Goth metallers Darkwell return with new album in September

It's great to see so many bands decide to come back again these days. Many of them had to take a break from things for various reasons but I think doing so is still much better than leaving it all behind. It leaves hope behind and hope is always something we all need at all stations in life I think.

So to come back to the topic austrian Gothic metallers of the legendary band called Darkwell will come back with a fresh album in September 2016. This time around former female vocalist Alexandra Pittracher will be back as well and take over vocal duties on the new album entitled "Moloch".

The new longplayer is set for release on 23rd of September via Massacre Records. The cover has already been released and can be seen below.

The cover of the new Darkwell album "Moloch", (c) by Jasmin Elisabeth Wanner, used with kind permission

In the meantime here's a clip from the past days as a reminder to all those who know the band already or as a introduction to everyone who's interested to get to know Darkwell.

As for me I like their dark mysterious and powerfull songwriting which is combined with the fragileness of the female vocals something which can create so much touching, haunting and chilling moments when listening to such music. It really leaves you behind with some emotions. The keyboards add also a good potion to this - I think it throws in a lot of atmosphere and widens the musical expression of the band.

Make sure to stay in touch with Darkwell through Facebook or subscribe to their Youtube channel so you won't miss out on further updates.

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