CD Review: Chemical Wedding - Don't Look Back (2015)

A massive hardrock metal album showing that good and clear riffs are not of out of date these days. The wonderfull production comes with much heavyness but it never misses out warmth and a little smile.


A lonely man stands at the end of a road. The path is small and some vegetation can be seen at the right side. Where does he go? Well, I think you need to take a look for yourselves to find out. Just one thing is clear: he doesn't look back, all of his action takes place in front of him. So, let's follow the story on how we came here told by the french band Chemical Wedding...

The album cover of Chemical Weddings "Don't Look Back", (c) by Chemical Wedding, used with kind permission


This is a beautiful example of what a band is able to accomplish if they put all of their strenghth into one album. They are making it clear from the beginning that this band knows what they want. Massive, powerfull yet catchy riffs burst into your ears when you start the CD player. The constant pushing rhythm comes all along and it comes to the burst when the vocals come pushing in.

The song structures are kept clear on forward and heavy on most of the tracks. It's the driving power that brings on the fun when listening to the twelve tracks of the record. On some points you'll witness intermissions that bring in a fresh breeze. The track "Dead Man Walkin'" is a good example for that. It contrasts the other songs with a more complex build structure and a bit unusual drum pattern towards the end of the song.

But it's not all just guitar riffs. "Don't Look Back" also lives off the beauty of the slow and silent tracks. It's as strange as it is but many records that roar it out heavy are the most intensive in their slowest and soft moments. It's like this with songs such as "A poor toy in your hands" and "Bereaved Soul" that you realise how much deep emotions this band breathes. It's these breathtaking moments that make you aware how much the musicians give you that you realize the worth of all the work they spent on this album.

All in all this album made me feel good. It comes around with a smile and also doesn't miss some fun every here and there when the tracks begin or end in a unusual way with just screaming the song name.

Purchase-Link and Player

The album comes around as a digipack. It is wrapped in a case of outstanding artwork. This goes for the front as well as for the back cover and also inlay and CD have their own artwork with them. The band sells the album for twelve euro online in their online shop. This is a bit more than you may pay for other albums but keep in mind that you'll also get twelve instead of eight or ten tracks that are up on most records of today. You won't regret purchasing this one.

As a example here's the track "Dead Man Walkin'" of the album.

Contact Link and Tourdates

Chemical Wedding have a own Facebook page where you can get in touch with them.
Also make sure to see them live this summer/fall:

24/09/2016 Brin de Zinc (tribute Lemmy et Camille Marquet)
04/09/2016 Leyment Fest (01)
07/10/2016 D├ęcines Warmaudio

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