Rock am Ring 2015 shows to be streamed online and later on demand / TV

Yeah, the festival season has opened up it's doors. Next to go is the famous "Rock am Ring" festival which will take place the coming weekend from Friday 5th June to Sunday 7th June 2015.

You can also be part of the show if you can't make it there (like me)! There will be a free and legal livestream available on the websites of SWR (german TV station), DasDing and on the sites of Ring Rocker. All the streams start daily at 18 pm (CEST, german time) and will run up to 3 am in the night.

The exact timetable and the list of the bands that will be streamed will be released in the upcoming days. So far it is confirmed that the gigs of the Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Beatsteaks, Broilers, Eagles of Death Metal, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Clueso,Bad Religion, Kraftklub, Slash, Interpol, Papa Roach and Yellowcard will be shown online.

I'll update this article as soon as I have info on that so please keep checking back from time to time. 

Update 2015/06/08: Is it all over now? Yeah, the festival is over. But streaming is not. :-) This week TV station EinsPlus is showing Best Of stuff from Rock am Ring 2015 starting today until coming Friday. Best of all: you can watch the stuff online at this location.

Update 2015/06/07: Here we go again. :-) This is day three and the final one of Rock am Ring 2015. Today we can look forward to some special shows I think. Let's hope the stream capacities and our internet connections will keep going strong. Always keep in mind that there's also a audio only stream out there. That one worked out fine for me yesterday. :-)

Livestream 1: EinsPlusLivestream 2: SWR3Livestream 3: DASDING
00:00 Slipknot

21:30 Foo Fighters20:30 In Flames
19:15 Beatsteaks20:00 Beatsteaks
18:55 Parkway Drive18:55 Parkway Drive19:15 Beatsteaks
18:35 Eagles of Death Metal / Godsmack17:10 Papa Roach16:30 Papa Roach
18:00 Papa Roach / Frank Turner16:10 Frank Turner16:10 Frank Turner

15:25 Godsmack

14:55 Eagles of Death Metal14:55 Eagles of Death Metal

Update 2015/06/06: Here comes the timetable for today (Saturday). I still hope they will show the set from Slash as announced some days ago. Let's hope and see...


21:50 KIZ
21:35 Prinz Pi
20:05 Kraftklub
18:45  Fritz Kalkbrenner (showing for the second time)
18:00 Bilderbuch
17:00 Interpol


21:50 KIZ
21:35 Prinz Pi
20:05 Kraftklub
19:35  Fritz Kalkbrenner (showing for the second time))
18:25 t. b. a.
18:00 Bilderbuch
17:00 Interpol


01:45 Marsimoto live
01:05 KIZ
23:35 Deichkind Live
22:50 Interpol
21:55 Prinz Pi
20:20 KraftKlub
19:35 Bilderbuch
18:25 t. b. a.
18:05 Feine Sahne Fischfilet

Update 2015/06/05: The timetable for friday has been released. The shows will be shown on three different webpages. Each site features one stream that will only broadcast a part of the festival. Here's the exact overview with direct links to all the three streaming sites, all times are CEST.

If you prefer to listen only to the shows then you might be happy to know that the Ringradio also streams the shows but they start airing off stuff not before 18h daily.

Livestream 1: EinsPlus

Livestream 2: SWR3

Livestream 3: DASDING

01:35 Uhr Fritz Kalkbrenner

01:00 Uhr Concert-Highlights

00:40 Uhr Bad Religion

23:45 Uhr Mighty Oaks

23:10 Uhr Concert-Highlights

21:55 Uhr Clueso21:55 Uhr Clueso21:55 Uhr Clueso
21:30 Uhr Yellowcard20:25 Uhr Tocotronic
20:25 Uhr Tocotronic18:20 Uhr Broilers
19:20 Uhr Donots15:50 Uhr Bad Religion13:45 Uhr Donots
18:20 Uhr Broilers14:50 Uhr Yellowcard
18:05 Uhr T√úSN

For all those living in germany it should be mentioned that the show of Die Toten Hosen will be aired exclusively through the TV station Das Erste. From 8th to 14th June special broadcasts of the format "BEATZZ in concert" will daily show off stuff of the festival starting each day at midnight.

Prior to the Rock am Ring fest a radio stream will update people in germany and nearby of the things going on in the festivak location Mendig. For all those who don't live there: you can listen to it through the apps for amartphones. Pick your copy for the iOS or get the version for the Android smartphone system.
A webbased version of this so called Ringradio can be found on the website of SWR3.

After the festival you'll find some stuff of the festival online from 8th June to 12th June 2015 on the websites of SWR and DasDing.

Most of all: have fun through the festival days and enjoy summer!

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