CD Review: Lewis & The Strange Magics - Demo

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Short introduction

Lewis & The Strange Magics is a new Classic Rock / Heavy Psych / Doom band from Barcelona. At the beginning of the year the head of the band Lewis decided to make some songs telling horror and occult stories, because that are themes he loves to present in a classic sound.

So he recorded the demo in his home environment and some time after the actual band members joined to complete the band. Lewis & The Strange Magics have plans to do some concerts and will start to work on an album.

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The demo is set deeply in the roots of the Classic Rock music such is the sound of the recording. The band makes heavy use of the Psych genre and mixes in a lot of hammond organ sounds which makes it sound like a old-school recording from back of the 70's .

All of the three tracks go in very straight, especially the last one which is the fastest one. The doom style comes in when you take a close look to the lyrics.  I suggest to check out the stream below first to get a idea of the band's sound.

Besides that the download of the demo tape is available for only 2 Dollar from Bandcamp so if you like such bands that follow their very own ways and make a own approach to it go ahead and buy it. Nothings better than to support your favorite band with buying the record. Ii's like a vote in a election.

Update 2014/10/31: You can now freely choice the amount you would like to pay for the demo on Bandcamp. The band has also set up a limited handmade edition of the record on CD (50 pieces only available).  One copy costs 3 Euro plus shipping and handling. You can order directly through the Bandcamp page of Lewis & The Strange Magics.

The band has opened up a Facebook page, so jump over to their site and give them a like if you want to stay up to date on all the things going on in the future.

Track-by-Track Review

How To Be You
Very powerful chords open up the track. Fast rhythm and the typical choice of vocals for such a style of music form together a well mood song. The track already sets the direction for the whole demo and makes it clear what to expect. A uptempo track with a cool solo and a fine hammond organ part in it. Towards the end suddenly a break - the song calms down a bit but then goes back to the powerful theme. A good start for the tape.

Cloudy Grey Cube
A bit slower track but warmly welcomed. Some progressive elements in there as well. Gives the demo some diversity. Vocals most in the front on this track and again a lot of hammond stuff in here with some more wild rhythm in there. High vocals and a very short end.

Golden Threads
Crash Cymbals and guitars open up the track. A short intro before the track changes over to a faster rhythm. Nice guitar theme on this one and much hammond effects follow up to it before it mixes up in a very hard and tight duell between both instruments. A short break towards the end with the intro part played again before a return to the main riff takes place. The track is kept very tight and straight forward but in comes in very handy. Feels like things come full circle - a good way to close the tape.

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