Defences stand up against negativity

In these times much too much negativity is floating all around us. This cannot go on. We need the positive power to move on and positive throughts are the most pure form of energy! So I appreciate more than ever that there are bands around putting out messages and videos that can have a uplifting effect on you when you feel down.

One of those examples just recently came along in the form of a brand new video of the metalcore formation Defences. Here is a quote about the meaning of the new moving picture:

“The song inspires the idea of not giving up when life’s got you down, getting back on your feet and coming out stronger than ever,” say the band.

“The accompanying music video applies the uplifting message behind the lyrics of the song to a real-life situation, in which we see someone re-evaluate, regroup and finally reclaim their independence in the face of adversity.”

I like the way the song is written and performed. All the elements work together. This starts with the vocals that add to each other - the raw as well as the softer elements. The same goes for the drums and all the guitars that are up. It feels like they surround each other. It's seldom that Metalcore tracks come around formed like this one does. It's fine-tuned metalcore sound, not only pure brutality going all the way through the music.

A promo shot of the band Defences in 2017, (c) by Defences, used with kind permission

Formed in Hertfordshire in 2013, Defences draw on electronic and stadium rock influences to offer a brand of alternative metal distinct from other modern rock acts. The group offers a fresh take on the female-fronted metal genre, with frontwoman Cherry Duesbury’s voice being described by Kerrang!’s Alex Baker as “deliciously androgenous”. The band heavily emphasise positivity, acceptance and self-improvement in their sound.

Make sure to stay in connection with them to keep track of the upcoming release of their debut album in May 2017 through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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