Corners Of Sanctuary hand out their "Declaration Of Metal"

New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal band CORNERS OF SANCTUARY (COS) announces the release of "Declaration of Metal", a comprehensive, retrospective compilation of the band’s music, comprised of tracks from their past five albums: “Breakout”, “Harlequin”, “Axe to Grind”, “Metal Machine” and “Driven Snow”.
Additionally, cuts from their first EP, "Forgotten Hero", and a brand new song, “Hyde No More”, with new drummer Mad T and featuring Of Ancient Descent guitarist John Coonan (former Seeker, Corporate Mass), round out the compilation.

The "Declaration Of Metal" logo, (c) by Corners Of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

"Declaration of Metal" track listing:
1. Only One
2. Juggernaut
3. Bleed With Me
4. Now We Must Live
5. Hellequin
6. On the Hunt
7. A Fist Full of Vengeance
8. Victoria
9. Left Scarred
10. Wrecking Ball
11. Driven Snow
12. Hyde No More

Here are the details of this new release:

“Corners of Sanctuary continues to charge forward. Declaration of Metal is surely a declaration alright; a declaration to keep moving forward and I’m very excited to be a part it,” stated Mad T. who has taken over the drums after a recent departure with Sean Nelligan Mad T also appears on “Victoria” and “Only One”, a song which he co-wrote with COS guitarist Mick Michaels.

“Declaration of Metal” is being made available in two formats: digitally and as a limited print US only cd through March Baby Media. (just click on the link to go to the Corners Of Sanctuary site where you can buy the compilation in mp3 or wave format).

A special mp3 download, which includes two bonus tracks, is also being offered exclusively on Boston Rock Radio’s official website.

As part of the promotional campaign for the compilation's release, a music video for "Victoria" is also being launched. The video, filmed earlier this summer, was produced and directed by AMA Films in the band’s hometown of Philadelphia.

A follow-up video for “Hyde No More” is planned to release later this summer.
COS continues to power on through 2016 with the second leg of their tour appropriately coined The Declaration of Metal Tour in support of their compilation release. The band embarks on a short New England string of shows which includes supporting Marc Rizzo from Soulfy on July 28th and another performance in August at this summer’s Metal Eternal Fest Tour’s Delaware show.

Corners of Sanctuary will begin work on their next full-length album in August which the band plans to release sometime in 2017. COS is also looking to schedule some West Coast dates in the Fall as well as working on a Winter 2017 excursion to Europe.

A COS crowdfunding page has been created to support the band’s touring efforts and is now live at their official website.  Please consider giving some money to keep the band on the road. Fans’ financial support is being gifted with several Official COS Nation Merchandise Packages including autographed photos and CDs, concert shirts, patches and supporters having their names listed on the COS website.

Upcoming shows

July 28 - Firehouse 13 - Providence, RI (with Marc Rizzo of Soulfly)
July 29 - The Cove - Worcester, MA
July 30 - The Bar - New Bedford, MA
August 6 - Oddity Bar - Metal Eternal Fest Tour - Wilmington, DE
August 20 - The New Penny Lounge - Scranton, PA (with Beyond Fallen)
September 9 - Cherry Street Station - Wallingford, CT (with Shallow Ground)
October 14 - Wrecking Ball Fest 2016 - Philadelphia, PA

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official website and Facebook page.


Let's speak with...Angerhead (2016)

The thrash metal genre is exploding these days. We see a lot of bands coming and some of them go in a more traditional direction while others seem to bring in some fresh elements or songwriting structures in their music.

Angerhead caught my attention through their straight forward mentality. Their songs kick in straight all on it and don't leave room for any discussion or soft notes - they make it completly clear who's playing from start to finish.

So as much as their newest output "Fueled by rage" made me bang my head as much was I eager to know how the guys would react to some questions. Read on and get to know what's on the band's mind when it comes to topics such as their search for a record label, inspiration for lyrics, how the mood and community feeling is like at a Bay Area show is and what can happen when you play a gig at a party and decide to have a drink or two...

The cover of the "Fueled By Rage EP", (c) by Angerhead, used with kind permission

Heavy Metal Underdogs: How did the band come together?

Angerhead: Paul and I (Eric) met at a Green Jelly show. I was opening the show in my other band. My vocalist had a high voice and i was looking for more of a growler. We decided to meet up the following week. Within 15 seconds of hearing him sing over some songs I had recorded I knew we had something.

Which sources do you use as inspiration for writing new songs?

Musically, it has to be heavy and powerful. I believe lyrically we always like to write about current messed up events or something that has irked us for a while.

Do you feel that writing and performing music helps you to push on further with your own personal lives?

We love to play and write. It's really breaks up the monotony of real life, work and all. We especially love to play the tunes live, in front of people. The heavy, loud music pumping people up is addicting.

Social media surely plays a big role in the communication between a band and their fans. Do you feel that fans contact you more or less personally at gigs these days?

We have a pretty constant and steady influx of friends and fans who come to our shows. Its a metal community in the Bay Area and everyone supports each others bands. Its really cool when we play shows and we get the local metal community coming out every time to see us play. It really is humbling.

Do you still prefer releasing music on traditional media like LPs, CDs and the like or do you feel the same satisfaction when putting out music digitally?

Since we have given out our music pretty much from day one, any way to reach a new fan is the right way. However, now we are looking to possibly sign a record deal, we have to back off with the free music to see where that goes. If we sign, then there will be push for people to buy the record. We plan on putting a lot of cool stuff inside the record so the fans will have something more that just the music when they buy it.

Have you ever experimented with other styles over the years and thought about changing?

Not really. We know what we do, and we know what we like. We are Angerhead. Thrash Metal Punk. It will stay that way.

Bandpicture from Angerhead, (c) by Angerhead, used with kind permission

Did you come along points where you thought about leaving it all behind? If you reached that point: how did you keep the motivation up to move on?

It happens from time to time. Its a lot of work keeping a band together. We have been through 3 drummers and this is our second bassist. I feel that this is the most solid lineup. When I'm feeling like giving up, I usually call Paul and he centers me again. I try to think about the live shows and the fans, that usually makes me realize I love it and don't want it to end.

What was the funniest story that came along your way when you performed live? Or did things happen that you would have never thought of to occur (not only at gigs but maybe anywhere else as well)?

Our last show, Paul got pretty buzzed. He never does that. It was hilarious because he was behind the music. It was a party and they had some really good, potent beer. Hey, this is metal and that was a fun party, so we just rolled with it.

Contact Data

Finally don't hesitate to get in touch with the band using their website or Facebook.

Angerheads band logo, (c) by Angerhead, used with kind permission


Brutai announce extensive batch of fresh UK tourdates

Sometimes there's hope out there that even in today's complex context new bands can move on forward and get the chances they need to evolve further.

This came to my mind recently when I heard that Brutai have been able to be added to two tours packages.

The first run of dates in August 2016 will see the band playing shows alongside Voices From The Fuselage (featuring Ashe O'Hara ex-TesseracT vocalist) in addition to their already confirmed list of impressive shows one of them being as opening act for Soilwork.
If you're attending this years Bloodstock Metal Festival you're in luck. Just make sure to be at the Sophie Lancaster Stage on Friday the 12th August so you won't miss them.

The second half of the show series will be a support slot for The Devil You Know (featuring Howard Jones, formerly of Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed) in January 2017. Tickets are on sale since Friday 15th July.

Check out the flyer below for a full list of dates and make sure to see them if you can make it to one of their performances. For the latest updates check Brutai's Facebook page.

Overlook on the coming Brutai shows, (c) by Brutai, used with kind permission

Finally if you've not heard them befor tune in to their first single "Deep". You can purchase the track via the band's Bandcamp page.


CD Review: Slitherum - Godbox Suicide (2016)

A great gothic metal album with slightly industrial elements showing that compact riffing and straight rhythm can offer a fine mixture without sounding monotone. The harsh vocals add a good potion to the music that you don't want to miss anymore once heard.

Short Introduction

Slitherum formed in 2015 in the city of Athens, the trio comprised of Nick Marinos on vocals, Giannis Kalamatas on guitars, bass and synths, and Antonis Kanaras on drums. They instantly began to work on the first material that has been released under the title "Godbox Suicide" in the beginning of 2016.

The cover of Slitherums first album "Godbox suicide", (c) by Slitherum, used with kind permission

What's so great about this band is that they've taken this sort of direct and sharp guitar riffing back to the surface of today. I miss this a lot in the music scene of today. Combined with the straight rhythms the music comes together in a form of constant expression that's so intense through's it's constanty. Yet it always evolves a little bit with every step it takes on further. Just keep a ear on the little elements and how they add and change. It's intensive enjoyment for all the metal enthusiats out there that love to go in deep and fully concentrate on the message of the music.

The vocals are sharp and harsh but never sound to rough or not suiting to the material. Moreover I found out that they are a good way to widen the band's unique music. My favorite is "Vulnus" which plays around with the riffing and it's up and downs. It's a good first pick if you want to quickly check in to the band's sound.

While the first five tracks are more straight forward numbers the last two offerings show that the band is also able to create softer songs as well. "Child" surprises with a much more slowed rhythm mixed up with soft toned guitars and touching vocals. The music unfolds slowly as the track builds up with each moment passing until the end releases some pressure and closes finally back with the more silent way the track began.

"Cure" closes out the record in a more industrial way with it's constant, cold beat. Anyway this little piece of music adds to the atmosphere with it's unusual riff towards the song middle and the repeating song theme.


You can pick up a hardcopy of "Godbox Suicide" by getting in touch with the band through their Facebook page. The record has been released in a limited number of copies. You can choose between a vinyl version in a special package that is limited to only 8 copies or get your hand on one of the 100 CD's that have been manufactured of this great first release of Slitherum.


Check out the band's sound through the Youtube player below. I've picked the track "Vulnus" which is one of my favorites of Godbox suicide. More tracks can be heard on the bands Youtube channel.


The band can be reached through their Facebook page and also has a account on Youtube.


Clockwork Revolution surprise with high octane video single

Sometimes the best things in life find you out of the blue and arrive without any announcement. It has been like this for me when I heard about Clockwork Revolution a band that is comprised of former members of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Crimson Glory and Kamelot. Currently mastering their debut album, the band has released their debut video – “Give Me the Reins”.

Clockwork Revolution is drummer Patrick Johannson (W.A.S.P., Yngwie Malmsteen, G3, Gus G, Lynch Mob), singer Wade Black (Leatherwolf, Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, Leash Law, War of Thrones), bassist Dirk Van Tilborg (Alias, Attakk, Crimson Glory, Kamelot) and guitarist Dewayne Hart (Kinlin).

Having given the video a spin it becomes quickyl clear that this band kicks a lot of ass. It is straight forward metal coming directly from the heart. It reminded me positively of Rob Rock and Metal Church in a lot of ways. It's great to see a band combining elements of modern and traditional metal in such a explosive mixture.

Most of all the video shows the musical abilities all the members contribute to the bands sound. It's this high energy level and easiness that adds to the fun of watching Clockwork Revolution perform also making music for sure is not as easy as it may look in videos like this. To me musicians are like sportsman performing on a high level. They all train hard, they all practice regulary and they all give their best to archive their goal and to give us what we all love and enjoy.

The band Clockwork Revolution performs live, (c) by Clockwork Revolution, used with kind permission

If this song has made you longing for more (like me) head over to the band’s website which contains audio samples of the debut album available for streaming. Clockwork Revolution wrote and recorded the 10 original tracks in August and November of 2015. The album has been mixed and is currently being mastered for a 2016 release.

You can stay in touch with the band through a click on the like button of Clockwork Revolution's Facebook pageor have a look from time to time on their homepage.


Senate Of Prevail explore the Hollow Ground

Sometimes it's cool to see how the songwriting in metal bands has evolved over the years.

Looking back to the classic days you could nearly always be sure that there was this verse - refrain way the lyrics were build upon. After that there was another verse and refrain followed by the guitar solo just to lead into the final repeat of the refrain again. The song finished some or other way and that was the way we knew and it and I think most of us loved it.

These days bands attempt it differently. Some tracks start for example straight away with the vocals coming straight in directly at the beginning. Sometimes the vocals are present all the time never giving a break for the solo that is missed out completly.

But most of all the refrains cannot be spotted immediately as such. In the old days it was always the peak of the music. These times the refrains are often build inside not leaving the overall song structure but keeping the structure intact. Nevertheless they can be something that burns down deep in your mind. Try this song below to hear what I'm talking about.

These were my thoughts when Sweden's Senate Of Prevail came around with a brandnew track called "Hollow Ground". Not only that the song kicks from start to finish but most of all it has this dominate vocals with it that rush through the full track duration making it a hell of a ride but with this refrain worked in that won't leave my mind now anymore. 

Check it out for yourselves and pick up the track as free download while it's still up. While you're waiting for the data transmission to finish see the band's social site on Facebook, Instagram and on Soundcloud. Be sure to mark those with a like or follow. We need to make this band coming back in my eyes. Maybe if we call loud enough for them they will come back? I hope for that and would like to ask you kindly to support me in this mission.


Let's speak with...Malice (2016)

Malice came around to me as sort a positive sign of the truemetal side of the Heavy Metal genre. I can remember a couple of years ago when I used to listen to more bands of this sidearm of our beloved music but somehow things changed as they do ever so often in life and I began to listen more to other bands.

This band and their debut album "Triumph and Glory" brought back a lot of the good memories to me of the old days so I started to wonder who may be behind this band and what their intentions are to bring on music in such a subgenre of metal that is not heard too often these days when a lot of bands tend to go into the metalcore direction.

Gladly "THE METAL WARRIOR" Rayman James, Bassist and founder of Malice picked up my questions and gave a good insight into what keeps him motivated and how music influences the day to day life as well a a memory of his time on stage.

The cover of the Malice album "Triumph and Glory", (c) by Malice, used with kind permission

 Q. )How did the band come together?

A.) Like Magic it just happened.   I was trying to get it going for a while then the pieces all just fell into Place

Q.)Which sources do you use as inspiration for writing new songs?

A.) Inspiration is all around, in other music, or books and movies different stories will inspire things or certain moments in my life will inspire me to write something.  Its really in everything

Q.)Do you feel that writing and performing music helps you to push on further with your own personal lifes?

A.)  Well music kinda is my own personal life.  If anything writing and performing kinda hurts the social life and dating life I guess.  But i write or try to write more inspiring and empowering music so in that way It keeps me strong in my day to day life I would say cause I cant write about something I dont live or believe myself.   As far as the personal life and dating life goes it does hurt that. 

Q.)Social media surely plays a big role in the communication between a band and their fans. Do you feel that fans contact you more or less personally at gigs these days?

A.) well at gigs it just depends on if we are around before we play or how long we are able to hang out after we play.   We always have a few fans able to catch us and chat a bit, and we do enjoy talking to them as well and knowing they had a good time.   It just dont always work with our schedule to be able to stick around and chat.  Lot of times after we finish its very late and the venue is closing and we have to pack our stuff up and get going. 

Q.)Do you still prefer releasing music on traditional media like LPs, CDs and the like or do you feel the same satisfaction when putting out music digitally?

A.) I still prefer to have a hard copy of everything, if I buy music I buy a cd, I am an old timer I guess.

Malice live on stage, Photo credit: MtLProductions.com, used with kind permission
Q.) Have you ever experimented with other styles over the years and thought about changing?

A.) is there other styles?  I am who I am and write exactly what I think and believe.   I like this style and genre so this is what I play I couldnt have it any other way.

Q.) Did you come along points where you thought about leaving it all behind? If you reached that point: how did you keep the motivation up to move on?

A.) Never give up never surrender.  Music is my blood, my oxygen my life.

The Malice band logo, (c) by Malice, used with kind permission
Q.) What was the funniest story that came along your way when you performed live? Or did things happen that you would have never thought of to occur (not only at gigs but maybe anywhere else as well)?

A.) Oh well there are many things I guess for me the first thing that comes to mind is that I ran onto stage and busted the laces on my leather pants.   These were side lace pants and the spread started to go further down my leg and I started to fall our of my pants.  So I was attempting to still play the guitar while holding my pants from coming open and trying to signal my stage manager to come help me out.   Soon as the song ended I was able to fix the problem but that first song we play is MALICE and lasts a little more than 7 minutes so yeah it was a bit of a situation for me there.

Make sure you'll keep a eye upon Malice. Take a look from time to time on their homepage or give their Facebook page a thumbs up.


A Light Within evolve beyond any frontier on new demos

A Light Within have been among my favorites for a long time. Both of their EPs "Preface" as well as "Body Matter" offer the listener a outstanding musical experience. They evole the genre of post rock in a way I've seldomely ever heard any other band did before. When you listen to their music it will take you to new insights and feelings and leave you behind wondering to what you've just been listening. Small wonder I've put a pin badge of their band logo on my jeans summer jacket.

The pin badge of A Light Within on my summer jacket

Currently the band is back recording brand new material. They kindly offer a early possibility to listen to what they're working on in a demo stadium already. The two new cuts entitled "Surrounded by Astronauts" as well as "An Educated Gentleman" show that A Light Within have evolved even further and beyond any frontier this time. Besides the music the two short videos have stunning visuals with them that I've not seen anywhere else yet.

Don't miss out this two snippets and head on over to Bandcamp or Facebook and join them there so you'll be notified on what they're going to do next.


Free summer soundtrack up for download with Welcome To Sin City Vol. 1

A new month has begun - time to head out and start something new. It's summer time - always the best of what could be. But to each summer there's a need of a proper soundtrack. So what to do?

Look no further the solution is right here. :-) Online Metal Promo, Sin City Presents Magazine and Metal Babe Mayhem Fashion and Accessories have united to put together a free download compilation of 26 great underground bands. This will give you the proper power to make your plans come true.

The cover of the Welcome To Sin City Vol.1 compilation, (c) by Online Metal Promo, Sin City Presents Magazine and Metal Babe Mayhem

Featured on this compilation are the following bands:

1. Alsatia
2. Angerhead
3. Azrael’s Bane
4. Blasted To Static
5. Broken Teeth
6. Canedy
7. Chris Violence
8. Corners of Sanctuary
9. Diamond Lane
10. Dire Peril
11. Empires of Eden
12. Eternal Voyager
13. Flames of Fury
14. Helion Prime
15. Ignitor
16. Lords of the Trident
17. Love & War
18. Malice
19. Maxxxwell Carlisle
20. Seventh Calling
21. Shallow Ground
22. Sorizon
23. St. James
24. The Rods
25. Vanlade
26. Zephaniah

Don't hesitate and pick up your summer package of heavy music for free from this location.

While you're waiting for the music to arrive to your hardisk take a minute to check out the website of Metal Babe Mayhem Fashion and Accessories, Online Metal Promo and Sin City Presents Magazine. Finally: enjoy summer and let others know about this one.