Siren release popart styled video for Dr. Saint

A lot of bands are releasing videos these days to promote their albums. Many of them show the band performing the music and that's what the Rock band Siren does as well on Dr. Saint. But besides the clear and direct music that hooks in your mind with the strong refrain the video also comes with a message. In addition the video has been produced with a fine style known in the world of arts as Popart. Somehow this style along with the visual elements presenting the lyrics and their meaning sticks in your mind. If you reader further you'll find some explanation for the lyrics of the song.

The lyrics, entirely composed by the whole band, as well as the musical parts, are mostly concentrate on the paradox, the bilateralism, the irony and the brutality of the universal events, characterized by a peaceful resignation to them, in one side and a timid exhortation to react, avoiding the pomposity of being master of life, in the other side, where often society and the single individuals are, with all their contradictions, protagonists. There is no lack of introspections in which is rather easy and immediate to identify oneself. The audience is often actually free to interpret or imagine the message of the songs, in that way the interpretation key of the topics is just the mood of the audience in that moment.

“Siren” are an Italian rock band from Pesaro, formed in January 2013 by Jack Nardini (lead guitar, vocals). The Band members are Marcus Kawaka (bass, synth, vocals), Mark "Spud" McKenzie (drums, percussion), with whom he attended high school and Samuel Frondero (lead vocals, guitar) a childhood friend, together they had on occasions at different times already collaborated on various musical projects.

(c) by Siren, used with kind permission

After about a year of working they finished the recording of their first album in March 2014.  "The Row" (recorded at Studio Waves by Paolo Rossi in Pesaro) is a LP of 11 tracks entirely conceived, written, arranged and composed by the band. In August 2014 Siren sign their first record deal with Red Cat Records. Siren are currently engaged in various live concerts, and looking into the possibility of a european tour.

Make sure to stay up to date about all the further band activities using Facebook, YouTube or the band's homepage.


CD Review: Strangelet - First Bite

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Short Introduction

The unsigned german band Strangelet plays Heavy Rock that is heavily influenced with Sleaze and Metal elements. The band has a constant line-up since 2012 and played over 30 gigs in about two years. Their full length album "First Bite" has been self-written, self-produced (Jonas on keys is also the prospective sound engineer and producer of the band) and self financed. The mastering was done by Stem Masters Munich (J.B.O., Fiddler´s Green…). Currently the band is already in the process of writing material for the next release of the band.

(c) by Strangelet, used with kind permission

Summary / Player

This album came as a total surprise to me and it struck me hard. I wasn't sure what to expect of a band with this mixture of elements but this is a must have to all those people loving music that is hard rocking at mostly midtempo speed. All tracks come fully dedicated and the band gave it's full heart blood to make each song a unique experience. 

Their sound is hard to compare to but I would most compare them to Unisonic or Gotthard but with a strong addition of keyboards to the sound that remind me a lot of the good old Deep Purple. It's this full dedication of the sound along with the vocals that have some touch of Gotthard-like spirit that makes them something special. In fact it is a outstanding debut record. It's music that could describe various days in your life, each with a different vibe. 11 days of your life...

You can check out the full album from the website of the band. I've also added the two promotional videos at the track by track section to give you a fast idea of the band's sound. The record can be ordered as a pressed Compact Disc for 10 Euro plus shipping and handling through the E-Mail contact adress of the band. Please see the linked contact page of the band for the mail adress. A MP3 download version of the album is available as well from the same contact adress. There's also some merchandise available like a T-Shirt. Just ask the band for the details. 

Update 2015/06/11: If you live in Japan and would like to buy the CD you may do so at the shop of Anderstein Music.

Update 2015/03/09: For all visitors from the USA/Canada - the album is also available from CD Baby. The download is available for 9,99 Dollar.

You can follow the band on Facebook or YouTube to stay in touch with them.


1. Privilege of Power

The direct riffer for the start of the album. A uptempo track that easily kicks you in to the album. Very straight and direct it takes on a ride. But wait, it's just the beginning of it all...

2. Nothing
A stomping midtemo song. Cool whistling of the melody at the start. This one is a straight scream along track that you can go on with from the very first listening. The solo comes in very hard. Takes you even further inside and wanting to hear more.

3. Tainted
My absolute favorit! I loved this from the very start. It speaks so much of what is in my heart. It's a beautiful midtemo hymm. The refrain will let you sing along again. The keyboards set the deep mark with vocals here for the first time. This is when you're really inside music! A organic song that goes straight to the heart.

4. Pray To Break
The intro comes very mythical, followed up by a straight uptempo rocker. The hammond sounding keyboards form the theme of the song, while the vocals come very stretched out on this one. A modern way of songwriting in here but one that fits to the mood of the music.

5. Stillborn

A half ballad with much guitars and punch. It feels like a song for the empty days in your life. The bass comes in very cool while the guitars add one of these shining moments that you seldomly find in music. A riff breaker takes the song to a heavier level with much keyboards and shred guitars. Some echoing notes and last notes form a unusual ending to the song. Well worth listening to it.

6. Snakebite
The intro comes in very epic. A riff-ripper this one turns out to be a very straight go-along track with hypnotic keyboards once again. The end is very progressive and jammed along like. Reminds the most of Deep Purple this one.

7. Hell & Back
Keyboards start this one up, a solid midtemo stomping track. The song goes back-and-forth in structure but let's you easy walk along to it.

8. Touch The Sky
A very edgy and progressive one, the riffs hack hard around on this piece of music. A rough cut-refrain, the keyboards play a major role jamming a lot inside the track.

(c) by Strangelet, used with kind permission

9. Catching Fire
The start is very balladesque this one is a hard midtempo pushing track.The keyboards have a very distinct hammond note and also form the end of the track.

10. All That's Left
My heart's broken this one seems to scream! Very strong vocal performance that is only followed by some keyboards. Surely a challenge to each singer. Guitars only at the end of this forming a soft solo and ending to "All that's left".

11. Hiding Star
The last light shining on the sky tonight. That's what this one reminded me of. A slow track dominated by keyboards once again with soft vocals form a perfect fade-out to the album. Let's hope we'll hear and see more from this band!


Relapse Records celebrates 25th anniversary with free 184 track sampler

Want a massive load of free music? Relapse Records celebrates the 25th anniversary ob Bandcamp with a sampler on a pay-what-you-want basis including not less than 184 tracks from the roster. Their is no minimum or maximum set for this download so you can also get the full package for free.

Included are bigger names like Obituary, Morgoth, Amorphis and Control Denied as well as a wide selection of not so well known names from the whole list of the bands the label hosts. You can also check out the whole offer from the stream below. A massive pack of music, sometimes discoveries of new, cool bands can be found on such releases. Remember that some nice surprises found the way to my ears through that way...


Omen to tour Europe and new song from Hammer Damage online

The legend Omen will show up in Europe! Yeah, I was also very surprised when I got to know from their Facebook site that the band is going to do a round of headliner shows already in March 2015!
Here is the list of tourdates, supportact will be Masters of Disguise:

07.03.2015 Athen (GRE)
08.03.2015 Athen (GRE)
12.03.2015 Jam, Koblenz (D)
13.03.2015 Little Devil, Tilburg (NL)
14.03.2015 German SwordBrothers Festival, Lünen (GER)
15.03.2015 UJZ, Uelsen (GER)
16.03.2015 7er Club, Mannheim (GER)
20.03.2015 Schlachthaus, Dornbirn (A)
22.03.2015 Rockfesthall, Hamme (B)

And there's one more good message: the band has uploaded a new song from the long awaited new album "Hammer Damage". Countless obstacles kept the band from releasing the album including a change of the singer plus a water damage at the studio the band was recording resulting in a loss of stuff which had to be re-done by the band.

Anyway, enjoy the new track "Hellas" which is a pure pleasure for me to listen to. Just thing of the good old times, I think this one will perfectly fitt into the long list of classics the band has put out so far.


Grey Shack (Chennai, TN, India) release new single titled 'She Bites

So how do you start into a new day? As for me there is nothing better than to start with music. This track here is a real kicker, it is straight forward Rock and Roll that is going directly to the heart. Enjoy and also read the text about the meaning of the lyrics. I think it is a interesting look into the way things develop in the society of India these days. Even more cool that a band of this sort of music talks about it in their music.

On 14th February 2015 - Valentine's Day, Chennai based Rock n' Roll / Hard Rock band Grey Shack launched a new track, aptly named 'She Bites.' The song, the second of six releases collectively called 'The Soundgarden Sessions' is one of the first songs written after the band's debut album 'Step Outside' was released in August 2012. 'Country Song,' the first song from the release was released in April 2014.

Grey Shack's vocalist Rohan Sen says about the creation process and the lyrics of the track: “'She Bites' came to us as a song written by a beautiful strong independent woman. We wrote a chorus and the rest just fell into place. It is a song that portrays both sides to the strong Indian woman of today - beautiful and radiant, yet driven and focused on what she wants, in every way possible.”

The release of ‘She Bites’ signifies a stronger focus towards the band's 2nd full length album, aided by the success of the band's first international show at the European Bike Week in Austria in September 2014. The planned launch of the album is late 2015, followed by regional and international shows in support of the release.

Make sure not to miss about about the further band activities and visit their social sites on FacebookTwitter and Bandcamp to stay in touch with them.

(c) by Nrithya Randhir, used with kind permission

Rohan Sen (vocals)
Vikram Vivekanand (guitars/backing vocals)
Conrad Simmons (bass guitar/backing vocals)
Ramkumar Kanakarajan (drums)


Senate of Prevail show off different side of the band sound

In the past months I've often written here about the progress the recordings for the new Senate of Prevail album. The guys are still busy with doing the finishing touches to that album but happily kept up the fine tradition of giving some insight into the recording process as well as into the songs itself.

So to make things short there's a new preview online since some time. This one has surprised me at many points. It doesn't sound so much like the previews we had before, so it seems like this one shows a different side of the band's sound. What do you think about this snippet?

To me this keeps me more than ever having a close eye on what's going on in the Senate of Prevail camp. Sounds to me as if a very heavy but also very diverse album with a highly quality approach on songs as well as on the technical side is coming our way. Just think of the traditionell Bollnäs metal sound combined with modern elements. To hear two full songs of the upcoming longplayer head over to my post about the freely downloadable "Abandon all hope" single.

If you want to stay up to date about the band don't forget to like them on Facebook. The instagram page also offers some fine insights into the time the band spends in the studio as well as on the concerts they plays from time to time.


Prelistening of the new Stoneghost single

I think a lot of you guys out there will miss the old days when Pantera was still around. Some of their trademarks were the brutal, mighty guitar riffing along with the hard vocals.

Happily enough for us that these days young bands carry on the torch and still provide us with the stuff we like. But like ever so often in life it wasn't all that easy to make things happen. This time the band Stoneghost had to fight some problems while creating / recording their brand new album "New Age of old Ways" like they'd let me know:

It was at this point in 2013 when Jason, the vocalist of the band was at his dilemma “This was when I wrote 'Faceless Ghost'” Jason continues. “It's about my daughter, she was on the way, I was feeling apprehensive and scared about the responsibility and seeing a therapist at the time, I was having some really low points, but because I had a daughter on the way it gave me the reason to sort myself out.”

(c) by Will Ireland, used with kind permission
Anyway, the band kept pushing forward and managed at the end of the day to bring some of the feelings and experiences on tape. I think the mixture of the hard riffs along with some reflection of the past in the lyrics forms a overall unique experience. The feeling of fear and insecurities can be re-felt on many points of the song I think.

The single will be released 2nd March followed by the album on 27th April 2015.
For more information of the band check out the Facebook and Twitter account of them.


Light Among Shadows return with beautiful new videoclip

Light Among Shadows are a female fronted symphonic metal band from the south of Spain. In the past years the band released two full length albums entitled "At the Gates of Dawn" in 2011 and only one year later "Welcome...Back!". The style of the band is inspired by fairy tales and horror stories.

At the moment the band is working on a brand new record but has already set up a first single and videoclip for the song "Into the storm" to give the fans a idea of what is coming up and to introduce María Barragán as the new female voice of the band.

(c) by Light Among Shadows, used with kind permission

Listening to that track it struck me with the sheer power and roughness with the hard drums and powerful guitars but at the same time it also reveals the beauty that lays inside of the music.
These elements are transported through the fine vocals and the technical elements that are mixed into the song. It's these fine bass lines and the outworked guitar solos with the picking technique that form a melodic note into the music of the band.
Besides that the clip itself shows a beautiful landscape and creates a lot of atmosphere with some moments of silence at the beginning showing off the water breaking the waves at the shore and the sun going down in silence before the band starts. The clip also seems to tell a story. That's something I like a lot, it makes watching the clip like making a small journey to a place unknown.

To me this one has made me curious on the band so I've joined them on Facebook to make sure I'm not missing out on the further progress of the album recordings.


Scanner release brandnew video and album The Judgement

Sometimes things take a long way but finally arrive. I think that's what mostly happened with the brand new album of Scanner. Ten years ago the band first talked about a new record that's in the pipe but it shouldn't be until 23th of January 2015 that "The Judgement" finally hit the shelves via Massacre Records.

In between there were lots of line up changes and also a virus attack that destroyed a lot of the recordings the band had already finished so the release had to be delayed. But the band always played shows in their home area and posted updates from time to time so you kept the feeling that things were always moving yet there were lots of obstacles to overcome.

Anyway, it seems that the band has put together a massive album. Having heard the first preview track "Fuck the bastards" I posted earlier and now the title track I'm very impressed about what the band has recorded. It reminds me a lot of the old albums like "Hypertrace" or "Terminal Earth" but without missing out the steps and developments the band made in the meantime.

The band will do some shows in Greece and Spain soon. Check out the band's homepage and Facebook account to stay up to date.
The homepage also has a own shop where you can get the album. There's even a very, very limited stock of physical copies on CDs out there...

The band has released a great video for the title-track. So don't wait any longer and give it a look and listen, because today is what counts. You can never know about tomorrow...