Medevil stream full album for limited time only

If you've read my article about Medevil's video "Nightwalker" you probably know about the band's qualities. Don't worry if you missed it out. You're still in for a treat.

Photo Credit - Kevin Eisenlord,  L-R - Eric Wesa (Bass/Backup Vocals), Ross Collingwood (Drums), Liam Collingwood (Vocals), Gary Cordsen (Lead Guitar), Brett Gibbs (Rhythm Guitar)
A little dream has come true for me with this band. Medevil capture all the things I love so much about metal. They combine elements of the best oldschool bands like Metal Church when it comes to the riffs, add the songwriting abilities of Iron Maiden and put in vocals that Udo Dirkschneider couldn't have layed down better on tape.

I guess many of you out there that have heard and seen the video can't wait to hear the full thing. Happily we are in luck and I can share a stream of the full "Conductor of Storms" record as a stream right here. But seize the opportunity. It will be up for a limited time only (from Aug 26-Sept 9).

If you like what you hear you can order a copy of the album over at medevilmusic.com or catch the band on the road in Canada these days (and maybe pick up a copy of the CD directly at the show).


Aug 28 - Chilliwack, BC - Main Street Night Club
Sept 5 - Kelowna, BC - Muninn's Post
Sept 8 - Calgary, AB - Verns
Sept 9 - Edmonton, AB - DV8
Sept 10 - Calgary, AB - Overtime Sports Bar

I'm sure this is a band we're going to see and hear of a lot in the coming years. I hope for that. Make sure to follow them via Facebook or Twitter.


The Kreoles preview new abum with a outstanding vocal performance

The Kreoles preview the upcoming new abum with the release of a song that is a combination of a straight forward rock / metal track that incorporates a outstanding complex vocal performance

The Kreoles mix up powerful riffs with much rhythm drive and tempo all along with unusual vocal performance structures and much variations. I've seldomely heard something going in so directly while also being so complex in the musical depths. It takes some moments to come to he full picture but it pay's off in the end. Give it a chance and you'll know what I mean.

I'm glad to be given the chance to share one track of the new record in advance here on my blog.

One year after the release of their debut ‘Touch The Sun’ (Valery Records, 2014), The Kreoles recently went back into the recording studio to give shape to what will be their second effort called "Psycho". It will be released via Sliptrick Records on September 20th 2016.

The idea behind The Kreoles took form throughout 2011: the purpose is giving life to a new musical path, in order to cause an almost-new style. The word Kreoles means new creation indeed.

The Kreoles is a musical project created and founded by Ivan McSimon who has already had some experience in the field of music in his previous works. McSimon’s olden collaboration included high-famed artists as Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius), Andre Matos (Viper, Angra, Shamaan), Doro Pesch and Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden).

The band The Kreoles, (c) by The Kreoles, used with kind permission
The outstanding voice that can be heard in this combo is named Valentina Merlo. Futhermore McSimon is backed up by Marco Francesco D’Elia on bass and Davide Piccolo on drums: these two guys bring the perfect rhythm section to all McSimon’s pieces.

Make sure to keep in touch with them via Facebook or check their homepage from time to time.


Meshiaak melt old and newschool thrash on debut album

It's sometimes really surprising to see that supergroups can come along the way without any sign that has surfaced beforehand. It has been like this for me when I first heard about Meshiaak and their first album "Alliance of thieves" which saw the light of last last friday 19th August 2016 via Mascot Records. This band features Jon Dette (Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Iced Earth) on drums and on the guitars we hear Dean Wells (Teramaze) & Danny Camilleri (4ARM) while Nick Walker plays the bass guitars. Danny Camilleri has also taken over the duties when it comes to the vocals.

So far some full songs of the record have already premiered and they can all be heard on the Facebook page of the band. As for me the song "Drowning, Fading, Falling" has been my favorite. It comes along as a cool classic thrash track with a calm core inside. I love to hear some variations inside the vocals, it's those notes that bring some relaxing moments to take a breath before the rollercoaster moves on.

It's also a good example on how old and new stuff can me melt into one piece. The band has also pointed out about that in a statement saying through the words of Dean Wells: "We went with keeping the sound as band-orientated and organic as possible, but with using a lot of modern technology,” explains Dean. “It’s a blend of old and new because we recorded to two-inch tape for the drums through an old Neve desk, but the rest of the album was produced in my home studio. We also went with a mixer named Jacob Hansen who is known for a lot more progressive music. But I think the combination really gives Meshiaak a new and fresher sound than most traditional thrash albums. And so we’ve tried to create something fresh amongst the guidelines of traditional metal and thrash with some progressive elements, although at the same time we wanted to make music feel like when we first discovered bands like Megadeth, Metallica, Machine Head etc., even Alice in Chains and Slipknot.”

The band Meshiaak, (c) by Karina Wells, used with kind permission


CD Review: A Place To Fall - Lost Myself (2016)

What we have here is a bitter brutal post hardcore album that leaves no mercy as about it's message. This band screams out that they really want it all and they've put in so much energy that it will make your speakers blow. Find out how post hardcore should sound in 2016.


The band came to my attention at a Open Air festival here in Lingen - the Rock am Dom. At that time the band was starting to form in line-up as well as soundwise but it was already clear that they would sound very promising. So I kept a eye on them and followed them further both on Facebook as well as live at the Rock am Pferdemarkt and a little later at the Abifestival contest. In the meantime the band wrote and recorded "Lost Myself" and over the gigs one could easily see and hear that the band has evolved quite a lot.

The cover of Lost Myself, (c) by A Place To Fall, used with kind permission
Summary / Album overview

The album has a lot of killer qualities. As I wrote above I was able to follow the development of the band but never expected such a result in the end. The record comes straight in with the intro for "The Rise", a dark haunting melody carving the way for what is about to come. The following "Your Fall" shows the heavyness the band combines along with great rhythm. The vocals come in quite harsh on this one but are always melodic and outworked with much passion.

The same goes for "All your lies". That song was already available as stream early at the band's Youtube channel but this version is quite different. The contrast of growls of guitarist Oliver and the clean parts of vocalist Sebastian gives this one a special kicking note. You'll remember this after listening. The tile track that follows shows a masterpiece in my eyes and a first high peak of the record. This one builds slowly crawling on the floor just to explode at the refrain directly into the listeners face. Don't miss out this one.

"New Hopes" goes a more straight way vocal-wise but I love the riffing and drumming on this one. It goes back and forth and shakes 'till the end. "We're Fading Away" has a anthemic refrain and is most melodic and straight forward of the album. The clear guitar parts have been my favorite from the first listen.

We continue on "Dream of Memories" that rips us up with a direct riff. Many vocal layers and variations on this one. Very heavy indeed. "Photographs" is next to go. It's a dark number which much heavy distorted guitar sounds and rhythm changes but a lot of brutal elements nevertheless. "Behind A False Light" closes the album in a straight forward way. The clean notes towards the end leave you with a redemption feeling.


The record is up on digital outlets such as Amazon, iTunes and Google Play for 8 Euro. The band also has physical copies on sale in a beautiful fold-out case for the same price. It is available through their webshop or you can message the band through Facebook if you don't have Paypal.


The whole nine songs can be heard on Spotify or Deezer. I've also included the track "We're fading away" for all of you who don't have a acoount there or just want to quickly check out the bands sound.

Contact Data

The band has a cool Facebook page up and running and also offers a insight into the bands activities via Instagram. Also make sure to have a look on their homepage if you want to contact or book them.


Medevil mix thrash of the 80's with classic metal and razorsharp vocals

Today it is more than ever a exciting time that see's a lot of new bands emerging that are offering a wide variation of styles, influences and mixes. Today's metal scene has become more diverse and colourful than ever in my eyes offering a bandwith like never before. It's like the best is yet to come so we all should do our best so the metal scene can continue to evolve and survive and bring us all the music we love and need.

So how would it sound like if you mix up elements of old thrash classics of Metal Church, comine them with a songwriting attempt in a style of old Iron Maiden albums and round it all out with raw vocals reminiscent of Udo Dirkschneider? Well, Medevil is the answer in my ears. The new album of them is straight around the corner and set for release on 26th August 2016. In support of the release the band has set up three tracks as a prelisten and I'd like you to check out their newest video of the track "Nightwalk" which is the opening track of the record. You can pre-order the album "Conductor Of Storms" through the band's website. 
You can find the other songs on the Youtube channel of Medevil.

Medevil will play some shows these year. See the flyer below for the exact dates and the album cover.

The flyer for the Medevil tourdates 2016, (c) by Medevil, used with kind permission

Make sure to connect with them for updates via Facebook, Twitter or their homepage.


Goth metallers Darkwell return with new album in September

It's great to see so many bands decide to come back again these days. Many of them had to take a break from things for various reasons but I think doing so is still much better than leaving it all behind. It leaves hope behind and hope is always something we all need at all stations in life I think.

So to come back to the topic austrian Gothic metallers of the legendary band called Darkwell will come back with a fresh album in September 2016. This time around former female vocalist Alexandra Pittracher will be back as well and take over vocal duties on the new album entitled "Moloch".

The new longplayer is set for release on 23rd of September via Massacre Records. The cover has already been released and can be seen below.

The cover of the new Darkwell album "Moloch", (c) by Jasmin Elisabeth Wanner, used with kind permission

In the meantime here's a clip from the past days as a reminder to all those who know the band already or as a introduction to everyone who's interested to get to know Darkwell.

As for me I like their dark mysterious and powerfull songwriting which is combined with the fragileness of the female vocals something which can create so much touching, haunting and chilling moments when listening to such music. It really leaves you behind with some emotions. The keyboards add also a good potion to this - I think it throws in a lot of atmosphere and widens the musical expression of the band.

Make sure to stay in touch with Darkwell through Facebook or subscribe to their Youtube channel so you won't miss out on further updates.


Let's speak with...Seventh Calling (2016)

Seventh Calling came to my attention through their mixture of old school styles on their album "Battle Call". The band is a good package of traditional metal elements along with slight parts of thrash mixed in that is rounded out by anthemic refrains. The production and songwriting of the music is kept in a more modern package so it is nice mixture of the best of the traditional roots all along with what today has to offer.

We spoke with Steve Handel, vocalist and guitarist of the band about the inspiration to the band's lyrics as well as the effect that being a musician has on the private lifes of the bandmembers and what happened when two ladies had a few drinks too much at a show of the band...

Heavy Metal Underdogs: How did the band come together?
Seventh Calling: 'This particular lineup happened from the result of getting together and jamming on cover songs first.  Then it progressed into doing the recording of the Battle Call album.'

The cover of the Battle Call album, (c) by Seventh Calling, used with kind permission.

Which sources do you use as inspiration for writing new songs?

'Well in some instances I use realism in life, or news that we will hear in the morning on tv, radio or read in the newspaper.  The song Perfect Silence on the new record is such a song.  Then there are other times such as in our song Battle Call, which is the title track, that is a strong anthem type song calling for all traditional metal heads to rise and stand strong in their beliefs in the metal.'

Do you feel that writing and performing music helps you to push on further with your own personal lifes?
'It certainly has a way to keep you focused by having the life of music to enjoy.  It is a way of getting together with friends and having a good time playing on some music or simply having conversation about random things that happened in the passing day.'

Social media surely plays a big role in the communication between a band and their fans. Do you feel that fans contact you more or less personally at gigs these days?
'As far as coming up and speaking to us after a show fans speak to us usually.  We encourage it actually.  But yes we are contacted regularly through our social sites and it helps out alot for fans to look us up and find us.'

Do you still prefer releasing music on traditional media like LPs, CDs and the like or do you feel the same satisfaction when putting out music digitally?
'We prefer to do both.  Yes, having the actual release of an album in my opinion, is much better.  It is nice to read the words inside our booklet when I forget the words! HA!  Seriously however, we do prefer physical releases as compared to digital only.'

Have you ever experimented with other styles over the years and thought about changing?
'We have experimented with different styles within our genre surely.  However we still end up coming out sounding like Seventh Calling!  A call to the traditional or classic style heavy metal.'

The band Seventh Calling, (c) by Seventh Calling, used with kind permission.

Did you come along points where you thought about leaving it all behind? If you reached that point: how did you keep the motivation up to move on?
'Never.  I haven't ever thought of not performing.  It has simply been a way of life for myself since I can remember.'

What was the funniest story that came along your way when you performed live? Or did things happen that you would have never thought of to occur (not only at gigs but maybe anywhere else as well)?

'The funniest thing I have ever seen at a Seventh Calling show was one night we were performing in Superior, Wisconsin I believe. Anyhow, there were 2 ladies that were having way too much fun at the club.  Must have been a long day at work.  HA! But! As we began our set, these 2 lovely ladies walked up on the stage and proceeded to pull their pants down!  HOWEVER! What they did after that was awesome! They both took a run at the end of the stage and jumped off the stage trying to reach this pole that was about 15 feet off the front of the stage right in the middle.  They did not reach this pole.  Both of them bounced very hard off of the floor like in throwing horseshoes!  Needless to say, both got up and continued about the evening like nothing had happened.  Except it took them awhile to get their pants up! HA!

Contact Data

Check out Seventh Calling's social accounts on Facebook and Reverbnation to get in touch with them. 

The logo of the band Seventh Calling, (c) by Seventh Calling, used with kind permission


Flames Of Fury look for bassist and release new video

A good band always needs proper people to be able to continue on their journey. Sadly from time to time band members have to leave because of various reasons and it's not always easy to find new musicians who fit musically as well as clicking on the human side of things.

The same goes for New York / New Jersey based female fronted melodic power metal band Flames of Fury who are currently on the lookout for a new bass guitar player. Vocalist Angelica Valkyrie has checked in with a statement about the change in the band and the requirements the new four string player should meet:

"We are now actively seeking a permanent bassist to join the band and perform on future tours. Currently Flames of Fury is performing with bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X / Mike LePond's Silent Assassins). We have been so happy and honored to have Mike LePond perform with us onstage as our guest bassist, as he's definitely extremely busy! So now, the band has come to a crossroads, where we really have to have a permanent bassist with us for future touring. So help us get the word out to all potential candidates, as we are counting on securing a worthy replacement to join the band permanently. Interested candidates can contact Flames of Fury directly at: info@flamesoffury.com "

The band Flames Of Fury, (c) by Flames Of Fury, used with kind permission

In the meantime the band is laying down the finishing touches to their debut full length album "Firestarter", which is scheduled for a independent release later in the year. To help skip the waiting time until more news about the release come in the band has set up a lyric video for the fan favorite "I Burn".

Valkyrie says about the video:

"We have wanted to give back to our loyal fans who have been with us from the very beginning, so we went back to our debut EP release and chose the song "I Burn" and immortalized it in a killer new lyric video. This song has been a fan favorite since our humble beginnings. Our desire has always been to create a video for it and now we finally have it. It's crazy, dark and Metal AF!"

Make sure to stay in touch with the band through their homepage or connect with them on Facebook.


CD Review: Chemical Wedding - Don't Look Back (2015)

A massive hardrock metal album showing that good and clear riffs are not of out of date these days. The wonderfull production comes with much heavyness but it never misses out warmth and a little smile.


A lonely man stands at the end of a road. The path is small and some vegetation can be seen at the right side. Where does he go? Well, I think you need to take a look for yourselves to find out. Just one thing is clear: he doesn't look back, all of his action takes place in front of him. So, let's follow the story on how we came here told by the french band Chemical Wedding...

The album cover of Chemical Weddings "Don't Look Back", (c) by Chemical Wedding, used with kind permission


This is a beautiful example of what a band is able to accomplish if they put all of their strenghth into one album. They are making it clear from the beginning that this band knows what they want. Massive, powerfull yet catchy riffs burst into your ears when you start the CD player. The constant pushing rhythm comes all along and it comes to the burst when the vocals come pushing in.

The song structures are kept clear on forward and heavy on most of the tracks. It's the driving power that brings on the fun when listening to the twelve tracks of the record. On some points you'll witness intermissions that bring in a fresh breeze. The track "Dead Man Walkin'" is a good example for that. It contrasts the other songs with a more complex build structure and a bit unusual drum pattern towards the end of the song.

But it's not all just guitar riffs. "Don't Look Back" also lives off the beauty of the slow and silent tracks. It's as strange as it is but many records that roar it out heavy are the most intensive in their slowest and soft moments. It's like this with songs such as "A poor toy in your hands" and "Bereaved Soul" that you realise how much deep emotions this band breathes. It's these breathtaking moments that make you aware how much the musicians give you that you realize the worth of all the work they spent on this album.

All in all this album made me feel good. It comes around with a smile and also doesn't miss some fun every here and there when the tracks begin or end in a unusual way with just screaming the song name.

Purchase-Link and Player

The album comes around as a digipack. It is wrapped in a case of outstanding artwork. This goes for the front as well as for the back cover and also inlay and CD have their own artwork with them. The band sells the album for twelve euro online in their online shop. This is a bit more than you may pay for other albums but keep in mind that you'll also get twelve instead of eight or ten tracks that are up on most records of today. You won't regret purchasing this one.

As a example here's the track "Dead Man Walkin'" of the album.

Contact Link and Tourdates

Chemical Wedding have a own Facebook page where you can get in touch with them.
Also make sure to see them live this summer/fall:

24/09/2016 Brin de Zinc (tribute Lemmy et Camille Marquet)
04/09/2016 Leyment Fest (01)
07/10/2016 Décines Warmaudio


Wacken 2016 livestream coming up feat. full Iron Maiden set

It's this time of the year again! Wacken Open Air will soon start and celebrate three days of Heavy Metal music. For all those who cannot make it there or didn't had the chance to get their hands on one of the tickets that sold out quickly at the blink of the eye I've got good news. :-)

That's how live shows used to be recorded back in the analogue age. Good old VHS tape, I still love it.

Arte Concert has announced to stream a good amount of shows through a internet livestream. Amongst the bands that have been listed to have their shows included on the stream are metal legends Iron Maiden who will perform a extended set which will see them close the touring circuit for the "Book Of Souls World Tour".

But I'm also glad to see that smaller bands will also find the way on the screens of the users. Here's the schedule so far, all times are MEST.

Update 08.08.2016: If you missed out the whole thing don't worry. Most of the shows are currently up in the archive of Arte Concert as video on demand. But don't wait too long since these stuff mostly is only online for a limited time.

Update 04.08.2016: The playing times have slightly changed. Iron Maiden will do a shorter set, the same goes for Therapy? and one more show from 0:15-00:45 has been added. It's still not confirmed which act will be streamed at that time but I think it will be revealed soon. The schedule below has been updated with the latest info.

Thursday, 04.08.2016

16h50-17h35 Henry Rollins

17h40-18h05 Hämatom

18h10-19h25 Saxon tbc

19h30-20h30 Panzerballett

20h35-21h25 Phil Campbell’s All Starr Band

21h30-23h30 Iron Maiden

23h35-00h15 Therapy?

00h15-00h45 (tba - to be announced)

00h45-01h00 Born to Lose, Lived To Win (A Farewell to Lemmy Kilmister)

Update 05.08.2016: Some changes again. First of all: the link to the stream for today has been changed to this subsite. Bullet For My Valentine will not be streamed since the artist didn't gave their permission. The Saxon show will be broadcasted instead. The Tarja set has been shorted. 

Friday, 05.08.2016

16h20 17h20 Entombed A.D.

17h25-18h25 Axel Rudi Pell

18h30-19h45 Eluveitie

19h45-21h00 Saxon (Replay)

21h10-22h15 Tarja

22h30-00h00 Blind Guardian

00h15-01h30 Ministry

01h45-03h00 Testament

Update 06.08.2016: The times for the today's schedule have been changed and some bands been removed from the list. The timetable below has been updated to the latest info available.
Additionally german TV station 3Sat will broadcast live via TV and maybe also through the stations own Livestream directly from the event starting at 20:15h (MEST). They will show footage of  Steel Panther, Triptykon, Blind Guardian, Tarja and Ministry.

Saturday, 06.08.2016

15h50-17h05 Borknagar

17h05-18h20 Metal Church

18h20-19h35 Therion

19h40-20h55 (tba)

20h55-22h10 Steel Panther

22h10-23h25 Triptykon

23h25-00h40 Clutch

00h40-01h55 Arch Enemy

As always check back here often for updates since all the bands and times are subject to change or see the Facebook page for this blog.

The stream itself will be located at this page of Arte Concert.


Ways. portrait their musical contrasts in beautiful video

Ways. are a post hardcore formation from France that incorporates many different elements in their music. Some are of the traditional harsh and brutal nature, some have their origins in softer and melodic regions but this band has the ability to melt all of them into a sound that feels as if it has been always like this for them.

The newest video that comes fresh of the video cutting table of the band uses intensive and outstanding romantic as well as rough video recordings of nature phenomenons to express the varity in their musical spectrum. This video will give you a relaxed as well as kicking start into the new month.

The band will play a couple of shows in September 2016 in Spain (!) and France. Just check the flyer below if you can make it to one of their performances.

The tourposter of the upcoming Ways. shows in September 2016, (c) by Ways. , used with kind permission

A look on the bands internet plattforms such as Bandcamp or Facebook is a good idea if you'd like to find out if the other songs of their debut EP "Warching from afar" match your musical taste.