Living Dead Girl creates a world of virtual simulation

I'm always impressed to see how creative people are that write and record music. What I'm talking about is the fact of how simple the elements are that musicians use. If you take these and look at them separately they look as if they aren't much or could be enough to work out something bigger with them.

It's like this with this video of the dark electronica duo Living Dead Girl. The way the song starts out seems to be just a little song fragement. But the duo works out the track further with every minute throughout the whole song duration so in the end it grows and vibrates like a big song. It's a outstanding track. The same goes for the video. The electronica duo uses simple visuals but the way they combine and cut them make this moving picture something special.

You can pick up "Simulation" as a single download or along with some more tracks on the "Autumn" EP for a small price from the Bandcamp page of Living Dead Girl.

Jessica English (vocalist of Living Dead Girl) explains the meaning behind the song in these word: "It imagines a world where virtual stimulation strips us of personal interaction and expression, leaving us without a sense of realism or self. The song explores the search for humanity amongst the artificial. After a long search for the right director to work with, we went with fashion photographer and videographer Vasilisa Forbes, who helped us bring our imaginings to life. The video juxtaposes a clinical, plain setting with a bright, vibrant, simulated world. The two begin to blur as the video progresses, asking us to question which one is more real.”

A scene of the video of Simulation, (c) by Living Dead Girl, used with kind permission

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