Angerhead offer free download and insight from upcoming EP

How will things continue in the thrash sector in the upcoming months? The year is still young and for sure you thrash metal heads out there can't wait for brand new stuff to check out. :-)

Angerhead who are based in San Jose are currently working on their next EP with Juan Urteaga who is well known for his work with legends such as Machine Head and Testament. The output will be entitled "Fueled by Rage" and the band has released a nice preview into the record these days along with a free download of the Motörhead classic "Iron Fist" which will be part of the EP.

The cover of the upcoming EP "Fueled By Rage", (c) by Angerhead, used with kind permission

Angerhead guitarist Eric Beard previews the tracks of "Fueled by Rage" in a breakdown for each song:

"We decided to go back in with Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament) for the new EP. He worked with us on our 2nd EP “Headful Of Hate”. Juan is metal through and through. He has worked with a lot of Bay Area bands and friends so its a good fit for us.

The EP starts out with "So Cold". This is probably our most sludgy song and also the last song in our live set. Downtuned, full of twists and turns, It is a definitely crowd pleaser and is heavy as fk!

The second song is one of oldest song I’ve written, "Face The Fear". The song has been a staple with me for a long time. I've done it in a few different ways and with other projects. I've even done it with a jazz feel and the song still holds up!! haha. I really enjoy the Angerhead version of it.

The 3rd song is called "Legacy of Hate". This is the longest song we’ve ever written. It was one that came together fully as a band and one of the favorites of the new EP.

The 4th song is "Take Me As I Am" and its a barnburner, kicks your ass from start to finish.

The Last song on the EP is a cover of Motorhead’s "Iron Fist". Paul and I loved this song, even before Ace of Spades when we were growing up, so we decided it was right. We have been seeing a lot of bands doing Ace Of Spades and wanted to do something different. RIP Lemmy. A True Legend!!"

You can download the track for free right here.

Make sure to stay in touch with the band about the upcoming release through their official Angerhead website and Facebook page.

For all streaming fans here's the Reverbnation player with the song:

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