Darling Down release cinematic video for "Never Tell"

Music videos have become a important part to all the musicians out there. It looks sort of "common" to put out a video if you have a new release coming or already out.

But it's seldomely coming along that these videos have a quality that could even fit for showing off in a cinema. Such came to my mind when I saw Darling Down's video of "Never Tell". It could be taken out of one of those hard action films where things are set on trial and survival or death is what is the question.

While musically held as a strong symphonic metal band with very intense, female vocals the clip not "only" has a story which is worth following but it also makes use of special effects.

Those were also a big surprise to the band. By the end of the day the drummer of the band Ryan Hudson had to say about doing the movie:

"The best part of the video is all the gore. We filmed it with inspiration from Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino. I was surprised to learn how the special effects makeup artist made blood splatter. Let’s just say there was a lot of spitting."

(c) by Darling Down, used with kind permission

The band has some shows on the list in the USA, you could be happy to be able to check them out very soon (please note that the Nashville show already takes place today):

 May 05  FooBar Nashville, TN    
 May 15  MVP Sports Bar & Grill , OH    
 May 24 Brauerhouse Lombard, IL    
 May 29 Blacklite Lounge , MI    
 May 30 Betsie River Music Festival Thompsonville, MI    
 Jun 12  Here's To You Pub and Grub Hillsdale, MI    
 Jun 13  The Playground Stony Lake, MI    
 Jun 18  5th Quarter Lounge Indianapolis, IN    
 Jun 19  The Music Factory Battle Creek, MI    
 Jun 20  Jersey's Tavern Tecumseh, MI  
 Jul 10  Czars 505 St Joseph, MI

The album of the same name like the video "Never Tell" has already been released and can be purchased on all digital retail stores for example via itunes.

Make sure to follow the band on social channels like Facebook or Twitter or have a look on their homepage.

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