Earthside take us on a cinema-like epic journey showing "A Dream In Static"

In the classic era of metal music videos became a popular thing to introduce new audiences quickly to the sound of a new band. It's the same these days but oppose to back then the moving pictures have evolved to some little art form of it's own - that's at least how I look upon things.

The basic core and center still is the same - a band performing the music they have created in a passionate way showcasing what they can do best. In addition these days videos have been added with a cinema like dimension. The productions have gotten much bigger and epic. Modern progressive bands Earthside's newest visual exposure is a fine example for this.

A screenshot taken from Earthside's newest video for "A Dream In Static", (c) by Earthside, used with kind permission
Dan Tompkins laying down some of his special vocals in the newest Earthside music video, (c) by Earthside, used with kind permission

The mini-movie is a real epic, picture ladden film filled with various settings and places where the story takes place plus make-up and detailed theme-oriented clothing and surroundings that breathe a lot of atmosphere. Just look upon the screenshot above taken of the video and you'll quickly have a idea what makes this clip so special. Come and visit "A Dream in Static" featuring Dan Tompkins (Tesseract, Skyharbor) on vocals.

The music adds to it shaking you from heavy to dynamic passages while being hard and silk throughout the whole duration. It's taken of the band's current album "A Dream In Static" which you can listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

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