and give them a like if you want to stay up to date on all the things going on in the future.

Track-by-Track Review

How To Be You
Very powerful chords open up the track. Fast rhythm and the typical choice of vocals for such a style of music form together a well mood song. The track already sets the direction for the whole demo and makes it clear what to expect. A uptempo track with a cool solo and a fine hammond organ part in it. Towards the end suddenly a break - the song calms down a bit but then goes back to the powerful theme. A good start for the tape.

Cloudy Grey Cube
A bit slower track but warmly welcomed. Some progressive elements in there as well. Gives the demo some diversity. Vocals most in the front on this track and again a lot of hammond stuff in here with some more wild rhythm in there. High vocals and a very short end.

Golden Threads
Crash Cymbals and guitars open up the track. A short intro before the track changes over to a faster rhythm. Nice guitar theme on this one and much hammond effects follow up to it before it mixes up in a very hard and tight duell between both instruments. A short break towards the end with the intro part played again before a return to the main riff takes place. The track is kept very tight and straight forward but in comes in very handy. Feels like things come full circle - a good way to close the tape.