Christmas Gift: Are you ready to rock Vol. 3 sampler

Merry Christmas to each and everybody out there!

There are many bands I was able to write about in 2017. But as always time is short so it's not possible to have a post about all the great bands out there. 

Happily ONLINE METAL PROMO (United States), BREATH FRESHER webzine (Japan) and MARIC MEDIA (Australia) have joined forces to offer a free online digital download promotional music compilation titled "Hello Tokyo...OMP, Are You Ready To Rock?" featuring 53 songs from some of the hottest established and rising rock / metal bands from the United States and Australia.

The front cover for the free online download compilation "Are you ready to rock Vol. 3"

This package is a good and easy way to discover some of the new band's for yourselves. Here is a list of the band's that are featured:

ARTERIES - Australia
AZRAEL'S BANE - United States
BLASTED TO STATIC - Australia / United States
BURN RIVER BURN - United States
CAGE - United States
CANEDY - United States
COBRA - Australia
CROSSON - Australia
CROWN OF EARTH - United States
DEADSPACE - Australia
DEATH DEALER - United States / Australia
DIAMOND LANE - United States
ENVENOMED - Australia
FRANKENBOT - Australia
GODS OF EDEN - Australia
HELD HOSTAGE - United States
HELLEVATE - United States
HELLSCREAM - United States
HEMINA - Australia
IN DEATH - Australia
LOVE N WAR - United States
LUNAR - United States
MALICE - United States
MASQUED - United States
MATREKIS - United States
MEGA COLOSSUS - United States
NIGHT LEGION - Australia
NIVIANE - United States
NUCLEUST - Australia
OUR LAST ENEMY - Australia
PETER GRAIGS - United States
RAVAGE - United States
RIFF RAIDERS - Australia
SALEMS LOTT - United States
SCARS OF GRACE - United States
SCREAMKING - United States
SHALLOW GROUND - United States
SPACE VACATION - United States
ST. JAMES - United States
SYNAESCOPE - Australia
THE RODS - United States
THEM - United States / Germany
TO AN END - Australia
TOWER OF BABEL - United States / Europe
TUBEFREEKS - United States
VANLADE - United States
YUGEN - Australia

Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing directly at this Dropbox link.


Single Review: Drop Oblivion - Damaged Goods (Thrash, 2017)

The last days of the year are running but there's still something going on. This time it's a brutal piece of heavy music coming our way giving a idea of how 2018 could sound like.

The single cover for "Damaged Goods" without background and title, (c) by Drop Oblivion, used with kind permission

Drop Oblivion is the brain child of UK based solo composer Ian Mortimer. After getting into the local Metal scene in 2006 performing with various bands over the years, he started an outlet in 2014 for his own heavy creations with Drop Oblivion.

Originally conceived as a “just for fun” project, Ian began working with other musicians on some initial demo tracks,  and created an entire album of material over the course of a few days. As Ian progressed and focused on performing with his other ambient project “Skin For A Canvas”, Drop Oblivion took a back seat for a few years until 2017 when new demos were taken into full production at his home studio in England. The first single taster track for the new album was released in December 2017 titled “Damaged Goods”. The completed album is expected for release late 2018.

It's a plaesure to see that one man can give heavy music a push into a new direction. The fine thing about this single track is it's continous push it gives. I like the constant going of the drums and the overall song-structure as composed to sound as one piece. Guitars are riff-oriented but not too loud making the listening experience smooth.

It's also fine to hear that the vocals take part on this journey and also it remains sounding as one bold metal track it also changes in it's way of dark tonality. There are many various undertones of the dark vocals that are presented with various pressure. The end comes a bit surprising with a guitar solo offered as part of the song structure instead of forming a own part as usual.

Track-Stream & Purchase-Link
If you're into experimental heavy, let's say mostly thrashy music this one is a ear to keep upon. Devin Townsend came to my mind but also slight comparsions with Trivium rushed in every here and there. Expect raw heavyness mixed with little surprises and lot's of riffs with modern sound well produced for your listening pleasure.

Pick up a copy from the digital plattforms such as Bandcamp, CD Baby and Spotify
Have a listen by checking the visual video below.

Make sure to follow Drop Oblivion on Facebook. The full album is set for release late 2018.


Dirty Machine lift the mood up with Rock and Eat video performance

Recently I felt down and was in need to find something to lift me up again. Happily music has the power to cheer you up many times. This time around it was Dirty Machine's video for "Built" that gave me back my power.

It's this seamless and not-stoppable riff and rhythm power going down in one piece that lays the basics for my good mood. On top of that the vocals are top notch and I love to hear that there are two vocalists who take down the stuff so solid and heavily trained that you can't do anything elese but feel good again.

Plus the vid shows how small place you need to perform. The band picked a packed restaurant to perform. It often feels to me as if the smalest location can be filled with life if only there's a few space for a live band.

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook or the band's website. They have some great stuff comin' like a free show on December the 18th at the Whisky A Go-Go. Don't miss out your chance to have a good time!


Salems Lott surprise with unplugged part in power track

This band has made something very unusual. They've included a unplugged guitar part inside a very powerful track. The song itself is build a classic way those Hard Rock tracks are set up.

It's going straight into the heart and soul with it's fast and straight forward headbang-along uptempo. Next comes the solo section with all of it's guitar fury. Just seconds later you'll spot this great unplugged insert.

Directed by Ian Moore and produced by UWOWI, the video features an original interpretation of a cult classic originally featured in the classic Horror film "Fright Night". The video depicts the dangers of succumbing to darker temptations in contrast to sublimating and accepting those same "beastly" aspects of humanity and channeling them into creativity.

The band logo of Salems Lott, (c) by Salems Lott, used with kind permission
The song appears on part one of a album series the band has just started with. To purchase a copy of Salems Lott - Mask Of Morality, visit iTunes or Spotify.

For more info on the band just visit the band's website.


Interview with Liar Thief Bandit (2017)

Swedish rockers Liar Thief Bandit are currently on the rampage touring through Europe. Today the german leg starts in Rostock. Further stations will see the band also perform in Lingen on 21.12.2017 at the Bul Bar & Lounge as part of the Lingen Volume concert series. Through the show announcement for Lingen I got to know about them.

My first introduction to their music was the official video for "Lease On Life" and that made me so curious that I asked for a interview to find out more about the band. We had the pleasure to speak with vocalist Mike Jacobson how the band started, how the outstanding vocals changed over time and which unexpected meetings you can have while being on the road...

A bandshot of Liar Thief Bandit, Photo Credit:
Dan Leo Lindeberg

Heavy Metal Underdogs: Do you remember the first time the band did rehearse back in the day? What happened?

Mike Jacobson: I remember the first time we rehearsed. It was a little special because our drummer William and I had started to work on one of my earliest ideas for the song “Moving On” that ended up on our debut album later on. We had gotten to know each other through our former bass player since we both played in his solo project and when he later joined us for our second or third rehearsal the magic started happen and the band formed for real. Those first steps were very important and I am happy that we took them!

Are many of your songs inspired by your own real life experiences or what else inspires you to write songs?

I write all the lyrics and they are inspired by both my own experiences and my own thoughts about things happening in my surroundings but also in the world at large.

The songs doesn’t always represent me but they always represent something I can relate to and I think that is important!

Do you have any anecdote of strange things that happened recently playing a show or traveling around?

We got a last minute show on our first European tour in April this year. This was in Slavonice, Czech Republic on a Sunday and we didn’t expect much. The show was outside a small town on the countryside, the place was like a barn. The show was pretty early in the evening and it was packed with people! Very unexpected, especially when a guy who was introduced to us as "an old punk rocker” came there by horse from his home 20 km away - he smoked some pot and asked if I wanted to trade my Orange guitar amplifier for his horse. I did not, but I loved that we got to meet this unique human being!

The vocals stand out of the sound of Liar Thief Bandit. Do you think your voice evolved and changed over the years?

My vocals have definitely evolved since we started. I have gotten way better at singing and I think it’s mainly because we have played so many shows, it really helps you to find the core of the voice when it’s exposed to so many different situations.

Your website is great - fast and easy to navigate. Was it your intention to go a different way than the usual overloaded websites you can find nowadays?

Thank you! Yes, this was intentional. I think that today people don’t really visit websites as much as before but when they do, it’s important that they find what they are looking for as fast as possible. I think we got that one right.

Futher tourdates and information on Liar Thief Bandit can be found on the band's Facebook page as well as the mentioned homepage.


St Nicholas Day gift: Missiles Of October - Better Days

It's the day again where you should give your wishlist and add some bread for the journey of St Nicholas. As for me it feels as if the list of wishes get's smaller with every year because those things can not be bought in shops....

But Missiles Of October left a nice present for all of us. Their album "Better Days" is a kicking mixture of raw vocals, pounding rhythm and dirty rough guitars. It feels great and helps a lot to let some pressure burn. It's stuff like Helmet used to craft back in their prime days I also feel slightly reminded of the anger level of Motörhead recordings - this also goes for the direct sound the recording offers.

The download is available for free but please consider to give a little to this band based in Bruxelles, Belgium. Every little bit helps them to keep on the road and play a show near you or to be able to record more music for us in the future.

You may also pick a CD or vinyl. The CD comes with nice stickers in a cool package. Just have a look at the cover - think of putting one of the cats to your next letter. Wouldn't that look cool? You can order directly via Bandcamp. A detailed list of additional retailers is at the bottom of the same Bandcamp page.

Missiles Of October Better Days album cover, (c) by Missiles Of October, used with kind permission
Finally make sure to stay tuned with the band through a Facebook connection.


CD Review: Antidote - The Truth (Progressive Thrash, 1992/2017 re-release)

Usually the Underdogs is glad to be able to check out new releases and let you know how they turned out. This one originally comes from way back in 1992. Why is it worth reviewing it anyway?

It's because Antidote were one of the first bands that added progressive elements to the classic thrash formula and dared to go new ways in this sector. This re-release came to me without warning out of nowhere.

The cover of Antidote's "The truth" album, (c) by Antidote, used with kind permission

The first disc offers the full classic "The Truth" as a remastered edition. The vocals are held in the screaming regions so it's oldschool all the way. If you've heard the "Mind Alive" album before this record this fact may surprise you but this style fit's the far more agressive material of the early days of the band perfectly. The songs often go straight, raw and with lot's of drive but with slight elements of progression so it's great to be able to see how the band evolved over the releases with this re-issue.

Another pro for this CD is the fact that finally you don't need to hunt it down heavily in second hand shops etc. for high prices anymore. In addition to that this edition comes with a bonus disc. I think not many people have heard the stuff pressed on this silver disc. It contains the two demo tapes the band made ("Epoch Of Insanity" and "Spaced Out") that came out before the band reached for bigger aims.

It's those tunes that bring the most fun. In today's context where most productions are heavy weight it's great to hear the simpicity of demos of back in the day. No need to follow complicated structures and layers just lay back and enjoy tracks going straight. It's those noise that makes this double treat as stuff to be remembered.

In addition those demos were never before available at least here in Germany so it was for me as if the band released a brand new album. The tunes itself lay it down heavy and fast most with compact song structures. At some points you'll spot some great experiments on the guitar worked in (just listen to "Spaced Out" with those high guitar notes inside - it put's a real spotlight on the song).I love the printing on Demo CD - it reminds me so much of back in the day when I used to collect demos myself.

Grab the double disc while it's up for purchase (looks like it is limited to 500 copies). So far I've only been able to find it on the web as physical release at the webshop of Minotauro Records. Alternatively you can buy it from the Bandcamp shop of the record company.

Contact Data
The band has a Facebook account talkin' a lot about the memories of back in the day so you may want to follow those stories with the famous "Like"-Click.


Darkwell give in-depth look into making of videos

Music videos have a long tradition and they have evolved from simple videos to mini-movies. But how are these clips created and what does it take to put them together? It's rare that these questions are answered. Most times you find such making of's on DVD's at the bonus material section.

Female fronted Symphonic metallers Darkwell have given us now a extensive look behind the scenes. The band made two high quality clips for the tracks "Yoshiwara" and "Moloch" both centered around the Metropolis movie theme.

Find out how the band brought the unreal world of the movie to life and what else happened in the five days the clips were shooted. Besides much work you'll also spot some funny scenes and have fine Darkwell music with it. More info on the band and purchase links for their latest album "Moloch" can be found on Facebook.


Sonic Prophecy give a high pitch vocal performance on new video

As for me it's a pleasure to see bands continue what began in the early days of Heavy Metal. Having grown up myselves with the classics of bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the like it feels just great to know younger bands take up the torch and preserve and evolve fruther what has been seeded by the legends.

Such a thought came across my mind when I checked the newest video of Sonic Prophecy, While the band lays a continuous basic with it's relentless guitar energy and pushing and powerfull drums it's the vocals that raised my attention with it's high pitch. They are presented in various high forms in short distance following one after each other. That's something not easy to perform at all. It gives this track something to be remembered - hard to get out of your mind once heard. But have a ear for yourselves and enjoy the moment.

This single comes around as a first sign for the new album "Savage Gods" that will see the light of day via Rockshots Records on January 19, 2018 as one of the first releases of the upcoming year. Here I've got the artwork and tracklist for you to check out. Pre-Order is already up on Amazon. In the meantime you can also buy the single "Night Terror" on iTunes and Amazon.

The cover of "Savage Gods", (c) by Sonic Prophecy, used with kind permission

1. Savage Gods (6:44)
2. Night Terror (5:38)
3. Unholy Blood (5:13)
4. Dreaming Of The Storm (4:55)
5. Man The Guns (5:04)
6. Walk Through The Fire (7:09)
7. A Prayer Before Battle (5:46)
8. Iron Clad Heart (5:24)
9. Man and Machine (6:44)
10. Chasing The Horizon (6:14)

The band has plans for a tour after the release in North America, Europe and beyond.
Make sure to keep a eye on them using social plattforms such as Facebook and Twitter.or give the good old homepage a shot.


Chris Tsangarides performs bass&keys on new King's Call record

Some producer of records have become icons for themselves. But did you know that legend Chris Tsangarides will also perform the Bass Guitars and Keyboards on the upcoming King's Call release? Plus all the mixing, mastering and the production also ran through his hands.

I guess a lot of you guys out there will want to know about "ShowDown" the upcoming album of melodic metal band King's Call so here is the first single for some fast checking out how this collaboration sounds like.

"ShowDown" will be released physically and digitally on 27 November 2017 by Lions Pride Music. Digital copys are up for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Here is the cover, track list and some more detail info for the third release of the band:

The front cover of ShowDown, cover done by Joey Polycarpo, (c) by Kings's Call, used with kind permission

Tracklist: 1) Who am I, 2) Looking in the mirror, 3) Get out, 4) High time, 5) Principle of love, 6) S.O.S, 7) Showdown, 8) Shout it out, 9) Cry on the wind, 10) Rocking in the free world (Neil Young Cover [only on physical version]), 11) Hope.

King's Call Line Up:
Alex Garoufalidis: Vocals, Guitars
Chris Tsangarides: Bass, Keys
Asec Bergemann : Drums

Special guests:
Michael Bormann: Lead & Backing vocals
Tony Carey: Keyboards

Guest Musicians:
Additional vocals & back up vocals: Miriam Busse, Vivi Thill, Stephan Kabisch
Additional Hammond organ: Stephan Kabisch

Front cover by: Joey Polycarpo
Layout by: C.S. Management & Promotions
Mixed, Mastered & Produced by: Chris Tsangarides

Make sure to keep track about what's going on via Facebook or the website of the band.


CD Review: Riffocity - Under a mourning sky (Thrash, 2017)

We had a blast! Sometimes this saying can be spotted at posts on social media once a band has completed their set. I can confirm that this album of greek thrashers Riffocity gave me several highlights and left me more than once with complete astonishing behind.

The cover of Greece thrasher Riffocity debut full length, (c) by Riffocity, used with kind permission

Speaking of secret gems this one surely is one to have the closer look upon. If by any chance thrash is the metal style of your choice I'd like you to check out this release. At first glance you may smile about the band name but be sure once it reaches your ears you'll want more of it. It's not often I use this term but to me this disc is a little sensation in the thrash sector with it's many, many releases. It's hard to believe I never heard of this band before. Now that I know I'll keep my eyes on them that's for sure.

Where other bands take years to reach for perfection Riffocity gives it to you with "Under a mourning sky". Most of the tracks start the classic way with a introduction in a softer way or some first short riff introduction before the full part comes in. The band has a modern attempt on the genre but keeps the direction mostly straight forward but also put's in a lot of variations into each and every track.

It's the diverse use of a combination of power, fast rhythm, hard vocals but also clear structured songs and riff arrangements plus some softer sectionsthat gives this silver disc it's special power. Some of the tracks have been upgraded further with guest performances which add to the already strong basics mentioned.

Tips for quick check-out
Two songs stood out for me. It's the softer "Arnis Oblivion" which gives short moment for relaxation before the thrash goes back on track. But most of all "Perish Unloved" got me. Such a massive heavyness and the duration of seven minutes feels as if the track goes on forever. 

Purchase-Link and Preview-Track

I've listened to this step by step on various sessions. The fine thing is: it only becomes better with each run. So make sure to tune in to the teaser given below and pick up your copy of this thrash sensation directly from the band for 10 Euro plus shipping and handling.

Contact Data
The band has set up outlets on Facebook and YouTube so that's where you can get in touch with them or find more songs for pre-listening their debut album.


Raptore take us on board for a Night On Fire

This is oldschool heavy 'n' speed metal with a cool vibe and catchy chorus in it coming all the way from Argentina. The band takes a journey through the night and I like the way the video is done in a simple self-filming style. The cuts taken of a show at a small club with few light in it add to the 80s feeling this one strongly spreads around. Come and join the band on their way until the dawn breaks.

The whole album “Rage n' Fever” is held in this traditional way but with variations. There is room for Accept and early Scorpions influenced heavy metal, speedy elements of Exciter, vibe of 70s rock n roll, thrashy aggression and of course appeal of NWOBHM. While listening to it it's hard to believe that this one has been created and recorded in these times we're living in and not way back in the 70s or 80s.

The re-issued album contains two bonus tracks and can be heard at the Bandcamp page of their label Witches Brew. It comes with a cover version of Venom’s Witching Hour and Charger’s Desperadoes (a lost but underrated NWOBHM gem).

Make sure to tune in to their Facebook page to stay up to date.


SpiteFuel take us to "Dreamworld Collapse"

Things are moving constantly forward in the SpiteFuel camp. After a successfull first album and lot's of shows during this year the Heavy Rockers are preparing relentlessly new music for their followers. The first fruits of their efforts are already coming into sight so today we can hand the first details of the upcoming longplayer to you.

The upcoming album, which will be called "Dreamworld Collapse", will be released in spring next year via MDD Records and will follow a lyrical and musical concept.

Therefore the band apparently has planned some surprises, because on their Facebook page they are announcing the upcoming album as follows: "We are so happy to work with so many great people on this project to bring you our vision of this record… stay tuned!"

Make sure to stay in connection with SpiteFuel using Facebook so you won't miss out anything.

Knowing that waiting can be a painful thing I've included a proshot live video of one of the band's performances below. The song comes of the first album "Second To None".

It's been filmed with official license of the band but still has the raw and unfiltered charme of a real live recording with it. You can even spot the fun of the musicians in their faces while performing live  during  the clip - those emotions have been captured very well. Not to be seen often in such recordings.


Autumns Eyes give seasons change a sound

We're going closer towards the cold days. Halloween marks the point between the last warmer moments and the going over to the less well-feeling times. How does this change sound in the world of music?

Autumns Eyes have given these season a own treatment with the release of the single called "Death Of October". Musically it cracks the borders of boundaries and limitations. It recalls some modern Paradise Lost songs in my mind, think of the "Host" album or the self-titled record of the same english formation and also Type O Negative can be heard.

This one comes around as a teaser to the full album "Ending Life Slowly" that's going to see it's release at the very end of October - exactly on Halloween 2017.

Pre-orders are now online at https://autumnseyes.bandcamp.com/album/ending-life-slowly and the album's track listing is as follows:

1. Death of October
2. Break the Skin
3. Your Last Day
4. Moments Into Memories
5. The Honest Liars
6. Couldn’t Hold On
7. Far Away From Fading
8. Internal Arson
9. Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists
10. Under the Skin of the Sun

Follow this band further using the links below:



Eyestral put out horror-themed lyric video

I haven't come across a Thrash Metal band that put's out such stuff in a long, long time. In fact I remember Megadeth put out such stuff way back in their beginnings (just had a look into the booklet of the Peace Sells album and that was a fine reminder of how they wrote song text in those days).

The nice thing about this particular one of french Thrashers Eyestral is that the video doesn't just show the song text but also changes in various ways throughout the song duration. The lyrics make me feel a bit scary at times with it's dark and bad setting. In addition it's great to have some progressive elements in the music. It rounds out the package with nearly 10 minutes of ripping guitars and powerhouse drums very good. It's a fine neckbreaker.

This first full song comes along as a sign of the coming release of Eyestral who will put out their first full length record "Beyond" on digital plattforms on October 25th. The longplayer will be available from November 10th in Europe. You may also pre-order the physical release straight away through the webstore of Music Records.

Just make sure to follow Eyestral via Facebook to be notified in your News Stream about further updates.


CD Review: aeons end - IMAGO (Post Progressive Metal, 2016)

Speaking of bands that sound different this progmetal band from Rostock, Germany often comes to my mind. They have such a own attempt and sound so separate from all the other music that I always need some time to get into their music. It's seldom that you come across such unique crafted music these days.

The cover of aeon's end IMAGO release, (c) by aeons end, used with kind permission

In the beginning you may stumble upon the complexity of the sound and it's many layers it offers. Don't let this stop you. I needed some rounds, too. It's overwhelming in the beginning but if you show patience the music takes sharp forms step by step.

All of the six tracks sounds destinctively different, slow in tempo and offer a deep and intensive atmosphere while sometimes edgy cuts of guitars shine through. The voice creates a ghost like feeling, sometimes surprising passages come rushing in at moments when you won't think they would come up ( listen to the song "expand" as a example). They are rich at details so listening to them multiple times is something they invite to often. I found myselves coming back to these compositions many times and that's not happening too often.

The tonality becomes rough and louder but never misses out it's fine note so it doesn't change the overall calm and spheric shell in which the music is packed into. Think of music that may surface as the next step in the landscape of progressive metal music.

The tracks have be given one word as if they should act as a impulse to the listener of what could be done next. The packaging doesn't follow other guidelines - you won't even think it needfully shows the sleeve that typically comes with such music packages. Just look at the six words written at the upper part of the round. If you ever had Latin in school like me you may find your knowledge useful at this point...

Album Stream and Purchase-Link
The tunes are given away for the fair amount of 5 Euro as download files in the format of your choice over at Bandcamp. If that's not your favorite place for music Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play also offer this outstanding EP in their stores.

Make sure to see their socials such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube so you'll be notified at least every here about the latest news. The good old homepage that the band created in a beautiful and dedicated graphical style of the EP is surely also a good place for info so you won't miss out how the band evolves further on...


Flames Of Genesis gives first hints to the upcoming mysterious release

I love to see these days so many ways to express yourself are open to so many people. One of them has decided to open up his chest of knowledge in aspects of secrets and new musical soundscapes with us.

Flames Of Genesis is the creative chalice in which the mysterious entity, known only as The Voyager, distils his blend of music and knowledge and threads through the elixir the quicksilver of secrets brought from beyond the farthest stars. Nameless and faceless he has arrived with his entrancing, all consuming music, offering insights to mystery and a listening experience like no other.
He brings a sound, a vision, a key...

A picture of The Voyager, (c) by Flames Of Genesis, used with kind permission
Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms is formed of seven soundtracks to enlightenment, seven revelations woven within sonic tapestries, seven wonders to be discovered. The grand, layered, cinematic sounds enthral the listener, wrapping them in the cold embrace of space, opening the mind’s eye to sights from the very edge of the universe...and for those whose inner eyes are open, those whose souls listen deeply there are pathways to knowledge, to worlds beyond the distant edge, kingdoms that lie in the void beyond dreams...a bridge to further realms.

The Voyager has many secrets to share and today he has revealed the first hints of all he has to offer.   Seek the first clues within the images and be ready, with open minds and eager ears on November 10th because the debut album from Flames Of Genesis, Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms, will be released by Minotauro Records on that very day. Make sure to follow The Voyager further through his website or Facebook page.


Dancehall to put out post punk on pea green cassettes

This one reminds me so much of how I got hold of my first demo tapes. I used to buy them directly of the hands of band members mostly at shows or when you meet them after school.

The inner sleeve was often handemade based on xeroxed copies made by the musicians themselves. All the music was stored on magnetic tapes that were dubbed by the creators of the music on their home equipment later on also on professionelly produced and printed cassettes.

These guys here called Dancehall have some sort of heavily distorted post punk in the pipe. The recording process came with some nice details that show how quick and raw you can keep things if you want them to. But best of all just have a listen to them while reading the making of.

Owing to the band's obsession with recording songs as quickly as possible, 'KO' and B-side 'Vitamins' were both recorded in one evening at the band's rehearsal space, Kluster Rooms, by friend, producer and co-Vibe/Anti-Vibe label manager, Christopher Smith. The band slept in the studio's live room once recording was completed, only to turn up the next day to their respective jobs unclean but accomplished.

A promo band shot of Dancehall, Photo Credit: Keira Cullinane

The songs will be self released on the band's own Vibe/Anti Vibe label. The fresh tunes will come self dubbed onto pea green cassettes and with risograph printed artwork on candy pink card sleeves for Cassette Store Day 2017. You can order them on Dancehall's Bandcamp page. Release date is October 14 2017 for the digital version, the tapes should ship on or around the same day.

Live dates

October 2017

13 - The Lock Tavern, Camden

14 - TBC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

15 - Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands

17 - TBC, Bristol

20 - Harbour Arm, Folkestone

More info of the band can be found on Facebook or Instagram.


CD Review: Trap Lord - Drowning In The Wave (Classic Metal, 2017)

Wow, it's not to be heard often that young bands completly give their passion to the classic days of Metal. This record shows that roughness can be found out there if you're tired of all the polished music.
The front cover of Traplords "Drowning In The Wave" record, (c) by Traplord, used with kind permission

Having heard the songs of Trap Lord several times it gave me a deep reminder of how I started out with music. I used to listen from tapes. They give a direct and raw rendition of the music and that's what these track do for me, too.

Drawing inspiration of bands such as Motörhead and Saxon the music that can be heard sounds as if taken of a live show or rehearsal recording. The band doesn't give too much on polishing their music but instead cares more of the pure heavness. The guitars scream it all out on this one while drums and bass give a very basic note to it as if taken directly of the instruments without any other preparation done instead of attaching a microphone to it.

The fine thing is that slight modern elements have been sneaked into the sound with cleverness. They mix up the straight on forward sound every here and there but never ruin the listening enjoyment. The tempo varies and many groove parts add to the fun of the music. Most tunes come with shorter duration but less can be more - it's better in my ears to have straight good material instead lengthy stuff that doesn't hit the point.

Don't let the raw sound of this package give a negative impression. I enjoyed every minute of it. It feels natural this way and having started out with analogue equipment it inspired me to resurrect my tapes once again.

Album Stream and Purchase-Link

If you'd like to have a quick tip I  point you to the track "Idle Minds" (Song five). It gave me a great intoduction to this band and I hope it will make sure you jump on the train quickly.

The full release is available digitally on the band's Bandcamp page or check out the Heavy Baby Records Bandcamp page to get one of the limited physical copies of the release.

Contact Data

The band shows up on Facebook so make sure to follow the guys over there.


Dirk Verbeuren plays guest drums on Synthetic's track "Hollow"

"Every time you feel betrayed remember life is only a game."

Lyric video can have such a strong expression with it. This particular quote comes from Synthetic's lyric video for the track "Hollow" and I think it will speak out so clearly to a lot of people. The song is such a strong riff hammer. It comes with as many ups and downs as life has colors.

Support on the drums comes of Dirk Verbeuren, who is well known for his work with Soilwork and Megadeth. His typical signature of playing the drums shines very well throughout the song.

The song is taken off from the band's debut album "Here Lies The Truth".

Links to follow the further band activities or puchase the bands productions:


CD Review: Ben Blutzukker - Riptide (Thrash Metal, 2017)

We had the word here on the Underdogs already what two men can accomplish if they really want to. But what can one man alone do if he feels a need to contribute to the world of Heavy Metal?

The answer can be given straight: a lot. Today's technique allows for lot's of possibilities and Ben Blutzukker has taken advantage of them. While he took over all duties for vocals and guitars plus bass guitars by playing them on real instruments it was only the drums he had to add as programming them.

The cover of Ben Blutzukker's EP "Riptide", (c) by Ben Blutzukker, used with kind permission

It's result however is impressive moreover if you think how thick and heavy the sound is he provides. Currently he is preparing the release of EP number two entitled "Riptide".

The cool thing is that the first appetizer in form of a video has been set up as a mini-movie showing a pirate ship with pirates performing the track. It must have been lot's of work to set all of this up. Just think of how to include all the guitars in there (I think they cannot be bought straight away). Plus the drums are cool with many sequences been in time with the real sound.

My favorite is the second track "Stab by Stab". The riff and rhythm go straight and it's pure enjoyment I felt while listening to it. The track has a surprise with it at the very end so make sure to listen to the full track closely.

Track three comes as a wild track showing the rude side of the project going over to softer sides - something sounding surprisingly harmonic. The raw vocals once more give the music a unique stamp making it clear instantly who's playing music right here.

"Bloodlust" goes slightly faster with a straight riff but also few unexpected sound additions towards the end.

"Loose Ends" is a track different from the rest. The song structure is more clustered over the whole duration and comes more riff hacking than ever before. A small but cool drum solo closes out a fine EP.

The release draws near and is set for 6th October 2017 as Download, Stream, CD and LEGO USB Minifigure with many bonus stuff on it all available on his Bandcamp page.  

Contact Data
Follow him further on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

EP Stream
P.S. Don't stop the playback after the video finished. You'll know why once you've done it...


Music Records announces new releases ahead of CrossRoad Fest

Music Records has celebrated one year of existence a few months ago. They released a quality sampler called "Compendium 1 A Metal Quintessence". It featured a brief overview on the mostly very heavy and agressive bands the label has been working on in the first twelve months along with a extra booklet giving a overview of the bands.

These days there is still a lot going on at the French independent record company. Here's a overview on two of the next albums that come very close to it's release along with some touring info and events that have been set up to celebrate those new silver discs. At the end of the article there's a nice drum cam playthrough of Mexican band Mezcla you surely don't want to miss out.

U-Bilam [Urban Core] release their 1st EP " Evolutions of Mind ":
- September 30th, 2017 on the digital platforms
- October 20th, 2017 as physical edition in shops in Europe

This is a release worth a look if you enjoy bands such as Emmure, Whitechapel, Attila, We Butter the Bread with Earth up.

It is possible to pre-order the EP on the site of the label Music Records: https://store.music-records.fr/cd-dvd-merch/15775-u-bilam-evolutions-of-mind-9702304505007.html

The cover of the upcoming U-Bilam release "Evolutions of Mind", (c) by Music Records, used with kind permission
Of course it will be able to pick up the EP at the stand of the band at shows.

Update 29.09.2017: A very short first trailer for the EP of U-Bilam has been uploaded to YouTube by the label.

U-Bilam will participate in CrossRoad Fest 1 on October 28th, 2017 and will be on tour in France and Europe in the year 2018.

Event CrossRoad Fest 1: CrossRoad Fest 1 on October 28th in the Bar Phew to Cholet
Ticket: https://store.music-records.fr/cd-dvd-merch/15774-crossroad-fest-ticket-de-concert-prevente.html


Eyestral [ Progressive Thrash Metal] release out their 1st album " Beyond ":
- October 14th during Release Party with Arcania and All is Dust

Their album will be available in shops in Europe and on all the digital platforms.

This is a release worth a look if you enjoy bands such as Death, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Coroner, Symphony X.

Event: Release Party in October 14th in Rouen in D3 Studio

Eyestral will participate in CrossRoad Fest 1 on October 28th, 2017 and will be on tour in France and Europe in the year 2018.

Event CrossRoad Fest 1: CrossRoad Fest 1 on October 28th in the Bar Phew to Cholet
Ticket: https://store.music-records.fr/cd-dvd-merch/15774-crossroad-fest-ticket-de-concert-prevente.html


Thibaud, drummer from Mezcla [Death Metal - Flamenco], realized a video drum cam on the song " L’Usurpateur ".

This song is extracted from their last album " Metalmorfosis "

The album is available:
 On their stand
 cultural shops France and Europe
 digital Platforms
 Webstore de Music Records: https://store.music-records.fr/cd/13849-mezcla-metalmorfosis-9780201379624.html

Dates :

06/10 : MELUN

20/10 : PARIS w/ Psychoid & Voice of Winter

21/10 : ROUEN w/ Psychoid & Voice of Winter

23/10 : TBA w/ Psychoid & Voice of Winter

28/10 : CHOLET au CrossRoad Fest #1 | event Facebook : CrossRoad FEst #1 - 28 OCTOBRE 2017



Saliva cover Eminem's Lose Yourself

Cover songs can be fine stuff when done properly. Sure it's not easy at all since you not "only" need to infiltrate the classic track but also need to add a own touch to the music so something new and fresh calls to the attention of the listener.

Eminem's "Lose Yourself" grabbed my ears back in the day with it's furious and constant vocal performance power and permanent movement of the crowd in the video that came with the track.

These days Multi-platinum and Grammy nominated hard rock group SALIVA have picked up just that song and turned it into a straight high energy rockin' number that will pump you up for tonight's party. But it also breathes the spirit of the original. Along with it comes a cover sleeve also reflecting on the origins of the original plus adding some Saliva extra to it.

You can listen and purchase this special treat over at iTunes or have a look on Google Play.

The cover of Saliva's digital single for "Lose Yourself", (c) by Saliva, used with kind permission

Saliva are also currently hitting the road in the US with a special offer for all the young attenders of their shows. They have been adding a special twist to the performance of their well renowned hit “Click Click Boom” by bringing youngsters (ages 11 – 12) on stage to participate with them.

SALIVA lead singer Bobby Amaru says of the kids joining them on stage, “I always fantasized when I was a kid about being on stage with a band! I believe it makes them feel special. It's already a cool thing that their parents take them to rock n roll shows but to be able to have that experience takes it to another level for them. They are the new generation”

Here is the string of dates already starting today:

     Sep 23    Parkview Field    Fort Wayne, IN   

     Sep 24    The Firehouse BBQ & Blues    Richmond, IN   

     Sep 28    Amnesia Too    St Joseph, MO   

     Sep 29    Stormy's Music Venue    Beaver Dam, WI   

     Sep 30    Route 20    Sturtevant, WI   

     Oct 06    The Warehouse    Clarksville, TN   

     Oct 07    Ride The Ozarks Rally    Harrison, AR   

     Oct 12    Home    Arlington Heights, IL   

     Oct 21    MASON'S LIVE    Lakeland, FL        

     Dec 11    Whisky A Go Go    West Hollywood, CA

Check their website for constant updates and additions as well as ticket purchase links.


Moscow shares thoughts on the inner voice

Always listen to your inner voice! That's what Russian Rock Goddess Moscow tries to express with her song and video for the track "Queen of Sin". I like that raw screamed refrain. It cuts this part of the song out of the softer context of the rest of the music. Additonally there are some spoken distorted pieces in there, too. That add's even more to the special feeling this single represents in my ears.

Underneath the rocking attitude the track holds a strong message in it's lyrics which I think is well worth taking a moment to think about...

When asked about the meaning behind “Queen of Sin”, Moscow said: “The 'Queen of Sin' idea was originally based on the philosophy of Nietzsche, which basically says that you are your own god and your own devil, you are in charge of your morals, to decide what's good and what's bad. Listen to your own Queen of Sin, which we all have deep inside.”

Check out more of Moscow by following her on the social accounts hosted at Twitter and Instagram.or go directly to iTunes to purchase the EP of the same name.


CD Review: Terra IncΩgnita - Sign With Blood (Epic Heavy Metal, 2016)

Let's discover the Terra IncΩgnita and find the unseen in form of melodic yet very heavy and groove oriented music highlighted by vocals ranging from dark tones to high notes and also some develish laughs can be heard.

Good things come your way when you least expect them. So it happened to me with this 4 track disc of greece-based band Terra Incognita. They crossed my way at a moment I felt down but the band gave me the power to push on forward.
The cover of the EP "Sign With Blood", (c) by Terra IncΩgnita, used with kind permission

It felt to me just as if I was discovered them at one of those moments you know while being on a summer Open Air festival and you hang with people near the stage. Out of nowhere there are these songs in the background and you turn around because they've caught your attention. You want to know who the heck is singing so high and is able to keep these high notes standing for such a long time while the band grooves and powers throughout the whole duration...


So what has made me curious? Sure thing the band takes what they feel fits best together. This ranges from the classic rock metal anthem formula up to dark classic metal parts but also throws in modern guitar effects every here and there. Sometimes there is also softer part in it giving a moment to breathe just to be back with more heavness shortly afterwards.

The strength of this EP comes from it versatile formula. The music never becomes one-direction styled. Instead it moves and changes withing few moments. It's a high art nevertheless because it sounds like one piece and never loses it's direction so you don't feel as if it's just pressed to be this way. It maintains a natural style.

It's fine to see the agression is finetuned and placed at the proper positions so it always underlines the expression of the music. The vocals round out the great feeling these tunes gave me. They change and besides the great high pitched classic vocals they take forms like speaking, laughing, whispering at times. It's a pleasure to follow the band and while I'm typing these words the music of Terra Incognita is running once and again in the background.

Preview Stream and Purchase-Link

Make sure to tune in to the video of the track "Conqueror" offered below. More can be heard at the Spotify channel of the band or see their Youtube page for some live recordings.

You can pick up a copy as download over at Amazon Music or Google Play.

Contact Data

Please keep in mind that these EP is a teaser to the coming album “Fragments of a Ruined Mind”. So make sure to follow Terra IncΩgnita further on Facebook or check their homepage so you won't miss out on how the story continues...


Voyager to tour Europe and UK September/October 2017

Some say that the beginning of a new week doesn't hold any good but this news blew me away. A mail reached my inbox saying that some of Australia's finest prog metal bands is going to hit some European and UK venues already at the end of this month.

Having followed the band Voyager since the days of the "V" album and being more than overwhelmed by the brand new "Ghost Mile" output this is news that needs to be shared all the way.

Voyager will open up for the French band Uneven Structure that also offers progressive metal music to the attenders. Make sure to come around for a event with bands that surely deserve your time and money.

Uneven Structure and Voyager tour dates

Sep 29: Cologne Euroblast Festival, Germany
Oct 06: Baarlo Progpower Europe, Netherlands (Voyager only)
Oct 09: London Underworld, UK
Oct 10: Birmingham The Flapper, UK
Oct 11: Dublin Voodoo Lounge, Ireland
Oct 12: Glasgow Audio, UK
Oct 13: Manchester Satan’s Hollow, UK
Oct 14: Guildford The Boiler Room, UK
Oct 15: Leiden Gebr De Nobel, Netherlands (Uneven Structure only)
Oct 16: Muenster Sputnik Cafe, Germany
Oct 17: Berlin Maze, Germany
Oct 18: Wroclaw Carpe Diem, Poland
Oct 19: Prague Underdogs, Czech Republic
Oct 20: Vienna Chelsea, Austria
Oct 23: Munich Backstage, Germany
Oct 26: Milan Legend Club, Italy
Oct 27: Zug I45, Switzerland
Oct 29: Barcelona Apolo 2, Spain
Oct 30: Madrid Caracol, Spain

Purchase tickets at  http://www.seetickets.com/ or via the venues' official websites for Europe.

Update 23.09.2017: Additional info about Uneven Structure - the band is going to play the newest album 'La Partition' in full EVERY night, as well as a few classics. Listen to the track "Incube" on YouTube.

Here are direct links that will let you quickly picking up tickets.

Buy Tickets for UK Shows

Buy Tickets for European Show

The tourflyer for the Uneven Structure /Voyager tourpackage fall 2017, (c) by Uneven Structure / Voyager, used with kind permission

If you've not heard something of the new Voyager record here is the title track their current album as a quick check out tune.


Helion Prime hold open vocalist audition

It's hard to read that the American Sci-Fi power metal band Helion Prime has parted ways with vocalist Kayla Dixon. Having released the excellent "Remnants of Stars" single I had hopes that this would be the end of the search. 

But this situation of a band looking for a new voice is also a chance for others who would like to join a professional band with their talent. The band has set up a online audition to find the proper person behind the microphone. Here's how you can seize your chance:

Location is not important.

All submissions must be a video performance.

The open auditions run until November 5th. (Ignore the deadline from the video)

The way to audition is simple:

1 - Download instrumental versions of "Life Finds a Way" and "Remnants of Stars" at this link.

2 - Record/film yourself performing "Life Finds a Way". Please include all that you can (harmonies, layers, etc). For those who wish write your own lyrics and melodies for "Remnants of Stars". Remnants is optional.

3 - Send video submissions to auditions@helionprimemetal.com and make sure to include your full name and contact information.

Please share this info with anyone and everyone so the band has a chance to find a new vocalist.

There's also a video that is a call to action to all the vocalists out there:


Interview with Alex Garoufalidis (Kings Call, Melodic Hard Rock 2017)

The band played a club show last month in my hometown in Lingen as part of the new concert series "Lingen Volume". They brought a big bag of straight going Hard Rock numbers and combined them with longer songs that gave room for experimental solo sections as well as lots of lessons on how to use those instruments properly.

The live line-up is build as a three-piece combo. It was founded by guitarist Alex Garoufalidis who also performed the vocal tracks on that night. We had the pleasure to speak with him about the life and work as a dedicated guitar player, his origins and inspirations for songs and lyrics at the beginning and also asked about a little insight into the upcoming new album "Showdown"...

Heavy Metal Underdogs: Having heard some songs live I was impressed by the mixture of classic Rock, Metal, partly blues elements and some guitar wizardry. How do you inspire yourselves for new songs?
Alex Garoufalidis: The inspiration for new songs…life itself.  I don’t want to limit my music to a certain genre… to a certain expectation…I’ve travelled all over the world…all them impressions are reflected in my music

King's Call live at Alter Schlachthof Lingen Germany, 19.8.2017

Can you remember you picked up a guitar the first time?
I remember picking up that guitar in my early teens and I said to myself – this is it, this is me! It opened up an entirely new world to me…no limits of expression…I would go so far to say that music is a ‘just’ a means…because it’s art. For all I know it could have been acting, writing etc anything.
Decades ago we did not have all the ‘modern’ means kids have nowadays. We played them guitars ‘till they fell apart…so did all the vinyl LPs…as we tried figuring out our fav songs. That guitar we had to earn…our parents did not have much money…No money for lessons therefore. I was just into music 24/7…playing, playing, playing.

Are the lyrics based upon your own life experiences?
The songs I write are all ‘true’ …my own experiences, opinions.

You've used just one guitar at the show in Lingen. You re-tuned it at some point. Do you only play this model (I think it was a Gibson SG) or are there other guitars you experiment with? Is it maybe the good handling that let's you prefer the SG?
That gig night in Lingen I only used my ’87 Les Paul Custom. I’ve tried ‘Cobalt’ strings for the first and I loved ‘em right from the get go. I only own a couple of guitars. That’s all I need. I am not a collector , I am a player ;-)
King's Call live at Alter Schlachthof Lingen Germany, 19.8.2017

How did you find the people that are currently in the band?
The guys in the band…well, Asec the drummer has been with me since day one of ‘’King’s Call’’…all others are helping out whenever they can.

How did it come to the collaboration with Chis Tsangarides? How did you know he's the right choice for producing the "Lion's Den" album as well as the coming output? 
Some of my all time favourite Bands have been produced by Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy,UFO, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Judas Priest). It was a natural step to approach him to work with …and let me tell you, he’s one great guy. Superb work he does… and the stories from ‘back then’ he can tell are priceless.
King's Call live at Alter Schlachthof Lingen Germany, 19.8.2017

Could you please let us have a little preview on the coming album, what can the listener expect?
Recording a new album is always a moment in time, a mirror of oneself …as we progress in life…so, does the music. It should at least.

As for the songwriting for the new record: did the other band members also had some influence on the new music or do you prefer to compose on your own?
I write all songs and lyrics, yes.

King's Call will release a brand new album called "Showdown" on 25th November 2017 via Lions Pride Music. It's surely a exciting time so a look upon the band's homepage and Facebook page is highly recommended so you won't miss out on the upcoming album revelations.

The concert series "Lingen Volume" will continue it's way. As for September no show will take place. It's time for the annual city celebrations that already offer lot's of concerts all across the city as Open Air shows. Make sure to follow the further annoucements of the crew behind the concerts on Facebook.


A Place To Fall are looking for a rehearsal room

It's sad to see band's often have to suffer to find a place where they can create and rehearse their musical expressions. The same thing happend to the post Hardcore formation A Place To Fall.

They are currently looking for a new place to rent in the area of Lingen / Meppen (Lower Saxony) in Germany. If you have something to offer or know of somebody who has please don't hesitate to get in touch with the band on Facebook. Serious offers only please.

The band recorded one last video at their old rehearsal room. It's the album opener "Your Fall". Make sure to see the full video because the end has a nice making of and some funny scenes showing the moments when things didn't fit at every single note...


Oldschool thrash package with Onslaught, Artillery & Exarsis in Europe Fall 2017

This package promises to bring in thrash like in the old days with a massive billing featuring bands that will make the club burn! Plus you can pick up the brand new Exarsis record up to four weeks ahead of the official street date. Check all the details below.

The Greek Thrashers of Exarsis will release their new album, "New War Order", on October 20th. On the occasion of the release, the band will accompany Onslaught and Artillery on their Thrash 'Till Death European Tour 2017 from 23.09 to 13.10, on which the album is already available in advance!

"New War Order" was recorded again at the D Studios in Athens and mixed and mastered by Mike Karpathiou. The album contains 10 songs with a playing time of almost 40 minutes. A "must have" for every thrash metal maniac!

Thrash 'Till Death tourdates Fall 2017 for Europe

// tourdates //
23.09 Helvete Club – Oberhausen, Germany
24.09 Hedon Club – Zwolle, Netherlands
25.09 De Verlichte Geest – Roeselare, Belgium
26.09 Roxy Concerts – Flensburg, Germany
27.09 Garage Deluxe – Munich, Germany
28.09 Moonlight Music Hall – Diest, Belgium
30.09 Kiehool Burgum – Burgum, Netherlands
02.10 Schwarzer Adler – Tannheim-Egelsee, Germany
03.10 Escape Metalcorner – Vienna, Austria
04.10 7er Club – Mannheim, Germany
05.10 Musigburg – Aarburg, Switzerland
06.10 Dagda Live Club – Pavia, Italy
07.10 Revolver Music Hall – Venice, Italy
08.10 Borderline – Pisa, Italy
09.10 Utopia Sala – Zaragoza, Spain
11.10 SMAC de La Gespe – Tarbes, France
12.10 Sala Upload – Barcelona , Spain
13.10 Urban Concept – Vitoria, Spain


Corners Of Sanctuary show how Dreams sound like

Take chances when they come across in your life. At least as long as they include something good for you. That's what I would recommend to people out there thinking about this topic.

Corners Of Sanctuary recently had the chance to break out of the band's sound formula. This may sound strange for a band rooted in the traditional Metal sector but I like to see band's leaving their boundaries behind and daring to go new ways. It's impressive to hear a spectrum of feelings in it. The drums stand out a bit. It's not often that I've heard double bass drums on a slower track but here it works to my surprise. Read on and find out how that new song "Dreams" came to life and listen while reading. It's a longer read but well worth it.

"We wanted to try something different," said Mick Michaels, the band's founder and guitarist. "I had the opportunity to work with Kayla last year while producing Powerless Rise's first album. I knew she would make a great fit for the direction this song was meant to go in," he continued.

Breaking out of the routine
The song is a strong departure from the band's usual delivery of the modern classic heavy metal sound. "I think we managed to maintain our signature traditional style. It's definitely COS. We just tweaked the formula a bit to create another layer of the band's personality. You can't be afraid to take chances," Michaels added. “This is a sweet track! It actually strikes a nice balance between catchy hooks and the usual Heavy Metal sound. I think people will love it,” said Jason McGathey, President of Exquisite Noise Records regarding the new single.

The artwork of the new Corners Of Sanctuary single "Dreams", (c) by Corners Of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Lyrics co-written with Drummer Mad T
Inspired by a friend as a challenge to do something different, Michaels wrote the music but co-penned the song's lyrics with drummer Mad T. "After the music was demoed, I asked T what he thought and if he had any ideas for the arrangement. He said he really liked it and handed me some lyrics he had already written. They fit. We did some rewrites and adjusted the arrangement... T wrote the bulk of the lyrics, I just COSified them," Michaels explained. “The lyrics were actually written a few years back,” states COS drummer Mad T. “When I heard the song, I knew immediately they would work. I’m absolutely blown away with how this song turned out. The combination of Kayla and the music. The song literally feels like a dream!” he added with a smile.

Status of upcoming album
"Dreams" comes on the heels of the band's recent completion of their "yet-to-be-released" fifth studio album, "The Galloping Hordes". The album, which began recording in late 2016, was being worked on in between the band’s hefty live date schedule and is slated to release this Fall.

"We are hoping to get the album out later this year. But there's no rush," said bassist James Pera. "We have a lot of stuff going on at the moment and when the time is right, it will be released," he added.

A promo shot of Corners Of Sanctuary done on a cold winter day, (c) by Corners of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Song originally planned as Duet
When asked how he felt about having another singer take the lead for this single, current front man Frankie Cross quickly responded, "This band has done so much for me both personally and professionally. I am beyond grateful. For this song, we talked about doing a duet. I know that's what Mick originally had in mind for the song. But after hearing Kayla's recorded tracks, we knew immediately that having her voice as the lead was the right way to go. As a band we couldn't be happier with the way the song turned out."

In a recent interview on The Keep it Metal Show, the band talked about their consideration for releasing a video for the song in the coming months. “Some initial concept pieces have already been put together for a possible video. More so to give the song an even deeper complexity. But we will see. Like James said, we have a lot of stuff going on at the moment," commented Michaels.

“Dreams” is available on multiple online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify among others as well as on the COS website www.cornersofsanctuary.com/musiccatalog.html.

The song is also currently in full rotation on Digital Revolution Radio: www.digitalrevolutionradio.com.

Upcoming Tourdates
Look for Corners of Sanctuary this November as they make their way to California for The American Metal Mayhem Tour, November 3rd – 12th, sponsored by Metal Babe Mayhem.

September 22 - Coal Mine Taproom– St. Clair, PA.
(with Threatpoint)

September 23 - The New Penny – Scranton, PA
(with Threatpoint)

November 6 – The Rainbow Bar & Grill – West Hollywood, CA
(with Kantation & Taipan)

November 11 - The House of Metal at Malones – Santa Ana, CA
(with Resistance)

November 12 – C4CORadio.net – Santa Ana, CA
(In studio performance & interview)

More Dates TBA, check the band's website or Facebook page for updates.


CD Review: Mercy Isle - Undying Fire (Symphonic Metal, 2016)

A epic piece of symphonic rock and metal that sets it's focus on dedicated listeners of intensive sounds.

Mercy Isle are a American-Dutch symphonic metal/rock band with massive female vocals. The band is a fusion of American pop/rock with elements of European symphonic metal. "Undying Fire" is the first full length release.

The album art for Mercy Isle's "Undying Fire" record, (c) by Mercy Isle, used with kind permission


Having heard this album several times now it always makes me wonder how deep and completly musicians are able to turn towards music. This album is like it was made to show how much the creators are giving there all and everything into the music.

The longplayer start's out easy with the first three tracks being all songs you would expect of a symphonic metal release these days. The tunes are direct rockers going straight to the meat. You can imagine a crowd going all on it They invite you to let your feelings let go and are a good opener to warm you up for what's to come.

Song four is a ballad turning the tides. Yet easy to access it already becomes more detailed and has some changes in it. This serves as a bridge to "No one will save you" and "Uncaged" both being the hardest to get by tracks. They need the full attention of the listener and are loaded with massive sounds and vocal layers. Being patient pays off and will reveal it's full potential to you.

"I Am" is sort of a crawling number, midtempo all the way but feels warmly welcomed through it's fresh attempt. Something not to be heard that often in this genre of metal. "Saying Goodbye" gives more silent moments - they give you time to take a moment off of the everyday stress and let you dream. The last two tracks give room for the more complex formula deserving higher attention to have the full point. The more often you listen the more you'll enjoy them.

Purchase-Link and Album Preview

If you're after a album that needs several rounds and offers complex and deep song structures "Undying Fire" will give you satisfaction for months. There are also lighter tracks but it surely is for all those that love to focus themselves on music and nothing else. Pick up a copy digitally on Bandcamp or order the silver disc from the same location. The band deserves some bucks for giving us such in-depth music.

For a quick overview I've included the full album stream below.

Upcoming Shows / Contact Data

Some shows have been announced for October 2017 in the Netherlands. Check the band's homepage for more details. Hold a further eye on this band using Reverbnation, Twitter or Facebook.