Classic Rock band Wild Smiles giving first taste of debut album

One of the big origins of metal is the Rock 'n' Roll music. The british band Wild Smiles reminds me a lot of the straight and direct way that musical style used to be back in the day. I would compare them the most with The Ramones to give you a idea of what to expect from them.

The band is going to release their debut album, "Always Tomorrow", on Sunday Best Recordings on 27th October. As a little teaser some weeks before the album hits the shelfs the band has set up the single "Girlfriend" which you can listen in the stream below.

For further informations about the band and their first album see the band's website or check out Facebook to make sure you won't miss out about their upcoming activities. The Facebook page also offers a free download of the album track "Fool for you" if you decide to give the band the famous "Like" click beforehand.


A Place To Fall stream first full song from upcoming EP

Support local bands! This band is from Meppen/Lingen (that's located in Lower Saxony, Germany) and they stream one full song from the upcoming EP. Check it out if you like bands in the style of Trivium.

They convinced me when they played at a small Open Air festival this year in Lingen called "Rock at the Church", a fine festival with no entrance fee nearby a church in the town of Lingen. They support the local band scene so it's well worth going there plus the atmosphere is nice.

The current line-up:

Vocals + Bass: Sebastian Molleker 
Lead Guitar : Malte Hornung Rhythm 
Guitar: Oliver Aepken 
Drums: Daniel Lübken

You can follow the further band activities by checking out their Facebook web presence.


Senate of Prevail share a new snippet from the coming album

A very cool new teaser from the upcoming Senate of Prevail album has been put out by the band. I like the mix of the various footage that is used in this one. It fits very good to the music and adds some personality so the members of the band are (hopefully) introduced a bit closer to the fans.

Want to hear more and even download new songs from the band? Check out my article about the release of the single "Abandon all hope" the band has set up for FREE download on soundcloud.

If you want to see the band playing live then you have the next chance at the Mosh Fest 2014 in their hometown Bollnäs! It's going to take place on 4th of October 2015. This festival will feature four young bands from Bollnäs and the area around it. So far Cedron, Faustus and Fearless have been confirmed to play that night. The entrance fee will be very low with only 20 SEK (swedish crowns). For more details please see the event page that has been set up on Facebook.

Update 2014/09/26: The running order for the Mosh Fest 2014 has been announced:

Doors: 19:30h
Senate of Prevail, 20:00
Fearless, 20:45
Faustus, 21:30
Cedron, 22:15

If you like to stay up to date about all the next steps the band takes while recording the new album make sure to check out the Facebook page and click the " Like button" or follow the band via Instagram. 


Full new Threshold album For The Journey available for streaming

So it's nearly one week left until Progmetal veterans Threshold will put out their newest record "For The Journey". I guess a lot of you guys out there can't wait to hear it. The band already released one full songs as a stream and two track-by-track commentary videos to give a idea of the new album.

But now they've given the british Prog Mag the honour to set up a prelistening stream of the full album on the megazines website. So without any further ado head over to them to find out how the new music sounds.

In support of this event the band is going to tour europe this fall. Here are the tourdates:

24.10.2014 Bucharest (Maximum Rock Festival) RO
31.10.2014 Vosselar (Biebob) BE
01.11.2014 Hamburg (Markthalle) DE
02.11.2014 Bremen (Tivoli) DE
03.11.2014 Flensburg (Roxy) DE
04.11.2014 Berlin (K17) DE
06.11.2014 Aschaffenburg (Colos Saal) DE
07.11.2014 Weert (Bosuil) NL
08.11.2014 Essen (Turock) DE
09.11.2014 Zoetermeer (Boerderij) NL
11.11.2014 Ludwigsburg (Rockfabrik) DE
12.11.2014 Èragny (Covent Garden Studios) FR
14.11.2014 Rheine (Hypothalamus) DE
15.11.2014 Aarau (Kiff) CH
16.11.2014 Brescia (Circolo Cologny) IT
17.11.2014 Bratislava (Randal Club) SK
18.11.2014 München (Feierwerk) DE
20.11.2014 London (O2 Islington Academy) GB
21.11.2014 Chester (The Live Rooms ) GB
22.01.2015 Miami, FL (70,000 Tons Of Metal) US

Here are some more details about the upcoming record:

"For The Journey" is the successor to the band's 2012 release "March Of Progress" and was produced by guitarist Karl Groom and Richard West at Thin Ice Studios in England. The album was mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox in Finland, while the artwork was created by Polish surrealism artist Leszek Bujnowski, which the band found on the internet. The track listing is as follows:

1. Watchtower On The Moon
2. Unforgiven
3. The Box
4. Turned To Dust
5. Lost In Your Memory
6. Autumn Red
7. The Mystery Show
8. Siren Sky
Bonus tracks:
9. I Wish I Could - available on the digipak, vinyl and download versions
10. Lost In Your Memory (Acoustic Version) - available on the vinyl and download versions


CD Review: Ventenner - Distorture

Note: If you have a own band or project that you think might fit in well here for a review or as a presentation / introduction please drop me a line or two in a E-Mail. Please see my profile for my E-Mail adress. I appreciate new suggestions very much so please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also interested in band news / updates so please keep the stuff coming. Thanks!

If you're having troubles writing in English please send me a E-Mail in your preferred language or use the free Google Translator to transfer your message to English. I also use that tool, it's of course not perfect but I think it will mostly likely work out for our purposes.

Short Introduction

Ventenner are a industrial metal band. There music can be said to be have some similarities to Depeche Mode. To be precise I think back of the old Depeche Mode, meaning mostly the Ultra album plus Music for the masses but without the party feelings in them.

That's where elements from Nine Inch Nails come into play.
The music has a lot of dark elements in them which are cleverly put inside of the songs. So most of the tracks have a very emotional, atmospheric style in them but inside of the mostly darker parts there's often a glimpse of light in there. That's where the catchy melodies and hooks can be found. Some of the songs you'll fastly won't forget anymore once you've heard them. "Distorture" is the bands second effort, following up to the first record entitled "‘This Is the Reason" from 2012.

(c) Ventenner, used with kind permission

Short Summary / Player / Purchase Link

Industrial metal ain't everybody's taste and so it was for a long time for me. I disliked all the working with technical effects and the slowliness of the music. But as you walk through life things change and so did my music preferences. I would like to encourage everybody to check out this album. It is great and it's not only cold, electronic music but moreover has Ventenner made sure to put in hand made music that comes directly from the band themselves.

Check out the tracks "Wave" and "Six Blood" to quickly get a idea what the band is all about. The rest of the album takes much more time but it pays off once you give it a chance.

Just check out the stream below to find out if the album meets your choice of musical style. The download comes around for 10 Euro through the bandcamp page of the bands record company Sonic Fire Records. You'll get 60 Minutes of music in the format of your choice including MP3, FLAC etc. for your money that leave more than enough space for listening to it several times.

In support of the latest output the band is going to do some shows in England. Make sure to go if you can make it to one of their shows:

18th October – London, Electrowerkz w/ Hanzel Und Gretyl
30th November – London, O2 Academy w/ Orgy

The band has a own website http://www.ventenner.com/ up and running where you can find out more about the band. Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Ventenner also offers a great way to stay up to date with all the latest happening in the Ventenner universe.

Track-by-Track Review

01. Rise
Slowly we start back coming to our senses. A very good intro and start into the album. A constant melody underlayed with different drum beats that change during the track. Some rough guitars towards the end and much distortion introduce the band as they pick up there instruments to start playing the songs of Distorture...

02. Six Blood
A very catchy one with a constant drum track and fine instrumentation. You can easily imagine the people dancing to the song in the clubs. The chorus comes with a lot of loud vocals and a bit of screaming while the rest is kept in a haunting but calm spoken soft form. It's the variations of the instruments that are cleverly placed in this piece of music. The end comes with some more electronic effects and vocal screams and fades away. The video for Six Blood I talked about some time earlier fitts to the mood the song provides.

03. Wave
Love this! It's what I would call a song that leaves a long lasting impression once heard. While the rhythm is once again very stable the cold guitars and crawling vocals come close to you to explode with a emotional explosion. Some rhthym change at the middle of the song with a cold, empty and lonely sounding keyboard melody makes the earcatcher perfect. The end mixes up all the elements of the previous parts to leave you at the end with the keyboard melody. Once you hear this you'll surely want to have a  repeat. I've just done pressing that button while typing these lines. :-)

04. Unaffected
A faster track of the album! Drums open up this one along with some faster vocals. The refrain introduces the variable voice of the vocalist - much more than you might've thought from the previous songs. A slower intermezzo with rough guitars at the middle of Unaffected along with vocals give you some time to breath before a more clear part come in with some guitar improvisations. A hard attack of lyrics like a machine-gun takes us back to the style of the beginnig. The end comes fast and abrupt.

05. Distorture
The title-song comes as a very compact instrumental with a mixture of electronic music and heavy guitars. A dark and edgy piece of music. Could be some sort of music for a film. Maybe some action movie with a dystopic setting or ending.

06. Skin Ritual
The traditionell constant rhythm opens up this one. A slow tune with soft guitar vibes. Overall it contines the dark feelings of the previous title-song of the album. Like a flower this song finally opens up towards the end to show all the beauty it has to offer. The refrain is soft and feels comfortable but the end comes fast.

07. Begin Again
Spacy guitars open up this instrumental before some marching drums and percussion join in and the sound grows a bit more rude. Some soft keyboards can be heard more in the background and give in a melodic touch that lead the direction and take over toward the end of it all. The last seconds are a bit strange. Some keyboard effects if I'm not mistaken.

08. Metacell
A fast rhythm open up. One of the faster tracks with a danceable feeling once again. Loud vocals in the first row along with some effects. The last part is much slower with more edgy vocals and some guitar riffs close this short song.

09. Fallout
Majestic keyboards in the beginning. A change once again to a slow part with lots of screaming vocals. Much calmer vocals in the next part before the screaming part repeats  for a short while. Keyboards all over some more moments at the end before it all abruptly is gone in silence...

10. Cast
Constant drums along with keyboards and dominating high pitched vocals dominate the soundscape. Repeating keyboards and the same structure as in the beginning continue the path before some whispered words point towards a eyecatchy keyboard melody. The vocals are something special. Long stretched vocals lines with some effect but perfectly fitting each line to the last note of each melody. It has a beauty of it's very own style.

11. Undone
A slow atmospheric start - soft notes and vocals touch the listeners ears. As if you paint a picture with music so it'a bit with this song. The colors and forms vary as the song goes forward. A dreamingly landscape with different moods we pass through in my ears.

12. Shade
Broken drums and fragments of melodies form a "Shade".  The bass guitar sound is something special giving it a extra note that keeps running through my ears. Beautifull vocals slowly add to this outstanding song. Stronger vocals in the last third open up for more louder and harder sound fragments. The soft keyboard notes from which the song may originate close the 12. track of "Distorture".

13. House of Ten
Raw guitars are the main element this song is made of with vocals and drums of the same. Once again the theme of the song changes and a soft part comes in. It's the same theme then in the beginning but without all of the hard distortion in it. The song fades away at the end. Hopefully we will hear more from this band in the future. I would like to know how they evolve even further. A lot of great music on this album.


3 Doors Down acoustic liveshow to be streamed online

Okay, 3 Doors Down are surely no underdogs but a big name in the world of Rock Music. Anyway, there songs have something in my eyes - a extra potion of feelings and a good combination of rhythm and melody. Plus I've got the feeling that the band has still something to say. Musically and also from the lyrics side that often have a deep message inside of them.

Tonight (10th September 2014) the bands acoustic set at Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA has been announced to be streamed online through the Yahoo Live service for free. Just jump over to the stream page to see it.

The official time has been set for 2:00 a.m. CT (I think this time-stamp goes for my American visitors) or 2:00 am CEST (this goes for my European visitors). If you have other informations on this please let me know. Enjoy and have a good time!


Toshes raise money for first album and show acoustic version of Smoker Man

Do you remember the band Toshes? Some time ago I wrote a little review about their brand new song and video for "Smoker Man". In the meantime the band has played several shows and kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to get the money needed to record the first full album.

The cool thing is the band has done a little acoustic version of the song "Smoker Man" to support the ongoing funding and to remind the people that they still can support the band.

I never saw someone drumming on a guitar, a very unusual but cool way to do a acoustic version of a song. Check it out below and don't forget to give some bucks if you want the band to do the record as well as to play more free shows in the future. If you want stay up to date on the progress of the campaign make sure to join the Event page the band has set up on Facebook.

The campaign itself can be found on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank but it's only running for 18 days left (time this article was written). The band has given a detailed description on the campaign page how much money they need exactly to perform the steps needed to do the record.

A digital copy can be reserved for 10 Euro, a physical copy can be chosen for 20 Euro. It comes as a digipack plus 6 page booklet.

If the funding reaches the 50 Percent mark up to the next Monday the band has promised to put out maybe something new since they already entered the studio. (Source: Campaign page on Facebook).


Prelistening of the new In Flames album Siren Charms

So by the end of this week the well-known swedish metal band In Flames will release their new album entitled "Siren Charms". Do you already want to know how it sounds like? Well then head over to the website of the german section of the Metal Hammer megazine. They have exclusively been given the honor to stream the full album for free on their website.

One thing's certain: the band has developed and changed their sound a lot. What do you think about the new direction the band is heading to? Some changes were already in sight when they released "Sounds of a playground fading" but this album seems to go even further...