Free internet livestreams for Wacken Festival 2015 available

Yeah, there's chance to be part of the biggest metal festival of the world even if you can't go there or couldn't get your hands on one of the tickets that sold nearly out faster than the light.

All the streams can be found on the official Social Streaming center page on the official Wacken Homepage. As a alternative you can also click over to the site of the german TV station ARTE. On that site you'll also be able to access some of the shows in a archive as stream on demand later on.

Update 08/02/2015: Life goes to fast...it's already over again. But wait, there's still a chance to see some of the shows (again) or for the first time if you've missed them out.

Streaming archives

Just click on over to the ARTE streaming archive and you can check out full shows from Amorphis, Running Wild, Rock Meets Classic, At The Gates, Uli Jon Roth and many more.
More shows have been uploaded on 08/04/2015: You can see now shows from Amorphis, Cradle of Filth, Sabaton and Savatage & TSO on the ARTE streaming archive. Some of them are said to be accessable worlwire.

3sat also broadcasted a big four hour special yesterday. It included TSO & Savatage, Sabaton, Running Wild and In Flames. You can watch the whole package on the blog of the TV station. 

3sat began to broadcast single shows on german TV last night. These stuff is also up for streaming in their on demand archive. More shows will be added as the broadcast schedule progresses (see section labeled "Broadcast of shows on TV" in this post for detailed information on that).

There was a little documentary included that talked about the cover artist Seth Siro Anton of the band Septicflesh and his creations for bands like Morgoth, Paradise Lost, Kamelot and more. A very cool gimmick in my eyes!
This mini-movie can also be seen separately in a single stream on the 3sat media-archive if you don't want to watch the full four hour broadcast just to be able to see this.

In addition to that a big archive has been opened up offering a large package of interview stuff. Just head on to the ARTE interview subpage to see them. 

Broadcasts of shows on TV

The exact dates for the single shows on german TV station 3sat and ZDF kultur have been announced in the meantime. The syntax always lists 3sat first, next is ZDF kultur. All times are CEST.

In Flames: 10.08., 2.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 20.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
The BossHoss: 10.08., 3.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 21.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
In Extremo: 10.08., 4.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 22.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Running Wild: 10.08., 5.05 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 23.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Queensrÿche: 14.08., 4.10 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 0.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Cradle of Filth14.08., 5.10 Uhr (3sat) / 08.08., 1.15 Uhr (ZDFkultur)
Finally: Have fun!


Here is the time-table that has been set up so far. Please note that this is subject to change also shortly and all times are CEST.
Update 07/30/2015: Two shows have been added for today (Thursday).

Thursday, 30.07.2015
17.45 – 19.05 h - In Extremo
19.20 h - Grailknights (Recording)
20.10 h - Mambo Kurt (Recording)

21.00 – 22.00 h - New Model Army (Recording)
22.10 – 23.25 h - Uli Jon Roth (Recording)

Friday, 31.07.2015
15.30 – 16.30 h - At The Gates
16.45 – 17.45 h - Queensryche
18.00 – 19.15 h - Opeth
19.30 – 20.45 h - Dream Theater
21.00 – 22.15 h - tba
22.30 – 23.45 h - In Flames
00.00 – 01.30 h - Running Wild
01.45 – 03.00 h - The BossHoss

Saturday, 01.08.2015
14.30 – 15.45 h - Amorphis
16.00 – 17.15 h - Danko Jones
17.30 – 18.45 h - Rock Meets Classic
18.55 – 20.10 h - Dream Theater (Recording)
20.15 – 21.15 h - tba
21.15 – 22.00 h - The BossHoss (Recording)
22.00 – 23.30 h - Sabaton (Time Shift)
23.30 – 00.15 h - In Flames (Recording)
00.15 – 01.30 h - Cradle of Filth
01.45 – 02.45 h - Subway to Sally

In addition to that you'll be able to see some stuff at the german TV stations ARTE and 3sat.
So far 3sat has announced the following on their website:

Wacken Open Air 2015
LIVE from Wacken
Hosts: Rainer Maria Jilg, Markus Kavka
Saturday, 1. August, starting from 20.15 h
Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Savatage
In Flames
Running Wild
Ten single show-recordings from the festival, starting on 10. August 2015, here the exact time-table:
Monday, 10.08.2015 ab 02:05 Uhr – 4 shows
Friday, 14.08.2015 ab 04:10 Uhr – 2 shows
Monday, 17.08.2015 ab 02:15 Uhr – 4 shows

More recordings at  ZDFkultur:
Saturday, 08.08.2015 ab 20:15 Uhr – 6 shows
Saturday, 15.08.2015 ab 20:15 Uhr – 4 shows


Important information regarding weather and travel for Wacken 2015

For all those people out there who are going to Wacken Open Air Festival in 2015 here's a urgent and important information. Please help and spread this one around!

About the situation in Wacken: It has been raining quite a lot there the last 3 days so the organizers have given out some advice for a safe travel to the festival as well as for preparing the goods properly:

1) Travel light and only pack absolutely necessary things.

2) Use public transportation, e.g. busses, trains and shuttles. More information on these are available from our travel tool, which is accessible via www.wacken.com/anfahrt-widget/index-en.php.

3) If it is not possible for you to change to public transportation, please try to travel with as few cars as possible. Please use every seat and form carpools – more information on this possibility is available from our travel tool, too.

4) When you arrive, please park space-savingly.

You can read the full information on this on post of the official Wacken homepage (english version). 

Update 07/30/2015: Today the organizers ask all the people who want to travel to the Holy Wacken ground only to use public transportation to get to the festival! Shuttles will be free of charge! 

A update on the parking situation if you cannot travel by public transportation or are already on the way: You can use the carparks Parkhaus Zentrum am Bahnhof" (Brückenstrasse, Itzehoe) and Parkplatz "Prinovis" (Störfischer Strasse, Itzehoe). Please use the exit ramp "Itzehoe Mitte". Usage is free of charge, toilets are available. Shuttles will bring you to W:O:A.

Update 07/29/2015: In addition to the advices posted yesterday the organizers today published another article asking the people who have not started their journey yet and want to travel by car to postpone their arrival until tomorrow (07/30/2015).
They need more time to prepare the camping grounds properly. The weather forecast says that their will be more rain coming down today but better weather is said to be in sight for the upcoming days.

Read the complete text on the Wacken Festival page (english version). 

For all those who are already on the way: extra parking slots have been made available which have a hard asphalt underground. You can find both kiss & ride parking lots in the In the center of Gribbohm (Dorfstrasse) and if you leaving on the L131 westwards to Hochdonn. Just follow the signs. You can find the exact positions on the journey page.
Please notice that you'll need to transport your stuff from there to the camping grounds for yourselves but you can work around the heavy situation of the festival terrain this way.

More information regarding parking possibility just came in: you can use the car park near the train station in Itzehoe to Park & Ride to W:O:A. The car park is free of charge for you!
From there, you can hop on the W:O:A Shuttlebus (departing from the train station) and travel directly to the bus stop at the festival area.

MONSTER releases fun-packed videoclip

One of the best things a band can do in my eyes is to show their fans how much fun they have on stage. Sure, there are a lot of people out there often being musicians themselves who also take a look on the technical side or how certain parts are played. But the fun-factor is something that can go over to the fans and take them into the show. Hopefully it will animate them to have fun and make them listen to the music so they will take a closer look upon the peformance of a band. That's what happened at least to me several times.

This is exactly what the first ever full featured videoclip captures that the thrash metal band MONSTER has been released! The footage was filmed and cut-together by Jörg Harms at this years edition of the Let the bad times roll festival. (taking place in Lower Saxony, Northern germany every year).

Much heartblood has been put into this one, it's sort of video you only get to see seldom - a lot of emotions from musicians and fans in here. You can even re-feel what happened out there while the band was on stage.

Please support this band by buying their full album "The arrival"  for 5 Euro (plus shipping and handling) as a original pressed CD in a jewelcase. Just contact the band via E-Mail if you'd like to have a copy. You can also have a look upon their Facebook page and follow them there so you won't miss out on what the band will do next.


September Mourning releases lyric video and expands Kickstarter campaign

The first time I heard about a collaboration between a metal band with the world of comic characters was way back in 1996. Iced Earth released their "The Dark Saga" album, a concept record about the world of Spawn which also was used as a front cover of the album. I liked the record also it was much softer than the very heavy previous effort "Burnt Offerings". The addition of emotions and more variantions in the songs made it interesting for me.

September Mourning makes a different approach. It is not "only" a character in a comic universe but also a woman who performs under the same name and appeareance a combination of dark alternative Hard Rock. The music part of the project has just released their "Children Of Fate" lyric video from their upcoming EP due out this fall.

The character of September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give some human souls a second chance, and thus toys with Fate. The real human artist carries positive passions into her music constantly encouraging their fans to have “the courage to embrace their passion… to allow yourself to follow your heart and not be a slave to your fears. To know that the only boundaries that exist in our lives are the ones we allow.”

Currently a Kickstarter campaign is up and running to help bring September Mourning's story from the stage to the pages of a comic book. An amazing all female team has been assembled to bring the story to life. The first issue has already been written by Mariah McCourt, illustrated by Summeye Kesgin, and conceptualized by Emily Lazar (September Mourning) & Marc Silvestri.

At the time I'm typing these lines the project was able to reach their initial Kickstarter funding goal for the first issue of the September Mourning comic book in under 72 hours! The first stretch goal of $20,000 has been announced.

When the stretch goal is reached, every person receiving a print or digital copy of September Mourning #1 will now also receive a corresponding digital and/or print copy of September Mourning #2 with a new Summeye Kesgin cover. This is a completely separate comic and continues the story of September Mourning. This exclusive cover edition will only be available through Kickstarter.

The #2 issue is not a separate pledge level, it's a stretch goal added to all who receive #1. So you can pledge other levels or spread the word about the campaign to your friends to help push over the $20,000 pledge level. You can make a pledge on September Mourning's Kickstarter page HERE. 
A pdf version of the comic is available for 5 Dollar including a free download of the song "Children of Fate". The prices for a  physical copy start at 15 Dollar. Just check the link for more details.

If you'd like to connect with September Mourning make sure to see the Facebook page or have a eye on Twitter or check in at Instagram.


Divides talk about being trapped in the past in new video

I've talked already in a previous post about the band Divides and their ability to bring on topics related things happening in our lifes and the ongoing changes in them through their music and videoclips. The newest output, the second single from the upcoming album "Brokentooth" is no exception from that.

This time they focussed on the danger of being trapped in the past by things that happend in those days of your life in the song "Echoes Fade". "The lyrics for this song were written in pieces since we moved down from Alaska," says bassist Joe Jackson. "Transitions anywhere can be hard, but the worst part is being away from the people you love. These lyrics in particular were really therapeutic for me to write, I'm reminded of that every time we play it. I wanted it to be less about the tragedy of absence and loss, and more so about not letting yourself get trapped in the past and the memories that hold you there. Having our friend Chris add vocals to the song really helped convey that message."

The expression of the face of Chris James, all the desperation and sadness makes it clear what the lyrics want to say. I also like the way the memories are shown in there with the use of the polaroid pictures hanging everywhere he goes. It's like the past that can follow you everywhere you go. Happily there's a way to get around that...

You can pre-order the album through itunes.

Also don't miss out the chance to catch the band live on the upcoming shows in the USA.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sat Jul 18th – The Viking Bar, Spokane, WA
Wed Jul 29th – The Analog Cafe, Portland, OR
Wed Aug 5th – The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
with The Quiet Cull
Thu Aug 6th – The Town, Tacoma, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Fri Aug 7th – Vans Warped Tour @ Portland Expo Center, Portland, OR
Sat Aug 8th – McCoy’s Tavern, Olympia, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Thu Aug 13th – The Ash Street, Portland, OR (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Fri Aug 14th – The Fun House, Seattle, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull

(c) by Divides, used with kind permission
Make sure to stay in connection with the band on Facebook, Twitter or through the band's website.


Kontra return to the stage with free liveshow

Are you already making plans what to do in the upcoming days / evenings? Where can I go to see bands playing live and have a good time? Well, then maybe I've got good news for you.  :-)

Kontra will mark their return to the stage on 16th of July 2015 at the Hades Pub (Via Gemito, 20) in Naples! The thrashers are confirmed to be the opening act on this evening. Heavy Metal formation Last Frontier, also based at Naples will be the headliner.

The start for the show is set for 22.30h. The best comes at the end of this article: There will be no entrance fee taken on this evening! So please show up with as many people as you can and give both bands a great time on stage and make this a moment in your lifetime to be remembered.

Go to the official event page on Facebook to keep track on this so Facebook will notify you when the event is taking place and make sure to invite as many of your friends as possible. If you'd like to check out the venue first you can take a look on the Facebook page of the Hades Live Music Club.

(c) by Kontra, used with kind permission


Interview with coverartist Andrej Bartulovic (AllThingsRotten.com)


What have most of the releases that come out in common? Yes, nearly all of them have a cover that often is made of a artwork. Many of them come with a booklet that often also features illustrations with them.

The point for young and unknown bands is: who can they contact if they need such things? Sure there are the big names out there like Andreas Marshall (Running Wild), H. R. Giger (Carcass, Danzig) or Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden). But those are not affordable for those bands.

Happily enough there are freelance illustrators out there that can help bands to get a decent cover for a affordable price. One of them is Andrej Bartulovic, known as Maggotmaster and under the sign of All Things Rotten.

(c) by All Things Rotten, used with kind permission

Metal Underdogs would like to help bring all the people in the scene closer to each other and so we took the chance and had a talk with Andrej about his way into this job, his past band experiences, where he draw's inspiration for new covers from as well as his thoughts on today's modern and everywhere-present lyric-videos. If you're interested in setting up a interview please send me a message through the contact form at the right navigation bar or look my Email adress up in the Blogger profile.

Contact Data

If you want to get in touch with Andrej Bartulovic please use one of the links below:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-Things-Rotten/158201837535762
Email: contact@allthingsrotten.com
Homepage www.allthingsrotten.com

The interview

Metal Underdogs: Could you please introduce yourself a bit to our readers? (who are you, where do you come from, what are the things you focus mostly upon with your work - cover art, logos, booklets, shirt designs etc.)?

Andrej Bartulovic: I'm Andrej Bartulovic, known as Maggotmaster around world wide web I guess. That has been my screen name since late 90s. And no, it has nothing to do Slipknot, it's the name of the song by Nocturnal Breed (album "Agressor"). Born and living in Croatia for 35 years already. Working for bands mostly, but also doing tattoo designs, book covers, was also a concept artist. I do everything, I'm gun for hire ;)

How did you become a cover artist? What were your first experiences especially with metal bands?

I'm metalhead since I was 13. Always into horror stuff, be it literature, music, video games or movies. I was artist for video games first. Then I decided to bring together 2 things I like the most, my love for everything horror and music. My first experiences were really cheap or even free cuz I've had no portfolio whatsoever. Some of the bands I worked in the beginning were Fury (uk), Hellhounds (Fra) and Snowy Shaw... that was 6 years ago, I think but I can easily be dead wrong. I'm bad with dates, years..

In the process of creating ideas for a cover: do you sometimes pre-listen stuff from artists and they ask you to come around with an idea? Do some even send text-material or something to give you a better idea of what the record will be about?

Depends of the band. Some provide lyrics only, that's perfectly fine. Some provide music, even better but usually it's about description, text description of stuff they would like to see. Then I'm onto sketching, rough shapes.. we go back and forth a lot so we can minimize repairs and mistakes that may occur later on. Everything can be done in timely manner and properly if feedback is on time.

Which sorts of painting techniques do you use/ prefer?

I prefer more comic book approach, but I also do classic digital painting and photomanipulations. Again, depends what band is after. I don't have time to work in traditional techniques sadly. I really, really wanna do more of traditional stuff. But it's slow process and I'd proly had to charge more.

Could you also imagine to fuse your paintings with photography or do you prefer to keep things mutually exclusive to one style?

Actually I do some paint overs from time to time. As I work digitally (drawing tablet) everything is possible.

Do you prefer covers that have a message or do you like to have it a pure fantasy way?

I always prefer covers with symbolism over straight to the point art. But, again, it's usually not my call. If band has a specific vision I have to follow it. I think that symbolic elements lift the whole art to another level together with the music. But it also depends of the mood, sometimes you just wanna work on gory fucked up scenery. Really depends on numerous things. But the band has the last vote. I'm just a tool. Someone who's job is to make band's vision come to life.

Have you ever thought of setting up your work in a gallery for exposition / printing a book with a selections of artworks or an exhibition on events (think of open airs, festivals or shows)?

Well, I've had some exhibitions in my hometown...but that was, oh god, like 15,16 years ago, while I was working traditionally, for myself. One was called "Abominations - a tribute to trash", another was "Copycat". I'm actually planning to do an exhibition soon, but not sure exactly when. Those things require money and extra time. I wanna do it badly, I have a lot of things waiting to be printed. About festival/show exhibitions; well, if someone would call me I'd gladly accept the opportunity to come and show my stuff.

Do you also work on lyric videos? Some of them have a quite impressive "living" coverart in them.

Nah, takes too much time, at least it WOULD take much time from me because I didn't do any of lyrics videos ever. So I'd have to lear the software first. Personally, I don't like them, there's something really lazy about them. I totally understand that music industry is fucked and artists don't have the money to release video with every single. But dammit, I'm sick and tired of lyric videos. It's like screen is slaping you every 3 seconds and forcing you to read stuff.

Which other artists are amongst your favorites? Would you count these as sort of influence for you?

I always mention Greg Cappullo. I love that guy. He was an influence for sure. Others would be Ashley Wood, Giger, Bosch, ...heck, many more.

Are you still playing music? Which instrument do you play or did you play back in a day?

Nope. I was bad at it, really bad. I played rhythm guitar in a band. I was lazy as fuck, never practiced at home. Back then I thought it was perfectly fine, but man, I sucked ass so hard, haha!! Again, that was 16,17 years ago.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions.

Thank you for showing interest, your approach and the opportunity. Appreciate it! Stay naked!

If you want to get in touch with Andrej Bartulovic please use one of the links below:

Contact Data

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-Things-Rotten/158201837535762
Email: contact@allthingsrotten.com
Homepage www.allthingsrotten.com


The Roadkill All Dayer 2015 offers free shows all day long

Could you imagine to go to a all-day festival and having not to pay a single cent entry fee? There are some events out there that offer such a great fun. But sure those are few - small wonder when you consider how they should pay for things that always need payment (electricity, stage equipment, buying food and drinks and paying them in advance etc.).

Anyway, in Camden / London such a event is going to take place called "The Roadkill All Dayer" which is scheduled for August 9th at the Lock Tavern.

It is going to feature live-performances of (just click on the names of the bands in the list underneath the flyer picture to go to the band's Facebook pages and have a closer look on their music):

(c) by Heavy Leather Promotions, used with kind permission

Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux
Supercharged Psychobilly Crooners


Twisted Rockabilly Glam-Punks

Saint Agnes
Western Hard Rock Heartthrobs

Love Buzzard
Powerhouse Disco-Surf Two-Piece

Dirty White Fever
Ballsy Brighton Garage Rockers

The Venus Lyx
Cinematic Surfabilly Brothers

The Sly Persuaders
Anthemic Neo-Rockabilly Charmers

Broken Soundtracks
Psych Rock Party Starters

Cosmo House
Soulful Blues Rock Mistresses

And extra special DJ sets from the Heavy Leather team, RAW MEAT and DJ Scott McMahon.

Sunday August 9th • 12-11 • FREE ENTRY London • NW1 8AJ

Tube: Camden Station / Mornington Crescent

If you need more information or just want to let your friends know that you'll be there just check in at the Facebook event page. Most of all: have fun! 


New compilation gives overview on folk metal scene in Mongolia

Heavy Metal is a world-wide movement that's what I've learned in all the times writing on this blog. But some regions of our blue planet are still a bit unexplored when it comes to our beloved music. Recently we took a look over to India to see what's going on there but what about the scene in Mongolia?

This lack of information seems to be what some people out there might have caused to start the Mongol Metal website. In their own description they say about themselves:

"(...) Mongol Metal is a heavy metal music organization from Inner Mongolia, China. We promote Ego Fall, Nine Treasures and Tengger Cavalry, three folk metal bands that combine Mongolian folk music with heavy metal, refering to as Mongol Metal, Mongolian Folk Metal, or Mongolian Nomadic Metal.

In their music, Morin Khuur, Throat Singing, Yatga and other Mongolian music elements are widely used.(...)"

To give people out there a quick idea of how this sounds like Mongol Metal has uploaded a full sampler featuring the bands Ego Fall, Nine Treasures and Tengger Cavalry.

So I used the opportunity to check them out and had a great time doing so. What a blast of sheer power combined with some unusual instrumentation and some traditional elements of early Heavy Metal (Throat Singing has become sort of rare these days but it was very common in the beginnings of metal music - thank you for bringing this back with your music!).

Having heard the stuff I'm totally wanting to hear and see more. It's also great to see the musicians dress in the traditional clothes of their region when posing for band pictures. You can see them in the diashow passing through when you call up the startpage of the Mogul Metal Website. 
But first of all have a listen for yourselfs in the player below to discover how the music of the bands sounds like:

You can also buy the songs as digital download through stores such as Amazon, Spotify or itunes. 
Make sure to keep up to date about the further musical development of the Mongol Metal scene via Facebook or check in at their excellent website.


Free download sampler gives overview about 30 bands from six countries

It's time for a freebie again! This one comes from Online Metal Promo who teamed up with the Breath Fresher webzine (Japan) and features not less than 30 bands from five countries, amongst them bands from the United States, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Singapore.

Looking at the tracklist I had to smile since it features two bands whose albums I reviewed some time ago and found that they featured massive and great melodic metal. To name them, Swirl and Strangelet are featured on this compilation and they've picked good songs of both bands.

Get the big free package from the website of the Breath Fresher webzine who've created a Dropbox link on their site along with detailed descriptions in several languages about the project as well as a precise overview on the contents of the release along with links to the bands. It also holds a call for new bands to email the organizers since they are about to set up another sampler from other regions of the world, too.

To give you a little sneak peak of the collection I've added the brand new lyric video for Swirls "Fourth of July" below. Enjoy and have a great summer time (enjoy while it lasts)!


Metal Church release first rough mix snippet of Suffer Fools

Currently Metal Church are working on a new album that is anticipated to be released in fall this year. Some days ago I posted a audio stream from youtube that featured a re-recorded version of the classic "Badlands".

It showed that Mike Howe is still laying it down heavy on the vocals these days, something that is not certain after so many years in between. But what does this mean for the new record? How has his voice developed and overall: how does the fresh material sound like? Well, you can judge for yourselfs from the small but very fine snippet below that the band released via Facebook.

As for me I can only say: Great snippet from the upcoming album! Like the variations Mike Howe puts inside the vocals very much. Plus the song so far reveals as a midtempo stomping track, something not too many Metal Church songs came along with. All in all things remind me of "The human factor" so far. I'll keep a eye on this for sure.