The Kreoles preview new abum with a outstanding vocal performance

The Kreoles preview the upcoming new abum with the release of a song that is a combination of a straight forward rock / metal track that incorporates a outstanding complex vocal performance

The Kreoles mix up powerful riffs with much rhythm drive and tempo all along with unusual vocal performance structures and much variations. I've seldomely heard something going in so directly while also being so complex in the musical depths. It takes some moments to come to he full picture but it pay's off in the end. Give it a chance and you'll know what I mean.

I'm glad to be given the chance to share one track of the new record in advance here on my blog.

One year after the release of their debut ‘Touch The Sun’ (Valery Records, 2014), The Kreoles recently went back into the recording studio to give shape to what will be their second effort called "Psycho". It will be released via Sliptrick Records on September 20th 2016.

The idea behind The Kreoles took form throughout 2011: the purpose is giving life to a new musical path, in order to cause an almost-new style. The word Kreoles means new creation indeed.

The Kreoles is a musical project created and founded by Ivan McSimon who has already had some experience in the field of music in his previous works. McSimon’s olden collaboration included high-famed artists as Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius), Andre Matos (Viper, Angra, Shamaan), Doro Pesch and Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden).

The band The Kreoles, (c) by The Kreoles, used with kind permission
The outstanding voice that can be heard in this combo is named Valentina Merlo. Futhermore McSimon is backed up by Marco Francesco D’Elia on bass and Davide Piccolo on drums: these two guys bring the perfect rhythm section to all McSimon’s pieces.

Make sure to keep in touch with them via Facebook or check their homepage from time to time.

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