Facebook page for Heavy Metal Underdogs up & running

It's seldom that I talk here about things regarding this blog but I feel that today may be a good time to introduce you guys out there to the Facebook page I opened up for the Heavy Metal Underdogs.

I think in these days many people like to be able to follow their favorite internet content the way they prefer it. It's of course possible to follow this blog through a Google account or the RSS feed that can be found on the very top of the page. But since many people often use Facebook and keep their stuff organized over there I've decided to open up a site on this social network.

The coverpicture for the Facebook page of the Heavy Metal Underdogs

If you decide to follow us through a click on the like button you'll be notified of selected site updates such as album reviews or interviews but moreover I'll post stuff on Facebook that's not up here.

It will be mostly smaller updates that don't fit in here or are only availabe for a short time. This includes musician market (looking for band members), previews to upcoming releases, links to livestream and TV events and other goodies that I come acrosse every here and there. So don't hesitate and join us on Facebook. :-)

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