Everybody Panic! prove that success is possible these days

How is it to be at a gig of a band called Everybody Panic? It looks like it is quite a cool and enjoyable experience for both fans and band alike. The combo has uploaded their self-made live video which was filmed while being on tour with Mushroomhead.

Musically this song reminds me of a classic rock 'n' metal song but pushed up to fit to modern standards. This one goes on more straight forward and that's something that I like. There's also this going over from refrain to the next part without timing change, it just glides directly over to it. This keeps the tension up for me which gives the whole track a pushing tonality. A good way to lift your mood up when you feel down.

The history of Everybody Panic! is a good example that there is hope out there in these hard time.  They are a rock band hailing from Oklahoma City, OK by way of Seattle, WA. A four piece, consisting of Ty (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt) on vocals, Provo (Skinlab/Rikets) on guitars, Tony on bass, and Levi (Anti-mortem) on drums, formed in 2012 and released its first self-produced EP independently in February of 2013. The band supported the release with high profile dates with the likes of Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, Deftones, and many others. That release would go on to sell over 3,000 copies through digital retailers.

The logo of the band Everybody Panic, (c) by Everybody Panic, used with kind permission

Through hard work and dedication the band caught the attention of CaviGold Records and entered the famed and haunted Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, WA in March of 2015, to record their follow up, "Attack", which features the highly charged single “No One Gets Out Alive”, mixed by Ulrich Wild (Static-X, Dethklok).

The band is currently at CaviGold Studios in Orange, CA working on new music, videos and more. Tours will be announced soon for spring/summer 2017 so I guess a look upon the band's website from time to time or connecting with them through Reverbnation or Facebook could be a good idea.


Defences stand up against negativity

In these times much too much negativity is floating all around us. This cannot go on. We need the positive power to move on and positive throughts are the most pure form of energy! So I appreciate more than ever that there are bands around putting out messages and videos that can have a uplifting effect on you when you feel down.

One of those examples just recently came along in the form of a brand new video of the metalcore formation Defences. Here is a quote about the meaning of the new moving picture:

“The song inspires the idea of not giving up when life’s got you down, getting back on your feet and coming out stronger than ever,” say the band.

“The accompanying music video applies the uplifting message behind the lyrics of the song to a real-life situation, in which we see someone re-evaluate, regroup and finally reclaim their independence in the face of adversity.”

I like the way the song is written and performed. All the elements work together. This starts with the vocals that add to each other - the raw as well as the softer elements. The same goes for the drums and all the guitars that are up. It feels like they surround each other. It's seldom that Metalcore tracks come around formed like this one does. It's fine-tuned metalcore sound, not only pure brutality going all the way through the music.

A promo shot of the band Defences in 2017, (c) by Defences, used with kind permission

Formed in Hertfordshire in 2013, Defences draw on electronic and stadium rock influences to offer a brand of alternative metal distinct from other modern rock acts. The group offers a fresh take on the female-fronted metal genre, with frontwoman Cherry Duesbury’s voice being described by Kerrang!’s Alex Baker as “deliciously androgenous”. The band heavily emphasise positivity, acceptance and self-improvement in their sound.

Make sure to stay in connection with them to keep track of the upcoming release of their debut album in May 2017 through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


CD Review: Mike Milan Dedic - Mike Milan Dedic (Instrumental Guitar Rock)

This is one man and his guitar plus few other instrumentation. Is this enough to create a good record? It is! Come inside and find out how Mike Milan Dedic made something great out of few elements.

Short Introduction

Mike Milan Dedic comes from Toronto, Canada. He has released a album that consists of 5 instrumental guitar shred type of songs. (1. Energy, 2. Zoom, 3. Run!, 4. Launch, 5. Shall We Dance!)

The front cover of Mike Milan Dedic's debut record, (c) by Mike Milan Dedic, used with kind permission


This album is quite a surprise to me. I've been a bit sceptic in the beginning. Is the performance of one guitar player suitable to completly fill the air with music enough to rock? The answer came quickly and blew me away. I expected the music to have a lot of solo content. Surely there are a lot of those elements in there. But the album is far more. It also has identifiable song structures with it. I mean those classic riff elements that everybody knows that is used to Rock and Metal music these days and that's a big plus as for me. It makes the songs much more understandable and gives them a structure that you can always follow.

Another good idea was to keep the tracks short. You will not be stressed out with endless songs that you will think should have been shorted to be better. The sound for sure is rough and loud so make sure to turn the volume level at a comfortable one - it helps to enjoy the music much more.

The song structures include besides the mentioned riffs a lot of classic shred guitar. Those are rounded out with particular modern soundwriting elements. This goes most notably for number three "Run!" which is my favorite of the record. The songs are easy to listen to. They are build up like a step by step path. For sure they need a re-listen to fully let sink in all the enjoyment that has been put inside but that's for sure much more a reason to buy this record to quickly have it at hand whenever you feel the need to listen to pure guitar music.

Purchase-Link and Song snippets

The album is available as a hardcopy via CD Baby or online retailers such as Amazon, itunes or GooglePlay. If you're into music of this style please consider to purchase a copy so artists like Mike Milan Dedic can create more music for people like you and me.

Here are some snippets of the album that Mike has uploaded to Youtube:

Contact Data
Make sure to hold the line to Mike via his personal Facebook account.


Why support music? New picture series starts today

It's time to make a statement. This blog should show why I believe in music. To take things a bit further I'll post pictures in the upcoming time with short thoughts why music matters to me.

What do you think about it? Do you agree or disagree? Do you maybe have own thoughts you would like to see shared here?

Please let me know your thoughts right here in the comments section or post on Facebook where I also shared the picture. 

Why I still believe in music.
The first picture with statement in the "Why support music?" series. 


Night Legion introduce new vocalist Vo Simpson (free download inside)

It's often a pleasure to be able to see how bands evolve over time. Some posts ago we shared the word about the upcoming exciting power metal project Night Legion and were able to give you people out there a first listen plus download of one track of the project.

This time around things have changed in the band so I thought it would be fine to post a update. As for me it's cool to hear the band has a new vocalist. It adds a new way of interpretation to the music and adds a different element to the sound. It's amazing to hear how different it is possible to make something of one and the same track. So without further ado check out the latest developments in the Night Legion camp all along with a new chance to listen and grab one track for free.

NIGHT LEGION, the new high energy Australian power metal band led by guitarist / producer Stu "The Hammer" Marshall (Dungeon / Empires of Eden / Death Dealer / Blasted to Static) has announced the addition of Vo Simpson as their new lead vocalist.

A band picture of the new Night Legion line-up, (c) by Night Legion, used with kind permission
 Stu Marshall has checked in with the following comment:

"During the writing of our upcoming debut album, the band went through some sudden personnel changes. Moving forward, I am very pleased to announce my amazing friend Vo Simpson, as the new lead vocalist for the band. Just think Halford meets old school Tate and you have an idea of where Vo's vocal abilities can be filed under. We have been long time friends and to have vocals that scream like Vo's is a dream to write heavy riffs for. The band is psyched for the new upcoming debut album and we are currently working toward securing a worldwide release via an as yet determined label during 2017."

Check out how Vo Simpson sound like in the short clip below or even better head on to this location to pick up the full track at no cost as a legal download.

Check the band's website or Facebook page to stay up to date about the further recording process.


XII Boar show different side of their musical talent

XII Boar came along as a typical Rock 'n' Roll band to me. Their album "Pitworthy" is a record dedicated to the die hard metal fans and is serving a hefty brew of Heavy Metal mixed up with elements of Blues music. The sound reminds me of a combination of acts like Motörhead and ZZ Top that has been fueled up with a lot of intensive heavyness. A fine mixture if you like that stuff.

These days the band has come around with a brand new track "Black and Blues" of the follow-up album "Beyond The Valley of The Triclops". As the title already reveals it includes a good potion of Blues music with it but as for me it is far more.

A shot of XII Boar's video "The black and blues", (c) by XII Boar, used with kind permission
It shows how diverse XII Boar are able to perform on their instruments. They present a good potion of technical abilities aside from the all too present distortion heavy music is mostly anticipated with through the use of harmonica and acoustic fingerpicking.

The song is taken of XII Boars current album "Beyond The Valley of The Triclops". Make sure to have a look at the band's homepage or use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to pick up more detailed info on the record.


Earthside take us on a cinema-like epic journey showing "A Dream In Static"

In the classic era of metal music videos became a popular thing to introduce new audiences quickly to the sound of a new band. It's the same these days but oppose to back then the moving pictures have evolved to some little art form of it's own - that's at least how I look upon things.

The basic core and center still is the same - a band performing the music they have created in a passionate way showcasing what they can do best. In addition these days videos have been added with a cinema like dimension. The productions have gotten much bigger and epic. Modern progressive bands Earthside's newest visual exposure is a fine example for this.

A screenshot taken from Earthside's newest video for "A Dream In Static", (c) by Earthside, used with kind permission
Dan Tompkins laying down some of his special vocals in the newest Earthside music video, (c) by Earthside, used with kind permission

The mini-movie is a real epic, picture ladden film filled with various settings and places where the story takes place plus make-up and detailed theme-oriented clothing and surroundings that breathe a lot of atmosphere. Just look upon the screenshot above taken of the video and you'll quickly have a idea what makes this clip so special. Come and visit "A Dream in Static" featuring Dan Tompkins (Tesseract, Skyharbor) on vocals.

The music adds to it shaking you from heavy to dynamic passages while being hard and silk throughout the whole duration. It's taken of the band's current album "A Dream In Static" which you can listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

Make sure to stick further with the band during networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


CD Review: September Mourning - Volume II (Dark female fronted Rock/Metal 2016)

A smashing piece of female fronted rock/metal music taking you deep into the world of dark and grown-up comic characters without losing the sense for the real world.

The front cover of September Mourning's Volume II, (c) by September Mourning, used with kind permission


Some albums take you into another world. This particular one is a fine example for this. Besides the heavy and diverse rocking music tracks that invite you to have a good time and rock out to them this release contains far more.

It let's you sink in deep into a realm of comic characters that could be easily transfered from the real world. While the characters for sure are fictional you can easily connect with them if you look upon the story with adult eyes. It's like in the real world we are living in. The actions they do for sure aren't real but like in a fairytale you can see all the relations have a consequence and you may be able to learn something of the plot in the end.

It's for sure a album that aim's at the grown-up audience. Much to much of the story is based upon hard facts but if you like to take a brief time of your own life without going into a unrealistic realm this album is for you. The music screams out for a proper show on stage and I think the band should be worth a visit. Just look at the end of this review for US dates starting End of Feburary 2017. I hope they'll come to Europe/Germany some other day, too.

The music itself comes around hard and heavy. Often there are haunting moments inside of them - the vocals give express so much of what the topic of the song is all about. The guitars and drums push you constantly but also leave room to breathe every here and there. It's a thin line between heavyness and melody but this band has the ability it takes to provide songs that are authentic and lighter at the same time.


The album has been released via Sumerian Records.. Music is always worth it so please support those that provide us with such a great treat. I've added the video for "20 Below" to give you a quick first insight into the band's sound.

Tour Dates

Be sure to see the band live in the United States starting in February 2017 alongside Dope, Combichrist and Davey Suicide. Dates are given below:

02/27 @ Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR
02/28 @ Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
03/02 @ Liquid Joe's - Salt Lake City, UT
03/03 @ Sunshine Studios - Colorado Springs, CO
03/04 @ Aftershock - Merriam, KS
03/05 @ Outland Ballroom - Springfield, MO
03/06 @ Underground - Omaha, NE
03/07 @ Gabe's Oasis - Iowa City, IA
03/08 @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall - St Paul, MN
03/09 @ Courtside - Dubuque, IA
03/10 @ Q&Z Expo Center - Ringle, WI
03/11 @ The Sandlot - Green Bay, WI
03/12 @ The Annex - Madison, WI
03/13 @ The Metal Grill - Cudahy, WI
03/14 @ The Agora - Cleveland, OH
03/15 @ HOME Bar - Arlington Heights, IL
03/16 @ Big Shots - Valparaiso, IN
03/17 @ The Apollo Theatre - Belvedere, IL
03/18 @ The Machine Shop - Flint, MI
03/19 @ The Music Factory - Battle Creek, MI
03/20 @ Trixie's Ent. Complex - Louisville, KY
03/21 @ Diesel - Pittsburgh, PA
03/22 @ Reverb - Reading, PA

The band September Mourning, (c) by September Mourning, used with kind permission

03/23 @ Highline Ballroom - New York, NY
03/24 @ Palladium - Worcester, MA
03/25 @ Fish Head Cantina - Halethorpe, MD
03/26 @ Arizona Pete's -Greensboro, NC
03/28 @ The Haven - Winter Park, FL
03/29 @ The Orpheum - Tampa, FL
03/30 @ O'Malley's Sports Bar - Fort Lauderdale, FL
04/02 @ Southport Music Hall - New Orleans, LA
04/03 @ Grizzly Hall - Austin, TX
04/04 @ Scout Bar - Houston, TX
04/05 @ Fitzgerald's - San Antonio, TX
04/06 @ Trees - Dallas, TX
04/08 @ Club Red - Mesa, AZ
04/09 @ The Regent Theater - Los Angeles, CA