A Light Within stream new single from the upcoming EP

So the clocks are mercyless ticking down the last hours of 2014...
What shall be done left before a new year will begin?

Don't miss out the chance to do something special on day number 365:
hear the new single from A Light Within already today! It will be released at the end of January 2015 but you can already listen to a stream of the full track "Between Shores" on the pages of Ragnarok Reviews. Very haunting and epic atmosphere on this one. Made my last day of 2014 a very special one...

The next show of the band will be on
Friday, 9th. January 2015 21:00 (CST) at the recordBar in Kansas City
If you would like to sneak a bit more into the upcoming EP don't miss out my article about the vocal recordings sessions as well as more clips from the recording process I posted some time ago.

Update 2015/01/17: The new song is available for streaming and download on the bandcamp page from A Light Within on a pay-what-you-want basis. Since it's such a great track I include the stream here as well. For me this track comes with a very haunting and blistering atmosphere. The intro perfectly rounds out this song which offers it's full bandwith and content only to those who listen to it several times...


Concert blast Sylvester 2014/2015

German TV station 3sat will show Rock and Pop concert recordings the whole day 31st 2014 up to new years eve! Here's a link to the schedule:

There's also a livestream available but I don't know if it also shows the conert recordings outside of germany:

For all readers from germany here's the direct link to the 3sat internet livestream:

So far it has been announced that this years edition will feature a lot of old recordings from the first days of bands like Queen, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Genesis and Phil Collins up to presen show recordings from artists like Muse, Depeche Mode and ZZ Top (mostly 2013 and later).

Have fun and have a safe going over to 2014, read you there!

Update 2015-01-03: Happy new year everyone! Hope you had a good start into 2015.
If you missed out on the previous concert event then you may still be in luck.
TV station 3sat has added a lot of the concert footage to their streaming archive.
Just look at the results of the search page 1 and page 2 to find the show you want. Not all have been added but there's quite a lot of the shows online. Better hurry anyway, since it's mostly online for a limited time only.


Help Korn to fight against Type 1 diabetes

Korn's vocalist Jonathan Davin son Zeppelin has be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  This made the singer aware of how terrible this desease is so he has teamed up with Rallysong and JDRF to take up the fight to find a way to heal people affected by it.

If you decide to give 1 Dollar or more you can download the full new Korn song "So unfair" and take part in a raffle for a chance to fly to Bakersfield and to write and record a song with Jonathan Davis.

In the video below you can see a private message from the singer about the topic. To hear a preview of the song go to the donation page and hit the player button directly under the campaign description.
The campaign will last for nine more days.


Christmas gift: Headbangers India Sampler Vol. 1

A heartfelt thank you very much goes out to all the readers of my blog! Hope you guys are having a great chrimas time, too. Please keep coming back to my site and to all the bands out there: please keep the superb music coming. Hope all of you are having a full blast headbanging session around the x-mas tree today. ;-)

As a little gift here's a link to download a 15 track sampler called "Headbangers India Volume I" featuring a overlook on the metal scene of India. Little is know so far from this country as far as it goes for the metal scene. Nevertheless there are bands out there that play Heavy Metal in this country also the circumstances for political and religious reasons aren't quite easy making the life and activity of those bands quite harsh. It's with even more respect that goes out from me to these bands that they don't give in but instead do what they believe in is important.

The cover for the Headbangers India Vol. 1 sampler, (c) Headbangers India web portal www. headbangers.in, used with kind permission

As far as I can judge from this sampler the bands out there play a very powerful and often even brutal interpretation of out beloved music. Having heard the tracks they feature a lot of power and energy that isn't quite easy to come along with even when you decide to play metal songs.

Besides the great download there's also the chance to stream the songs on the website for all those of you who prefer streaming over downloading. While you are listening or downloading the music please take the time to have a look around on the Headbangers India portal and read their "About us" section.  If you're looking for a metal concert to go to especially in India and the area around it don't miss out the "Gigs" section. You should easily be able to find a place where you can have a good time.

This site is not "only" a  portal to all the metal stuff happening in this country but also a fine website to keep a look on news, album releases and interviews from metal bands all around the world so make sure to check it out to get a full overlook on all the things going on in todays Metal scene. It's all kept in english language so you don't have to worry about any problems with understanding the content.


Hollywood Groupies kick out straight Rock 'n' Roll with new EP

The weekend is knocking on our doors. What could be better to kick it off with some rough Rock 'n' Roll that goes very straight without any further ado?

Let's do so with the the Italian hard rockers from Hollywood Groupies. They have just returned with four solid and adrenalinic songs which follow their debut album “Punched By Millions Hit By None” released in 2010.

Their sounds reminds me a lot of W.A.S.P. with the screaming vocals all over present in the songs. Their optical presentation also brings up all the traditional trademarks of a Rock 'n' Roll formation in a positive and cool way.

(c) by Hollywood Groupies, used with kind permission

Their newest effort is the fourtrack EP entitled "Bitchcraft". Listen to the fresh release right here and have a good start into some free time (hopefully):

I love the way the band brings up the power for the songs. It's music that keeps me pushing forward and gives a positive vibe. It's like this "let's do it" feeling that you get through listening to the music. That's something only few things in life bring to you, so we should appreciate it in my eyes.

The EP features four pieces of hard rock punctuated by powerful and adrenalinic episodes like the first single "Helter Jester", or "Get It On" which proves, more than any other song, the band’s evolution with its extremely catchy chorus. Then we have "The Empress", played by an insistent rhythm section and scratchy guitars that create a hypnotic melody recalling magic somehow, which is the EP’s main theme: all the songs tell life stories in an mystic-esoteric way, giving the listeners the opportunity to have their own interpretation of the lyrics. "Sick twisted paradise" closes the record with a cool scream-along chorus which makes hope that this won't be the last tunes we've heard from this band. Keep it up!

The record can be purchased on music online stores like : iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, BandcampCdbaby and Deezer.

You can stay in touch with the band through Facebook, YouTube or Reverbnation.

Hollywood Groupies are:

Foxy (lead-vocal)
Kelly (lead-guitar)
Ace (rhythm-guitar)
Condor (bass)
Mirko (drums)


Morphelia release 3 cam mix video of Northern Prog Festival

Sometimes, yes only sometimes there's a song and band out there that gives you this freezin' chills that make you feel so good. They help you escape from the daily gray, the dark and cloudy winter weather we are currently rolled in.

This little moment has just happened. I saw a live video from the band "Morphelia", a superb and excellent Progrock and progressive Metal band from Lower Saxony, Germany. Maybe this little post can help to reach out and touch some of you out there to make more people aware of them.

The cover of the current album "Waken the nightmare", (c) by Morphelia . Used with kind permission.

They are sort of a band which offers music to let you drift and dream away but never misses this groovy touch so it never feels boring or standing still. One of the bands you could compare them best to is the band Saga. But better than any words could ever do music speaks out for itselfs so please click the play button and enjoy some fine music and video (it's a fine three cam mix done from the guys at the Background Megazine).

I like the detailed work on this one, all of the elements are arranged in such a harmonic way that fits together perfectly. Most of all the atmosphere is supported by the fine keyboards and the whole excitement lasts for the full ten minutes duration of this track. That's something quite few band can come up with.

I've seen Morphelia myselves back in 2011 and they were awesome. A friend of mine made me aware of them and we spontanously drove over to the show. Never forgot that evening. Most of all the bass guitar solo. I've had the honour to see quite a lot of good bass guitar players so far but Renko Rickers is absolute excellent on his instrument.

Don't miss out to see Morphelias website to learn more about this excellent band. They also have a account on youtube as well as a page on myspace if you prefer to connect to them through these pages.

The band is working on a new album at the moment and sends out a newsletter through E-Mail from time to time. It includes information on the the recording process as well as about past and upcoming shows of the band. It comes in both, german and english language. Just enter your E-Mail adress into the proper field on the right row directly at the homepage underneath the Vossphor-Records Logo (please scroll down a little bit to see it).

The band recently played at the Northern Prog Festival in Siegerwoude in the Netherlands on November 1st 2014. If you want to read a detailed live review about the festival as well as some photos of all the bands playing then head over to the Background megazine. They've put together a fine detailed check up of the full festival.


Motörhead 2014 show to be broadcasted by Rockpalast TV show

This sunday in the night from 14. to monday the 15th starting at 00:15h (Central European Winter Time) the next issue of the Rockpalast TV show will air a live recording from this years Motörhead performance at Düsseldorf, Germany at the Mitsubishi Electric Halle. The show took place on 12th November 2014. The shows of both opening acts, Skew Siskin and The Damned will be shown as well.

At the moment you can already check out one full live video from "The chase is better than the catch" at the website of the show. The whole website has been reworked in the last weeks so it comes with a fresh optic these days.

There's also a webstream of the TV station available but I can't tell if the show will be available there as well or if they have a regionlock activated. Anyway, just try your luck I think it will be worth checking out. Maybe they'll also add the show to their archive later. If they do, I'll add the proper link here once it's online.

Update 2014/12/16: Alls shows have been added to the video streaming archive. Just click on the proper band name and enjoy! BTW: you can see the full setlist under the video and also select single songs if you don't want to watch the whole show.


The Damned

Skew Siskin


Book Review: Terry Chimes - The Strange Case of Dr. Terry and Mr. Chimes

Note: If you have a own band or project that you think might fit in well here for a review or as a presentation / introduction please drop me a line or two in a E-Mail. Please see my profile for my E-Mail adress. I appreciate new suggestions very much so please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also interested in band news / updates / tourdates so please keep the stuff coming. Thanks!


Have you ever dreamt of being a rockstar? How would it be to live a life like this? If you've ever asked yourselves then the answer is not to far away. This book will tell you about it - but in a clear and direct way without all the common legends and images attached that we all know already.

Terry Chimes used to be the drummer and is one of the founding members of The Clash!

Besides that I think many of the readers of this site will know him from his work with Black Sabbath where he played drums during The eternal idol tour. He also worked with Billy Idol, Hanoi Rocks and many other bands.

(c) Crux Publishing, used with kind permission

Rise up to the shining! (taken from the lyrics of the song "The Shining" from Black Sabbath, Album: The Tragic Idol. Make sure to see the promotional video for this song. You can see Terry playing drums in many scenes.)

So what is this book all about? The good first half goes out to the musician part of Terry Chimes. He describes how The Clash came together and adds in some anecdotes of that time. There are many memories I think in there that fans of that band will like to know about. He then goes over to his other bands and projects he has been involved with. That's the way the book is structured.

Most of the content is based upon the memories and stories of the author but the very end of many chapters also holds a photo gallery that shows a few, often rare pictures that are related to the content of the chapter.

Anyway, while reading through all of the entertaining moments of his musical career you will surely spot the point that there's a second side living inside Terry Chimes. This side tends more towards the healing arts.

The journey of the wounded healer (taken from one of the names of the chapters in the book)

So after 15 years there's a big change in the life of the drummer Terry Chimes. He finally decides to leave the world of the music business behind to find serenity by studying the skills of a chiropracticor and acupuncturist. This finds him to be such successful that be builds up a own chain of clinics and also ends up consulting other people in how to run their own business.

Is it "just" a autobiography of a musician and why should I read it?

The book is not only a autobiography but it is far more. It is of course a gift for everybody who is interested in the bands Terry Chimes played in. But it is also a look into the soul of a drummer. How does he think about the things he has done now and then? And why the heck did he change that much that he is now more of a healer than someone bashing the drums away? You may think that being a rockstar should be the first choice to have the most fun out of life but you may think differently if you've read through the full book (please do so).

It is also a good way to see how decisions have a impact on our lives. The book is filled with truth and wise words. If you read properly you'll find many of the fine diamonds all along the way that will made it well worth all of your precious time you've put in to read. Most of all it is a very entertaining experience.

(c) Maxine Chimes, used with kind permission

It is never a boring chain of "Now I did this, then I did that" and so on but it comes with many also smiling memories and anecdotes shining through. I've often agreed to what he is talking about and found out that I've made similar experiences in everyday-life. It's these moments that you feel that these people you often adore so often for the music they've given you (maybe one of the biggest gifts I've ever been blessed with) are really just normal human beings living by the same doubts and decisions and the mistakes we all inevitably run into then everyone else does.

Everything is well explained in this offer. Even if you're not too familar with the music or healing business you don't need to worry. All things are explained directly in the text so you don't need to look them up anywhere else. The book comes in english language but the text is kept short and straight forward so if you're having basic english knowledge you should be able to understand the content straight away. Sometimes I had to look a word up here and there but it doesn't really bother the reading experience.

Obviously it contains the topics you all expect from such a book. Nevertheless it is not a publication of scandals or cheap rumors but kept up to facts. I think that's what I enjoyed most - a clean, dry and down to the bottom look upon things as they are. Not the fame look or all the stereotype looks upon Rock music business but instead a look inside how it really is to live such a life.

Is it all just past?

No, happily it is not. Of course it is a book that takes you down the memory lane of the author. But Terry Chimes is still active and making music! He has a new band running called "The Crunch". Go and check out some fresh music from his new band below.

Can I have a look inside first?

Yes, nearly all of the retailers I list below offer the first chapter of the book for free online reading. For example just go to Amazon and hit the "Look inside!" button directly over the front cover image. A new window will open up with the first chapter ready to read.

Where to get the book

There'a a large number of stores offering The strange case of Dr. Terry and Mr. Chimes. Here's a list of retailer for purchasing the book in a ebook format. If you don't have a ebook device I can tell you that Amazon at least also offers a free software that let's you read the book on your PC, smartphone or tablet. All you need is the proper app for your device. Here are the direct links to the online-shops:





If you'd like to have a paperback of the book just go to Amazon/England or Amazon/Germany they offer the good old paper versions as well. The bookstores of the german Thalia company do also offer the paperback version on their website and I think you should also be able to go into one of their stores and order it directly over the shop. I lnow they have a big chain of stores here in Germany.

You may also have a look upon the website of the publisher Crux Publishing to find out about other books they offer. Also make sure to see the personal website of Terry Chimes which contains much more informations about both lifelines of Terry Chimes.


St. Nicholas Day: Gentrification giving away full album for free

Today it's St. Nicholas Day. Have you all written up your wishlists and prepared some food for the Nichlaus and his hungry horse? :-)

Okay, then here's your present: Get the full "Deviance" album from the band Gentrification as a free download! It's music for the fans of Kreator, Carcass and the like (Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Metalcore).
The download comes with full digital booklet incl. lyrics, cover artwork and bonus track.

Listen to it right here and don't forget to head over to Bandcamp to pick your free download! Also visit the band's website as well as their account on Facebook to follow them.

You can order the album at the very same Bandcamp page also as CD completely manufactured without plastic. Includes a 12-page booklet printed with plant-based colors on recycled paper. Each CD is numbered by hand, limited to 500 copies and costs only 5,99 Euro. There's also a version bundled with a T-Shirt available for 12,99 Euro.


CD Review: Heartlay - Injection EP

Note: If you have a own band or project that you think might fit in well here for a review or as a presentation / introduction please drop me a line or two in a E-Mail. Please see my profile for my E-Mail adress. I appreciate new suggestions very much so please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also interested in band news / updates / tourdates so please keep the stuff coming. Thanks!

If you're having troubles writing in English please send me a E-Mail in your preferred language or use the free Google Translator to transfer your message to English. I also use that tool, it's of course not perfect but I think it will mostly likely work out for our purposes.

Short introduction

Heartlay is an Alternative/industrial rock band incorporating elements from Industrial rock, Alternative metal, modern electronics and Progressive rock. All the songs are completley conceived and performed by French multi-instrumentalist Aaron Sadrin, writing all the music, from intense vocal melodies to heavy guitar hooks, sonic experimentations, and modern influenced soundscapes. Brought up on piano, switching to guitar, and now, vocal interest has transformed and opened up these visions of music as a whole, without any limits.

The debut EP "Injection" has been released in November 2014.

(c) by Heartlay, used with kind permission

Summary / Player / Download Link

This five track EP contains a very dedicated, unique piece of music with very intensive atmosphere and many, many chilling moments. I love this epicness of the style and sound!

The whole record comes in a very powerfull soundscape. It's from the very beginning up to the last track a very intensive listening feeling you'll have. Somehow it reminds me of a journey - it starts at a very loud beginning, then a lot of things happen which will see you reaching many highs and lows until you reach the end which is a set in a bit more silent way but the last notes give hope that this wasn't the last bit we've heard from the band. I hope the journey can be continued some day!

The sound is set in Rock music style and on various points even Heavy Metal elements come in. Nevertheless you'll hear that it doesn't come along packed in a traditional sound but with a lot of modern ways to produce such a record. Also I'm coming personally from the old-school days I like this modern approach. It brings in a lot of fresh air to the world of Rock music and innovation often comes along with experimentation not with staying the same way all the time in my opinion. It's also very diverse so it won't get boring, the tempo and mood changes quite often in each song.

The record has been set up as a free download on Bandcamp. Since you can name the price for the EP on Bandcamp it would be nice if you could give something back for what you've taken. You know making music ain't free so please consider this. Thanks! The download option on Bandcamp also let's you choice the format and quality. All the fines loseless music file-options this site offers are available with this EP,too.

If you want to keep a eye on what's further going on in the Heartlay cosmos make sure to follow the band on Facebook or have a look from time to time on their official website which also holds more links to other social accounts the band has a presence opened up for.

Track-by-Track Review

1.See You Under
Some soft guitars play some notes before a constant hard and heavy drum pattern gives the track the push movement forward. Haunting, spoken and distorted vocals add a lot to the atmosphere. The refrain kicks in with very dominating vocals and harder guitars. It feels a bit like a phoenix rises from the ashes.
This scenario grows even further as the six-strings go over into a heavy and hard riffing attack which is pushed by a double-bass drum part which makes this the blast part of the song. A slower part follows up which gives some time to breathe before some more intensive but slightly cleaner vocals lead the song back to the heavy style. The drum pattern from the very beginning comes back towards the end of See you under bringing this one to a slow but great ending. A great first track!

2.Leave Them All Behind
A very dark and heavy hitting riff along with pushing drums opens this one up. The tone is very raw and direct. A little change comes in with the vocals. It gets over to a bit more riff- and rhythm-oriented song before a blasting refrain kicks back in again which ends up in the raw tone of the beginning again.   The second verse and chorus go in the same way as the first did but the refrain comes in even more handy which makes this track ringing in your ears for quite some time after you've heard it. The solo section comes a bit softer around playing with the previous elements of melody and riffs in various ways. The refrain is repeated and the riff-hacking part comes back to life. The end reprises the maintheme and refrain and end with distorted guitars abruptly ending the track.

3.It Comes Alive
High peak six-strings open this one up before some softer vocals give a haunting chill to this piece of music. Set in a bit more midtempo structure this one plays around a lot with the various tones and effects of the guitars. While the first half features some vocals they are left oft the second half which goes even further into experimenting with raw and hard noises. This one needs a repeat to get fully through the complex song structure.

(c) by Heartlay, used with kind permission

Haunting and chilling fearfull vocals open up this one. The refrain offers a tight, bright wall of sound. This has a strong effect on the listener. The following part feels much more frail and intensive after this treatment. A constant played melody brings back the intense atmosphere from the beginning but in a bit softer way. Then a sharp cut surprises the listener - some piano notes come to life making the follow up instrumental section to a very special one. It mixes up the previous used elements along with some riffs to end up in another sound explosion. Another sharp cut and very soft and slow notes bring this excellent piece of music towards the end. A very special gem, a must listen to all the music lovers out there!

5.White Walls
Ghostly drums start this one. Beautifull, soft notes jammed in with harder piano pieces build a very strong piece of sound again. Some drum variations along with some last guitar vibrations end this EP in a soft but very decent way. 


Decide which newcomer band should play at Sweden Rock Festival 2015

Bollnäs Metal rules! This is the perfect follow up to the last article. Happily besides the older bands from this legendary town in Sweden like Tad Morose and Morgana Lefay there are still some younger bands around to carry on the torch of metal.

One of them is Senate of Prevail, a band I've often talked about here in the last months.
Now I would like to ask you for a little favor:

Please help Senate Of Prevail to get the chance to play at the Sweden Rock Festival. They need your votes to get a chance to play at this well-known festival. It would be their big chance to present their music to a huge crowd.

Follow this link, mark Senate of Prevail, enter the captcha code and hit the button at the bottom of the page! Please vote as much as you can, show it to your friends and help them go further in the competition! Thank you very much for your help!

f you're new to the band just try out their excellent song "Illusion" from the current single "Abandon all hope". This song totally got me into their music, so it's hard for me to stop my enthusiasm for their sound. The riffing is just perfect for my taste.
If you like the track don't hesitate to head over to Soundcloud. You can download it for free(!) from the band's Soundcloud account along with title-track of the single.

Also don't miss out the further band activities on Facebook since the band is working on their brand-new full length album these days.


Morgana Lefay & Tad Morose to play HFL Festival in Sweden 2015

Sweden has a lot of great bands to offer! For example the well known bands Morgana Lefay and Tad Morose come from there. The even better thing is that those two are going to play together at a newcomer festival in Sweden in the upcoming summer of 2015.

As announced on the Facebook page of Morgana Lefay the festival is going to take place from 24th to 25th of July 2015 at the Folketspark Motala at Bomber Street, 59100 Motala, Sweden. The entrance fee has been set to SEK 500 / SEK 300 for all the people that are not member in the Club Bomber that takes care of the organisation of the festival together with Hardrocare for livet.

Besides the mentioned bands the following groups will also play live:


Also make sure to check out the eventpage that has been set up for the festival or head over to the Facebook pages of Club Bomber or Hardrocare for Livet to make sure not to miss out about all the further updates.

Update 2015/05/07: Two big new names have been added to the line-up! One of them are the well known swedish legends from "Falconer" who after a longer break have returned in 2014 with a brand new album called "Black Moon Rising".
The second one is a well known legend from the days of the new wave of british heavy metal: Paul Di'Anno!!!

Finally a proper website for the festival has been set up which collects all the informations on one place outside of all the posts on groups and eventpages of Facebook. Great to see this has been set up since it's a pain to look through all of the posts to find the particular information one is looking for.