Rock am Ring 2017 livestream coming up

Speaking of livestreams - the festival season once again is drawing near.

One of the biggest of them is Rock am Ring here in Germany. The message just came in that this year there will be a livestream once again hosted on the sites of the german Telekom (a big telephone and cellphone service provider in Germany).

It will start on June 2nd and feature seven livestreams all based at this location. For the first time you'll be able to capture one of the streams with the 360 degrees feature. This should give you at least a little more festival feeling with it.

All recordings of the shows will stay online as a stream on demand for 30 days.

These years line-up of Rock am Ring features System of a Down, In Flames. Airbourne, Alter Bridge and many more. Just check the schedule to see who's playing and when.

Finally remember to visit local Open Airs from time to time and support organizers and bands with a purchase there. You'll help to keep the festivals and bands alive who all have costs to cover as well all have to. Please keep that in mind.


Tethra to play and stream live show on empty venue

I dislike to complain. It's useless to me in life. But facing the fact that it's hard to make people attend a live show these days needs to be talked in my eyes. I know from self experience that we are all cut short of money.

But only attending performances through a livestream? I stream a lot here on the page through embeding stuff.  But it's all just to give everyone a quick check in to music.

At least one show at a time should be able to many people. So this experiment of Italy's melancholic doom/death metallers Tethra found my attention. This should help us all to get the focus on the topic.

The band says in their own words: "In recent years, many small and medium-sized clubs dedicated to metal music have closed or changed their genre because of the low attendance at the concerts.

It's a global phenomenon that, if it does not have a clear turnabout, will oblige all industry employees to make drastic decisions.

We would like to raise awareness among all fans of the genre, assuming a catastrophic scenario for the next future: what will happen when the last live club closes its doors? Will emerging bands play no more or will they totally rely on aseptic live streaming from rehearsal studio and improvised venues?

For this reason, Thursday 8th June at 22pm (CET time), we'll play a full set Live Streaming show in a real live venue open just for us, furthermore, to give everyone the opportunity to participate in this event, we'll keep the video online for 24 hours.

You can follow the event through our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TethraHell

The flyer for the Tethra show at a empty venue, (c) by Tethra, used with kind permission
This is our particular contribution to the cause, hoping to be able to induce a reflection before this catastrophic scenario becomes a reality, because that night we will create a paradox that more than one band has had to endure in its career: playing in an empty room ... will you be with us?"

If you don't know the band yet here's their current lyric video:


CD Review: Dö - Astral: Death/Birth (Dark Stoner Metal, 2017)


Over a year has passed since the Finish stoner trio released "Tuho", and now they are back with a brand new two song EP called "Astral: Death/Birth".

It's a concept EP inspired by things happening around us at this very moment, and the future that does not look that bright for mankind.

The songs were recorded live during one session at their rehearsal space. The aim was to capture the intensive live feeling and maintain their roughness this way.

The cover of Dö's Astral: Death/Birth, Cover by Big Dog, (c) by Dö, used with kind permission

This EP takes some of the finest elements of the predecessor and developes the music of the band to a new more atmorspheric level. The EP starts out with many loud-silent soundscapes in track number one "Astral Death" as if the song slowly fades in. It's a intensive but slow introduction to the fresh material followed by the typical compact stoner sound. The band shows what they're capable of when it comes to being a tight rhythm oriented band. The song is filled to the brim with compact riffs and kick ass drums that you'll love once you've discovered 'em. The end rips the track up - things start to get much more rougher on this one but things are still enjoyable. It's my favorite of the new EP - it has this relaxing effect on me once again (at least in the begining of it).

The second song "Astral Birth" comes as a extended jamming number. The track unfolds throughout the full duration. So there is basically a core drum pattern and melody present while more elements are added every here and there. This reminds of music in tradition of longtracks of progressive bands. At the middle at around 6 minutes more rough elements are added to the track giving the song a rougher sound jacket. Finally there's one more change at round 9 minutes giving it a even more devasted feeling. The song is great yet the only thing I would change is not to put in too many of the high notes with it - they tend to dominate the sound a bit too much.

It may sound as a contrast but in all the rough live sound the band has put in a lot of outworked fine details. More than ever this is music for relaxtion and mediation. Concentrate and focus on the music. You'll love the enjoyment this will bring you.

A promo band shot, Photo by Jaakko Rinne, (c) by Dö, used with kind permission


The EP is self-released digitally on May 26th 2017 via Bandcamp, and there will be a small amount of CD's available from the Bandcamp site, too. If the band will set up a EP stream I'll include it here so please check back from time to time.

Update 2017/05/26: The EP is out and a stream has surfaced so I've added it below.

Contact Data

Make sure to follow the next steps of the band via Facebook. That's where you can also pick up more info on upcoming dates and so on.


Collectors Item: Antidote - The Truth (Re-Issue Announcement)

Sometimes it's surprising when information about a band surfaces that you've already thought to be lost in time. One of these moments just happened when I heard about the finish band Antidote again.

Having heard 'em first way back in 1998 on a sampler of the Rock Hard magazine I couldn't get the progressive thrashers out of my mind. Their song "The Mind Alive" was way to strong to leave behind so some time afterwards I found myselves happy enough to be able to purchase this album of the same name. It is the second one in the band's career and features the more melodic site of the band.

Back to present days I received a note saying that Minotauro Records is going to re-issue ANTIDOTE'S "The Truth" album along with a Bonus CD w/ Demos from 1990 to 1992 restored and remastered!

The front cover of Antidote's album "The Truth", (c) by Antidote, used with kind permission

"The Truth" is the band's first album, originally released in 1992. As far as I know this record features more of the heavier side of the band and Nino Laurenne was singing differently on this one, too. Anyway I thought this info to be of value for all of you collectors out there. More info is said to follow soon. I'll update this article once more stuff will come in, so please stay tuned.

ANTIDOTE line-up:
Mika Arnkil - Drums (later with Impaled Nazarene)
Nino Laurenne - Vocals (lead), Guitars (now with Thunderstone)
Pete Peltonen - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Tuomo Louhio - Guitars, Vocals (backing) (later with Impaled Nazarene)


Free sampler for Metalocalypstickfest plus volunteer options for free entry available

Some time ago we shared the word about a festival located in Canada that features metal bands with female musicians in them. I'm still of the opinion that women can contribute a lot to a metal band with their difference in sound, optic and stage presence. It just feels different for me when I see and hear a band that has a female part in them.

So if you think about going to the festival or just want to have a quick check in to the sound of those bands you may be happy to read that a FREE digital sampler of the bands that participate in these years edition of the fest has been released. Properly entitled "Metal Queens Vol.1" is features a wide variation of bands of all around the globe.

To get your Free Download, please visit the following link or stream directly from the player below. https://metalocalypstickfest.bandcamp.com/album/metalocalypstick-metal-queens-vol-1

If you're in trouble having money to attend the festival - there are ways to get inside for FREE in exchange of some support you need to show the organizers.

Here's what you can do for them:

- 1st way Volunteer! We need merch girls, photographers, security, front gate peeps! http://metalocalypstickfest.rocks/volunteers-2/
- 2nd way is to share the event page, we will be giving away free tickets randomly until fest time. www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688
- 3rd way is to come out to our annual fundraiser! May 18th at The Rickshaw Theatre.

This year's festival is being held during Canada Day weekend July 1st and 2nd on the outdoor grounds of the Interlakes Community Center in Lone Butte, BC.

Artwork by Abradinfluence

2017 Line-Up and Set Times - Metalocalypstick

Saturday, July 1st:
1pm - Sins Of Sorrow (Edmonton, AB) 
2pm - Breaking The Silent (Edmonton, AB) 
3pm - Kymatica (Vancouver, BC) 
4pm - Forsaken Rite (Edmonton, AB)
5pm - Remnants (Edmonton, AB)
6pm - Tessitura (Edmonton, AB)
7pm - Massive Scar Era (Vancouver, BC / Cairo, Egypt)
8pm - Scythia (Calgary, AB)
9pm - Cabrakaan (Toluca, Mexico)

Sunday, July 2nd:
1pm - Life Like Fire (Calgary, AB)
2pm - Meteor Tree (Kelowna, BC)
3pm - HEDKS (Vancouver, BC)
4pm - Korperlose Stimme (Edmonton, AB)
5pm - Juliet Ruin (Edmonton, AB)
6pm - Violent Betty (Saskatoon, SK)
7pm - Anarcheon (Vancouver, BC)
8pm - Atmora (Windsor, ON)
9pm - Sovereign Council (Kingston, ON)

Day and weekend passes plus camping available at http://metalocalypstickfest.rocks/tickets/
Ride Share - www.facebook.com/groups/metalocalypstickfestrideshare/
Event Page- www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688/

Festival Location:
Interlakes Community Association and the
Roe Lake & District Recreation Commission
7592 Highway 24,
Lone Butte, BC


Chasing Dragons show new video of Faction: Prologue EP

In the recent months it became a bit more silent in the Chasing Dragons camp. They spoke about a upcoming teaser EP as well as a album that's in the making but nothing concrete was to be seen or heard.

That has come to the end. The band has put out a brand new track and video for "Bare Knuckle Lover" on their Youtube channel. The new video single has the classic trademarks the band is so well known for but also has a good potion of finetuned development of their style in it.

There are not too many new things to be found in the sound but those that are in make the track worth listening to it. It's the combination of old classic melodies with the fresh attempt in songwriting like it can be heard in the refrain that make's this female fronted band such a joy.

The track is taken of the new EP "Faction:Prologue" which is available as a very limited physical edition in the band's webshop. Here are the tourdates for the next months:

May 13 Upload FestivalSnooty Fox Club
Wakefield, ENG UK

May 26 Dumfries, UK

July 01 The Bobbin
Lancaster, UK

Jul 22 Amplified Festival
Gloucestershire, UK

Sep 16 Redemption Festival 
Wakefield, UK
with In Search Of Sun, Falling Red, and 7 others

Make sure to check their homepage or Facebook or Twitter site for updates. The homepage streams one more new track at the bottom of the page so head over there to hear more of the new release.


CD Review: Arcade Messiah - III (Instrumental Metal, 2016)

Massive guitars - these words were left behind in my mind after listening to the newest effort of Arcade Messiah. John Bassett impressively shows how to present guitar wizardry in modern sounds to the audience these days.

The album cover for Arcade Messiah's "III", (c) by Arcade Messiah, used with kind permission
The longplayer simply entitled "III" is packed to the brim with beautiful and massive guitar sounds. If you adore such sounds the first three tracks, especially "Citadel" and "Revolver" will make you alone more than happy. You don't need to read further - go straight forward to Bandcamp and buy the record for a few bucks. You can't go wrong here.

For all others it should be mentioned that the album builds up the tonality to a absolute peak in the first three tracks. Afterwards the tension falls down a bit to give air for some more breathing to the atmosphere. Those two numbers that follow go with less massive sound and examine the fragileness of guitar sounds with softer music.

What else has changed since the last record? "III" is compared to the previous album a output that comes in a much thicker presentation. Everything has been outworked to sound heavy from the start. Most of all the drums speak out clearly to me. They are much more brutal and present than on "II". Even the bass shines more through on this album. In addition some vocals can be heard. They fit well and don't ruin the listening experience. 

It's the fun that winds down in your ears while listening to the album that makes it stand out from other releases. John Bassett plays a lot with themes and motives on this one and it's simply a calming and positive feeling those notes leave behind.

Purchase-Link and Album Player

Please appreciate those efforts with a purchase. These time no physical format can be offered since John Bassett moved his home while creating these tunes and decided to go a safe route finacially. But the digital plattform Bandcamp happily offers losless formats so you will have the same quality with the files than having a pressed CD.  Enjoy a preview in the player below.

Contact Data

The story of Arcade Messiah goes on! Make sure to follow the project through their homepage or use Facebook to do so.


Helion Prime let the stars explode with new single

Here comes more positive power! This brand new single of Helion Prime comes along like a energy boost. Great performance on vocals and maximum power on all instruments. It's unbelievable how much energy the band breathes on this one. The band underwent some changes (new female vocalist) and also signed a record deal with AFM Records in the recent months and these changes seem to have a positive effect on the band and given them motiviation to kick in even harder.

You can purchase the track at http://helionprimemetal.com/new-single-remnants-of-stars/
The song will also be part of the next album, working title "The Terror of Saibot". The band aims to release the new full legth late 2017/early 2018.

Make sure to see the band live on their US West Coast Tour. Here are the dates, check the links to be notified via Facebook when the show draws near and/or invite your friends and pick the tickets on time. For all those missing links check the band's touring subpage. I think those will be added shortly.

June 16th - Modesto, CA - Shadow Lounge

June 18th - Portland, OR - Twilight Cafe & Bar
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/660569050808952

June 20th - Seattle, WA - Highline Bar
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1471267299560710
TIX: http://www.highlineseattle.com/event/1468627

June 22nd - Boise, ID - The Shredder
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/126781781201153

June 23rd - Salt Lake City, UT - Beehive Social Club
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1322632397830968

June 24th - Denver, CO - Streets of London Pub
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/817782765056424
TIX: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1470449

June 25th - Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/226544857828817
TIX: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1478278

June 27th - Dallas, TX - Renos

June 29th - Phoenix, AZ - Joe's Grotto
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1259007547545723
TIX: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2934948

June 30th - Glendale, CA - The Complex
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/286866851754237
TIX: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1477591

July 2nd - Sacramento, CA - Starlite Lounge
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2254318648127679
TIX: https://atlanteancollective.queueapp.com/events/32453