Tethra to play and stream live show on empty venue

I dislike to complain. It's useless to me in life. But facing the fact that it's hard to make people attend a live show these days needs to be talked in my eyes. I know from self experience that we are all cut short of money.

But only attending performances through a livestream? I stream a lot here on the page through embeding stuff.  But it's all just to give everyone a quick check in to music.

At least one show at a time should be able to many people. So this experiment of Italy's melancholic doom/death metallers Tethra found my attention. This should help us all to get the focus on the topic.

The band says in their own words: "In recent years, many small and medium-sized clubs dedicated to metal music have closed or changed their genre because of the low attendance at the concerts.

It's a global phenomenon that, if it does not have a clear turnabout, will oblige all industry employees to make drastic decisions.

We would like to raise awareness among all fans of the genre, assuming a catastrophic scenario for the next future: what will happen when the last live club closes its doors? Will emerging bands play no more or will they totally rely on aseptic live streaming from rehearsal studio and improvised venues?

For this reason, Thursday 8th June at 22pm (CET time), we'll play a full set Live Streaming show in a real live venue open just for us, furthermore, to give everyone the opportunity to participate in this event, we'll keep the video online for 24 hours.

You can follow the event through our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TethraHell

The flyer for the Tethra show at a empty venue, (c) by Tethra, used with kind permission
This is our particular contribution to the cause, hoping to be able to induce a reflection before this catastrophic scenario becomes a reality, because that night we will create a paradox that more than one band has had to endure in its career: playing in an empty room ... will you be with us?"

If you don't know the band yet here's their current lyric video:


CD Review: Dö - Astral: Death/Birth (Dark Stoner Metal, 2017)


Over a year has passed since the Finish stoner trio released "Tuho", and now they are back with a brand new two song EP called "Astral: Death/Birth".

It's a concept EP inspired by things happening around us at this very moment, and the future that does not look that bright for mankind.

The songs were recorded live during one session at their rehearsal space. The aim was to capture the intensive live feeling and maintain their roughness this way.

The cover of Dö's Astral: Death/Birth, Cover by Big Dog, (c) by Dö, used with kind permission

This EP takes some of the finest elements of the predecessor and developes the music of the band to a new more atmorspheric level. The EP starts out with many loud-silent soundscapes in track number one "Astral Death" as if the song slowly fades in. It's a intensive but slow introduction to the fresh material followed by the typical compact stoner sound. The band shows what they're capable of when it comes to being a tight rhythm oriented band. The song is filled to the brim with compact riffs and kick ass drums that you'll love once you've discovered 'em. The end rips the track up - things start to get much more rougher on this one but things are still enjoyable. It's my favorite of the new EP - it has this relaxing effect on me once again (at least in the begining of it).

The second song "Astral Birth" comes as a extended jamming number. The track unfolds throughout the full duration. So there is basically a core drum pattern and melody present while more elements are added every here and there. This reminds of music in tradition of longtracks of progressive bands. At the middle at around 6 minutes more rough elements are added to the track giving the song a rougher sound jacket. Finally there's one more change at round 9 minutes giving it a even more devasted feeling. The song is great yet the only thing I would change is not to put in too many of the high notes with it - they tend to dominate the sound a bit too much.

It may sound as a contrast but in all the rough live sound the band has put in a lot of outworked fine details. More than ever this is music for relaxtion and mediation. Concentrate and focus on the music. You'll love the enjoyment this will bring you.

A promo band shot, Photo by Jaakko Rinne, (c) by Dö, used with kind permission


The EP is self-released digitally on May 26th 2017 via Bandcamp, and there will be a small amount of CD's available from the Bandcamp site, too. If the band will set up a EP stream I'll include it here so please check back from time to time.

Update 2017/05/26: The EP is out and a stream has surfaced so I've added it below.

Contact Data

Make sure to follow the next steps of the band via Facebook. That's where you can also pick up more info on upcoming dates and so on.


Collectors Item: Antidote - The Truth (Re-Issue Announcement)

Sometimes it's surprising when information about a band surfaces that you've already thought to be lost in time. One of these moments just happened when I heard about the finish band Antidote again.

Having heard 'em first way back in 1998 on a sampler of the Rock Hard magazine I couldn't get the progressive thrashers out of my mind. Their song "The Mind Alive" was way to strong to leave behind so some time afterwards I found myselves happy enough to be able to purchase this album of the same name. It is the second one in the band's career and features the more melodic site of the band.

Back to present days I received a note saying that Minotauro Records is going to re-issue ANTIDOTE'S "The Truth" album along with a Bonus CD w/ Demos from 1990 to 1992 restored and remastered!

The front cover of Antidote's album "The Truth", (c) by Antidote, used with kind permission

"The Truth" is the band's first album, originally released in 1992. As far as I know this record features more of the heavier side of the band and Nino Laurenne was singing differently on this one, too. Anyway I thought this info to be of value for all of you collectors out there. More info is said to follow soon. I'll update this article once more stuff will come in, so please stay tuned.

ANTIDOTE line-up:
Mika Arnkil - Drums (later with Impaled Nazarene)
Nino Laurenne - Vocals (lead), Guitars (now with Thunderstone)
Pete Peltonen - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Tuomo Louhio - Guitars, Vocals (backing) (later with Impaled Nazarene)


Free sampler for Metalocalypstickfest plus volunteer options for free entry available

Some time ago we shared the word about a festival located in Canada that features metal bands with female musicians in them. I'm still of the opinion that women can contribute a lot to a metal band with their difference in sound, optic and stage presence. It just feels different for me when I see and hear a band that has a female part in them.

So if you think about going to the festival or just want to have a quick check in to the sound of those bands you may be happy to read that a FREE digital sampler of the bands that participate in these years edition of the fest has been released. Properly entitled "Metal Queens Vol.1" is features a wide variation of bands of all around the globe.

To get your Free Download, please visit the following link or stream directly from the player below. https://metalocalypstickfest.bandcamp.com/album/metalocalypstick-metal-queens-vol-1

If you're in trouble having money to attend the festival - there are ways to get inside for FREE in exchange of some support you need to show the organizers.

Here's what you can do for them:

- 1st way Volunteer! We need merch girls, photographers, security, front gate peeps! http://metalocalypstickfest.rocks/volunteers-2/
- 2nd way is to share the event page, we will be giving away free tickets randomly until fest time. www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688
- 3rd way is to come out to our annual fundraiser! May 18th at The Rickshaw Theatre.

This year's festival is being held during Canada Day weekend July 1st and 2nd on the outdoor grounds of the Interlakes Community Center in Lone Butte, BC.

Artwork by Abradinfluence

2017 Line-Up and Set Times - Metalocalypstick

Saturday, July 1st:
1pm - Sins Of Sorrow (Edmonton, AB) 
2pm - Breaking The Silent (Edmonton, AB) 
3pm - Kymatica (Vancouver, BC) 
4pm - Forsaken Rite (Edmonton, AB)
5pm - Remnants (Edmonton, AB)
6pm - Tessitura (Edmonton, AB)
7pm - Massive Scar Era (Vancouver, BC / Cairo, Egypt)
8pm - Scythia (Calgary, AB)
9pm - Cabrakaan (Toluca, Mexico)

Sunday, July 2nd:
1pm - Life Like Fire (Calgary, AB)
2pm - Meteor Tree (Kelowna, BC)
3pm - HEDKS (Vancouver, BC)
4pm - Korperlose Stimme (Edmonton, AB)
5pm - Juliet Ruin (Edmonton, AB)
6pm - Violent Betty (Saskatoon, SK)
7pm - Anarcheon (Vancouver, BC)
8pm - Atmora (Windsor, ON)
9pm - Sovereign Council (Kingston, ON)

Day and weekend passes plus camping available at http://metalocalypstickfest.rocks/tickets/
Ride Share - www.facebook.com/groups/metalocalypstickfestrideshare/
Event Page- www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688/

Festival Location:
Interlakes Community Association and the
Roe Lake & District Recreation Commission
7592 Highway 24,
Lone Butte, BC


Chasing Dragons show new video of Faction: Prologue EP

In the recent months it became a bit more silent in the Chasing Dragons camp. They spoke about a upcoming teaser EP as well as a album that's in the making but nothing concrete was to be seen or heard.

That has come to the end. The band has put out a brand new track and video for "Bare Knuckle Lover" on their Youtube channel. The new video single has the classic trademarks the band is so well known for but also has a good potion of finetuned development of their style in it.

There are not too many new things to be found in the sound but those that are in make the track worth listening to it. It's the combination of old classic melodies with the fresh attempt in songwriting like it can be heard in the refrain that make's this female fronted band such a joy.

The track is taken of the new EP "Faction:Prologue" which is available as a very limited physical edition in the band's webshop. Here are the tourdates for the next months:

May 13 Upload FestivalSnooty Fox Club
Wakefield, ENG UK

May 26 Dumfries, UK

July 01 The Bobbin
Lancaster, UK

Jul 22 Amplified Festival
Gloucestershire, UK

Sep 16 Redemption Festival 
Wakefield, UK
with In Search Of Sun, Falling Red, and 7 others

Make sure to check their homepage or Facebook or Twitter site for updates. The homepage streams one more new track at the bottom of the page so head over there to hear more of the new release.


CD Review: Arcade Messiah - III (Instrumental Metal, 2016)

Massive guitars - these words were left behind in my mind after listening to the newest effort of Arcade Messiah. John Bassett impressively shows how to present guitar wizardry in modern sounds to the audience these days.

The album cover for Arcade Messiah's "III", (c) by Arcade Messiah, used with kind permission
The longplayer simply entitled "III" is packed to the brim with beautiful and massive guitar sounds. If you adore such sounds the first three tracks, especially "Citadel" and "Revolver" will make you alone more than happy. You don't need to read further - go straight forward to Bandcamp and buy the record for a few bucks. You can't go wrong here.

For all others it should be mentioned that the album builds up the tonality to a absolute peak in the first three tracks. Afterwards the tension falls down a bit to give air for some more breathing to the atmosphere. Those two numbers that follow go with less massive sound and examine the fragileness of guitar sounds with softer music.

What else has changed since the last record? "III" is compared to the previous album a output that comes in a much thicker presentation. Everything has been outworked to sound heavy from the start. Most of all the drums speak out clearly to me. They are much more brutal and present than on "II". Even the bass shines more through on this album. In addition some vocals can be heard. They fit well and don't ruin the listening experience. 

It's the fun that winds down in your ears while listening to the album that makes it stand out from other releases. John Bassett plays a lot with themes and motives on this one and it's simply a calming and positive feeling those notes leave behind.

Purchase-Link and Album Player

Please appreciate those efforts with a purchase. These time no physical format can be offered since John Bassett moved his home while creating these tunes and decided to go a safe route finacially. But the digital plattform Bandcamp happily offers losless formats so you will have the same quality with the files than having a pressed CD.  Enjoy a preview in the player below.

Contact Data

The story of Arcade Messiah goes on! Make sure to follow the project through their homepage or use Facebook to do so.


Helion Prime let the stars explode with new single

Here comes more positive power! This brand new single of Helion Prime comes along like a energy boost. Great performance on vocals and maximum power on all instruments. It's unbelievable how much energy the band breathes on this one. The band underwent some changes (new female vocalist) and also signed a record deal with AFM Records in the recent months and these changes seem to have a positive effect on the band and given them motiviation to kick in even harder.

You can purchase the track at http://helionprimemetal.com/new-single-remnants-of-stars/
The song will also be part of the next album, working title "The Terror of Saibot". The band aims to release the new full legth late 2017/early 2018.

Make sure to see the band live on their US West Coast Tour. Here are the dates, check the links to be notified via Facebook when the show draws near and/or invite your friends and pick the tickets on time. For all those missing links check the band's touring subpage. I think those will be added shortly.

June 16th - Modesto, CA - Shadow Lounge

June 18th - Portland, OR - Twilight Cafe & Bar
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/660569050808952

June 20th - Seattle, WA - Highline Bar
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1471267299560710
TIX: http://www.highlineseattle.com/event/1468627

June 22nd - Boise, ID - The Shredder
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/126781781201153

June 23rd - Salt Lake City, UT - Beehive Social Club
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1322632397830968

June 24th - Denver, CO - Streets of London Pub
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/817782765056424
TIX: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1470449

June 25th - Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/226544857828817
TIX: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1478278

June 27th - Dallas, TX - Renos

June 29th - Phoenix, AZ - Joe's Grotto
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1259007547545723
TIX: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2934948

June 30th - Glendale, CA - The Complex
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/286866851754237
TIX: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1477591

July 2nd - Sacramento, CA - Starlite Lounge
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2254318648127679
TIX: https://atlanteancollective.queueapp.com/events/32453


Metalocalypstick Fest celebrates women in Metal

Some festivals have something special to offer. This particular one caught my attention with it's unusual wooden stage. In addition to that it has mountains as natural backdrop. A really special and cool location.

But what's even better is the fact that this Valemount, BC  Lone Butte, BC (Canada) (Explanation. I got a update in the mail today that the venue has moved.) based festival centers upon the female contribution to the world of Heavy music and has some band in it's line-up from countries you don't see often at festivals (Egypt, Mexico). Founded by Kaija Kinney of Vancouver’s Anarcheon after researching a lack of female based metal festivals to apply her band to, Kinney took matters into in her own and decided to produce the event.

Kinney comments:

“This festival means the celebration of both sexes coming together and creating something amazing. People like to say women in metal aren’t a big deal anymore and that we are all the same. I feel that is untrue, this is still a male dominated world and woman are still looked as lesser. I want to showcase all these bad ass ladies and celebrate the differences of men and woman rather than pretend we are all equal. Truth is we are different why can't we celebrate that?”

Check the short trailer below to find out how it's like to be at METALOCALYPSTICK FEST. Even if you can't make it there I recommend to watch the movie. It has some great band's rocking the stage so it's well worth checking it out.

METALOCALYPSTICK is being held during Canada Day weekend on July 1st and 2nd in Valemount, BC. Lone Butte, BC (Canada) at the outdoor grounds of the Interlakes Community Center in Lone Butte, BC. (Explanation. I got a update in the mail today that the venue has moved.)

This year's line up features bands from across Canada and beyond with Cabrakaan (Toluca, Mexico), Sovereign Council (Kingston, ON), Violent Betty (Saskatoon, SK), Atmora (Windsor, ON), Scythia (Calgary, AB), Massive Scar Era (Vancouver, BC / Cairo, Egypt) and many more.

There are day-tickets available (64 Candian Dollar) but there's also a option for both days (priced at 95 CAD including camping).
Poster created by Abradinfluence

Update 2017/04/26: The venue has moved. The festival will be held in Lone Butte, BC at the outdoor grounds of the Interlakes Community Center in Lone Butte, BC.

In addition to the festival celebrating women in metal, the METALOCALYPSTICK FEST gives back to the community by being a non-profit organization dedicated to raise funds and donating 100% of proceeds to local charities Girls Rock Camp, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, Earth Protectors plus an audience picked foundation.

For tickets and more info, please visit the following links:
Event Page- www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688/
Ride Share - www.facebook.com/groups/metalocalypstickfestrideshare/


Final Coil reveal bombastic lyric video along detailed album info

This particular day I've been gifted with the great news that Leicester based alt-prog formation Final Coil give us the first insight into what is going to be their debut record. Being a band that's been on my radar for a long time now they pushed me a bit further into their sound with every release. It's amazing to feel how much music can move in your mind and this band has brought a lot of topics to the table that I think need to be discussed. 

But enough of my intoduction let's have it. It's a long read but one worth it. The band reveals a lot of snippets and details that I hope you people out there will find as exciting as I am about it. If you prefer listening to music over reading just scroll down to the very end of this article - there's a massive lyric video worth every second of your time there for you.

The bandmembers of Final Coil, (c) by Final Coil, used with kind permission

Signing to Label, Cover, Release Date and Tracklist
Final Coil have signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records for the release of their debut album "Persistence of Memory".

Final Coil Persistence of Memory album cover, (c) by Final Coil, used with kind permission

Release dates
Digital release date : 23rd June 2017 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
U.S.A : 14th July 2017 (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
CD release date : 22nd September 2017 (Aural Music Group)
Japan : TBA (Wormholedeath Japan/DiskUnion)

1. Corruption
2. Dying
3. Alone
4. You Waste My Time
5. Myopic
6. Failed Light
7. Spider Feet
8. Lost Hope
9. Moths To The Flame
10. In Silent Reproach
11. Alienation

About "Persistence of Memory" - Lyric Concept about the impact of modern technology

Produced by Italian producer Wahoomi Corvi (CreTura, The Way Of Purity) at Real Sound Studios and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Heads, Closet Disco Queen) at Redmount Studios in Stockholm, Persistence of Memory is the debut album from UK alternative rock / prog band Final Coil set for release via Worm Hole Death Records.

An eleven-track album loosely based around the theme of lost communication and dehumanisation in the face of an ever-increasing wave of technological innovation, Persistence of memory is a dark, hallucinatory journey into a world of broken familial ties, savage regret and seething rage against the dying of the light.

Song description
Moving deftly from the sonic firestorm of opening number Corruption (a song juxtaposing physical and moral corruption set against crushing, juggernaut riffs) to the Floydian disquiet of Alienation, Persistence of memory is an album of contrasts which finds its centrepiece in the progressive epic Failed light, a song that focuses on finding hope amidst the desolation.  A deeply personal piece of music, frontman Phil Stiles states simply that “failed light is the best thing I have ever written – of all the songs on the album, this was the one we had to get right.”  At ten minutes, it is a lengthy work that ebbs and flows beautifully and it sees Phil and lead guitarist Richard Awdry trading solos and vocal harmonies in a manner that will have fans of Anathema and Pink Floyd in raptures.

Other highlights on the album include the synth-infused you waste my time with its stinging lyric focusing on self-absorption, the brooding Spider Feet (one of two songs written by guitarist Richard Awdry) and the desolate finale of alienation, a track that shifts from Phil’s heart-broken and vulnerable lyric to a truly gargantuan tsunami of arcing riffs that close the album with dizzying power.

Album tracked through analogue equipment
Another aspect of “getting it right” was the band’s insistence on keeping the use of computers to a minimum. The band tracked the album through a beautifully restored analogue mixing desk at Real Sound Studios in Langhirano (Northern Italy) under the guidance of Wahoomi Corvi. “Wao was totally understanding from the start” says Phil of his relationship with the producer. “He was more used to producing metal bands, but when we played him the demos he realised straight away that we needed a warmer, more analogue sound and he worked hard with us to get good takes rather than edit us into perfection.”

Mastering done with a different intention
Similarly, the choice of mastering engineer was crucial. For Phil, there was only one choice: “I’ve been a huge fan of Cult of Luna for a long time, and last year I discovered albums by the bands Heads and Closet Disco Queen pretty much because they had worked with Magnus. Magnus understands the importance of a dynamic master and that was essential to me. So many records now are mastered to be as loud as hell, whereas I wanted people to be able to enjoy the space in the music and, if they want it loud, all they have to do is turn it up!”

Music as a journey
An emotionally-charged debut album, Persistence of Memory is the work of a passionate, sonically ambitious band who draw upon elements of progressive, post-rock, metal and alternative rock to create something truly innovative. For Phil the album “was the chance of a life-time. We worked incredibly hard to make the album flow from start to finish because we want the music to take the listener on a journey. Since I was very young, I would get goose bumps listening to records and just letting the music take me away from the real world for a short time, and I hope that our listeners can find the same escape in our music.”

Video single in a most expressive combination of words, music and pictures
Can't wait to hear something for yourselves? Have a listen right here right now with the opening track "Corruption" packed in a beautiful picture and expression-ladden lyric video. Make sure to follow Final Coil on Facebook.


Easter Egg: Spiritual Sickness hand album and EP as last goodbye

Happy Easter everyone! It's time to go and search for the colorful and tasty eggs again.

But wait this article is already one. Sadly it comes with a bitter news to be added to it.

American progressive power metal band Spiritual Sickness have announced the band's immediate break-up. The band played their very last show on March 25, 2017 at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst, New York fronted by special guest vocalist Veronica Freemen "The V" (Benedictum).

The Spiritul Sickness logo, (c) by Spiritual Sickness, used with kind permission

Spiritual Sickness founder / guitarist Ed Mischke has checked in with the following comment:

"It is with sadness and regret that I must announce that Spiritual Sickness is being put to ice. The band had a killer run full of heavy and hard hitting metal shows and I was lucky enough to play with some great musicians along the way such as Jeff Kohler, Brian Cahill, Jim Nola, Mark Zapata, Eddie Jucius, Veronica Freeman and Mike Festa. All stellar musicians, great people and excellent friends. Id like to give thanks to the bands we were recently lucky enough to tour with Cage and Ghost Ship Octavius..And a few other people not necessarily in any order.John Rup, Kevin Scondotto, Van Williams, Sean Peck, Rich Brymer, Nicki Camp, Video Uploader, Blackthorn 51, Bill Pollard, Bennett Montalbano, Billy Loney, Lori Eitleman and Wally Huggins. Actually there are probably a few hundred people that I actually need to thank and if Iid forget you please understand. Thanks to all the bands, clubs and internet radio stations. My wife Miljenka and my daughters Nicole Jamie and Taylor for being at every show possible and all the people who have supported us over the years from the bottom of my heart.Thank you. Just a parting note.Whats beginning to rise from the ashes is gonna be bad ass..I am far from done!!"

The band has decided to give away their 2011 debut album "Architects of Agony" and the follow-up 2014 EP "Spiritual Sickness" as free digital downloads for all to have and enjoy.

Make sure to follow the Spiritual Sickness Facebook page so you'll know what the members will do next.

Having heard the songs for the first time myselves it's hard to believe that this band calls it quits. It's great music and having heard the track "Beyond the wall of shame" I'm sure this is a combo with massive potential. It took me by storm.

If your're not shure if this is worth the download check out the song stream below to quickly check the band's abilities.


CD Review+Tourdates: Illyrian - Round 2: Fight! (Thrash, 2016)

A album as heavy and dark as black coffee: strong, refreshing and getting better with every sip you take.

Illyrian came as a quick neckbreaker to me. The first time i've been introduced to them was the time they put out the video single for the title track of Round 2: Fight! The riffs beat me down and besides the unbelievable drums that hit my ears it was the tri-vocal attack I loved so much. This was for sure a album to have a eye upon. The longplayer finally found it's ways into my ears and here's what went through my mind while listening to this Thrash metal album.

The cover of the album Round 2:Fight!, (c) by Illyrian, used with kind permission

What a record! This is for sure a album for the lovers of strong thrash. If you're really deep into this genre of metal but other albums never were able to feed you completly you should try this riff hacker. It's heavy as hell! But the coolest part of it all is that after the first half the album get's even heavier.

The first five tracks put the foundation with building the foundation and introduction to the sound. They introduce most of the classic thrash formula (plus slightly modern elements on "Opulent & Imperial") with scream-along refrains plus tight guitars and even harder pushing drums. The drums have left me with a open mouth behind. It's few times you hear a drummer putting out so much energy on one album. Just check "Zeta Reticulan" to experience what I mean.

Track six "Mindbender" feels like turning the wheel. It's a midtempo thrasher with many changes and much diversity in it. The vocals become more sick this time they sound much more bad ass than on the first half of the CD. This set's the direction for the second pack of songs which are all kept smore riff-orientied, slightly more complex at times and cutting it more towards the rough edge. It's like in a fight: things have become heavier the longer it takes.

Album Stream and Purchase-Link
As for me this is a thrash sensation of 2016. Never thought I would ever come across something like this one. If you love the old thrash formula to be combined with vocals of changing rougher, darker and sometimes screaming nature along with pure energetic drums you should check this one out.

It's available for around 10 CAD from their Bandcamp page or you may pick it up from iTunes or Amazon. A CD version is available from their Bandcamp site.

Tourdates 2017
Best of all the band will hit the road in Canda in a few days. Don't miss out the chance to see them. I've checked out a live video on Youtube and that flashed me. 

April 20 – Calgary, AB – Nite Owl
April 21 – Edmonton, AB – DV8
May 2 – Banff, AB – Hoodoo Lounge
May 8 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s
May 12 – Abbotsford, BC – Brothers Billiard
May 13 – Vancouver, BC – Media Club
May 14 – TBA
May 15 – Nanaimo, BC – The Cambie
May 17 – Vernon, BC – Record City
May 18 – Kelowna, BC – Chaos w/ NoMessisah Radio Show
May 19 – Prince George, BC – Fore Bistro
May 20 – Burns Lake, BC – The Dungeon

Contact Data
You can contact Illyrian on Facebook, Twitter or check out their homepage for all the latest.


CD Review: Rebel Machine - Nothing Happens Overnight (Hard Rock, 2016)

Records like this one keep you going in times when everything seems to be nothing but a hard way. Tune in to some Rebel Machine to receive some uplifting feeling and read post number 500 on this blog.

Rebel Machine are a Hard Rock band from Brazil. Their sound is mainly aimed at the rescue of classical elements with a modern approach. Being a DIY band, Rebel Machine signs the musical and executive production of their work. The album also had vocal production by Renato Osorio (Hibria) and mixing and mastering by Benhur Lima (Hibria, Keep Them Blind).

The cover of Rebel Machine's debut "Nothing Happens Overnight", (c) by Rebel Machine, used with kind permission
The biggest strenght of albums such as this one is the fact that they keep rocking so straight on forward as if nothing could ever stop them. It's this mixture of fresh riffs, the tight and modern production that creates all the happiness you experience through listening to the album. You can listen to the eight tracks straight away, they're not complex or anything but will kick your ass straight from the start.

The finest moments during the listening session are sourced of the vocal work of singer Marcelo Pereira. His finetuned work on the songs gives the album this special something it needs to stand out of the rest. I remember having the same feeling as back in the day when Gotthard's old vocalist Steve Lee was still around doing the vocals and outstanding show with the Swiss Rockers. I feel like Rebel Machine are a bit of the same.

But the band also has set their own trademarks. Rebel Machine sounds much more heavier and the tracks are shorter, very precise and head straight in without any intros or longer upbuilding. They rock from the first minute 'till the last. This is a pure Rock 'n' Roll rollercoaster shaking you through in a good half hour.

The only downside of this is that the album has no slower songs in it that give you a moment for refreshment. But I guess that's something the band may do in the next recordings that are hopefully to see the day of light in the future.

Besides that have a closer look upon the unique cover. What do you think it could express? As for me it says that everything in life has it's time. Once it's gone it's gone so live your life while you still can...

Player and Purchase-Link
The album is available on major platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music , Google  or directly from the band's Bandcamp page. Please support this band with a purchase - the album price is kept very fan friendly (starting at one dollar on Bandcamp) so you don't have to sacrifice that much to own a digital copy.

Contact Data
Make sure to keep a eye upon this promising band and support them with a follow-click on sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. They also have a homepage up and running if you prefer that way.


Grand Opening of Ellefson Coffee Outlet April 7-9 with

This event that takes place this coming weekend looks nice especially for Megadeth fans but also for all people loving the heavier side of music since it has many attractions that sound thrilling.

Having the chance to fetch some coffee that has been inspired by Megadeth bass guitar player David Ellefson along with music performances featuring songs of KIK TRACEE and ZFM along with a special event centered around the paranormal author and investigator Adrian Lee sound cool so here's the detailed info:

In addition to Ellefson himself, who will be in attendance all 3 days, the event will be co-hosted by special guest, comedian, and THAT METAL SHOW co-host Don Jamieson appearing on Saturday.

The grand opening will feature special acoustic performances by Kik Tracee/Zen From Mars vocalist Stephen Shareaux, with Bang Tango/ZFM guitarist Drew Fortier, who will play several sets over the weekend of KIK TRACEE and ZFM material.

Also joining the festivities on Satuday is Bryn Arens, frontman of local Minneapolis legends FLIPP, paranormal author and investigator Adrian Lee, who will lead Ellefson and co. on an exploration to LOON LAKE CEMETARY, the local Jackson burial ground that inspired the Megadeth classic “Mary Jane”, and local Jackson Stock Car driver Luke Sathoff, who will have his ELLEFSON COFFEE CO sponsored car on display.

Also on display is the “Museum of Deth” featuring permanently displayed artifacts and memorabilia from Ellefson’s personal collection, including highlights such as David’s Jackson High marching band uniform, as well as memorabilia from other artists including Machine Head, Max Cavalera, Coal Chamber, and fellow 2017 Grammy Nominees KORN.

You can pay ECC a visit at 404 Second St, Jackson, MN, 56143


A Place To Fall drum video shows killer rhythm performance

In today's music I often feel that the musicians give more than everything but in all the sound it's not always easy to make it out clearly how certain parts contribute to the overall sound picture.

This thought came to my mind when I saw the drum playthrough video that the post hardcore band A Place To Fall released. It's massive to see how heavily the drummer follows with his pattern the guitar chords and how much it powers the track to overall high energy level. Nevertheless the end has some redemption feeling with it...

The track "Dream Of Memories" is taken of the band's latest record "Lost Myself". Make sure to pick up your copy on CD from the band's webshop. There's also a option to pick a bundle of the silver disc and a band shirt in white color (not seen so often in the world of metal).

Make sure to follow A Place To Fall further through Facebook or Instagram. They are already working on new material so it's exciting to see how things will go on further.


Preview pages of James Hetfield biography surfaced

James Hetfield is for sure a outstanding personality in the world of metal. Before becoming known as one of the greatest metal guitarists in the world, Hetfield surpassed several barriers throughout his adolescence including his parents’ divorce, his mother’s untimely death and severe alcoholism.

It is for sure interesting to read how he went along with all the stuff that crossed his path. I always enjoy a look at the beginnings of people. It's exciting to read how they lived their lives, which decison lead to which consequence and how other stuff found their way into their lifes. Some info and story of that kind is about to come our way with the book "So Let It Be Written: The Biography of Metallica's James Hetfield". After months of speculation from fans and critics, preview pages of the introduction and chapter 1 are now available exclusively on CLRVYNT.

Update 2017-06-04: A excerpt of chapter six along with some pictures takes out of the release have been published online at the pages of Noisey. This part of the book talks about the creation of the second Metallica album "Ride The Lightning" and offers some nice insight into the making of.

The cover of "So Let It Be Written: The Biography of Metallica's James Hetfield", (c) by Lesser Gods, used with kind permission

In the first biography of a living Metallica member the author Mark Eglinton uses exclusive, firsthand interviews with a number of artists and celebrities who have crossed paths with Hetfield including members of Metallica, Chuck Billy (Testament), Charlie  Benante (Anthrax), Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains), Rex Brown (Pantera), and more to construct the definitive account of Hetfield.

So Let It Be Written: The Biography of Metallica’s James Hetfield will hit shelves and online stores on April 11, 2017 via Lesser Gods. The publication can be pre-ordered via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indies.


CD Review: Reclvse - Evil Lvrks (Doom, 2016)

This EP from Reclvse shows impressively that a band can evolve a lot from one record to another.

Thinking back on their debut recording in 2014 I had in mind that these guys prefer a sort of doom that comes around slowly in terms of speed and with lots of majestic vocals. Having turned on their their current output that has been dropped in August 2016 a surprise came my way and it already began with a much more decent and detailed cover sleeve.

The cover of Reclvse's "Evil Lurks" painted by Bvrzerk, (c) by Reclvse, used with kind permission

The EP starts with a short bell intro and the title track makes clear that the band has started to open up a new chapter with the release of this one. While the overall tonality remains true to the classic and oldschool doom formula the songs itself are kept in a much more faster way. In addition to that they are much more groove oriented and the song structures are set in a more precise and sharper way. You can jump into the sound straight from the start without knowing too much of the band beforehand.

"Evil Lurks" itself is only the beginning. The record pushes the mood of the listener further with each track until it explodes in the third number named "Inn Modern Times". Another surprise - the fastest number I wouldn't have expected ever from them. The last two tracks are live recordings. Both numbers help you to come down a bit again. They are held in the style of the first two songs of the EP. Check the title track if you want to find out quickly if this band fits to your musical taste.

Purchase-Link and Album-Stream

Overall this recording should be a fine discovery to all those people out there loving the old days of Black Sabbath. Riffs, simple groove and straight vocals are the essence of this recording. The recording is up for a "Pay what you want" price on Bandcamp. Please consider giving some bucks so the band can continue to provide you with more fine doom metal and let you enjoy liveshows that we all love and need so much.


Make sure to keep the contact with this Doom band located in South Wales through their Facebook page offering a lot of nice bonus-content.


Interview with Shallow Ground (Thrash, 2017)

We had a longer talk with vocalist/guitarist Keith Letourneau of the US thrash metal band Shallow Ground. They play classic thrash with slightly added elements of the progressive. Discover how the band goes along with today's digital age in terms of release formats as well as social media as a way of talking with fans. It also shows what music means to a heartfelt musician and at the very end he also give's us a glimpse into what you may experience while touring around...Have some music while reading the little interview in the player below.

Heavy Metal Underdogs: How did the band come together?

Keith Letourneau: We started out back in 1992 with a different line up. Took time off when my daughter was born in 98 and reformed in 2009. We just found each other , Thrash is a brother/sisterhood that just finds one another. And it was time Thrash call to you if you play it lol

Which sources do you use as inspiration for writing new songs?

Life both good and bad crap that happens! Look around there is inspiration in everything you see feel and can touch,  Just have to tap into it.

Do you feel that writing and performing music helps you to push on further with your own personal lifes?

Oh 100% yes!! It becomes part of your DNA, make's up your soul. It just makes me happy!

The cover of Shallow Ground's 2015 release "Embrace The Fury", (c) by Shallow Ground, used with kind permission

Social media surely plays a big role in the communication between a band and their fans. Do you feel that fans contact you more or less personally at gigs these days?

Social media is good.  I get a lot of Thrashers from all over the world hitting me up to BS" which i love" ! It diffidently makes it easier to talk to people all over the world. When we play a gig anywhere and someone comes up and says hay I'm so and so, Its awesome to really put a face with a name ! So I guess Social Media helps some people who are not to out going break there silence and enables them to talk to people they normally would not.  

Do you still prefer releasing music on traditional media like LPs, CDs and the like or do you feel the same satisfaction when putting out music digitally?

CD's its a thing you can hold and look at!! Then  use as a beer coaster after you down load it lol  I prefer CD's myself. Dig has its uses for a lot of people, right to phone and take it everywhere you go always have your tunes with u i get it !

Have you ever experimented with other styles over the years and thought about changing?

Well I was playing Thrash in the 80ies left that band. Started Shallow Ground with Tim and we were more of a speed/ power metal band back then ! But my soul swims in THRASH and im back where I belong PLAYING THRASH! As far as changing things up. I am not a flavor of the month kind of guy. if you know what I mean?  Thrash makes me happy I think no other music out there can make me as happy as Thrash does.

The band Shallow Ground(c) by Shallow Ground, used with kind permission
Did you come along points where you thought about leaving it all behind? If you reached that point: how did you keep the motivation up to move on?

Quit no lol I did walk away for around 10 years to be the best dad I could be. but I'm back lol .

How did I keep the motivation up to move on? Easy when you love playing !

What was the funniest story that came along your way when you performed live? Or did things happen that you would have never thought of to occur (not only at gigs but maybe anywhere else as well)?

Playing Warriors of Metal open air fest in Ohio. Myself and our old bass player Nick were sharing a hotel room. got woken up by screams and yelling! a hooker was getting beat up by her pimp bad. cops came and the dude got busted but he was saying he was going to kill the hooker to the cop wtf. Cop kept saying sir im going to have to bring you in if you keep saying that. Well he did and cuffed and stuffed the whole time before the cops got there was worried about a stray bullet coming thru the window. Cuz the guy had her pinned up against our window saying he was going to shoot her in the head. Wont forget that one lol

Make sure to stay in touch with the band using their Facebook page or see their website for info and the merch section where you can order their music.


The Interactive Metal Genres Graph offers interactive family tree

Heavy Metal is a genre with many roots and influences. It's coming along and has evolved constantly all the way from 1968 up to present days. But how did it all come together? A brand new website called Bound By Metal has taken the task to set up a accurate graph that feels a bit like a family tree of our beloved genre. Here's a little preview snippet for you to check out:

A preview of The Interactive Metal Genres Graph, (c) by Martin Schmid, used with kind permission

But it's far more. You can not "only" check a detailed overview on the timeline, influences and subgenres of Heavy Metal. You can do some interaction with the graph. The instructions are given directly on the page above the graphic. If you take your time you'll surely make some surprising discoveries this way. Or did you always know where your favorite metal subgenre has it's roots from?

All feedback or idea's for improvements are welcome. You can post them directly in the discussion area underneath the graph on the homepage. Make sure to follow this great project further with a like on the Facebook page of Bound by Metal​.


Voyager give us a ascension to the stars

Voyager amaze me. Not only have I been pointed to their music out of the nothingness but in addition they have been growing stronger with every song I've heard from them. The last new track the band shared all along with tourdates was "Misery is only company" and this time around the Australian progmetalheads have returned to blow my mind once again.

This time they serve a mixture of haunting and slightly freezing fragileness in the softer sections all along with eruptive and abrasive yet still enjoyable heavy potions all put in one track. It's outstanding how the band links these elements together while always taking care of the fact that everythings sound organic and real. A good production without going too far and making it sound impossible to replay.

Voyager are currently offering their next album "Ghost Mile" on pledgemusic as a preorder. Any pledges will contribute to the completion of the production and manufacturing of the album. You may decide to pick the record or choose one of the other cool items or events to support the band. The album is set for a release on 12th May 2017.

A cool coloured overview of the bandmembers of Voyager, (c) by Voyager, used with kind permission
If that's not so much of your taste you can see the band live touring Australia with the support band "The Algorith" in May 2017. Here are the dates.

Adelaide Fowler's Live - May 11
Melbourne Evelyn Hotel - 12
Brisbane The Zoo - 13
Perth Amplifier Bar - 19
Canberra The Basement - 20
Sydney Oxford Art Factory - 21

Tickets have gone on sale this Friday, 10 March.

Stay in touch with the band through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Interview with SpiteFuel (Heavy Rock, 2017)

SpiteFuel are a powerful and relatively young Heavy Rock band from Germany. Their roots go back to the days when Strangelet were still around. This legendary formation brought to life the well respected "First Bite" record that presented the band playing old school Deep Purple vibes all along mixed up with a lot of emotion and slightly modern metal elements while sticking overall to the oldschool sound package.

Following the split up of Strangelet three members (vocalist Stefan Zörner, Tobias Eurich und Finn Janetzky)  joined forces with the Ex-Devil's Darling members Timo Pflüger and Björn Hessenmüller. They didn't waste time and gave birth to a new combo called SpiteFuel that aims at a much heavier sound while keeping the spirit of Strangelet alive through the use of hooklines that people will remind and sing-along to.

After a strong first album teaser in form of the "Sleeping With Wolves" single their debut album "Second To None" is getting closer with each day. While we wait for the release on 7th of April 2017 we seized the time in between to have a prelisten to the songs and talk with vocalist Stefan Zörner about the details of the impending full length release. Have a listen to the first single while reading the interview in the player below.

Heavy Metal Underdogs: The first appetizer to the album was the Maxi CD "Sleeping With Wolves". It came out in the good old tradition some time before the album release as a physical disc (and also download). This is a courageous decision in my eyes.
What gave the point to finally decide to put it out as a real disc in a digital age?

Stefan Zörner: Ha! Yeah, just as you said! In the good old tradition! That was the intension! We decided this together with Markus (Rösner), our label-boss and friend. We wanted to release the single in a physical form to set an first exclamation mark. Also we are no big fans of that “download-Thing” and we wanted to give a first “real” CD to our supporters and fans. And to be a worthy appetizer to the album, of course, haha!

Do you write the songs as a band do you have a strict limitation who is reliable for certain aspects of the songs?

Both! Most of the songs are created by one of us and come in as demos. In rehearsal we put the tracks together, change some parts or discus the parts, refrains or bridges. When the music feels good and right for all of us, Tobi and Timo think about their solos and I start to write the lyrics and vocal-melodies. Even when I write songs on my own, there is always the music the first in my mind. Tobias is our main songwriter, but Timo and I are writing songs, too. A very comfortable situation for a band, haha! There are so many new songs in stock, we can´t wait to bring them in form and put them on an album!

The album put's a signature with many outworked and long guitar solos. Was this something you had in mind when you composed the music for the album or how did it come together?

Ha, we all love guitar solos and -old school or not- we want solos in our songs! Timo and Tobi are great solo guitarists and so there was no other way for us to create the music! We don´t give a fuck if it´s hip or not, we just do the shit that we love and we would even buy, haha!
These two boys spend hours over hours in their solos and riffs, and I really love the way, they give a special note to the songs! SO all I can say is... more solos, please!!!

Some vocal parts on "Second To None" sound experimental or are performed in a unusual way. How do you work on them and how long does it take until you feel fine with them? Do the other band-members maybe also contribute ideas to them?

Uhhh, most of the hmmm “stranger” (*laughs*) vocal-arrangements happened just as we (Martin Buchwalter and I) recorded them! But ok... I had a kind of concrete vision in my head HOW they should sound, hahaha! In fact, no joke, there was a real close connection between Martin and my humble self, he knew exactly how to push or demand me in a real creative and kind way! This was a so fantastic experience for me to record the vocal-lines!

Vocalist Stefan Zörner performing live, (c) by Tiffany Anne, used with kind permission

Let's have a closer look upon the lyrics. Who writes them?

Most of the lyrics are children of my weird and colourful mind, haha! Sometimes, there are concepts, words, even song-names, that Tobi wants me to write or to complete his music with my lyrics, as you know, we are not just band-mates, we are also close friends (Tobi and Timo are two of my best friends!). A very cool way to write lyrics, too! And I really LOVE new challenges!

Obviously the texts talk a lot about real life aspects. Did you had certain situations on your mind when you wrote these lines?

Definitely! Always! As you can say, SECOND TO NONE is a diary of my inner thoughts, reflections and reactions to all that I experience, feel and even dream. Drama baby, drama! (*laughs dirty*)
To write about shiny demons, castles and how bloody mad or tough I am... no, Sir, sorry, not my cup of tea in the SpiteFuel-context. The real life is the real shit. And I still think, just a hand full of (cool) people read lyrics anyway, so I can write WHAT I want and very intimate... no one cares, hahaha!

Would you say that the lyrics for various tracks are somewhat linked on the album? (I had the feeling)

Okay... YOU are one of the few cool lyric-readers, hahaha! Yeah, it´s kinda funny, some reviewers and even close friends asked me about the “concept” behind SECOND TO NONE. The first reaction was “there is no concept, dear!” But... hell the fuck, there IS a loosely concept! This happened in a ... more subconscious way. But the concept IS there, yes. There are three blocks of lyrics, three emphases. Love, Faith and my reflection on the music scene and the industry... try to figure it out! Haha!

Is there a sort of message you would like to transmit to the listener this way?

No! It really doesn´t matters if the listener just enjoys the music or if she or he is willing to go deeper into the album and it´s lyrics. The only thing I would like to say is: Have fun with the songs, enjoy the sound and let your fantasy do the rest!

The band logo of SpiteFuel, (c) by SpiteFuel, used with kind permission

What do think about the thought of being able to change your past? Do you believe in the Butterfly-Effect? (this refers to the movie of the same name - strictly part 1. In this film the main character is able to change his past using a certain book. In the end every change he does make his life and those of his friends even worser in the present time.).

I really love that movie! I am a great fan of science fiction and theories like used in “Butterfly-Effect”. To answer your question: I think, that every thing we do, every good, every bad word or act comes back to use one day. Karma. Also I am a Christ. I try to do my fucking best. Every day I try not to be a big asshole, haha! And... hmm... no, I won´t change the past. Because all that we are now are the results of what we did once.

The track "Regrets" got me. Do you think that regret also can have a positive effect for someone who has to deal with it?

Jah, of course, man! As I always say... we all are human. In all the brilliant moments, with all the gifts, we are able to use... and in the same way with all the mistakes, defective doings and shit. We are both. Angels and demons. But we can choose. Always! Ant to regret is a basic step into the light, out of that fucking void called “desperation and hatred”.

The cover artwork is outstanding. Would you mind and give us a little hint on the meaning of it? I also had the feeling that the title "Second To None" could have a double-meaning behind it...
(Explanation: This could be related to the saying "We have beat you second to none". Or it's a second leading into nothingness...)

The cover artwork and inlay of SpiteFuel's "Second To None" CD, (c) by SpiteFuel, used with kind permission

Yeah, the artwork by the great Travis Smith is outstanding! We are very honoured! And yep, double-meaning is correct! You can also say hmmmm every song on the album is second to no other track (to none)! Or: The album is second to none before. There are so many ways to interpret the title, yeah!
And the tower, the angel, burning wings, the clock... it all stands for strong symbols. Time is flame that will burn our wings. Live life now. Be human. Just be. There is so many within this artwork. I am very happy with this cover!

Some elements of the "Second To None" sleeve and the "Sleeping With Wolves" single are to be found in both artworks (e.g. the clock). How are both connected to each other?

No big deal! We just wanted to give a hint to the full album within the artwork for the single. So there is the tower/ angel in the background. The more essential details are the wolf and the dollars, of course! “Sleeping” is a statement to the industry and the “Lemmings” nowadays. Same story in “Whorehouse Symphony”. I think, it is important to make a stand. Popular or not... well, I don´t give a fuck!

Finally: was there a moment in your life when music became something outstanding for you? Was there a key situation that maybe changed it all?

Uhhhh... I think, that was when I first listened to David Bowie´s masterpiece “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”, must be in the early 80´s. That sound, that championship to use lyrics, that coolness and glitter and (slightly) rock... it never let my down. From that day on I used to sing (ant I am still trying, hahaha!) 

You can preorder the album at the online shop of MDD Records or place your order through Amazon.
If you live in the USA you can order the record through Lone Star Metal based in Texas.  Make sure to have a look upon the band's Facebook account to follow them on the next steps towards the album release and have a look at the tourdates (directly to be found as the sticky first post on the page). 


Kings Bounty preview album and open for Korn and P.O.D.

I like to have a sneak into new material from time to time.It's exciting to know things are in the makings out there and to have a thought what 2017 may have in store for us.

Kings Bounty from New York City give us a taste of the debut album "Broad Daylight" they are currently working on with Chris Collier who is known for his work with bands like Prong and Korn. The last mentioned band comes to my mind at the first run-through of the video but as quick as you realize they have something in common with them you also know they put in their very own personality. It's the special potion of heavyness I like so much in this one all along with the vocals changing all along the whole track. The drums are kicking in with much groove. A good positive push comes along with this one.

If you're quick enough you may be able to check out the band live as they've been picked to open up for P.O.D. and Korn this very weekend and the upcoming week:

Saturday March 4th 2017 – with P.O.D. Morongo Casino Resort Cabazon, CA
Monday March 6th 2017 – with Korn House of Blues Anaheim, CA SOLD OUT

The full album "Broad Daylight" is set for release during the latter part of 2017.

A live shot of Kings Bounty, (c) by Like no Other Photography, used with kind permission
Anyway, make sure to have a look at their brand new website which holds more album teaser material. Their social sites are available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


Everybody Panic! prove that success is possible these days

How is it to be at a gig of a band called Everybody Panic? It looks like it is quite a cool and enjoyable experience for both fans and band alike. The combo has uploaded their self-made live video which was filmed while being on tour with Mushroomhead.

Musically this song reminds me of a classic rock 'n' metal song but pushed up to fit to modern standards. This one goes on more straight forward and that's something that I like. There's also this going over from refrain to the next part without timing change, it just glides directly over to it. This keeps the tension up for me which gives the whole track a pushing tonality. A good way to lift your mood up when you feel down.

The history of Everybody Panic! is a good example that there is hope out there in these hard time.  They are a rock band hailing from Oklahoma City, OK by way of Seattle, WA. A four piece, consisting of Ty (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt) on vocals, Provo (Skinlab/Rikets) on guitars, Tony on bass, and Levi (Anti-mortem) on drums, formed in 2012 and released its first self-produced EP independently in February of 2013. The band supported the release with high profile dates with the likes of Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, Deftones, and many others. That release would go on to sell over 3,000 copies through digital retailers.

The logo of the band Everybody Panic, (c) by Everybody Panic, used with kind permission

Through hard work and dedication the band caught the attention of CaviGold Records and entered the famed and haunted Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, WA in March of 2015, to record their follow up, "Attack", which features the highly charged single “No One Gets Out Alive”, mixed by Ulrich Wild (Static-X, Dethklok).

The band is currently at CaviGold Studios in Orange, CA working on new music, videos and more. Tours will be announced soon for spring/summer 2017 so I guess a look upon the band's website from time to time or connecting with them through Reverbnation or Facebook could be a good idea.


Defences stand up against negativity

In these times much too much negativity is floating all around us. This cannot go on. We need the positive power to move on and positive throughts are the most pure form of energy! So I appreciate more than ever that there are bands around putting out messages and videos that can have a uplifting effect on you when you feel down.

One of those examples just recently came along in the form of a brand new video of the metalcore formation Defences. Here is a quote about the meaning of the new moving picture:

“The song inspires the idea of not giving up when life’s got you down, getting back on your feet and coming out stronger than ever,” say the band.

“The accompanying music video applies the uplifting message behind the lyrics of the song to a real-life situation, in which we see someone re-evaluate, regroup and finally reclaim their independence in the face of adversity.”

I like the way the song is written and performed. All the elements work together. This starts with the vocals that add to each other - the raw as well as the softer elements. The same goes for the drums and all the guitars that are up. It feels like they surround each other. It's seldom that Metalcore tracks come around formed like this one does. It's fine-tuned metalcore sound, not only pure brutality going all the way through the music.

A promo shot of the band Defences in 2017, (c) by Defences, used with kind permission

Formed in Hertfordshire in 2013, Defences draw on electronic and stadium rock influences to offer a brand of alternative metal distinct from other modern rock acts. The group offers a fresh take on the female-fronted metal genre, with frontwoman Cherry Duesbury’s voice being described by Kerrang!’s Alex Baker as “deliciously androgenous”. The band heavily emphasise positivity, acceptance and self-improvement in their sound.

Make sure to stay in connection with them to keep track of the upcoming release of their debut album in May 2017 through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


CD Review: Mike Milan Dedic - Mike Milan Dedic (Instrumental Guitar Rock)

This is one man and his guitar plus few other instrumentation. Is this enough to create a good record? It is! Come inside and find out how Mike Milan Dedic made something great out of few elements.

Short Introduction

Mike Milan Dedic comes from Toronto, Canada. He has released a album that consists of 5 instrumental guitar shred type of songs. (1. Energy, 2. Zoom, 3. Run!, 4. Launch, 5. Shall We Dance!)

The front cover of Mike Milan Dedic's debut record, (c) by Mike Milan Dedic, used with kind permission


This album is quite a surprise to me. I've been a bit sceptic in the beginning. Is the performance of one guitar player suitable to completly fill the air with music enough to rock? The answer came quickly and blew me away. I expected the music to have a lot of solo content. Surely there are a lot of those elements in there. But the album is far more. It also has identifiable song structures with it. I mean those classic riff elements that everybody knows that is used to Rock and Metal music these days and that's a big plus as for me. It makes the songs much more understandable and gives them a structure that you can always follow.

Another good idea was to keep the tracks short. You will not be stressed out with endless songs that you will think should have been shorted to be better. The sound for sure is rough and loud so make sure to turn the volume level at a comfortable one - it helps to enjoy the music much more.

The song structures include besides the mentioned riffs a lot of classic shred guitar. Those are rounded out with particular modern soundwriting elements. This goes most notably for number three "Run!" which is my favorite of the record. The songs are easy to listen to. They are build up like a step by step path. For sure they need a re-listen to fully let sink in all the enjoyment that has been put inside but that's for sure much more a reason to buy this record to quickly have it at hand whenever you feel the need to listen to pure guitar music.

Purchase-Link and Song snippets

The album is available as a hardcopy via CD Baby or online retailers such as Amazon, itunes or GooglePlay. If you're into music of this style please consider to purchase a copy so artists like Mike Milan Dedic can create more music for people like you and me.

Here are some snippets of the album that Mike has uploaded to Youtube:

Contact Data
Make sure to hold the line to Mike via his personal Facebook account.