CD Review: iLLacrimo - iLLacrimo EP

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Short Introduction

(c)  by iLLacrimo, used with kind permission
After a long way full of different experiences, two young brains meet again in a moor between fog and melancholy near Milano. Davide-Kristof (son of Janos Acs, an important Hungarian Conductor) and Federica Sara raise a project of European sounds, shuffle with the traditional Italian melody. The result is the perfect combination of iLLacrimo. It's the begin of a collaboration with Matteo Cifelli for the recording of their first self-titled EP, mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London under his supervision. On 23rd October 2014 they have released their first single "Chains In The Cold", signed by Resisto label.

Recorded in Italy and mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London by Matteo Cifelli (Betty Poison, Il Divo, Helene Fischer, Mike & the Mechanics, etc...), “iLLacrimo” out via Resisto label, is available in all digital stores from January 26th 2015.

Summary / Player

This EP has grabbed my heart from the very start! It feels as if it represents the inner twists, changes and difficulties a lot of people go through were packed in one record of five songs. It is a great mixture of mostly slow or midtempo and very cool beats, hard riffs and a voice expressing so much of what can be on your mind all the time. It feels as if someone has opened up a ventile for the feelings inside and has put the all an everything in his voice. 
The EP comes with three hard and faster tracks, one half-ballad and one full ballad. It's a very outworked piece of music and I can only highly recommend listening to this one's to all the fans of Lacuna Coil or Evanscene, also this band for sure goes it's own way. I really hope a lot of people will check out and buy it. Would love to see and hear more from this band.

Band Contact

Track-byTrack Review

Burning Fields
A cool drum fill opens up for a heavy piece of music. Then silence - the first lines of vocals come in softly. The refrain ripps it up again and for the first time you can hear this "let it all out and go" feeling the vocals give you, feels great! The second verse keeps it going heavier. The track keeps being a up-tempo pushing you forward. The solo section introduces a more hacked version of the song theme. At the end comes back for one more. Loving it!

1000 Reasons to?
A slow beginning - the vocals come in hautingly spoken, giving me chills. The track is a mixture of the vocals and the keyboards while focussing on the fragile, warm voice. The refrain is sung by two people together giving it a even deeper touch. A short guitar solo section brings in some movement. A very emotional number.

Chains In The Cold
Some may know this song of the video already. This one is lead by the sharp, hacked guitar riffs. In the beginning some compressed guitars like you hear it often in Progmetal bands, the refrain brings back the cool rhythm dominated movement of the song and the vocals once more blow out a lot of emotion. A song between silence and full shredding guitars that is softly filled with fine keyboards while the drums move with the riff. A great song, it expresses so much. The end comes pushing hard and some keyboard notes fill the air in the end...

No Longer
Lots of drum variations and riffing in the beginning. The vocals once more give a look into deep emotions. A rough and dark riff crushes all along the song. A stomping mid-tempo groover but all in all the song comes in a bit compressed form, it's not held that in a so expressive form than the previous one's. The band shows a bit more of their rocking side. 

Non Credi
Non-Credi opens up with a touching combination of vocals and keyboards Some soft drums move giving it a bit of movement. The refrain comes with more higher notes in the vocals giving it a bit more emotional style. The track no doubt is a classic half ballad  The soft guitar solo fits good to the vibe, expressing a bit without words. A last emotional refrain rounds out the song - a fine and perfect way to close this EP.


Inner Sanctum unleash lyric video for new song Wake of Destruction

The metal scene in India seems to be great as far as I can see on the Headbangers India portal. It's cool to see there are so much talented bands that play our beloved music in this country.
So today we are going to take a closer look upon the band Inner Sanctum.

Death/Thrash metal heavy weights Inner Sanctum from Bangalore, India have just released a video for ‘Wake of Destruction’, their first single from their upcoming release ‘Legions Awake’, the follow up to the critically acclaimed EP ‘Provenance’.

The track blew me away! Very powerful, yet versatile and with a very fine note of melody mixed in. I enjoyed it very much! It's a very hard song no doubt. Anyway it is not that hard to listen to and you feel not that stretched afterwards. The mix and structure makes you feel good and it leaves you with a refreshing feeling. But best of all just check it out for yourselves:
About the Band
Inner Sanctum was awarded the "Band of the Year 2007", "Band of the year 2009" and “Emerging Band of the year 2010”. So far the band has 

Inner Sanctum supported metal band Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Carcass, Sikth, Karnivool and Periphery to name a few. In the summer of 2013, Inner Sanctum embarked on an 8 city tour of Europe with festival appearances at Metalfest Poland and a slew of club shows across Germany.

(c) by Inner Sanctum, used with kind permission

Album Production

Inner Sanctum has continued its association with award winning producer/engineer Lasse Lammert, LSD Studios Germany, for the new record who is renowned for his stellar production with thick punishing guitars and massive yet crisp drum sound. Lasse Lammert has worked with Alestorm, Svartsot, Halcyon Way, Synarchy, Trials etc.

Video Production

For the video, Inner Sanctum commissioned Igor Omodei from Uneven Structure, the French progressive metal band. Igor is one of the most sought after designers whose arrangements are gorgeous and breathtaking to say the least. Igor Omodei has worked with Basick Records, Euroblast, Xerath, Escape the Cult, The Dali Thundering Concept etc.


CD Review: AlogiA - Elegia Balcanica

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Short introduction

The band AlogiA was already formed back in 2000. The band has their origins in Serbia and the album I'm reviewing here, their newest effort "Elegia Balcanica" comes with lyrics in serbian language. The style of the band can be described as Progressive Power Metal.

(c) by AlogiA, used with kind permission

Alogia have played many tours all over Balkan during the last decade and also performed on many huge festivals, such as Exit, Beer fest. They also had a couple of very succesful huge solo concerts in Belgrade, SKC hall.

In addition to that they also opened for Whitesnake, Apocalyptica and Savatage. After 3 studio and one live album/dvd, the guys have released the fouth studio album “Elegia Balcanica” in September 2014 in Serbia only. A worldwide release has been scheduled for January 2015 on Miner Recordings.

You can connect with the band through their social sites such as Facebook or Twitter. The website of the band has more informations on all of the band's releases.

Summary / Player

This album blows away all your sorrows and bad feelings within a few songs! That's what came up to my mind when I heard the record. The great thing is that the band for sure has a lot of technical abilities but uses them in a very minimal way. It's no question a release from the section of Progressive music but without the often lengthy sections other bands often come around with. The song and the sheer power of the music stands in the very first row and is what matters most. It's not a show of solos but a lot of technical tricky parts can be heard. Anyway. they fit very well into the organic structure of the songs so I've never had the feeling that these elements were overused. If you prefer power and fun over technical stuff this album is for you. The production is very fat with a focus on the drums and the vocals giving it a very powerfull punch.

The album is not available as complete stream for listening so I've included the official videos the band has shot for three of the albums songs at the Track by Track section. They should give you a good idea of what the music of the guys is all about.

Track-by-Track Review

1) Almagest
The instrumental opens up the CD. It perfectly shows was the listener awaits in the upcoming 30 minutes: powerfull, fast but also versatile progressive metal without too much ado. A bridge with some soft notes played in keeps in mind before a much more pushing and strong part leads towards the end. The pushing guitar riff leads directly over to the next track.

2) Callis ad Astra

The riffs keep pushing hard forwards. The voice comes in very melodic. Warm, high pitched vocals but they never get on one's nerves. The second verse comes with more darker toned vocals. A refrain that keeps in mind for sure. One can imagine this one going down very well on live shows. Think it will make a lot of people's ears opening up for the band.

3) Galija
The gas pedal is kept strong and the speed is set high. The vocals have a fast and short tone, the refrain pushes the excitement level even a bit more. Fine melodies put in a fast rhythm package.

4) Vreme je

Yeah, let's keep things straight forward this one seems to speak out. The guitars are kept shorter on this one than on the previous tracks while the keyboards form the main-theme melody. Lot's of power drumming also in here. The drummer needs to have a strong condition in this band, no doubt.

5) Elegia Balcanica

The title track opens up with a more midtempo-oriented section. The keyboards also dominate this song. A song with a more hymn like theme, while the vocals telling a more dramatic tale. Some very high screams give this a classic Metal attitude. It's surely a surprise track most listeners won't await having heard the other fours songs.

6) Ona zna (Lilith)
Again a more midtempo piece of music, also slow doublebass drums play a certain part in Ona zna. A typical riff-along-song. Nothing special but keeps you going on with the album.

7) Inferno
Back to the more brutal style track number seven screams with the extremly fast double bass drums intro. The first verse surprises with midtemo rhythm. A very versatile track The solo section has some fine elements in them, technic freaks shouldn't miss them. Guess some will try to replay these parts. :-) Surely hard to get by. Cool vocals, with a nice melody and structure, quite a good idea for such a song.

8) U tišini
A hard and dirty riff opens song number eight. A midtempo-stomping track that goes into a unusual direction but is very welcomed. It brings up a bit rougher note that adds some variation to the album. I think it will stick in the minds of many listeners for the hacking rhythm.

9) Intentionally blind (bonus)
A bonus track paying tribute to Chuck Schuldiner and the legacy he formed mostly with his main band Death. Featuring Seven Kingdom on vocals this bonustrack goes into a very straight and brutal direction (small wonder when you think about the Death Metal origin of the track) also some melody still remains in this track. A nice kick-them-out for the album and a unexspected,too.


A sunset, a sunrise for the brand new The Dry Mouths EP

The Dry Mouths, one of the most active bands in Andalusia have released a superb new video for the song "Tour P-2". Set at the beautifull location of a sunset the band kicks out the new track with enormous power. I think not many bands out there are able to bring their raw and dirty power the way the band does on this song and video. In addition the bands performance shows a expression that really let's you feel the power the band has shown in the past years. The band did four albums in four years, videos and performances and an infinite number of concerts. Fans of a good mixture for hard rocking, handmade direct music with softer vocals that perfectly fit to the tone should stop by and check in here.

This video single gives a fresh look into the all-new release of the band entitled "Two Months", which has been released on the 15th of January 2015 on vinyl on the Clifford Records label. You can order the record directly through the Bandcamp page of the band. 

For 10 Euro plus shipping and handling you'll get five new songs on a beautifull 10 inch vinyl single plus a CD with the songs on it so you can store this rarity in a safe place. A immediate digital download is included as well to skip the waiting time until the arrival of the package. This edition is strictly limited to 250 pieces. 

The whole stuff comes packed into a unique cover which you can see below. It expresses in my eyes the very own way the band goes as a sound mixture between the rock of the 90's, stoner and experimentation. The cover gives it overall a more authentic feeling which gives you the feeling of holding something different in your hands. It's the memoy that it gives that you will remember afterwards. It is not one of the many records but this one, exactly this one piece of music that keeps in your mind for a long time.

(c) by The Dry Mouths, used with kind permission


A band of brothers: Odd Crew asking for your support on the next album

Many people playing in bands say that being someone that is part of it brings you in sort of a special relation to others. Some compare it to being married, but instead married to one person being married to let's say four other people.

The modern thrash band Odd Crew from Bulgaria describes themselves as a family who started out back in 1998. The four young men were kids in those days but they always stayed together throughout all the years. Now the time for the band has come to set a new focus in their lifes and they decided to go in a even more professionell direction with the fourth album under the banner of Odd Crew being in pre-production at the moment.

(c) by Odd Crew. used with kind permission
But the band needs a proper sound to be able to reach out to more fans with the new record. You know these days a lot of good bands and albums are around but going into a fully professionell production requires you to work with a proper producer and recording location. Odd Crew decided that they would like to work with Jason Seucof from Audiohammer Studios, Florida. He already worked with well known bands like Trivium, Devildriver, Firewind and the like.

Being not signed to a major label or having a big budget on their hands the band asks their fans and all other people who are interested in their music out there to help them out with the money needed to do this step. The goal has been set to 35.000 Dollars on their IndieGoGo campaign that's up and running 'till the end of January 2015. If you like to support them further on their way you can choose between several goodie packs ranging from a digital album download at 10 Euro up to a physical CD for 20 Euro or several other options. Just check out the campaign page to find out more about that.

Most of all you may ask how the new album is going to sound like? Check out the clip below to find about that:


CD Review: Eternal Dream - Reign Of The Skies EP

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Short introduction

Eternal Dream was founded back in 2007. The band sees their roots in european power metal bands in the style of Rhapsody (Of Fire), Nightwish or Stratovarius. At the beginning of 2008 they closed the line-up and began to prepare their first demo, published at the end of that year with two songs: "Frozen Salanthine" and "Waters of Reality".

In a year and a half they placed in the metal scene of Málaga, with several concerts and high ratings in recognized contests like "Málaga Crea Rock", among hundreds of bands, and "Marbepop".
Their first EP "The Seed of Naryll", totally self-produced by Niko Hartmann (also guitar player of the band), is published in September 2009.

(c) by Eternal Dream, used with kind permission

In the summer of 2010, Álvaro Sabín entered the band as lead guitarist and they began to prepare their first LP. "The Fall of Salanthine". The record has been released in 2011 and for first time in the band history the album is also available as a original pressed CD. The band ever since continued their work on new material and has released their brand new EP "Reign of the skies" at Christmas 2014.

Summary / Player / Download Link

This EP has a superb quality, no question. If you like bands like Epica or Nightwish you should go straight on forward and listen and download the EP. As a addition to the mentioned bands Eternal Dream keep things more straight forward. Where some of the other bands sometimes tend to fiddle around a bit too much the spanish band comes more to the point and keeps it soundwise a bit heavier than compareable bands. That's what makes them to be preferable to those acts in my eyes if you like music to keep pushing forward instead of playing around too much with single parts and elements.

The download comes totally free of charge directly from the bands website.. This is already a reason to be happy to be given such a fine piece of music. Looking closer into the provided zip File you'll recognise that it even holds far more than "only" the mp3 files. It comes completely with a text interior sheet, something I've seen very rarely even in comercial releases. What a nice gesture! In addition there are's also a front and a back cover included in the releases. All files come with the maximum possible quality data rate for mp3 at 320 kb/s.

Don't miss out to follow the further band activities on their social site like Facebook, Twitter or myspace.

If you want to give something back for what you've taken or support the band on their further way you may buy the first full album "The fall of Salanthine" on a physical CD including a 16 page booklet for only 5 Euro plus shipping and handling through the band's website.

Track-by-Track Review

Reign of the Skies
The keyboards at the beginning already tell the maintheme of the song. It's a midtemo song with a direct and clear riff and a blast refrain. Very impressive, high pitch vocals that take you to another world. It is like you're living in a epic story like in a movie such as The Lord of the Rings. Good music to bring your thoughts on a different level far away from the world of everyday troubles.

Reign of The Skies (instrumental)
Of course the vocals are missing in this one. It reveals the instrumental epicness of the track in all it's beauty. You get a sharper look on the aggressive, dark and heavy riffs used in this track than put a contrary to the harmonic vocals. In addition more of the keyboards can be heard making it clearer which role they have in the band's sound.

Neoclassical Fantasy
The one comes in sharp contrast to the other two tracks. The opening riff already makes it clear that it is a much different song. The track is much faster and the vocals are rougher and set in a higher tone. A very edgy piece of music.  After the rough opening the song breaks like a fragile building and builds up slowly again piece by piece up to the chorus followed up by a long solo section. Afterwards it remains a fast, heavy and direct song. The majestic chorus ends the whole song and the EP.