Corners of Sanctuary shares an all new, original and free Holiday single

So it's this time of the year again when the daylight fades away so soon that the days seem to be so short as never before. But it's also the period of the year when the light of candles shines brighter than ever.

Corners of Sanctuary keep up their fine tradition of handing a free gift out to metal fans worldwide in this special time. This year we are gifted with a all new, original Holiday single entitled “That Feeling We Know". The track is being made available as a FREE download exclusively on the band’s website.

Mick Michaels has checked in with the following comment about the single release:

“We love this time of year… and what better way to express that sentiment than through music,” said Mick Michaels, COS founder and guitarist.

Over the past several years, the band has released a number of Holiday tracks to celebrate the season.
“I don’t know if we will do it every year, but it felt like the thing to do this year. Besides, we always have a great time doing it… so that counts for something,” added Michaels.

Corners Of Sanctuary sends happy holiday season greeting your way, (c) by Corners Of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Corners of Sanctuary finish up the year with their remaining shows (see schedule below) and will be returning to the studio to continue work on their new album, “The Galloping Hordes,” set to release sometime in 2017.

December 2nd The Empire Concert Club w/Axemaster - Akron, OH
December 3rd Bobby’s Place w/Storms Within - Erie, PA
December 9th Irish Wolf Pub w/Beyond Fallen - Scranton, PA

Official Website: www.cornersofsanctuary.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CornersofSanctuary
Support the band: www.cornersofsanctuary.com/coscrowdfunding.html


Living Dead Girl creates a world of virtual simulation

I'm always impressed to see how creative people are that write and record music. What I'm talking about is the fact of how simple the elements are that musicians use. If you take these and look at them separately they look as if they aren't much or could be enough to work out something bigger with them.

It's like this with this video of the dark electronica duo Living Dead Girl. The way the song starts out seems to be just a little song fragement. But the duo works out the track further with every minute throughout the whole song duration so in the end it grows and vibrates like a big song. It's a outstanding track. The same goes for the video. The electronica duo uses simple visuals but the way they combine and cut them make this moving picture something special.

You can pick up "Simulation" as a single download or along with some more tracks on the "Autumn" EP for a small price from the Bandcamp page of Living Dead Girl.

Jessica English (vocalist of Living Dead Girl) explains the meaning behind the song in these word: "It imagines a world where virtual stimulation strips us of personal interaction and expression, leaving us without a sense of realism or self. The song explores the search for humanity amongst the artificial. After a long search for the right director to work with, we went with fashion photographer and videographer Vasilisa Forbes, who helped us bring our imaginings to life. The video juxtaposes a clinical, plain setting with a bright, vibrant, simulated world. The two begin to blur as the video progresses, asking us to question which one is more real.”

A scene of the video of Simulation, (c) by Living Dead Girl, used with kind permission

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Onydia shares a glimpse of hope with upcoming single

I like it when the lyrics that come with the music transport something. This part of the song can be a message, a thought, a opionion, a statement or anything else you can imagine. I've often found myselves checking the lyrics out and many times they did hold something worth reading and thinking about. So I can only motivate everyone to do the same thing and have a closer look on what the song wants to tell you.

This track of the band Onydia also has this special idea behind it of transporting something to the listener.
The Main theme of the track is the rebirth of hope when everything seems to be over as the band points out in their own words:

"Life is a complicated path which often makes us feel lonely and abandoned.

In these moments, confidence in ourselves and in our abilities make us feel alive, restoring our energy and letting us create pure art. Creation is a supernatural entity which discloses itself.

The artist cannot help but lends his soul and his voice to this entity, which is stronger and bigger than him. "Dyaphany " is an explosion of creative strength which spreads energy and positivity. "

You can feel that these words come from the heart. Here is a little glimpse on how the single will sound like. If you like progressive metal with the deepth and intensity of the female voice - this is for you. Check out the snippet on the website of the band's record company Revalve Records.
The full single is going to see the light of day on Friday 09.12.2016.

Onydia is the new project born from the hands of the ex Elarmir musicians, Eleonora Buono (Ex Elarmir), Daniele Amador (Ex Elarmir, Ade), Luca Zamberti (Ex Elarmir), After sharing the stage with bands like Arch Enemy, Epica, Sirenia and Amorphis the band continued their way with a new chapter in form of a single and album. 

The Onydia name was created from two greek words, oneiro(dream) and diafanìs (transparent),”the display of a surreal dream in the real world, a mystical dream, our emoctions when creating art”
The band signed a record deal with Revalve Records for the release of the new single in autumn 2016 and the debut album that will be released in the first months of 2017. The album will feature some special guests.

Make use of Facebook to stay in touch with the band for all the further updates.


CD Review: Dö - Tuho (Dark Stoner Doom Metal/2016)

This album has a calming and positive effect on me. It helps you to distress from things and besides that comes with much variations in the songs.


Dö is a dark stoner doom trio from Helsinki, Finland. The origins of the band go all the way back to 2007, but the current style has been developed only for a few years. The men behind the wall of sound are Deaf Hank (Bass & Vox), Big Dog (Guitar & Vox) and Joe E. Deliverance (Drums & Vox - 'E' stands for 'Epic')

The band's music is a genuine combination of stoner, doom, sludge with death/black metal twists here and there.  "Tuho" has been released in April 2016 and is the second release of the trio.

The cover of Dö's album "Tuho", Cover Art by Big Dog, (c) by Big Dog, used with kind permission


The record that comes under the title of "Tuho" (meaning Devastation) has a dark basic tonality no question. The vocals are black and doomy but the music has a constant movement and note inside of it. It's this continuous song structure that makes me feel positive about it. It's like that the songs go slowly but they always move along. They may never take big steps but you feel all along that they keep the direction. It's this permanent movement that makes me feel so good about it.

The first two tracks are typical for this style. The production is heavy and strong but there's also much clearness in the sound. The drums for example shine through fine and clear something that cannot be found too often in these musical style. Everblast II (The Aftermath) is a bit faster, yet it's still midtempo, something much welcome to me in times where music often tends to be played all just too fast.

Ex Oblivione is a surprise It's a slow track with a great melody inside and feels as if it has been written in a jamming session. But beware: it's a great song that unfolds slowly just to blast you away towards the end. One of the best tracks I've heard in a long time!

Kylmä is a bit mixed to me. A rough and edgy track but I somehow dislike it. I doesn't feel so harmonic through it's various parts in it so I don't like it as much as the other numbers on the record.

The album closes out with the shortest and the longest songs of the whole release. The first one Hail The Fire comes as a short clear guitar intermission - a welcome pause after the rough music in the track before. Forsaken Be Thy Name reminds me the most of the longtracks that Black Sabbath did release back in their early days. A mighty riffer with a jammed melodic and clear intermission part. You nearly don't notice when it's over that it was about twelve mintes long. A great way to round out a fine release.

Album stream

The full record can be heard from the Bandcamp widget below.


The album is available as a paid download on Bandcamp. If you decide to give a few bucks more you'll have the chance to get your hands on one of the CD-R copies. The price includes worlwide shipping so it could be a nice addition to your stoner/doom collection. It's well worth the money since I guess a lot of the fans of the mentioned genres will pick the album up often to have another listen and relax from the daily stress.

Contact Data

Be sure to keep in touch with Dö using Facebook or Twitter, maybe you'd also like to add them to your watch list on Spotify. They are looking for a label to release the album on vinyl so if there's someone interested out there - don't hesitate to contact them!


Hail Sagan take a stand against bullying and abuse

Bullying is a crime and not a normal way of treating others! It is a shame that this society doesn't seem to care about this important subject and most of all it is hard for victims to defend themselves or to protect against such attacks. That's the way I look at things and I'm glad there seem to be more people in the world of music who think that this topic needs to be expressed and talked about.

Female fronted Los Angeles hard Rock band Hail Sagan has taken a stand and brings this important matter up to the front in their video for the song "Dark Cloud". 

In a statement the band has clarified what can be seen in the video. Amery says "It's been a great experience being able to broach the subject of bullying and abuse with the lyrics of this song. We took it one step further and created a video with director Matthew Crum and DP Kenny Keeler that visually enhanced the sensitive subject matter.  

We chose to mask the members of the band in an effort to show the world that anyone can be a part of this, you never know who will be under there, maybe even a fan or someone who needs music to save them." 

At the moment you still have the chance to order the first EP that includes the song "Dark Cloud" directly from the band via Pledgemusic. If you order, you'll receive one of the limited edition copies on CD along with a signed print and a download of the songs. There's a second option which offers a signed copy of the record as well.

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CD Review: Brutai - Born (Modern Metal/2016)

Seldomely has a band impressed me the way Brutai did with their first album. Usually the first previews of many records sound good but the finished album later on may not be as fullfilling as you hoped for.

Happily that's not the same with "Born". Having heard the first track "Deep" I was thrilled for more to come. Seeing that the band was very busy with playing gigs wherever they had the opportunity and other stuff they had to work around like a writing blockade I thought that a EP would wait around the corner. But what we have here is a full album and that's even more impressive if you keep in mind that all of this happened in a time of under one year!

The cover of Brutai's first full length "Born", (c) by Brutai, used with kind permission

So what's inside of the package? First of all it's a modern metal record but one with a special note. While most of the songs have a rough edge to the riffs and the pushing, uncompromising rhythm it's the vocal's core that always centers the music back to some melodic and softer tonality. It's great to hear that along with some catchy melodies the record always remains one you love to listen to. Most of all the sound remains natural and intact not letting the all too modern production ruin the product in the end. You never have the impression that it's overpolished or impossible to play this but instead always can imagine that this is handcrafted music of real humans.

The first three tracks are a good intro in a row. The album slowly takes you into the world of Brutai. With every step you sink in further. While "Relapse" is a rhythm-oriented opener to the album, "Deep" adds the progressive elements just to finally push you to the riffing monster "Of Ashes".

The absolute peak of the record is reached with the songs starting with "Lucidity" up to "Dear Emily" - all the tracks grow further from one song to each other. They're all heavy and will give you a great feeling through the whole duration. I simply had to headbang to these tunes.

The middle sees us taking a breath with the modern half ballad "Valediction", some pretty complex piece of music yet is has a infectious melody spreading all along the track. Just when you thought it's over after the eight track "Over now" the band returns for two more songs.

"Visitors" has some great keyboard melody going through the whole track - it touches you and has been circulating in my mind for a long time. "The Border" is the heaviest track and a full surprise to the package. It's a long pushing heavy crusher that never seems to end but it gives you this special feeling to it that the band has put out something great with the debut "Born" and that you definitely need to see them live.

Purchase Link
Make sure to pick your copy early. All CD and T-shirt bundles are £20 for a limited time only... Prices will increase after 'Born' is released on November 25th. You can place your pre-order here.

Album stream
I've picked the track "Of Ashes" as a quick check- in song for you. Besides the great music it comes with a nice animated album cover. If you'd like to listen to the full album, just check out the Facebook page for the Heavy Metal Underdogs Blog - at this direct link you can hear the whole album that the band has uploaded to YouTube.

Contact data
Make sure to keep a eye on the band through Facebook and mark your calenders when the band hit's the road in January 2017 with The Devil You Know in the UK. For detailed tourdates check my post.


Arcade Messiah previews new album III

Instrumental metal albums are a exciting sort of releases for me. Since they focus completly on the music they have to work differently to keep the interest of the listener. If you've ever experimented with sound snippets on your PC you surely know what I mean and how hard it is to fill just one minute with instrumental music that is something worth your time.

A new album of John Bassett's project Arcade Messiah is about to be unleashed this November. It's the third installment entiled "III" and we can finally catch some short snippets of the record in the player below. While listening to the music the video also reveals the artwork by Michael Kerbow. The pre-order phase starts November 10th 2016 on Bandcamp.

Make sure to follow the next steps of the project through Twitter or Facebook.


Rik Emmett takes a cool train ride on "End Of The Line"

Yep, finally we made it through the whole long week. Time to calm down and distress with some heavy music. This one is the perfect fit I think.

It's a lyric video which let's you take a one way ticket ride while some cool heavy riffs and grooves can be heard. Those are sourced of the brand new Rik Emmett track that has just been revealed. The track features guest spots from Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Dream Theater singer James LaBrie. Make sure to look the full video because the end is not what you may expect...

The logo of Rik Emmett & RESolution 9, (c) by Rik Emmett & RESolution 9, used with kind permission

What I love so much about it is that it comes with such a great and cool riff and the groove is just bringing you in the right mood. That's exactly what Emmett seems to have on his mind when he writes new music as he explains in his own words: "The context of this entire album for me was, ‘Wow, somebody tossed me a lifeline.’ I still want to make positive music and offer people something that’s motivating and inspiring — and I want to do it for myself too. I need music, and music can provide that lifeline for me.”

The track is part of the upcoming album "RES9", released worldwide in various formats - CD, limited red vinyl, and digital download - on November 11th via Mascot Label Group/Provogue Records. Make sure to stay up to date by having a look on the homepage of Rik Emmett or connect via social channels such as Twitter or Facebook.


CD Review: God in a cone - Agrypnia (2016)

This album sounds as if it is dedicated to the open minded metalheads out there. It's half a metal album while the other half is focussed on electronic and atmospheric parts.


God in a cone is the side project of Nick Marinos. You may know him best of his vocals for the gothic metal band Slitherum from Greece. This record however is a solo project effort and in many ways much different from what Nick produces with Slitherum.

The cover of the first God in a cone CD "Agrypnia", (c) by God in a cone, used with kind permission


Agrypnia is a album that comes around with a lot of melodies and harmonies that you can directly access. They often form a structure that is easy to follow and has a clear tonality and message. This means most of the material isn't that heavy. Nick Marinos mostly seems to have had atmosphere and groove more on his mind than to record brutal songs right here.

As I said before you need to be open minded to enjoy this one. Many people out there may be reminded of Paradise Lost's album "Host" when they listen to this record. I know those songs of the british icons was discussed many times by the people out there. I like it and it still rotates in my CD player from time to time.

The same may happen with the first God in a cone effort. Agrypnia is full of electronic effects. I know this may be something purists don't like at all. But if you open up to the melody and just focus on the beauty of the music you won't recognize this anymore. This album doesn't leave my ears each time I listen to it and that's a sign that this piece of music left something in me behind.

I can only recommend you to give it a try - but please don't expect the usual metal sound right here. If you like the songs of Sisters Of Mercy you may also find this album a pleasure. It also has partly something of Korn but only if you compare it to the slower material of Korn. Sit back, relax a bit and I think you will enjoy this, too.


Some tracks are up on the YouTube channel of the project. As for this review I've decided to pick "Cold Feeder" as a preview track for you. It got me into the record and I think it's the best way to discover the music of God In A Cone.


If you would like to purchase the album on CD add Nick Marinos to your friendlist on Facebook. He has some of the silver discs left in store and you can buy them via Paypal directly from him.


You can find more info on the project and get in touch with them via Facebook.