MONSTER celebrates Halloween with livevideo single

This weekend there can be once again heard the call for trick or treat at the door. It's time for Halloween and many bands out there are doing gigs where they dress in proper clothes and play for the audience or are setting up some nice goodies for the fans.

The Halloween candlelight greets you!

The same thing may have been on the mind when MONSTER decided to do a recap of this years show at the Coast Rock Open Air and hand the output in form of a live video out to their fans out there. The cool thing is that they've picked the Track "Random Acts of Undead Empathy" as a song for the video single release.

That one has been amongst my favorites ever since the band dropped their first full length album "The Arrival" in 2014. As for me it's a perfect blend of the thrash classics of the 80s but in a completly "Take no prisoners" attitude. The songs shot out directly without too much solos and experiments all around. Plus there's the voice of Alex who keeps them in a dark and death-metal like style yet they are clear enough to be fully enjoyable and listenable. Then there is the fun factor. While it's hard music it never misses out to give you a good feeling in the end. That's what not many bands come around with. Just give their new video a spin and I think you'll quickly know what I mean.

MONSTER are offering their album as download completly free of charge on their Soundcloud account. Anyway I'd like to point you to there Facebook page where you can message them if you'd like to place a order for a copy on CD for only 5 Euro plus 2 more bucks for shipping and handling for residents in Germany or add 4 more Euro for worlwide shipping. You can also use their E-Mail to place your order more quickly and easy.

If you're living in Germany you may be happy to know that the band has two shows in coming. Here are the dates:

04. November 2016  J.V.A. Club, Ludwigsfelde
05. November 2016 Juz Klex, Greifswald


Lyra's Legacy expand sound to a much wider range

Some time ago we had a review of Lyra's Legacy first output (the mini album with the same name as the band) up here for reading. Since then the band was in the studio and was closed liped about how they would move on soundwise.

Happily the silence has ended now and the band gives some insight into what's coming up with the new release in the form of a brand new music video. The moving picture is given the title "Prisoner" which will also be the name for the upcoming album which is scheduled for release in 2017.

The bandlogo of Lyra's Legacy, (c) by Lyra's Legacy, used with kind permission

The band has surprised me in a very positive way with this song. It represents a massive development the band has gone through in the recent time. The soundscape the band produced is much more powerfull and most of all tighter than on the first offering. This is sourced a lot of the rhythm section. But the overall guitars have strengthen in the pressure and the vocals also show more depth yet it all is wrapped in a warm sound package which prevents it from sounding just hard and cold.

The band has some shows coming in the next time. Make sure to see them to have a look on their live presence for yourselves. Here are the dates:

29. October 2016
Brothers of Metal BOM 2016
Langerwehe, Germany

12. November 2016
Eisenfest VI
JZ Schwelm, Germany

25. November 2016
Metal for Mercy on Stage
Witten, Germany

03. December 2016
Metal Journey
Falkenheim Lüdenscheid, Germany  

09. December 2016
KULT on Tour
Eckhaus Kettwig, Essen - Germany

Let's keep a further eye on this band using the world wide web site of the band or joing them on Twitter or Facebook to stay in touch.


Brutai share Bloodstock 2016 memories along new track "Relapse"

The outdoor festival is over and out. But it's nice that we sometimes can collect some sweet memories of those times that we may recall later. Brutai have had a little look back recently when they looked through their live footage of their performance at the Bloodstock Open Air 2016. They decided to share it along with a reworked album version of the song "Relapse" which is taken of the forthcoming record entitled "Born". Read more about the upcoming release further down underneath the video.

As for me this is fine, outworked and well structured modern metal music. I like the ongoing constant vocals which change all the while during the track all along with the technical aspects. For example the bass guitar lines have much varitaions to offer and the keyboards come in slightly to create a atmosphere that adds to the overall topic of the track. The drums are a monster pushing the whole track. It's heavy but always in a way you still feel comfortable while listening.

The band have just signed to Transcend Music, and 'Born' will be out on 25th November 2016. You can preorder the record here.

A bandshot of Brutai, Photo Credit: Will Ireland Photography, www.willirelandphotography.co.uk

The band's album launch party will be in collaboration with Transcend Music's Christmas Party at The Borderline on 22nd November. You can buy tickets for the show right here or see more details about the event on Facebook.

Also make sure to stay up to date with Brutai on Facebook.


SpiteFuel: in the studio! Album in spring, Single in December.

So we didn't had any news on the heavy rockers from SpiteFuel here on the site for some time. What's happening over there?

The band has played some gigs in the meantime and was busy preparing songs for the first album. They constantly keep adding gigs to their schedule but as of today we have a little more concrete news snippet for you.

SpiteFuel with a happy crowd in the background, Photo credit: Hobbit Hauser

SpiteFuel has entered the Gernhart Studios (where already Destruction, Elvenking and Perzonal War recorded their albums) in Troisdorf, Germany (that's near Cologne) these days, in order to record their new longplayer, which will be released on MDD Records next spring.

In order to shorten the waiting time, the band is already planning a single entitled "Sleeping With Wolves" in December, which will include the brand new song in various versions. Among other things, an orchestral implementation is currently underway, for which composer Arkadius Antonik (Realms Of Odoric, SuidAkra) is responsible.  

Sounds exciting to me. As for now here's a list of dates the band will play in the upcoming time here in germany. For updates and more info on these show always check back to the Facebook page of the band.

Btw: I just saw that the band is hosting a video diary on the same site so we can keep a close eye on the progress in the studio that way. :-)

22. October - The Ranch Festival, Hechingen (with Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy and many more!)
05. November - Bonfire Support, ROFA Bad Friedrichshall
30. December - Red River Party with Wild Rider, Heilbronn

11. March 2017 - Rock im Wildpark, Bad Mergentheim
06. May 2017 - A Chance for Metal Festival, Andernach

To help skip the waiting time until the new single and album will be released here is the first full song that the band has put out earlier this year.


CD Review: Evig Natt - Evig Natt (2016)

A band combining worlds that seem to be contrasts - there's heavyness in their sound but they're not really heavy. Then there's much of darkness in the music but also a light that shines brightly. Try this band that is one of the hidden gems in my ears.


The Norwegian metal band EVIG NATT features former members of Enslaved, Einherjer and Thundra. They released the 3rd album entitled "Evig Natt" on March 19th, recorded and produced by themselves. It's hard to define a genre for this band because they are maybe even something of a genre of their own.

To make it sort of explainable I would say the closest you can say is that Evig Natt are sort of a dark symphonic/orchestral rock/metal band. This review talks about their latest effort entitled "Evig Natt" that has been released in 2016.

The cover of the Evig Natt album. Coverart by Monica Frivoll Sund, Photo from Jørgen Freim.


From the land of the midnight sun (Norway) comes this fantastic release. Entitled "Evig Natt" this record comes with a special note. It's from a band that has a own idea of how music should sound on their minds. That's at least how I felt when I listented to this album. Otherwise I cannot explain how they've come to create their unique sound. The main point is that it is not as heavy as you would expect it of a typical band with metal trademarks and influences but also not soft enough to be accepted in the world of rock or mainstream.

But it's this sensible sound construct I love so much. The songs come around mostly in a slower format and sound dark and majestic. There are drums sometimes but they're not hitting it the hard way as you know it of the typical bands in the genre. The music evolves and changes but they always keep a dark shell around it. In the middle, in the center of it that's where you'll find the light. Something that shines so bright in the darkness. It's the voice of Kirsten Jørgensen which sometimes tends towards a syphonic and even orchestra like voice but it doesn't reach the highest points which prevents the voice from getting too dominant and striking the nerves so that you want to turn it off.

In contrast there's also a darker voice of Oskar Naley present giving some parts sort of a good/bad scene. Listen to it for yourselves - you need to hear it to realize what I like to express with my words.Please give it some time to fully sink in. You'll be rewarded. This music helps to distress from things a lot. It's as intense as I've seldomely heard of any other band before.

Full album stream


You can pick up this diamond from the bandcamp page of Evig Natt directly. There's a download available but the band has also put out a edition on physical media for you to enjoy their music the good old way as a hardcopy. More configurations with T-Shirts are available from the same site, too.

A promo shot of the band, Photo-Credit: Jørgen Freim


Make sure to keep a eye on Evig Natt using the well known plattforms such as Facebook, Twitter or have a look at their YouTube channel.


Jupiter Hollow introduce upcoming social/Sci-Fi concept EP with new video

As for me it's impressive to see what people are able to do if they really want to. This thought just came across my mind when I heard about this ambient progressive rock/metal duo from Barrie, Ontario.

It's only these two guys called Grant MacKenzie (guitar, bass, synth) and Kenny Parry (vocals, drums, synth/keys) who've put together music that is breathtaking for me. It is for sure dominated by a progressive tonality but they keep things more straight forward and give the music room to breathe.

You never feel stressed with all the elements they bring in to the sound but instead it's more of a deeply emotional music which keeps sounding straight forward, harmonic and you can understand the song structures straight away. In addition to that the new video is calming with it's beautiful nature recordings. What's even better is the fact that this song is part of their upcoming EP 'Odyssey' which has some concept behind it that reminds me of a novel-like social/Sci-Fi story.

The EP that will be distributed by Milagro Records and is set for release on January 13, 2017 will feature 5 tracks to introduce their ambient experimental progressive songwriting plus will act as a prelude to their planned full length 'AHDOMN'.  

The following column contains spoiler! Please only read on if you like to know things in advance instead of discovering them for yourselves step by step.

The cover of the upcoming Jupiter Hollow EP "Odyssey", (c) by Jupiter Hollow, used with kind permission

"This EP is a concept record, it will tell the story about two characters fighting one another in order to save their civilizations, but they just can’t do it. They’re in control of their civilizations future, but then you actually find out that there's only one person, who’s actually fighting with themselves. They're unhappy with who they are when they look in the mirror and realize they can’t grow past their indifference, and that they actually aren't a good person and the people from their civilization will die." says the duo. "The cool thing about the EP's title track Odyssey is that the story then takes place after the civilization is destroyed, and the character leaves on a spaceship somewhere else looking for a new start. This track will be the introduction into our second record, which will be about them looking for a new start. It will be a more hopeful record. Spoiler Alert! Overall this EP is like the “trailer” to a movie. Odyssey will help listeners get acquainted with us and prepare them for our full album AHDOMN later in the year."

If you'd like to listen to some more stuff right now (like me) you are surely happy to read that some tracks of the EP have already been released. You can buy and listen to these songs on the band's homepage and keep the contact via YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.


Live Review: Great Escapes - Rock am Pferdemarkt Lingen 16.09.2016

Having missed the band in January this year when they played at the Alternative Rotation at Alter Schlachthof, Lingen I was more than pleased to hear that they would appear at this years "Rock am Pferdemarkt" Open Air in Lingen.

Great Escapes just did what the people like most: performing straight forward punk rock without fiddeling too much around. The band had the task to kick off the festival at a early stage time of 19h in the early evening. Anyway that along with the given rather short stage time of 30 minutes the band made something special of the show.

Great Escapes Live At Pferdemarkt Lingen Open Air 16.09.2016, Picture taken by Joern

Instead of talking much they decided to play a good amount of songs of their first CD that is properly titled "To My Ruin I'll Go Gladly". I like this look at the world - it's a so typical punk attitude to point at problems with the finger of irony. But as I wrote the show was something more special as Great Escapes decided to live-premiere four new tracks that the band has been putting together since the album release. I was also surprised to hear that the band has songs with english but also tracks that have german lyrics with them. You don't hear this mixture often.

The special thing about this band is that they're around in this constellation since 2014 but have gone straight to the start with a first full length recording at the end of 2015. In addition to that they were able to play many shows already - it's amazing to see what bands are able to make with so few support.

Great Escapes Live At Pferdemarkt Lingen Open Air 16.09.2016, Picture taken by Joern

The trio is a good pick if you just want to have a good time and many people out there liked what they did. Many families showed up and it was cool to see they enjoyed it, too. Make sure to check out their Facebook page to keep track of what they do next. Here is a video clip of Great Escapes to give you the possibility to have a idea of how they go along with their classic punk music. If you would like to hear more click on to Spotify that's where you can listen to the full album.


Vinyl Review: Heavy Baby Sea Slugs - The Minotaur / Trout Fishin' Man (2016)

A really raw piece of music, this experimental seven inch disc will make every listener happy who likes to endeavour something new and prefers to see music as a journey on his mind. It's like reading a book - everyone has a own imagination to the input that comes along.


It's not coming along often that a vinyl record fly's into my postbox but these days it happened and gave a good feeling to the writer of these lines. I mean how often do you touch one of these small round pieces of music in this times? The process alone of putting the vinyl on the table of the player, selecting the correct Round's per minute option and finally putting the tonearm carefully on the record is something special and sort of ritual.

The packaging

The double-sided cover itself is something unique - I've not seen something similar before. It reminds me of Iron Maidens old albums like Somewhere In Time or Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son where the full picture only comes to life when you add both the front and back cover. This one follows a similar concept and I like the way it's done. Good old handcrafted art. You rarely get to see this in 2016.

The cover of the Heavy Baby Sea Slugs 7' The Minotaur, (c) by Claire Taylor
The music

'The Minotaur' is centered around a doomy core and 'Trout Fishin Man' leans towards down-tuned noise rock. A really raw piece of music, but I love keeping it heavy and direct.

The Minotaur has a dark and heavy riff in it's center core. I like the way the groove spreads around this one. The haunting voices and effects give it a mighty atmosphere as if somehing bigger is sharing a message throughout the sound. A wall of sound that needs some closer listen to get fully through it.

Trout Fishin' Man: This song has a heavily distorted riff running through it. I needed some repeats to get to the point but you can hear that this has many layers put together all over. Surely a experimental track to be remembered. But no evolution has ever come from going the same ways over and over again. It always just happens where you try new paths. And that's what this track surely does.

Purchase-Link / Player

Do yourselfs a treat and purchase one of the limited edition seven inch vinyl records from the band's Bandcamp page directly. It comes along with one white and one black labeled side. Inside the cover you'll find the record as well as a little sheed with details about the release and the text of The Minotaur on the backside. The whole package is protected with a proper plastic foil bag. It all comes along handcrafted but with much love and dedication. Please support such efforts with your puchase. As for a first listen you can listen to the Heavy Baby Sea Slugs single right here.

Make sure to keep in touch with band during the Bandcamp page or see the Facebook presence of the record company of the band.