First audioclips from upcoming Annihilator album online

Does every good time have to end some or other day? Looks like it this way. At least it is like this with Annihilator. This time Dave Padden, for 11 years now the new vocalist and guitarist of the band decided to leave. He disliked being so long on the road and being away from his other duties. A great vocalist in my eyes - he could really sing all of the Annihilator songs very, very well. This includes the massive tracks from Never, Neverland.

The good side on this is that Jeff Waters is back on vocals again. I like his voice a lot on the albums "King of the kill" and "Refresh the demon" - those are amongst my favorites of the band and he has sung on both of them.

Waters also recruited "King of the kill" bass guitar player Cam Dixon for the new album "Suicide Society". Happily we can already hear how all of the changes sound like since the band has put out a album trailer. I think you'll be surprised about Jeff's vocals. 20 years after the mentioned records his voice has developed in a new direction - maybe you'll be surprised as much as I was...

The album is going to be released on UDR Records on 18th September 2015 followed up by a European tour in autumn this year. Go and see the band's Facebook profile for the exact dates and coming updates.

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