Female fronted Death Metal band Halo Creation working on first album

So far not much Death Metal has been up here on my page. It's simply because this style of the Metal Universe didn't found my like too much. It's because of the often monotone style of the songs and the vocals that are often also very equal and growled that much that you cannot understand a single sentence in a song.

Well, this time it's different. What we have here is a Death Metal combo from Austria. The demo that I've heard from them is different in my ears. It's more more diverse for me. Of course there's this typical overwhelming brutality in the songs but there are changing parts in the songs. Plus they have a woman performing the vocals. That's something that not many bands of that genre would try out. Here it works fine. The band reminds me a bit of Bolt Thrower, who are sadly no more.

(c) by Halo Creation, used with kind permission

After having released a four track demo in 2014 Halo Creation are currently working on their first full length album which is scheduled for a release in 2015. Until then check out the mentioned demo in the player below. My first pick was "Fading sun" which turned out a positive surprise. You can download the demo for free from the Reverbnation page of the band.

Keep an eye of them by following them via Facebook, YouTube or Backstage Pro (a social network in german language especially for contacts in the music-scene / music business / liveclubs etc.).


CD Review: Cyrence - The Hospital

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Short Introduction

Cyrence are a young band from Munich,Germany. They play Melodic Thrash Metal in the vein of Testament (their latest releases) and Metallica. Yet their style is modern and unique, there are no boundaries. You will enjoy parts that are neckbreakers as well as clean, almost psychedelic moments, always maintaining the right amount of heaviness, groove and melody.  In their lyrics they mostly talk about apocalyptic topics. The band started out with a demo entitled "Endtime stories" in 2011. Now in 2015 they are back with their first EP which see's the day of light today on 27th March 2015.

(c) by Cyrence, used with kind permission

Summary / Purchase & Contact Links / Album Player

This EP is a absolute surprise, didn't exspect such a smasher when I first heard the title track. It blew me away! A pure quality release. This goes for the heavyness as much as it goes for the ideas the band developed for the songs itself. The tracks are outworked very detailed and with much inspiration. They are often brutal but never miss this piece of intelligence that makes them something special. 

The songs even let you relax and take you to a different place. You just need to bring some time to be able to completly enjoy this EP. The songs don't offer their full potential on the first run, they often need a second one. But that's even more a sign of quality in my ears. The sound comes with full blown quality. Go and get this diamond!

You can buy the record at the Bandcamp page of Cyrence for 7 Euro. Enjoy the full album stream below to get a idea of the sound of the band. Physical copies and T-Shirts are available at the shows (for example tonight 27th March 2015 in Munich at the Sunny Red - CD release show with 2 other bands).

The band also has a own webshop in the makings where you'll be able to buy physical copies of the album as well as T-Shirts through the internet. I'll update the review with the proper links and details so make sure to keep an eye on this review page if you're interested (just set a bookmark to this page and check back every here and there). Or make sure to follow the band through the linked websites for the announcement and links.

Update 2015/04/01: No april fool's joke - the webshop of the band has opened it's gates! You can purchase the album their for 7 Euro plus shipping and handling and order a band T-Shirt with the logo of Cyrence for 10 Euro (plus shipping and handling). There's also a bundle offer up there with the CD and the Shirt together for 15 Euro plus the fee's for postage and handling. You can choose between several sizes for the T-Shirt.

Also make sure to keep track on this band via their homepage, Facebook or connect with them through the Twitter network.

Track-by-Track Review

01 A New Beginning
Clear and very melodic intro. Things are starting to make me nervous goes through
my head while listening this. You can't wait on what's to come...

02 Dystopia
A long and stretched brutal intro rips up the EP. Very hard and pushing track,
kicking it in very heavy. Very remniscient to Metallica in their Ride the lightning times.
Partyl it also reminds a bit of the newer material of Testament with the hymn-like
sung refrain. Very raw and hard track. The end fades a bit unusual with clear guitar 
giving the last notes. This track needs a repeat to be fully understood.

03 This Life
More straight track. Also very fast, dark and hard. Vocals are laid down a bit deeper.
Short and fast solo section. The track is dominated mostly by the changing vocals.
Very cool - while the rhythm and guitars mainly keep it straight forward and
constantly pushing the vocals are with all the diversity that is laid inside of them
the element that really moves the song forward. This band has ideas no question!

(c) by Cyrence, used with kind permission

04 The Hospital
Clear and slow beginning. It fastly explodes into a straight double-bass smasher
It changes furthermore into a direct riff-hacker in the tradition of Metallica. I somehow
had to think back to the all-time classic "One" while listening to this. A positive

05 I won't fall
A stomping intro going over to a fast riff-ripping-track. The riff is kept simple
and the whole song straight forward. Vocals come in very rough but also clear.
The last third of the track is set in a more midtemo rhythm. 

06 You kill me
The band is going straight all on it. A direct and heavy kicking song with a 
different refrain that makes it remarkable. A bit shorter than the previous tracks
but that's welcome after the longer songs.

07 Purity Control
Very hard neckbreaker, going brutally to the point. The solo section surprises
with a slower introduction while the solo itself keeps it high-pitched and leads
back to first groove. A perfect round up and kick out for the release. 


Crystal Ball let you sneak into the new album "LifeRider"

Finally a brand new album from swiss melodic metal band Crystal Ball is coming into sight. Entitled "LifeRider" is has been produced, mixed and mastered by Stefan Kaufmann (ex-Accept, ex-U.D.O.). The album will feature a duet with Battle Beast's Noora Louhimo as well as guest musician Stefan Kaufmann on acoustic guitar.

Crystal Ball's "LifeRider" will be released on May 22, 2015 via Massacre Records and will also be available as limited edition digipak with exclusive bonus tracks. The video below let's you listen to the song "Paradise" in it's entirely.

If I compare the new song to the older material of the band it sounds much more grown-up in my ears. The dream-like parts of the sound have been removed to give place for a more riff-oriented sound. The vocals surprised me with the high pitches at many parts of the song. That sounds a bit like in the old metal tradition where high notes belonged to the sound of nearly every metal vocalist.

The band will be on tour in the next months, here are the exact dates:

• 04.04.2015 DE Cuxhaven - Hapag-Hallen
• 22.05.2015 DE Mannheim - 7er Club
• 23.05.2015 CZ Sokolov - Koupaliště Michal
• 28.05.2015 CH Luzern - Konzerthaus Schüür
• 29.05.2015 CH Wetzikon - Hall Of Fame
• 30.05.2015 CH Aarburg - Musigburg
• 19.07.2015 FR Saint-Julien-en-Genevois - Stade des Burgondes (Guitare En Scène Festival)
• 25.07.2015 CH Röthenbach - Waldrock Open Air
• 07.08.2015 CH Brienz - Brienzersee Rockfestival
• 08.08.2015 CH Gossau SG - Rock On! Music Festival
• 15.08.2015 CH Wettingen - Tägerhard
• 11.09.2015 CH Boswil - Chillout

Also make sure to follow the band via their Homepage, Facebook or Twitter.


Catch the Throne: The Mixtape Vol. 2 up for free download

Get the new "Catch The Throne" Mixtape feat. Anthrax, Killswitch Engange and Mastodon and many more as a free download directly at the german site of Roadrunner Records or simply just stream the compilation from the player below.

It also contains music from artists outside the metal genre but maybe one or another of you out there may like to take a look outside of our beloved music to check out what's going on there as well.


A Light Within present visual exposure of their music in new video

The Post Rock/ Post Metal/ ShoeGaze band A Light Within has finally found someone who they can team up with to have a decent exposure for their music. They teamed up with AngelLBeloved whose other stuff can also be showcased on their first Youtube channel and also on her second Youtube channel.

The band commented the video on Facebook with the words: "(...) As you watch this video for our album version single "Between Shores", we hope you can relate to some of the same metaphorical ideas that we have.(...)".

I think it wasn't that easy since their music comes with many layers and fine structures that makes them remarkeable. It also requires the listener to give the tracks several spins to take hold of the full stuff that is kept inside each and every track of the band.

The song is part of the new EP of the band called "Body Matter". Stay in touch with the band through Facebook to get to know the exact details on the release date, track list etc.

The band will play two shows in the upcoming time:

Middle of the Map Fest
The Riot Room in Kansas City
19:00 (CDT)

recordBar in Kansas City
22:00 (CDT)


Anvil touring USA and release video for Hope in Hell

This video exactly describes why I love Heavy Metal so much. Great riff,rhythm and songstructure along with a message. It reminds me a lot of the old days when I began listening to Metal music.

It has something of the Black Sabbath style with the heavy riffing and midtempo speed in them. Most of all the reverb effect in the refrain is a bit like Rob Halford used to sing in the earlier days of Judas Priest. Very well done song that sticks in my mind ever since I heard it for the first time.

The band is currently on tour in the US, don't miss'em. Here are the remaining dates:

3/17/2015 W Hollywood, CA The Whisky
3/18/2015 Morgan Hill, CA The Granada
3/19/2015 Portland, OR Tonic Lounge
3/20/2015 Seattle, WA Studio Seven

For tour updates and more dates check out the official website of the band.

The band also announced that they already started working on a new album but since they are busy with touring it will take some time until the release of the new longplayer. Until then I can highly recommend to give the current album "Hope in hell" a spin, think you won't regret it.


Reclvse present first track from the recording sessions

The doom metal band Reclvse from Swansea / South Wales is currently recording songs for a upcoming new release after the first demo of the band received very positive feedback from various media.

In the meantime the band gave their fans on Facebook and Soundcloud the chance to listen to the first track the band finished in the recording process. The band revealed that "(...) the intro bells of the track were recorded at the local church, St Mary's. The bass guitar was recorded by Blundel on his first take!(...)".

Entiled "The hanged man" the track shows a much more professionell sound in my ears and you can fastly hear that the band made a lot of progress since the early days. The vocals are dry and less majestic on this track while the rest is also kept more compact and shorter compared to the previous release of the band. The song surprised me a lot. It doesn't mean they changed it all completly, but it shows for sure that bands make progress when they dare to step forward.

So far no release date has been set for the new record. It's also not sure if the band will maybe put it out as a split release with another band. Make sure to follow the further recording activities of Reclvse on Facebook or Soundcloud.


Final Coil thanks fans with free download of first EP

Final Coil have recently decided to hand out their very first EP "Goodbye to all that" as a free download. The band describes themselves on Bandcamp as a "(...) a metallic grunge band incorporating the harmonies of Alice in chains, the twisted dynamics of Tool and the droning heaviness of Swans."

The band has been on hold for some time due to health problems of vocalist Phil Stiles. Happily those days are gone now and the band is back doing shows again and writing songs for a new release.
In the period while it wasn't sure if Phil would recover from his issues the band received many positive vibes, wishes and most of all advice from the fans on Facebook, via Email and so on.

So in the end the band felt the need to give back for what they've received and has put out that record as a gesture of gratefullness. Also it shows Final Coil in their early stages the EP is well worth checking out in my eyes since it has some fine melodies and great groove in them.
Plus it has this exta when it comes to agressive elements and hunger that ist mostly captured the best in the early times of a band. So pick up your copy or listen to in the stream below.


Southern Front ask the sense of revenge in their new video

Southern Front are a purely thrash-determined band from Austin, Texas. For all of you guys out there loving Testament, Slayer and Pantera this band will be a fest. They've recently released a brand new video for the track "Face down" taken from the new album "Death Throes".

(c) by Southern Front, used with kind permission

The great thing is that the track reminds me a lot of Testament in their phase while they released "Low". It's pure power going straight forward with clear, yet very hard vocals in the style of Pantera. This mixture goes very heavy but the double axe guitar players add a lot with the traditional yet also technical and skilled playing technique reminding me of the old Slayer songs.

A cool feature is that both play left-handed something you don't see very often but it looks great. Another cool thing is that the video tells a story and and leaves one with a surprise behind.
It's in my eyes the question if revenge really makes sense at all in life... But best of all you can check it out for yourselfs:

The band is going to start a new mini-tour cycle in their hometown area in Texas already starting TODAY. Here are the dates:

March 7th. @ Dirty Dog Austin TX.

March 21st. @ Sweetwater Austin TX.

April 17th. @ Fitzgerald's San Antonio TX.

May 22nd. Arcadia Bar & Grill Houston TX.

Follow the further band activities on Facebook or check out their official homepage.


Century Media giving away free 40 track labelsampler

This year a wave of label sampler seems to flood us with the chance to check out a big amount of old and new bands. Not too long ago I wrote here about Relapse Records who handed over a unbelieveable 184 track sampler through their Bandcamp page.

Now Century Media have uploaded a new label sampler featuring 40 tracks. You'll find big names like Iced Earth, Napalm Death, At the gates or Arch Enemy as well as bands like Night Demon, The Crown or Marduk on it. Just go to this location and hit the download button to get your package.


Manach Seherath offering fans a app to stay in touch with them

Manach Seherath is a Symphonic Heavy Metal band from Italy, whose name in a dead ancient language means 'to draw from the source'. This cryptic phrase, with all that it hides, is well representative of the marriage of heavy rhytms with epic keyboards and mysterious lyrics, which togheter make the trademark of M.S. sound: a modern heavy metal band which doesn't forget the gloomy lessons of the past.

I just re-discovered their first demo yesterday and had so much fun with it that I wanted to know what the band is up to these days.

(c) by Manach Seherath, used with kind permission

So I looked them up on Facebook and saw that the band has put out a app for Android through Reverbnation to give fans of the band a chance to stay in connection with them through their Smartphones.

At the moment the band offers the app for Android devices only. Here's how to take hold of it:

Scan with your Smartphone the QR Code below:

If that doesn't work, click on this direct download link.

After finishing the download find Manach_Seherath.apk in the download folder of your phone. 
Install it and have fun!

If you've not heard the band before just listen to the demo at the player below and don't forget to download your copy of the demo tape.