Rock am Ring 2017 livestream coming up

Speaking of livestreams - the festival season once again is drawing near.

One of the biggest of them is Rock am Ring here in Germany. The message just came in that this year there will be a livestream once again hosted on the sites of the german Telekom (a big telephone and cellphone service provider in Germany).

It will start on June 2nd and feature seven livestreams all based at this location. For the first time you'll be able to capture one of the streams with the 360 degrees feature. This should give you at least a little more festival feeling with it.

All recordings of the shows will stay online as a stream on demand for 30 days.

These years line-up of Rock am Ring features System of a Down, In Flames. Airbourne, Alter Bridge and many more. Just check the schedule to see who's playing and when.

Finally remember to visit local Open Airs from time to time and support organizers and bands with a purchase there. You'll help to keep the festivals and bands alive who all have costs to cover as well all have to. Please keep that in mind.

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